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Pantene Pro-V Smooth Shampoo 12.6 Fl Oz

view larger Pantene is dedicated to healthy hair. Since 1945, we’ve pioneered the science of healthy hair breakthroughs and have become the world’s top hair care brand.* We believe that everyone deserves hair so healthy it shines. Every day. * Based on worldwide 2012 volume sales Hair so Healthy it Shines…Redefined Today’s healthy hair formulas add a new dimension to damage control. Pro-V Antioxidant Systems help resist damage and actually make your hair healthier with every wash.** ** Shampoo and conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. view larger Do the Style, Not the Damage Celeb Stylist Danilo says the top hairstyling mistake is not starting with a healthy foundation. If you protect against damage from the start, you can take your hair anywhere. view larger Get the Healthy Treatment 24/7 Looking for the ultimate hair transformation? Think outside the shower. Go for multi-tasking products that treat hair while styling like Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB creme, continuously through the day like Pantene Pro-V Split fix, or even while you sleep like Pantene Pro-v Overnight Miracle repair serum. view larger Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Myth: Avoiding shampoo spares your hair. Truth: There’s no shampoo-frequency rule, but Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner systems are gentle and actually make hair healthier with every wash. There’s no need to fear the shower. So go ahead, feel free to wash daily. view larger Hair is Most Fragile When Wet Always handle wet hair with care. To avoid snags and breaks, don’t brush till almost dry. We favor a wide-tooth comb, and of course, superior detangling products.

Key features

  • Contains guar to smooth cuticle edges and Protect against friction-related damage
  • Micro-smoothers help prevent frizz from forming for lasting smoothness
  • Gentle enough for color-treated or permed hair
  • Pack of six, 12.6-fluid ounce each (Total of 75.6-Fluid Ounces)
  • Long lasting smooth style

Honest reviews


Runnier than normal Pantene

I have been using this product along with the matching conditioner for the last several weeks. My hair is naturally curly, and does tend to frizz. With all of the thunder and lightening storms we have had over the last few weeks, I have had an excellent chance to test out this conditioner vs the mother nature induced frizz.I personally tend to swap between Herbal Essences and Pantene about every other bottle, so I am no stranger to Pantene products.What I have noticed about this shampoo/ conditioner:1) The shampoo is runnier then the normal Pantene, so when you first use it, be careful because it’s easy to run it over your hand and waste some of it.2) The scent is nice, though nowhere near as potent or long lasting as the original Pantene products.3) My hair did stay more “calm” although this could be because of the buildup that Pantene is known for.4) I didn’t find that my hair was any smoother to the touch then when using the Herbal Essenses or other Pantene. In fact it actually FELT a little rougher then after using the other Pantene products.In conclusion – I’m not sure that I would spend extra money on this line of products, but I certainly didn’t find anything wrong with them. I would have a hard time buying Pantene products and not having that smell that I so love. Still if this is your hair type and you have frizz issues, you might at least want to give this a try. It’s no miracle but it can help a bit.

Noelle Terrell, TX

Thick means your hair cuticle, course hair not if you have typical thick hair, like a lot of hair cuticles!

I have thick hair. But I should explain that. The hair cuticles I have are super fine, but I have a lot of them which makes my hair thick. So I got this medium thick shampoo. Upon reading it, I realized this is for people whose hair cuticles are thick, not what I would assume most people would think of, if they just saw this product somewhere…that is it is for people will a lot of hair. You could have next to no hair and use this shampoo if the hairs on your head had thick cuticles. I felt sort of mislead choosing this product, since I chose it online.I decided to try it anyway. My other shampoo is used for flattening, so it makes my hair flatter but frizzy. This one makes my hair less frizzy, but it makes my hair very curly with a lot of flyaways. Neither is bad, it depends how I want to wear my hair. But overall, I wouldn’t have chose this product unless I would have known it was for thick hair, meaning the hair cuticle, rather than thickness of all the hair on your head. The term used to be course hair. Course vs. fine. I have no idea why this has changed.So I give the product three stars. It works ok, even on hair it isn’t ideal for, yet the words to describe it as very misleading to the buyer, especially if you are buying it online and don’t get to read the back of the bottle!

