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Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothing Conditioner with Avocado Oil, 25.4 Fluid Ounce

Ready to take the dare to get your healthiest hair ever? Since 1945, Pantene’s passion has been healthy, lustrous hair – giving you everything you need to let your hair shine. Pantene has the answer to all your hair questions, offering a range of solutions to meet your hair needs and achieve healthy, flawless, oh-so-shiny strands. Find the Pantene that works for you, and experience for yourself why Pantene is the world’s number one hair care brand. Pantene Pro-V View larger Gold Standard of Hair Pantene: Dare to give your hair the Gold Standard. This Season, The hottest hair news is coming from Pantene! One of the most-loved haircare brands in history. View larger Innovative Ingredients, Stylers, & Treatments Check out our amazing hair health infusions & luscious treatments. View larger The World’s No.1* Discover for yourself why Pantene is the No.1 Haircare Brand in the World* *based on 2012 volume sales data worldwide View larger Volume Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Root Lifting Spray Gel Dare to go big for 24 hours. Volume Collection: Turn flat hair into thick, full, 24-hour volume* with a plumping effect inspired by collagen. *3-step system of volume shampoo, conditioner, and root lifting spray gel View larger Smooth Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Shine Serum Dare to go 72 hour smooth* Smooth System: Stay smooth all summer. Moroccan Argan Oil in a Pro-V system helps lock out humidity and keeps frizz from forming. *Smooth shampoo and conditioner system View larger Daily Moisture Renewal Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Silky Moisture Whip Dare to erase the damage of 100 blow-drys* Daily Moisture Renewal: The Pro-V System Nourishes to help lock in moisture and fight blow-dry damage. *Damage to smoothness and shine View larger Color Preserve Shine Collection: Shampoo & Conditioner Dare to fight fade wash after wash. Pantene Color Preserve Shine gives color treated hair a new protective outer layer and leaves hair vibrant. View larger Pro-V Stylers: Your Hair Style Essentials Dare to do the Style, Not the Damage. Pantene Pro-V Stylers: Try Pantene’s complete line of styling products. A full range of Pro-V formulas to smooth, add volume, protect, or hold your hair healthy style all day.

Key features

  • Pack of two, 25.4-fluid ounce each (Total of 50.8-Fluid Ounces)
  • With a blend of avocado, bamboo and grapeseed
  • For silky smoothness and strength* *strength against damage
  • Smooth and strong* hair *strength against damage
  • Long lasting results. Guaranteed.* (*Satisfaction guaranteed or 2x your money back

Honest reviews


Mixed Feelings

I used to love this product. It made my thick hair feel soft and silky. I overall have great hair, but this just added to it. It also really did control the frizz. I was happy and content and I continued using it. Only, I am told that it is important to switch shampoos and conditioners occasionally, and I may listen to this advice, because, recently the Smooth Vitality conditioner hasn’t been working so well on my hair. I must say, I like it better than many other Pantene products, especially the new line- Thin, Medium/Thick different solutions. But, I warn a buyer to reconsider purchasing more than two bottles of this product at a time. I buy my bottles one at a time, which works well when I am unsatisfied.

Laurie Wittenberg, WI

Not your normal Pantene….

My favorite feature of Pantene Conditioners has always been how slick it made my hair feel. Well, this conditioner does not do that at all. It rinses completely out and actually makes my hair full of tangles. I’ve never in my life had an issue with tangles so I found that really strange. I also do not like the scent. The only thing I liked about this conditioner was the price.

Jesse Wakarusa, IN


Smells nice, hair feels clean, and long lasting.However, the mean contributing factor for such a high rating is a reason mentioned by another reviewer. I bought this just to switch shampoos, and noticed that my scalp psoriasis had also reduced significantly, if not totally. Came on here and checked the review, and I noticed another person had that experience also. I really hope this is a product line that Pantene keeps. Would definitely be buying this for a good time.

Leann Ossipee, NH

Good conditioner for a good price

Hard to go wrong with this conditioner. There is often a coupon available and if you use that and Subscribe and save you can purchase this for less than what you would pay at a big box retail store. The Conditioner works well and I have had no issues with it after using it for over 2 months, I recommend it.

Ursula Clarksville, MI

Not for severely dry hair. Like the super-sized container

This conditioner is not moisturizing enough for my dry, color-treated hair. If you have healthy hair and do not need a deep conditioning, you will probably be satisfied.Good value, and I always appreciate the eco-friendly aspect of larger sized packaging. (Hopefully it will be recycled, and not in the landfill, but either way, it’s 1 bottle in place of 2 or more… :o)

Edwina Troy, ME

Soft Soft Hair

I’m a hairdresser and I love this conditioner. It’s light and effective without leaving any harsh residue. The nature line from pantene is on par with all of the salon products I’ve tried over the years. I have very thick hair and this conditioner really does the trick.

Lindsay Clarksville, PA


I really like the many different choices that Pantene provides, my daughter likes to flat iron her hair and wear it very straight. This fusion smooth conditioner made a difference after the first use in the smoothness of my daughters hair compared to normal moisturizing conditioner. It really smooths down each strand of hair, so its easier to manage and straighten.

Claire Santa Fe Springs, CA

Not My Favorite Pantene

I am a huge Pantene fan, but this one I will never buy again.It does a fairly good job of helping me comb through my long hair in the shower, but my hair looks frizzy and out of control after it dries.The scent is subtle, not overpowering, but I will probably buy a smoothing version next time.

Deloris Oreana, IL

conditions well

conditions and detangles very well, although I didn’t notice a huge reduction in frizziness. Could just be that it’s a been extra humid summer, sometimes nothing helps. Can’t beat the price on here, with the coupon it’s less than the cheapest store-bought conditioners

Blanche Analomink, PA

Excellent Conditioner

Pantene haiir care products are great and this conditioner is no exception it leaves hair silky smooth.Would reccomend this to anyone who has dry hair

Ola Finleyville, PA

Really helpful for dry/damaged hair

I have extremely damaged hair and always feel like I’m running out of conditioner. This kind is really great with my hair, though. The oz. is generous and it smells amazing and fresh.

Jacqueline Angora, MN