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Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Moisture Renewal Shampoo 12.6 Fl Oz

view larger Pantene is dedicated to healthy hair. Since 1945, we’ve pioneered the science of healthy hair breakthroughs and have become the world’s top hair care brand.* We believe that everyone deserves hair so healthy it shines. Every day. * Based on worldwide 2012 volume sales Hair so Healthy it Shines…Redefined Today’s healthy hair formulas add a new dimension to damage control. Pro-V Antioxidant Systems help resist damage and actually make your hair healthier with every wash.** ** Shampoo and conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. view larger Do the Style, Not the Damage Celeb Stylist Danilo says the top hairstyling mistake is not starting with a healthy foundation. If you protect against damage from the start, you can take your hair anywhere. view larger Get the Healthy Treatment 24/7 Looking for the ultimate hair transformation? Think outside the shower. Go for multi-tasking products that treat hair while styling like Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB creme, continuously through the day like Pantene Pro-V Split fix, or even while you sleep like Pantene Pro-v Overnight Miracle repair serum. view larger Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Myth: Avoiding shampoo spares your hair. Truth: There’s no shampoo-frequency rule, but Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner systems are gentle and actually make hair healthier with every wash. There’s no need to fear the shower. So go ahead, feel free to wash daily. view larger Hair is Most Fragile When Wet Always handle wet hair with care. To avoid snags and breaks, don’t brush till almost dry. We favor a wide-tooth comb, and of course, superior detangling products.

Key features

  • Targeted moisturizing agents reinforce weak spots to help smooth each strand
  • Shampoo with targeted moisturizers Provides lasting curl definition and frizz control
  • Gentle enough for color-treated or permed hair
  • Pack of six, 12.6-fluid ounce each (Total of 75.6-Fluid Ounces)
  • All day frizz control
  • Long lasting results. Guaranteed.* (*Satisfaction guaranteed or 2x your money back

Honest reviews


Good for slightly damaged hair

I dye my hair regularly, which, even though I’m careful, damages it somewhat over time. I find that this shampoo helps to keep it moister and in better condition.

Bertie Carney, OK

It works as well as anything else we’ve tried

My tween daughter has long hair that is ringlet-curly, and very fine. It’s beautiful, but terribly tangly and will frizz without the right combination of hair products. She has been using the Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair shampoo and conditioner for the last two months, and it working well for her. It works as well as the salon products shampoos and conditioners we’ve tried, at a much better price. It isn’t a magic bullet (she still must use a frizz serum or spray), but it’s a good product.

Ilene Niobrara, NE

Fragrant shampoo

My wife was using this shampoo in the hope that it would help in a couple areas. Those would be:
• Tame the frizzy-ness that is rampant due to the humid southern air.
• Maintain her natural, though moderate, curls (Ok, that one was just for me as I am a sucker for curly hair.)In the end these are her comments:
• dry hair – She felt like the shampoo was stripping out all the natural oils from her hair. In fact opposite to the opinion of another reviewer.
• very fragrant – extremely pungent, the shampoo reminded me of the old Helene Curtis Salon Selectives line.If a product just isn’t right it’s time to move on and my wife has leaving this bottle about half full (I suppose she thought its worth this many stars because she’s used worse). So the search continues for that perfect shampoo.

Ruthie Farmland, IN


GUEST REVIEWER – !MRS. KNOW IT ALL ;>bI always enjoy using Pantene products, as most of the time they leave my hair feeling silky soft. However, this product left my hair feeling heavy and thick. It smelled good, but because it’s meant for curly hair that you want to style straight, it just weights the hair down to loosen the natural curls. I guess if you have really thick–frizzy–curly hair, this would be a good product for you–but for someone who only has some natural waves, it just doesn’t leave your hair feeling light and free.

Cherry Odessa, MO

More coated, less clean

I often turn to Pantene products when I’m tired of spending outrageous amounts on salon products, or when I can’t afford them anymore. My hair is wavy to curly, and very thick. It’s often plagued by dryness and frizziness, and can feel quite coarse with the wrong weather or product.This Pantene shampoo was a big disappointment — it left my hair feeling less clean, and more coated. I tried it several times, hoping it was just a matter of whatever product I’d used the day before, but no dice. Every time, I felt like I had to wash my hair again with a different shampoo. My hair simply felt heavy, and unclean. Not in a slippery way, either — but in a coated, heavy, unpleasant way. I don’t recommend it, unless perhaps your hair needs some serious weighing down.The matching conditioner wasn’t *quite* as disappointing, so I’ll use it with another shampoo when I’m out of everything else I have!