Dee Nucla, CO

As a long time Pantene user I like it

I have been using Pantene for years. I was very happy to try this bottle of shampoo. My hair is naturally straight and fine. However, it still has a perm at the ends which leaves my hair frizzy and the texture medium.First thing you will notice about this shampoo is the smell, it smells great but all of Pantene products smell great to me. I use their mousse everyday along with other hair products and the smell is always pleasant. Unfortunately I did not get to try the conditioner that matches the shampoo and cannot locate it locally. Without using both together I am not sure my `results’ are what both of the items together would produce.With that being said I did use it with another Pantene Conditioner,Pantene Pro-V Conditioner, Hydrating Curls, 25.4 fl oz (750 ml) (Pack of 2). With both of them combined I did notice my hair was a lot softer and also did not seem to frizz as easily. It was not the weather either, the weather lately has been hot and humid.Overall I did notice a change but no big difference than their other products I use. I will keep it in mind for the future though. For that I give it 4 stars.

Lorie Cobb Island, MD

Definitely not good on curly or thick hair, but works on already straight or flat hair.

I have very thick, very long, and very wavy hair for a man, so I’m always looking for shampoos that can straighten my hair so I don’t have to resort to a straightening iron. So far the best I’ve found is Herbal Essences “Dangerously Straight.” However I’m always looking for something new. When I got the chance to review this shampoo and the accompanying conditioner,Pantene Pro-v Medium-thick Hair Solutions Frizzy To Smooth Conditioner, 12.6-ounce (Pack of 6).Unfortunately, this shampoo does not hold up under fire. In fact, instead of unfrizzing my hair, it turned my head into a giant mass of snarls and knots. The hair actually curled up more and made my hair a living nightmare. The conditioner helped somewhat, but this was one of the worst shampoo experiences of my life. It was painful trying to get all the snarls out post shower.With that in mind, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t give this a one star. Well, my girlfriend has very straight hair and we tried it on her and it actually gave her hair body. So on two different people the shampoo did the opposite of what it was supposed to. With me, it was horrific, but with her, it actually gave her the effect she normally looks for in shampoos that are supposed to add body.So take note Pantene – rebrand who is supposed to get this shampoo, and you have a winner. For people like myself who have medium-thick hair and are looking for something to get the curls and friz out, do NOT try this or you will regret it horribly.

Lacy Geneva, ID

Nice Shampoo for my Hair Type

My hair is thick and a little bit wavy. I use color to lighten it, andI live currently live in Minnesota, which has the hardest water I have everused, so most shampoos do not lather, and my hair is usually less than glossy and soft.I also have problems with static, and have been using Liv Aveda’s “Dry Remedy” since the winter.I try a lot of different hair products, and have not been overly happy with any of them.I received this Pantene Shampoo last week, and have used it a few times now. Since I do not havethe accompanying conditioner, I used a couple of different conditioners with it, in very small quantities,as well as a finishing aid once.When I applied the shampoo, it lathered quickly and well. It felt soft as I was using it, which, for me, is usually an indicator of a product that will work well. I washed my hair twice, then applied a small amount of conditioner, and rinsed well. After lightly towel drying my hair, I was pleased at how easily my brush went through my hair, no tangles at all (I typically have to brush pretty hard to get the tangles out).I used a blow dryer and a flat iron to finish and was pleased with the outcome. My hair is fuller with this shampoo than I am used to, but is behaving well. My hair is also glossy and I have no frizziness at the moment, which is good.I plan to keep using this shampoo alternately with a clarifying shampoo, since it looks like the shampoo containd silicone, which tends to build up.I cannot tell how it would behave on finer or coarser hair, but it is suitable for mine.Good product, better than other Pantene shampoos I have tried.

Kelley Cranberry Lake, NY

What a disappointment!

I have waist-length, naturally curly hair and have used Pantene’s other shampoo and conditioning products in the past, so I was excited to try this new “Medium-Thick Frizz-Control” formula. My hair normally has a shine, bounce and natural highlights, so I expected this shampoo to enhance those qualities. Unfortunately, I found that the product made my hair dull and lifeless.I tried the shampoo a number of times, alternating hairstyles just to be sure, but found that it left my hair drier than normal and more prone to tangles–and even mats!! I never use anything in my hair besides leave-in conditioner and I tried the shampoo both with and without it. It’s a shame–it seemed like it should’ve been a great product–and I really LIKE Pantene. I so wanted to like this product, but it just did not agree with my hair type.

