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Pantene Pro-V Smooth Conditioner 12.6 Fl Oz

view larger Pantene is dedicated to healthy hair. Since 1945, we’ve pioneered the science of healthy hair breakthroughs and have become the world’s top hair care brand.* We believe that everyone deserves hair so healthy it shines. Every day. * Based on worldwide 2012 volume sales Hair so Healthy it Shines…Redefined Today’s healthy hair formulas add a new dimension to damage control. Pro-V Antioxidant Systems help resist damage and actually make your hair healthier with every wash.** ** Shampoo and conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. view larger Do the Style, Not the Damage Celeb Stylist Danilo says the top hairstyling mistake is not starting with a healthy foundation. If you protect against damage from the start, you can take your hair anywhere. view larger Get the Healthy Treatment 24/7 Looking for the ultimate hair transformation? Think outside the shower. Go for multi-tasking products that treat hair while styling like Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB creme, continuously through the day like Pantene Pro-V Split fix, or even while you sleep like Pantene Pro-v Overnight Miracle repair serum. view larger Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Myth: Avoiding shampoo spares your hair. Truth: There’s no shampoo-frequency rule, but Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner systems are gentle and actually make hair healthier with every wash. There’s no need to fear the shower. So go ahead, feel free to wash daily. view larger Hair is Most Fragile When Wet Always handle wet hair with care. To avoid snags and breaks, don’t brush till almost dry. We favor a wide-tooth comb, and of course, superior detangling products.

Key features

  • Formula helps lubricate the cuticle layer of each hair fiber to reduce friction and smooth cuticles
  • Micro-smoothers help prevent frizz from forming, even in humidity
  • Gentle enough for color-treated or permed hair
  • Pack of six, 12.6-fluid ounce each (Total of 75.6-Fluid Ounces)
  • Long lasting smooth style

Honest reviews


Works Well

This is a somewhat thick conditioner for medium to thick hair. It does the job and conditions well giving you a smooth feel. Like any product, it will vary depending on your specific hair qualities so best to try a single bottle and decide if it works for you. I personally prefer bottles with the cap on top so I minused one star for that.

Rosemary Georgetown, MA


I gave this to my daughter and she says it works great on her hair. She is over 18 .

Terrie Cranston, RI

a lifesaver on humid days!

I have long curly hair down to my waist. On hot humid days my hair was the bane of my existence! It would frizz and be out of control, my only hope was to put it in a ponytail and deal with it. I had tried every straightener, frizz control out there and nothing worked well, until I tried Pantene Pro-V Frizzy to Smooth Conditioner!It truly lives up to its name and controls frizzys and makes them smooth again!

Nelly Ford, KS

Definitely not good on curly or thick hair, but works on already straight or flat hair.

I have very thick, very long, and very wavy hair for a man, so I’m always looking for shampoos or conditioners that can straighten my hair so I don’t have to resort to a straightening iron. So far the best I’ve found is Herbal Essences “Dangerously Straight.” However I’m always looking for something new. When I got the chance to review this conditioner and the accompanying shampoo,Pantene Pro-v Medium-thick Hair Solutions Frizzy To Smooth Conditioner, 12.6-ounce (Pack of 6)I jumped at the chance.Unfortunately, thie shampoo does not hold up under fire. In fact, instead of unfrizzing my hair, it turned my head into a giant mass of snarls and knots. The hair actually curled up more and made my hair a living nightmare. The conditioner helped somewhat, but this was one of the worst shampoo experiences of my life. It was painful trying to get all the snarls out post shower. I’d hate to think what it would have been like WITHOUT the conditioner. Either way, neither product prevented frizzing and they actually made my hair a tangled mess.With that in mind, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t give this a one star. Well, my girlfriend has very straight hair and we tried it on her and it actually gave her hair body. So on two different people the shampoo and conditioner did the opposite of what it was supposed to. With me, it was horrific, but with her, it actually gave her the effect she normally looks for in hair products that are supposed to add body.So take note Pantene – rebrand who is supposed to get this conditioner, and you have a winner. For people like myself who have medium-thick hair and are looking for something to get the curls and friz out, do NOT try this or you will regret it horribly.

Twila Colonial Heights, VA

Good daily conditioner

I’m a long time user of Pantene. I love their scent. I have coarse hair and recently started having trouble with dryness and split ends. I’ve started using heavier conditioners to help with moisturizing weekly. For daily use this conditioner does work well to help ‘tame’ the split ends without being too heavy or oily.

