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Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum 4.9 Fl Oz

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Key features

  • Overnight repairing serum helps erase the signs of damage while you sleep
  • Helps restore smoothness, softness, and shine without leaving residue on your pillow
  • Weightless, non-sticky formula
  • Also try Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Collection shampoos and conditioners to help nourish and renew damaged hair
  • One 4.9 fl oz bottle

Honest reviews


My hair and I are in love!

Ok, my hair was dry and frizzy mainly due to straightening so much and I didn’t really know what to do. And so one day, I saw this advertised on a little sign in the hair products isle in my local Fred’s store, so I thought ‘hey, I’m gonna have to give that a try sometime’, cause it looked promising. So finally I went to Walmart and was excited to purchase it. When I got home, that night I followed the directions and tried it. When I applied it, I started to feel like I was wasting my time and that there’s no way this product would work cause of the way it dried on my hair. So afterwards, I just went on to bed. The next morning, it wasn’t my wash day (I wash my hair about every other day) so I got ready to style my hair. And when I looked at my hair, I was amazed! My hair wasn’t dry or frizzy. It felt so silky smooth! I couldn’t believe it and I was so happy that I just had to get my mom so she could see and feel my hair. And I’ve been using it every night ever since. So now it’s been about a week and my hair is lovely! It’s super silky and looks and feels really healthy. My hair has never been this smooth…. ever! I’m so happy my eyes ran across that advertisement sign! I love this and once this runs out, I will definitely buy another one in a heart beat, but that won’t be any time soon because a little goes a long way! I highly recommend!

Erna Broken Arrow, OK

I actually like this Pantene product

I’m not the biggest fan of Pantene products. Used to love their Sheer Volume shampoo, conditioner, and aerosol spray (until they changed the formula years ago) and except for their Aqua Light shampoo and conditioner, I don’t care for too many other of their products. I saw this advertised on a commercial and being a sucker for ads and new products, I decided to pick some up. It was around $7 at my local drugstore.I have baby fine “see through” blonde hair that has been abused by years of coloring, bleached highlights, and using some sort of heat appliance EVERYDAY (I have strange hair that is somewhere between straight and wavy and is frizzy and looks like garbage if I don’t use something on it; air drying is rarely an option). Because my hair is so thin, it breaks and splits if you look at it wrong. Now, there is NOTHING you can do to repair damage. Once it’s broken and frayed, you’re stuck with it unless/until you chop it off. But, you can disguise the damage and help make it look better at least. That’s what this stuff does. Despite it being called a serum, it’s not some nasty, oily stuff. It’s a gel-like cream that disappears. Once again, because my hair is thin, it gets weighed down by pretty much everything but this stuff doesn’t AT ALL. It helps my hair not be a frizzy mess when it dries and makes it smooth and less damaged LOOKING in the morning. I use it as a leave in conditioner even if i’m not going to bed. It doesn’t say whether to use it on damp or dry hair, but i’ve found you can use it on both and still get good results. I also love the smell, but those sensitive to scent may think it’s a little strong. The smell of Pantene’s products has always been one thing I have liked. I say give it a try. Not sure how this would work on thicker hair but if you have overprocessed, thin, frizzy hair like mine, I think you’ll like it.

Rhoda Aydlett, NC

talk about frizz!!!

This makes my coarse curly hair feel very soft..however, it also turns to pure your money!! Have tried it every way possible only to get the same results.

Tara Browns, IL


I am a picky hair product connoisseur, and have tried other overnight products that just made my hair stiff and brittle, but this stuff WORKS. It smells great, a little goes a long way, it soaks in quickly, and most importantly MY HAIR LOOKS AMAZING! It has gotten noticeably shinier, smoother, and healthier. Even when I air dry my hair now, it’s not immediately a giant ball of frizz (think Merida from “Brave” – that’s my hair without this product!) The more I use it, the more I love it. It only costs about $8 at the drugstore, which seems like a steal for how long it lasts. I rarely rave about anything, but I just ran out of this stuff and put it at the top of my shopping list!

Eula Fort Calhoun, NE

Doesn’t work!

I used it for couple weeks and it doesn’t do any miracles at all and it s o harsh and it made my hair even harder!dont like it and don’t recommend it ,waste of money!

Rae Kennedy, MN

Smoothing, repairing, not greasy even on fine blonde hair

As someone who dyes my long hair blonde and has started going prematurely white, I’m always looking for a product that smooths and prevents damage. However, I’ve always run into the problem that most repairing products are way too oily and make my hair look and feel super greasy, particularly on my blonde hair, since they turn the greasier parts a darker color. I do not have that problem at all with this product. I can slather it all over my hair at night, even on those wiry white hairs along my part line and wake up the next day with smoother, not greasy hair. I feel like it’s really working on repairing my hair too, because at my last haircut my hair stylist commented on how good my ends looked, which hasn’t been cut or trimmed in over 3 months. Even after 3 months I thought my ends looked great, my roots and high lights were the real reason I went in for my appointment. I use this most nights of the week, after I get out of the shower on either totally dry or slightly damp hair. I don’t comb it through, since I lose a lot of hairs when I do that, just kind of smooth it on like I’m putting on conditioner in the shower.

Paige Marquette, IA

How does your hair know it’s night?

Just got this to help with split ends. I have tried several leave-ins with mixed results. Either they build up or hardly do anything. This one is typical pantene. Smells nice, good texture. It’s not a heavy creme nor a light mist. I would use it for day or night because seriously, my hair doesn’t know the difference. Pros: it softens hair, smells good, spreads easily. Cons: may build up over time, might be too light if your hair is so thick and coarse you can’t get a comb through. Give it a try. 🙂

Annmarie Simms, MT

Works Well!