Estela Waukau, WI

A fine shampoo, but don’t put too much stock into the “smoothing” claim.

First let me start by telling you a little about my hair. I have thick wavy hair that is about 6 inches long. The only products I use are leave-in conditioner and gel. I do not color or treat my hair in anyway, and rarely use a blow dryer.Pantene Pro-V’s Frizzy to Smooth shampoo is supposed to work, in conjunction with the matching conditioner, to tame frizzy thick hair. Does it do that? I would say only a little more than any other shampoo I’ve ever used. If I don’t put any product in my hair after washing it, it still gets a little crazy and frizzy, but the Pantene helps a tad. Is the difference hugely noticeable? No, but it is something. If your hair is only moderately frizzy than it may work well for you, but I have a hard time believing that without applying product after shampooing, anyone’s’ hair would be smooth. I will, however, give the Pantene products credit for making my hair feel softer than my previous shampoo and conditioner I was using.The shampoo itself is nice and thick, lathers up quickly, rinses nicely, and has a subtle fragrance similar to hand soap (it’s not floral or fruity which is nice for men). I used both the shampoo and conditioner so if you notice two very similar reviews for these products, that’s why. With that said, if you don’t want to buy both, I think the conditioner would be a better buy. It’s very thick and works well.All in all… if you don’t expect miracles, it’s a fine shampoo.

Denice Spivey, KS

Comparable to Higher end products

I have been using this shampoo for just under a month now and have found it to work almost as well as Bumble and Bumble curly hair products. My hair is extremely dark, thick, coarse, and brittle. So I needed a shampoo that wouldn’t cause more harm. I am pleased to say that this shampoo did seem to cut down on frizz, although the results weren’t immediate–I started to see an improvement after about 2 weeks of use (every other day).-1 Star because Pantene Products are tested on animals.

Kathie Flatwoods, WV

Better Than I Expected

In order to truly test the usefulness of the product, I selected both theShampoo&Conditioner. This review assumes the use of both products.I’m not a one product type of girl. Right now, I’m alternating betweenBiolage by Matrix&Victoria’s Secret So Sexy, depending on my mood. Both of these brands are considerably more expensive than Pantene products, so I was not expecting much from them.In order to fully review them, I committed myself to using only the Pantene products for two weeks. My first impression, from the scent of the product, was that it was a little too fragrant for my tastes. The strong fragrance, however, did not carry from the bottled product to my hair after washing. If anything, there wasn’t ENOUGH fragrance that remained in my hair. To my surprise, I did find that my hair seemed thicker after a couple of weeks of use. I was pleased with the product and will continue to use it, although I still enjoy variety and will continue to use other products.

Effie Drake, ND

Just Average

I used this shampoo with Pantene Naturals Conditioner. It left my hair feeling dry and was only minimally helpful against frizz. I have long thick hair and have had better luck with Biolege products.

Jan Oklee, MN

Just regular shampoo–doesn’t help even a mild frizz.

I was excited to try this new shampoo because it’s been very humid lately and my normally relatively smooth straight hair has been annoyingly frizzy. I was hoping to tame the light frizz without having to use any styling product, which I prefer to avoid so that my hair stays cleaner longer.I’m disappointed to report there is absolutely no difference between hair washed with this shampoo and hair washed with any other shampoo. If I didn’t know better, I’d say my hair was actually frizzier.It gets 2 stars because it does get hair very clean (I had lots of gunk in my hair before washing from a failed hairdo experiment) and it smells nice.But don’t expect ANY change in frizziness, even with very mildly frizzy hair.

Gail Newkirk, NM

Yes, it really does work

My hair tends to get frizzy no matter what time of year it is. In the Summer, it’s the humidity that makes my hair frizz and I have a problem in the Winter as well. But I’ve found that Patene’s Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo really does cut down the frizz that I get. It took a few shampoo’s to really notice the difference but it definitely worked. It doesn’t surprise me because I’ve found that Pantene always does make nice shampoo that does what it’s supposed to. The smell is quite nice as well. It’s a pleasant smell and it isn’t overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this shampoo to anyone that has frizzy hair and is tired of dealing with it.