Clara Hardy, VA

A thick and worthwhile conditioner, but don’t put too much stock into the “smoothing” claim.

First let me start by telling you a little about my hair. I have thick wavy hair that is about 6 inches long. The only products I use are leave-in conditioner and gel. I do not color or treat my hair in anyway, and rarely use a blow dryer.Pantene Pro-V’s Frizzy to Smooth conditioner is supposed to work, in conjunction with the matching shampoo, to tame frizzy thick hair. Does it do that? I would say only a little more than any other conditioner I’ve ever used. If I don’t put any product in my hair after washing it, it still gets a little crazy and frizzy, but the Pantene helps a tad. Is the difference hugely noticeable? No, but it is something. If your hair is only moderately frizzy than it may work well for you, but I have a hard time believing that without applying product after conditioning, anyone’s hair would be smooth. I will, however, give the Pantene products credit for making my hair feel softer than my previous shampoo and conditioner I was using.The conditioner itself is very thick and coats my hair nicely (unlike some cheaper conditioners I’ve used). It rinses off quickly and cleanly and has a subtle fragrance similar to hand soap (it’s not floral or fruity which is nice for men). I used both the conditioner and shampoo so if you notice two very similar reviews for these products, that’s why. With that said, if you don’t want to buy both, I think the conditioner would be a better buy.All in all… if you don’t expect smoothing miracles, it’s a great conditioner.

Robin Lake In The Hills, IL

Seems to work very well for me

My wife had me try this product, and its significantly better than many of the conditioners I’ve used. Works well although its very humid at the moment, will definitely continue using!

Evelyn Belgrade, ME

Very good conditioner

I use several Pantene products. I find them to be reliable, high quality hair care products. The Pro-v Medium-thick Hair Solutions Frizzy To Smooth conditioner works great!The product has a nice scent and its consistency is non-greasy. It does seem to control frizziness, but does not flatten or weight down my hair. It also does not make my hair greasy.I have used it with a few different shampoos, applying the conditioner in about a nickel to quarter size dollop. I leave it in for less than a minute. After just a few uses, I noticed my hair would stay less frizzy throughout the day, and its been humid around here lately.Overall, I would say this is another fine quality product from Pantene.

Cherie Branchville, SC

Works for me…

I’ve been using some OTHER Pantene Pro-V conditioner for a while, but I’ve been waiting to run out because I am not really happy with the effects of using that conditioner vs. just using a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner (I use Head and Shoulders).Well, I decided to switch it up and try this stuff, since I have pretty thick hair which tends to get outta control if it gets dried out.So far, I actually think I might notice a difference? Maybe it’s just the fact that I switched to a different conditioner, but it feels like my hair is more moisturized without getting that oily feeling from having too much residue from the conditioner in it?Anyway, for five bucks a bottle, this is a pretty good deal. Seems to work well enough for me, and I have some pretty unruly hair. I’ll try to remember to update my review if I have any new hair discoveries… unlikely though because I’m not one to spend much time thinking about my hair products.Still, this conditioner works well and has a nice clean ‘conditioner’ smell, which is nice. The stuff I was using before (which is still Pantene, just a different variety) had this overpowering fruity smell which got old pretty quick. It’s nice to have something with a more classic smell.Alright, I feel weird typing about how my hair feels and smells, so… that’s it!

Penelope Sanford, MI

great for my thick, curly hair

Pantene products are generally first-rate and this was no exception. This product worked well on my thick, coarse hair. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it left my hair frizz-free, let alone smooth, but it did keep it somewhat under control and weighed it down — a little bit. The product was very thick and creamy, so a little goes a long way. If your hair isn’t thick and a little unruly, this might well be too heavy. I would definitely use this again and recommend it to anyone with thick, wavy hair.

Edna Richlands, VA

Smooth move

There are plenty of conditioners on the market, but none to my knowledge that target hair by thickness and texture. This stuff feels thick going on and really seems to penetrate. Made my hair super smooth, and a little bit heavier — a good thing for the frizz, not so much if you’re trying to sneak in an extra day between washes.

Vickie Chetek, WI

It does conditon well

This is a good conditioner and it helps a little with the frizzies. I have wavy hair so I do get frizzies looking hair if not styled right. This conditioner makes my hair easy to comb which is a feat since it is also long. It is a good conditioner that I would recommend if you need a good conditioner to make your hair soft and a little less frizzy. I have to use styling products like a spray gel to get my hair to not have any frizzy look.