Angelina Heidelberg, MS

Surprising how good it is for curly hair

Tried this shampoo, and it is very moisturizing and great for all hair. It worked very well on my daughter’s curly hair. Love it!

Addie Okabena, MN

Not what it was – Check the names to be sure what you’re getting

Pantene’s products tend to be color-coded, and red is for curly hair. When I saw my old red-accented bottles for both shampoo and conditioner, though there seemed to be a name change, it was easy to assume it was the same product renamed.Wrong. Sometime around 2011 Pantene did a formula change. You may have bought (and liked, as I did) the old “Dry to Moisturized” or “Hydrating Curls”. For my hair, these were both very good and curl defining, and kept my hair in good shape despite its being fine and permed.Then came “Moisture Renewal”. For me, the shine is gone, the curls are gone, no definition… and there’s an annoying slime left on the tub, so I can only imagine what it’s doing to my hair.I’m only catching the formula change now, as I tend to stock up on shampoo and conditioner on sale and I sure do miss the old stuff. A call to Pantene today confirmed my perception of this change… and their rep didn’t even try to recommend something more suitable, or offer a coupon or anything in the way of an apology. Visited Panetene’s site as well, only to find others posting there as unhappy as me.So, just a heads up that “red” doesn’t mean what you’re used to. I was thinking I’d just gotten a bad perm… then I dug out one of the old “Hydrating Curls” bottles I had, and in 2 days I knew what the issue was.Pantene… you need to bring back your old formula.

Holly Pine Forge, PA

Finally! Soft Hair!

I have very long, thick hair, with a fair amount of natural wave. I have always wanted my hair to be softer than it naturally is, but have never hit on the right products to help me achieve this goal. Pantene’s Pro-v Curly Hair Series Dry to Moisturized Shampoo has finally given me hair with the texture I have been seeking. Now my hair is soft to the touch and much, mucuh easier to comb and brush.This shampoo cleans very thoroughly, has a nice, light scent, and rinses out easily and well. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and noticed the difference in my hair’s managability within just a couple of uses. This has been a great shampoo for me and I plan to continue to buy it as long as Pantene makes it.

Althea Summit, SD

Good price & cleans my hair. What more do you want?

I have to be completely honest. I really don’t see a whole lot of difference between one shampoo and the next. I’ve never found even one that didn’t seem to clean my hair, which should be the entire point. I mean, there’s a definite difference between the various styling products and I’m a lot more selective in that area, but with shampoo, as long as the scent isn’t crazy bad, color me happy.How’s that for being a discriminating user? So this Pantene gets my hair clean, smells reasonably good, and is relatively inexpensive. The scent is nice, but it’s just slightly feminine for my taste. Not so foo foo that I wouldn’t use it, but it’s not an especially manly scent either. Still, no one will question your masculinity if you have this in your shower, so don’t let my comment keep you from trying this product. My hair is not curly, so perhaps it has some sort of magical power over curly hair. I just don’t know, because again, my hair is straight.So to recap: Cheap shampoo that gets your hair clean and smells at least reasonably good. I suppose that warrants 4 stars, don’t you think?

Jeanie Mountain Lakes, NJ

Tamed frizz well

I have really curly hair and lots of it. When it is humid I have a lot of problems with frizz. This shampoo definitely helped in taming my frizzy hair. It also restored moisture in my hair. It feels softer and looks shinier. I don’t use much of shampoo when shampooing. I use about a quarter size and make sure the water is warm. Don’t want it to be hot or too cold. I make sure I rinse real well too. I noticed that when I started doing this that I ended up getting real good results. I enjoy a hot shower but washing your hair in hot water is not the best idea. Rinsing well makes sure that you remove all the shampoo and that when you dry you don’t have residue from the shampoo. Overall I like the shampoo and feel like it makes a difference on how my hair feels. Make sure you pair it with the conditioner for maximum results.

Rosalyn Scranton, KS

Good conditioning shampoo

I have long hair with just enough curl to be annoying and look ratty sometimes, but not after using this shampoo – it makes my hair look smooth and shiny. I don’t think anyone would need a conditioner after shampooing with this stuff. I love it.