Sharon Moose Lake, MN

Not Really For Me

This shampoo really doesn’t work for me. It makes my hair too flat and lifeless, thought it does do a good job of cleaning and smells quite nice!

Elma Headrick, OK

PANTENE PRO-V Median-thick Solutions – Smoothes things out

This shampoo also works well on thick, coarse hair that is made worse by lap swimming. It smoothes out my hair without the need for follow-on products. This is a plus for a guy that just wants to wash and go. This shampoo has a mild and pleasant scent, and it does not leave any filmy residue. It does all of this at a value price.

Dixie Roebling, NJ

Product is amazing-even with a lot of hair

I have a lot of hair, which takes over an hour to blowdry completely. My entire life I’ve searched for and used products, that would take away some of the fullness of my hair, or at least calm it down. It’s not frizzy in a curly way-I just have a lot, which creates flyaways and “flipping”, in areas where I don’t want it:) A system of shampoo, and some styling product to take some of the fullness out of my hair has always been important to my routine. This shampoo is a great start.It’s smells amazing, is noticably creamier and smoother than other shapoos I have used, and washes out clean-very important for the thickness of my hair. I highly recommend using this-Pantene does it again!

Carrie Chaseley, ND

Great anti-frizzy shampoo you’d expect from Pantene.

Great product. It works well on long hair and provide a pleasant scent, while it works to repair the frizziness. It works best if you usePantene Pro-v Medium-thick Hair Solutions Frizzy To Smooth Conditioner, 12.6-ounce (Pack of 6)after you use shampoo. You get six os 12.6 oz bottles. Bottle has a “stand-up” shape which is also convenient.

Mari Mapleton, IA

This worked for me

First of all, you get a lot of lather from little shampoo, so the bottle should last for quite some time. The smell, for me, is a bit too fruity and I wish it had a more neutral scent. This shampoo is tauted as a product for frizz-control, so the most important aspect of it was whether or not my hair felt less frizzy after I used it. I have very thick hair and it’s quite long right now so I wanted to see if this shampoo would buy me some time before my next haircut. The result: My hair feels clean and it does lie closer to my head, controling the “bigness” of it. I realize that others say that this didn’t help their frizziness at all, but for me, the product did what it claims to do. Recommended.

Olivia Plattsmouth, NE

Works Well!

I have three teen girls who want to maintain great hair health and two have very long hair. This shampoo has been a favorite among all of them. They are thrilled with the smooth hair results and I can attest to seeing less of the wild frizz they sometimes would have. They like the scent and are happy with the appearance of their hair at the ends. The biggest point I can make is that they wanted more when the bottle ran out. So, I’d recommend this shampoo.

Deana Downsville, WI

Good overall, but not what I prefer

This product has the same high quality of all Pantene products. It’s not too thick so should be easy to get every last drop out of the bottle. It suds up very well so doesn’t take a large quantity to get a good wash. My only complaint, and it’s very subjective, is that I was expecting a very smooth, squeaky clean type of feeling on my hair after the wash and prior to the conditioner. This formula actually makes my hair feel a little rough, as though it leaves a film on my hair after washing. This feel remains after conditioning as well. Once my hair dries it’s smooth and easy to brush and comb so the final result is as expected. Other than this one, admittedly minor, gripe it’s a good shampoo that works as advertised.