Marla Goree, TX

Very creamy and luxurious

I have a lot of hair and this product, like all Pantene products I have used, is very luxurious. One of the things I noticed immediately was how creamy the consistency was. It seemed to take a bit longer to wash out of my hair, but did leave my hair calmer. I’ve used it several times and the smell and ease with which I am able to brush my hair with the shampoo/conditioner combination definitely encourages me to recommend the product to others!

Simone Loyall, KY

Great anti-frizzy conditioner from Pantene.

Please note that this conditioner works as it’s best after you usePantene Pro-v Medium-thick Hair Solutions Frizzy To Smooth Shampoo, 12.6-ounce (Pack of 6). Great scent and leaves your hair soft and manageable. It works well on long hair. It has a “stand-up” shape bottle for your convenience.

Corina Chase, MD

Great for a shower to out the door on a muggy day

My hair is naturally fine but wavy to curly and has a tendancy to frizz in the humidity. I tend to keep a variety of different product formulas at home so that I can work with my hair instead of against it.Much like the other formulas of the newer Pantene products that I’ve tried, the smell on this is fabulous. I love it.I used this product on a day where the humidity is a bit high yet I have no desire to use any hot appliance. This product works great for me. I can shower and run out the door to work. When my hair dries it has a nice wave, no frizz or puff.A summertime staple for me in the future.

Earlene Cedarville, MI

A Winner

I received one bottle of this shampoo from the Vine program. I requested it for my wife who used it and declared it to be a top notch product. She read the claims and found them to be trustworthy. The shampoo does an excellent lathering job and emits a pleasant smell. It does a superlative cleaning job while leaving the hair feeling soft. This is a worthy product and has become the shampoo of choice here in Dufferville.

Lana Clearwater Beach, FL

Excellent conditioner for curly, thick hair

I have very thick curly hair and this conditioner does wonders. Keeps the frizz down, and the curl is softer. Plus, I even have some shine to my hair. Curly hair isn’t usually shiny, but when I use it, it does! My hair is long, so I don’t wash it every day. When I don’t wash, I simply run some of the contitioner through my hair while I’m in the shower, and rinse. My hair is soft and manageable, and I am pleased.

Della Roscoe, MO

A Pleasant Surprise

My below-shoulder length, color-treated hair is thick, wavy, and tends toward frizz. Most conditioners don’t do much, and I expected this one to be no different.This conditioner was a pleasant surprise. At first it didn’t seem to wash out. But when everything dried (naturally), my hair was smoother and more manageable than usual. I would definitely buy this conditioner–and will try it with the shampoo as well. Nice product.

Mai Concord, NC

Works Fine by Me

This is a nice conditioner. It smells good and nor ovrbearing.I have curly, coarse, thick hair.It seems more likely to frizz now in the hot humid season which always gives my hair a mushroom effect and I get it bic’d off. Every Summer, a good old crew cut.I thought the conditioner gave my hair a slightly heavy feel once dry, but I can live with that.Overall, I’m satisfied with this conditioner. If your hair frizzes up easily, this may be a big help.

Queen Mount Nebo, WV

Love it

I absolutely love this product. I don’t use many hair products, no hair spray, mousse, gels. Etc. I have naturally wavy thick hair that loves to frizz up all year long. I tend to use organic shampoo and conditioner most of the time but sometimes use frizz control products. This product I am reviewing is the Pantene Medium-thick conditioner. I have been using it for weeks and it humid here in the Midwest. My hair is smooth and soft without feeling greasy. It has a soft light scent.I love it, can’t wait to try the shampoo and in the winter I plan on trying the curly hair product.Very pleased.

Cristina Granite Falls, MN

Salon quality conditioner

I really like this product. My hear tends toward dry and brittle when I don’t take care of it and Pantene has always been my conditioner of choice. It costs a little more than your bargain brands but you get what you pay for. It’s very thick so you don’t need to use as much to get it completely worked into your hair and scalp. Once applied, leave it in for a couple minutes and you’ll have hair that’s smooth and shiny all day. I also have a fairly dry scalp but using this conditioner coupled with daily brushings keep the flaking to a minimum. I’m very happy with this product and will not use anything else on my hair.

Marci Ray, ND

Great New Scent

Wow, I was really impressed with this new shampoo. It’s got a great scent, & feels like silk (no kidding here) when putting it in your hair. I typically have very thick & frizzy so am always on the look out for the next best thing when it comes to shampoos, I thought I’d give this a shot & am glad I did. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the commercial. They advertise that you’re supposed to wake up in the morning without the frizzy do. I kinda assumed this was BS from the get go & therefore am not being uber critical, but there you have the 4 stars. In the end I’m very satisfied with my purchase & would definately buy this again.

