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Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection Agedefy Hair Products Starter 1 Kit

The Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection is a premium line born from our Swiss heritage and has been specially crafted for those who seek an exceptional level of care. Hair that acts up to 10 Years younger: Thickens existing hair strands. Pantene s Dr. Jeni Thomas partnered with Olay experts to get to the root of women s aging hair. Studies over the course of 1.0 years, including 2.000 women, revealed that in your 40s and beyond, hair appears thinner through loss of density, diameter and damage that leads to breakage. This Pro-V AgeDefy Starter Kit with Advanced Thickening Treatment includes products that help fight signs of hair aging, and also works together to increase the diameter of existing hair for hair that acts up to 1 years younger.The Advanced Thickening Treatment thickens each existing individual hair strand and delivers a potent blend of vitamin b3., panthenol and caffeine deep within the hair, providing suppleness.Day 1: Thickens existing hair, so it s as if you have up to 6500 more hair strands.Day 14: Hair strands achieve maximum thickness. Day 30 & Beyond: Hair is supple and maximum thickness is maintainedPro-V Age Defy shampoo, conditioner, and Advanced Thickening Treatment are designed to work together as a kit for even thicker hair strands.Gentle enough for daily use on color-treated hair.

Key features

  • The expert secret for hair that acts up to 10 years younger: Pro-V AgeDefy shampoo, conditioner, and Advanced Thickening Treatment are designed to work together as a kit for even thicker hair strands.
  • Thickens existing hair so it’s like you have up to 6500 more hair strands.
  • Shampoo and conditioner each help fight 7 Signs Of Aging Hair: Reduces breakage, prevents split ends, reduces frizz, controls unruly grays, minimizes lackluster color, improves a thin look and minimizes dryness.
  • Created with Olay Anti-Aging Experts.
  • Gentle enough for daily use on color-treated hair.

Honest reviews



I have thinning white hair so any thin areas are very apparent. I had used the conditioner first when I got a sample and then liked it so I opted to try all the products. My hair really does appear to be thicker and I know it is healthier because now I don’t have to wash it every day so it will “fluff” up. I think that I will be using this for quite a while!

Roseann Goldbond, VA

The serum was the best part

I have super fine and thinish blonde hair, so I ordered this kit hoping it would noticeably thicken my hair. The shampoo and conditioner smelled really good and were very moisturizing, maybe even too much so. The serum was the best part! It wasn’t sticky or crunchy at all, but it didn’t give my roots much volume either. I decided against ordering more and have moved on to trying something else for my fine hair. Maybe this would work better for someone with grays as I am only 30 and that is not one of my issues.

Sheena Van Etten, NY

great price!

I receive the package right on time…I do recommend it highly to women like me with thinning hair,it is a great product at a great price!!!

Sherri East Williamson, NY

Makes my hair feel dirty

When I wash my hair I want it to feel clean and soft and swingy. This stuff makes my hair feel like it needs to be washed. Don’t like it.

Justine Selinsgrove, PA

Very good product for lots of body.

I have only used the three products once but I loved how they immediately made my hair look. I am a 50+ female with very long wavy blonde hair with bangs, interspersed with strands of curly gray hairs around my face and on top of my head. I also use blonde hair color to cover my grays. I was having real problems with static and fly-aways, leaving my hair looking like a wild woman. This product really tames my hair without leaving it limp and lifeless, like so many other products do that are designed to tame fly-aways. It also gives my hair a beautiful shine. I now have body without even blow-drying and it looks like I have teased my hair, even though I haven’t. I did notice that the products made the shorter hairs around my face even more wavy than normal, which is where most of my grays are, but they are soft waves and not particularly unruly. I only used the thickening spray when my hair was towel dryed, not every day like it recommends. I am trying to save money and make the products last longer. I will definitely be buying these again.UPDATE: At two weeks out, I have NOTICEABLY less hair in my brush and my hair is starting to grow in length again. It was at bust length and I couldn’t get it to grow any longer. It must have been breaking off because now it is noticeably longer after two weeks. I think this product is wonderful and I will continue to purchase it despite the expensive price. I only use the conditioner once per week because I live in the humid deep South and conditioner tends to make my hair limp and refuse to hold a curl. I use the shampoo and the thickening spray every other day. I would recommend this to anyone with hair that is becoming fine due to age. Even my husband, who has a head full of thick white-grey hair is using the shampoo to make his hair more manageable. It looks softer and shinier as a result of this product.

Latanya Jonesboro, IL

Cheaper elsewhere

$24.86 is the price listed at the time of this review.I purchased this kit at CVS for $11.46 and have seen it elsewhere for $10-and change.Zero stars for the price, but I’m giving the product 4* (I don’t want to pull the ranking down just because the price is outrageous.)I love the fresh scent of all three items in this kit. I probably won’t purchase the shampoo and conditioner again because I have other favorites, but will most likely purchase the Thickening Treatment 4.2 Fl Oz. through Amazon who currently has it listed by itself for $13.15, a good price for the full size.After just one use I do see a slight improvement of the hair on the crown of my head. I’ll keep using it and try to get back here with an updated review.

Marcia Raymond, MT