Imogene Fremont, IA

OK shampoo but friz control isn’t great

I’ll start by saying that even the cheapest shampoo should leave hair clean so this product will only get limited credit from me for that aspect. Yes, it leaves hair clean. Check. Two stars awarded.Secondly, it’s reasonable to expect a shampoo will leave hair with a pleasant smell. Again, even the cheapest ones achieve that goal. Yes, it leaves hair smelling good. Check. One star awarded.Now for the real test. This shampoo claims to smooth our the dreaded friz caused by extreme humidity. I know about the dreaded friz because my wife has a thick healthy head of long hair which she spends a great deal of time doing every morning. And each morning during the summer months I hear her cursing the “frizzies” caused by the extreme humidity we experience here in the midwest (Michigan). You don’t have to be a woman or a hair dresser to recognize it either. I have seen her hair smooth when the weather is favorable and I’ve seen it frizzy in August. Her remedy is to use a straightening iron.It so happens that we’re not quite in to summer yet, but a heat wave has hit us in late May. We’ve had high humidity and temps reaching into the 80’s and 90’s as if it were July. So it was the perfect time for my wife to try this anti-friz shampoo. She was excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, after three days of use, I must report that the results were only negligible at best. She reported that she could tell no difference between this shampoo and the one she regularly uses as far as the “friz factor” is concerned. And as the person who sees her hair every single day right after it’s done, I must report that it does not look any less frizzy than it did before to me either.So in the end I can’t say that there’s any reason to choose this shampoo over a regular one. It cleans hair and leaves it smelling good, but that’s pretty much where it ends.

Dorothy Entiat, WA

Great Stuff!!!

Wow, I was really impressed with this new conditioner. It’s got a great scent, & feels like silk (no kidding here) when putting it in your hair. I typically have very thick & frizzy so am always on the look out for the next best thing when it comes to conditioners, I thought I’d give this a shot & am glad I did. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the commercial. They advertise that you’re supposed to wake up in the morning without the frizzy do. I kinda assumed this was BS from the get go & therefore am not being uber critical, but there you have the 4 stars. Another thing I’d like to add is normally when using conditioners my hair is very tangly after a shower, with this though no tangles at all. In the end I’m very satisfied with my purchase & would definately buy this again.

Margaret Estelline, TX

Not impressed…it’s like a ‘normal’ shampoo.

Household Testers:Male: 1-2 inches of straight, natural brown hair. Only uses shampoo, no other products.Female-1: 36 inches plus of straight, natural red hair. Uses shampoo, conditioner, hot oil, and other assorted chemicals.Female-2: 1/2 inch straight natural, white, black, and brown hair. Uses baby shampoo, and an occasional flea dip.Male & Female-2 Tester Comments:Smells like shampoo, works like shampoo, they both commented. Both testers thought the scent was ‘too girly’. Neither tester knows what “frizz” means, so the question was skipped. The Female2 tester was spotted outside rolling in the grass trying to hide her new ‘girly’ scent. Meanwhile the Male tester was seen in the garage spraying himself down with old motor oil and carb cleaner.Female-1 Tester Comments:I have very long (past my knees) red hair. It’s naturally straight but a literal hell to maintain. You name the product, I’ve probably tried it. So, the Hubby pushes a plastic bottle in my hands, saying “Here, Honey, try this”. Oh, no, I thought aloud. Here we go again. Anyways…Nice scent although a tad overpowering I thought after uncapping this new shampoo. The lather was nice and ‘silky’ feeling. The scent, though, is still being an issue. I just can’t handle that smell. Anyways…I dried my hair as usual and saw no difference in frizz, before or after. For some people, this shampoo will be fine for normal use. But if you have a full mane of hair like I do, this Pantene just doesn’t cut it. Period.

Minnie Nyack, NY

From Dry and Frizzy To Soft and Smooth

I suppose my hair matches the type targeted for this product, as it is thick. And with it being [self-]cut as short as it is, it can be prone to frizz (not that it bothers me). I just wanted to try the shampoo, okay!?After using this shampoo, my hair feels soft and smooth and my head doesn’t look like a fuzzy coconut as it normally might when using some other shampoos without conditioning. The product tackles the problem of dry frizz incredibly well, and it lathers up nicely too.If you have a problem with dry, frizzy hair then I suggest you give this product a try. I think you’ll like it.

Elise Kyle, SD

Excellent Product

One of the first things you’ll notice about this product–and all Pantene products–is that you only need to use a very small amount. In this case, just a small squeeze yields lots of suds. Your hair will feel clean and look healthy after shampooing, too.This is the only product I’ll use on my hair. I’ve tried many other shampoos and conditioners over the years, but Pantene makes my hair look its best.One thing to keep in mind, though, is that most people will need to use a conditioner after shampooing. If I didn’t, I’d never be able to comb through my wet hair.