This product is great! I find it especially useful during the winter, when my hair tends to dry out a bit more. I have really thick hair, and this really helps keep it in shape. And as an added bonus, I love the way it smells! I just put some in my hair and pull it back at night, then when I wake up and let it down, my hair smells amazing and is much easier to comb through. The only thing I would caution: don’t over-do the amount you put in your hair; otherwise, your hair could end up feeling heavy. But other than that, I think this product is great!

Gwendolyn Grand Valley, PA

If you are close to chopping it all off, try this first!

My hair is long and suffers from all sorts of over-processing. I don’t want to go short, but I have been regularly snipping off ends to improve the appearence of my hair. I heard about this product on line, and decided to give it a try. Who couldn’t use a miracle now and then? I was not disappointed. What I did was put my hair up in a pony tail, condition the ends and wait for the outcome. In the morning, I washed my hair as usual, and the results on the damaged ends was a notable improvement. I scrunched it and let it naturally dry, and I was thrilled! If your hair has some serious damage and you’d like to avoid getting a pixie, Pantene Miracle Repair could save you from spending the season looking like Tinkerbelle!

Loraine Clements, CA

Pleasantly surprised

I applied the serum as soon as it arrived. I waited to wash my hair the next day. My hair had more volume. So, I have applied a little everyday, especially to the ends. To my surprise, when I washed my hair yesterday, there was very little hair in the drain catcher. I guess, for me, it is helping with hair loss. My husband was concerned with the amount of hair I have been loosing. I stopped using any shampoo with zinc pyrthione. I used cantu leave in conditioner. My scalp was not as broken out, as before. I stopped washing my hair everyday. I started taking multivitamins. Now, with the help of this serum, I don’t see the amount of hair in my brushes or the drain. I even see little sprouts of new hair.

Leslie Highland, IN

good product

I like the product. It’s not greasy nor does it leave a residue on my pillow when I wear it at night. But I was hoping for a bit smoother and softer hair after its use.

Gretchen Newington, GA

No difference for me

I really wanted to like this and really hoped it would work. I didn’t notice any difference at all in my hair. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt it, so that why I gave it 3 starts.I don’t think I will be purchasing it again.

Jayne Bennington, KS


At first I was not sure if you were supposed to use this product with wet or dry hair. I found out that using it at night on dry hair before bed and washing out the next morning with shampoo is the best way. It really made my hair clean and strong and very shiney!.

Cecile Raymond, OH

It actually works!

This product has definitely exceeded my expectations. I have fine, shoulder length hair that has really been feeling the effects of daily flat ironing, highlighting, and dry winter air. I purchased this after reading the reviews on here, and boy am I glad I did! It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and has that classic intoxicating Pantene smell. Best of all, it actually works! As per the instructions, I apply one pump to my hair at night, let it soak in for a bit, then comb for good measure. Not only does my hair look and feel better, but the static mess I often have to battle because of the cold has been tamed.I’m not sure how this product would work for thick-haired women, but if you have hair like mine, I would recommend trying this!

Rene Kahlotus, WA

Not Impressed

This really didn’t impress me. My hair has been through a lot. It is half curly and half wavy to begin with, but on top of that, I have bleached and dyed it ever color of the rainbow. A year or so ago, I stopped bleaching and only used one color on it every two months, but I’ve also been growing it out, so the ends were still a little rough. I was hoping this product would keep the ends in good enough repair to put off a haircut for a few more months. I used it at least a dozen times with various methods of application. I tried it on wet hair, towel-dried hair, dry hair (both “dirty” and clean), and I used it before bed and in the morning. I never saw any real improvement. It might have helped tame a little frizz, but nothing to rant and rave about.For Christmas, I received a Suave kit that is supposed to include Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil.Suave Professionals Piece Moroccan InfusionI was skeptical considering the fact that I’ve always associated Suave with bottom shelf products. HOWEVER, it has done what no other product has done in the matter of days. Actually, as soon as I used it, I noticed a dramatic different. I am ready to throw out the [retail] $25 shampoo in favor of this product. Do yourself a favor. Skip the “Miracle Repair Serum” and go for the Suave instead.

Ashley Lamont, WA

Not a fan

I cannot say i have seen a drastic different in the quality of my hair using this product nightly. And as much as I do like Pantene, I would probably would not purchase this again.

Beulah South Elgin, IL


this is a leave in conditioner you can put in right after hair wash which is weightless and softening even the worst hair.

Claire Waimea, HI


I basically used 4 box dyes in a 24-hour period and understandably was very concerned for the damage done to my hair. I heard about this product from a Youtube video of a DIY-er who swore by it. She was right!I applied this to my colored hair at night. I used about 4 pumps because my hair is long. I only applied it to the parts of my hair that was dyed and saturated the ends pretty well. At first my hair felt crunchy and not very soft but as it dried, my hair felt softer and softer. The next morning, my hair looked and felt fantastic!Plus, I really love the smell of it.I am going to use this every night without fail.

Caitlin Leavenworth, KS

Love this!

Great leave-in treatment for dry, damaged or healthy hair. I use this product day time and night time. I use this product every time I was my hair and before I blow dry. So worth the money!

Judi Somerset, OH

Makes a difference!

I tried this on a whim and it has made a significant difference. The serum is lightly scented and it doesn’t weigh down my hair nor does it leave it feeling greasy, oily, or gummy. It’s been a great protector for my ends and provides daily moisture; I put on a couple of pumps each night and wake to smooth hair in the morning. Great for all hair types, I think–Mine is relaxed and fine.

Iris Neosho, WI

love this product

I use this every night on my hairsince I’ve been using it my hair looks lessdry and coarse.. as you age you hairtends to be more drythis gives life back into my hair..

Sharlene Cumbola, PA