Melva Boothbay, ME

Tames the wild frizz!

I have think, wavy, course hair. It is hard to control in any weather and worse in the summer. I have tried other conditioners, but this one actually does make a difference. It makes my hair lie flat, not straight, but flat, so the fly-away frizz is gone. My hair feels silkier and smoother, too, which I love.

Annabelle Willingboro, NJ

Just an average conditioner

This conditioner left my hair looking and feeling the same as my usual (cheaper) brands. I have long, slightly thick hair that definitely tends toward frizz and knottiness, and this conditioner didn’t help. My hair was just as knotty after using it, and I tried letting it dry naturally (disaster as usual), then re-wetting it and blowdrying it (not bad, but several areas of frizz).Pantene has always been a hit-or-miss product for me. I love their purple Restoratives line, which I have trouble finding locally, but I’ve given away other conditioners of theirs (and the all-in-one) because they didn’t work for me at all.

Roberta Centerville, SD

Works well as an Every Day Shampoo

This product made my hair feel clean and soft, perhaps a little more manageable. As for the frizzies it says to fight, I don’t know that it made that big of a difference. For the first day, my hair was a little less frizzy, but by the second day, I had to wet it down again and add product as the frizzies returned. Perhaps after a few more uses, the product will build up and prevent more frizzies. If that happens, I’ll be sure to come back and update my review

Renee Barnwell, SC

Almost as good as Redken “soft”

I am not a cosmetologist so I am not certain of whether the ingredients contained in this conditioner are actually “good” for your hair since it is an “inexpensive” product unlike say “Redken”. My evaluation is strictly on how it makes my hair feel and how the product smells. To this degree it equals with Redken Soft in terms of feel and scent.I must add that I am speaking of the conditioner as I was fairly disappointed in the shampoo version of this product as it pretty much sucked.So, the conditioner is definitely worth a try as it does make your hair quite smooth and it feels healthy and conditioned.

Manuela Sanford, NC

I’ve used Pantene for years…

I started using Pantene products years ago because I found a lot of the cheap products either caused my hair to split at ends or caused it to be frizzy. I have very thick hair and I’ve been in the sun a lot lately, so decided to try this new product. Since my hair is coarse, I was pleasantly surprised to find this actually does make it feel softer. I’ve been using it now every night for 2 weeks and am very pleased with the results. Also, I discovered years ago that the cheaper conditioners would cause me to have small cysts on my head, but I’ve never had that problem with pantene items. I use Pantene all the time and see no reason to try the high priced items sold in beauty salons when it works so well. I’ve tried some of them along the way and can’t tell any difference between them.

Lila Grosvenor Dale, CT

A good solid conditioner

Hey, it’s conditioner. It does the job it is supposed to do and it does it well. That’s all I expect from conditioner–conditioning. As far as the frizzy to smooth promise, I can not honestly say that I noticed a marked difference between this product and my normal conditioner. This happens not be a big deal at all since all I expect out of conditioner is–you guessed it–conditioning, nut I thought I would pass that along nonetheless. I am a longtime Pantene user and will continue to be going forward.

Renee Springville, UT

Good Product…

I used Pantene for many years when I was younger but haven’t tried it in years. I really liked this product it gets the job done and I have long thick often unrudly hair and it tames/untangles it well and leaves it silk and soft. I will definetly continue to use Pantene for sometime, but I switch up my shampoo’s and conditioners often as to not let my hair become to use to any one thing…give this one a try girls ;o)

Queen West Glover, VT

It actually does tame the frizz!

I started using this conditioner with the advent of swimming season. We’re in the pool a lot and the chlorine makes my hair frizzier than normal – normal being thick with a halo of frizz!The conditioner actually does a really good job. I was very impressed at the smooth look and feel it gave my hair.there are a couple of things that make it different from the regular pantene conditioners – it does leave a coating that you can feel when you are doing the final rinse. However, once dry there is no greasy feel to the hair. I have been washing my hair daily (due to swimming daily) so do not know if the heavy look would turn into a greasy one if you don’t wash it for a couple of days.This is certainly not an all natural conditioner. It is packed full of chemicals and I know that some people are steering away from that. However, if you are using Pantene conditioners and having a problem with frizz this is definitely a wonderful option and improvement.

Valeria Derry, NH