Ethel Ivel, KY


Loving the smell and lather of this shampoo. It’s light and fresh and not too chemically, and it leaves my hair shiny and soft. It’s on the repeat list!

Vanessa Paden City, WV

Great for humid areas!

I live in South Louisiana, and June is quite possibly the most humid time of the year for us – the humidity levels are off the charts!To start, I like this shampoo, it has a great lather and a nice smell – it’s similar to all of the other shampoos in the Pantene line. One thing to especially note is that this shampoo definitely weighs your hair down, which is great for humid areas, my hair doesn’t frizz up the moment I walk outside, but I also feel like it’s a little “too” heavy….Almost looks like I didn’t wash it.My hair is medium to thick texture, some natural curl to it, and frizzes up instantly in humid weather – the shampoo does what it says, it really is a hair solution for frizzy hair, but it does have a con – it weighs my hair down just a bit too much.

Kelsey Usk, WA

Not the best

I have been using Pantene Shampoo for years, and this product proved to beno different in quality; however, although this shampoo mildly controlled myfrizz, I didn’t find this shampoo to be the best for my hair.I tend to have very frizzy hair year round, and during summer, my hair iseven frizzier; therefore, I decided to try this shampoo to note how muchhair control I’d have after each use. To be frank, the product was quitegood. As usual, my hair was soft, smooth, and smelled nice! However, Pantenehas another product, Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control Shampoo( ), which works much better to control frizz. Ihave been using the latter product for several years now, but since Pantenecame out with a new product, I wanted to compare the quality. Hands down,”Frizzy to Smooth” shampoo was a good product to simply clean your hair,leaving it smelling nice and smooth, but for its intention of controllingfrizz, I highly recommend Pantene’s “restoratives” line. Perhaps “Frizzy toSmooth” shampoo did work for some, but for me, a person with extreme frizz,the latter product was much better (conditioner included).I still recommend someone in need of frizz control to give this product ashot, because not everyone’s hair is same and has the same results. Theproduct itself is not a bad one, but it is also not the best for frizzcontrol.

Araceli Islandton, SC

Not Bad, Not Great Either

I have long hair and I like Pantene products. I don’t really pay that much attention to which products I use but I thought that I would give this one a try when the opportunity presented itself. I am definitely satisfied with the results but I don’t know if I will have any strong desire to go out of my way to purchase this shampoo again.This shampoo works fine. My hair isn’t particularly frizzy by nature though I occasionally have issues because I am a water polo player. This shampoo seems to prevent problems though I am not sure if this was even a problem to begin with at this time.I recommend giving this shampoo a try if you have problems with frizziness. It’s definitely worth a shot and you may see some results. I think I did.

Rosalinda Gerrardstown, WV

Can feel a difference in the DRY summer air

Sometimes you find a hair product that causes the clouds to part and angels start singing.This isn’t it, for me. However, it does smell wonderful — like apples.It did knock down the frizz some, but not completely. I could feel a difference — the coating it puts on my hair makes it feel softer and less dry. This seems to help some in the very dry climate in which I live. My loose curls lasted longer before they turned into frizz.After a few days, I went out and bought the same flavor conditioner. I think that magnified the effect of the shampoo.Update: I ran out of this a few days ago. I purchased the dry to moisturized for thin hair. It didn’t have nearly the same effect as the Medium-Thick formula. I might actually go out and buy some of this stuff.Disclaimer: I use minimal amounts of product.

Cecelia Wallingford, IA

Lives up to its reputatiion

A fan of Pantene for a long time, I was used to hearing rumors of how ‘bad’ it was for your hair, etc. However, this never wavered my love for the Pantene. And this product, Pantene Pro-v Medium-thick hair solutions Frizzy to smooth shampoo just seals the deal.My hair is wavy — often unmanageable. I can style it and one hhour later the waves have come through and the frizz has set in. With this shampoo, I noticed that with only two washings, the difference in the ability I had to style my hair and the style’s shape to maintain, even in heat, went up considerably. When I flat iron my hair, that style actually stays for longer than just mere blowdrying.The price of this shampoo is reasonable and had it been more expensive, I would pay it. I liked it that much.Natalie S.

Morgan Monticello, KY