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Pantene Pro-V Normal-Thick Hair Solutions Smooth Conditioner 33.8 Fl Oz

Ready to take the dare to get your healthiest hair ever? Since 1945, Pantene�s passion has been healthy, lustrous hair – giving you everything you need to let your hair shine. Pantene has the answer to all your hair questions, offering a range of solutions to meet your hair needs and achieve healthy, flawless, oh-so-shiny strands. Find the Pantene that works for you, and experience for yourself why Pantene is the world�s number one hair care brand.* Gold Standard of Hair Pantene: Dare to give your hair the Gold Standard. The hottest hair news comes from Pantene, one of the world’s most-loved haircare brands. Innovative Ingredients, Stylers & Treatments Check out our amazing hair health infusions and luscious treatments. The World’s Number 1* Discover for yourself why Pantene is the Number 1 haircare brand in the world* Collections view larger Volume Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Root Lifting Spray Gel Dare to go big for 24 hours. Volume Collection: Turn flat hair into thick, full 24-hour volume† with a plumping effect inspired by collagen. view larger Smooth Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Shine Serum Dare to go 72 hour smooth‡ Smooth System: Stay smooth all summer. Moroccan Argan Oil in a Pro-V system helps lock out humidity and keeps frizz from forming. view larger Daily Moisture Renewal Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Silky Moisture Whip Dare to erase the damage of 100 blow-drys^ Daily Moisture Renewal: The Pro-V System Nourishes to help lock in moisture and fight blow-dry damage. view larger Color Preserve Shine Collection: Shampoo & Conditioner Dare to fight fade wash after wash. Pantene Color Preserve Shine gives color treated hair a new protective outer layer and leaves hair vibrant. Pro-V Stylers: Your Hair Style Essentials Dare to do the Style, Not the Damage. Pantene Pro-V Stylers: Try Pantene�s complete line of styling products. A full range of Pro-V formulas to smooth, add volume, protect, or hold your hair healthy style all day.   * Based on 2012 volume sales data worldwide † 3-step system of volume shampoo, conditioner, and root lifting spray gel ‡ Smooth shampoo and conditioner system ^ Damage to smoothness and shine

Key features

  • Long lasting smooth style
  • Moisturizers help nourish, condition and smooth hair to make it strong against damage and more manageable
  • Pantene’s advanced formula provides moisturizers to strands, helping to lubricate the cuticle layer of each hair fiber to reduce friction and smooth the cuticle
  • Unique micro-smoothers help prevent frizz from forming, even in humidity
  • Long lasting results

Honest reviews


Now even those of us with long thick boring hair can have a mane that looks phenomenal!

There are so many hair care products out there for fine, thin, colored, frizzy, curly, damaged and every other kind of hair type, that those of us with very thick hair have just been stuck using one of those. But thanks to the new Pantene Medium-Thick Hair solutions line, we finally have our own choices in hair care!I have very thick, long hair. I grow it out over several years and then have it all cut off and donate it to Locks-for-Love (an organization which makes human hair wigs for children with medical conditions who have lost their own hair). But just because I donate my hair doesn’t mean I don’t also want it to look great while I’m still using it. :)Like many other people I dye my hair, curl it, flat iron it, style it, blow-dry it, and sometimes just like to put it up in a hair clip. I have always been in need of a shampoo and conditioner that was made for those with thick hair, and Pantene has finally created it!This Pantene Pro-V Medium-thick Hair Solutions Frizzy To Smooth Conditioner (and the shampoo from the same line) work wonders for making my hair super soft and manageable. It calms the straggler hairs yet still allows hair to be manageable for styling with curling irons without going flat. It gives hair just a touch of shine, but in no way makes it greasy. The scent is not overpowering in any way, and it makes hair so soft you can brush right through it while soaking wet.This 33.80 oz bottle is HUGE. I had no idea exactly how large it was until it came. This is not the bottle you find on the shelves of your local grocery store or Wal-Mart/Target. This is Sams Club/Costco size. It’s about as long as a loaf of bread! This bottle is over 2 lbs of conditioner, so even those of us with a lot of hair will find it takes a long while to use it all.

• This is NOT a line for those with thin or fine hair

• I always end up seeing posts/reviews from those who say they have thin/fine hair and shampoos/conditioners like this make their hair limp and lifeless. Yes, if you have hair that you would consider “thin” or “fine”, this will just weight it down. This line is made for those who have an abundance of hair and are wanting to get it smooth, soft and under control. Please check out one of the other lines for those hair types. This is not the one your looking for.If your hair is long, thick, poofy, coarse, or any other variation of these, I highly recommend trying the Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions line. It’s the best line of hair care I have found that offers products for these hair types. Now even those of us with long, thick boring hair can have a mane that looks phenomenal!

Loraine Cochecton Center, NY

Does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do

This conditioner poofs out my hair, making it a frizzy mess! I have thick wavy hair prone to frizziness in humidity. This stuff makes my hair look worse. It adds volume, and makes my hair look dull and flyaway, like thick fuzz. It looks horrible whether I blow it out or let it air dry. I just got this conditioner recenty so I’ve only been using it during the summer. I’m not using it anymore for now. I can’t stand how my hair looks when I use it. Since I’m stuck with a huge bottle, I’m going to try using it in the winter when the humidity levels are very low to see if there’s any difference. Hopefully my hair won’t look so bad. I will never again buy another Pantene product.Update 2/4/13: Not much of a difference using this conditioner in the winter. My hair still looks frizzy and dull, but not as poofy. I prefer Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine. Will never buy Pantene again.

Kristin North Platte, NE

Love the HUGE Size

I have this product on subscribe and save. If you’re wondering: it contains silicones, which coat your hair and make it shinier and silkier. Much beauty/hair advice says not to use silicones because moisture has a harder time penetrating the strand, and it leaves a build-up. Personally, I’ve never noticed a build-up and I’ve used this product for 7 years now.People compliment my hair ALL the time and are constantly asking me my secret. I couldn’t recommend it any more highly. 🙂

Dawn Tioga, ND

Love this Conditioner

I also bought the shampoo and I love it. I love the smell of it and how soft it leaves my hair. I also like the fact that I got a big bottle so it will last me a while.

Ella Slocomb, AL

Great Deal, Good Conditioner

I feel like there are much more moisturizing conditioners out there. But for the price (less than $10), this liter of conditioner is worth it for everyday use. The pump is also a plus.

Natalie Tahuya, WA

Not the same as you buy in store

This Pantene is absolutely not as good as the one you buy in the grocery store. My hair felt like I hadn’t had any conditioner in at all.

Katrina Elmore City, OK

Must have for managing thick frizzy hair

I have tried many different conditioners from Garnier to Finesse, and everything in between even stuff from Biosilk. Nothing else gives me the results I want every single time except this conditioner. I have long, medium thick, black hair which is very prone to frizz and I don’t really have the time to spend (or money) to sit in a saloon once or twice a month. So this product absolutely helps to the point where I must always have a bottle in the shower. I suppose you could mix and match any shampoo, but I typically just go with the same line of shampoo (to match the chemistry and everything). I still need to follow it with straightening iron, and get the semi-wavy/straight/messy look.If you have very thick hair then this product might not do much for you, but for those with medium thick hair that gets frizzy after you dry, I really recommend this.

Maria Fairfield, ME