Concepcion Caliente, CA

Cleans hair, kinda moisturizes, and that’s it

This Pantene Pro-v curly series Dry to moisturized Shampoo claims to “Moisturizes, controls frizz and defines curls”It cleans hair just fine and smells nice. my curls, not my different than any other shampoo I use. As for moisturizing – it does the job half way.As for frizz control – MY hair’s Still Frizzy, MY hair’s Still Frizzy, I can’t get with thisFor me, This works just like any other ordinary shampoo. So It really didn’t do the job it claims to do and It’s not something I can see myself purchasing.

Verna Saint Paul, VA

Pleased with the Pantene Pro-v Curly

Overall I like this shampoo. It has a nice smell, it lathers REALLY well with lots of thick suds which I like, and it seems to rinse out pretty cleanly.My hair feels clean. But I don’t feel like there is a noticeable difference in the frizzy-ness of my hair when all is said and done. No shampoo has ever seemed to make a difference so I can’t really fault the Pantene. If you are one who has frizz problems no shampoo or conditioner is going to make a difference, it’s going to be a matter of how you style your hair and the products you use post-shower.So if you buy it buy it because it has a good lather and gets your hair clean.

Kristy Skippack, PA

Great extra protection for summer sun and pools

Summer is tough on my hair especially because I tend to swim almost daily. Between the chlorine and the sun, my hair gets as dry as a haystack. Add in the heat and humidity of the average Florida summer and suffice to say, the result is less than attractive. I’m not one to wax poetic about shampoo nor am I overly concerned over brand names…I just want something that reduces the frizzies and helps keep my hair manageable. This seems to do a pretty nice job at least so far. Can’t say what my hair will look like by the end of the summer (it’s shampoo not a miracle) but to date, it does help dry problems.

Tara Canby, CA

Like the scent, wish it had conditioner built in.

I’ve been a long time Pantene user but I normally use the type with conditioner built in. Overall I didn’t notice any curl improvement with this product and my hair felt less soft due to it lacking a conditioner. I did appreciate the scent more than my old shampoo but I think I’ll go back to the old stuff with conditioner built in. The extra cost isn’t justified by the scent alone.

Naomi Richland, SC

My girlfriend took well to this product

I have straight relaxed hair but my friend is always on the search for quality hair care products at a reasonable cost. Don’t get me wrong, she loves going into Ultra but with times being tough, she has a hard time plopping down that kind of money for shampoo and/or conditioner. So when this came on my lap I quickly pass it along to her.She has tried both ends of the spectrum. The salon quality high end products work but they were tough on my wallet. The discount brand generic products were extremely affordable, but they didn’t do the job. Her goal was to find a happy medium. Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair Series Dry To Moisturized Shampoo turned out to be the winner! Pantene’s products are relatively affordable, and the folks at P&G; are always throwing in awesome coupons in the Sunday paper. In fact she likes the thickness of Pantene’s shampoo and all the lather I get from a small amount. I don’t have to use much shampoo to get a thorough washing. I use this shampoo on my daughter’s hair because she has thick, curly hair and it is easy to manipulate her curls. So base on her feedback it’s a good shampoo that will certainly help maintain your curls.

Lauren Green Mountain Falls, CO

My hair loves this stuff

It’s somewhat expensive but it really does make a difference on my hair. I can tell when I don’t use it. My hair is frizzier, and so dry it almost feels “crunchy.” When I use this shampoo my hair is smoother, it looks and feels healthier. It’s definitely worth the cost.

Gracie Portland, IN

Nice shamopp and it doesn’t dry out my hair with daily use.

I have shoulder length, dark (colored) hair that is coarse. So I have a problem with frizzy hair that has gotten worse as I’ve aged and the % of gray has increased. I have used this shampoo daily for about 2 1/2 weeks and it has been gentle enough to not cause issues with fly-away hair and more breakage. It also doesn’t weight my hair down or give it an oily look at all. It says it is moisturizing, but a conditioner is still needed for my hair.This product is thick, the scent is light and not overbearing, but is feminine. It is of the high quality I expect from Pantene. I like the product.

Claudette Daingerfield, TX

I recommend this product to anyone who has dry, unmanageable, curly hair. Smells great!

The smell of the Pantene Curly Hair Series shampoo is just great. I am pleased that it performed on my hair very well. I have always had dry hair, and this shampoo lives up to “Dry to Moisturized” claim. It made my hair feel soft, manageable and, yes, smell delightful. I recommend this product to anyone who has dry, unmanageable, curly hair.

Tamera Windom, MN

Ok shampoo for curly hair

Have used this product for three weeks now and the results have been just ok.Today i tried it in very high humidity and it did not hold up nearly as well as my Herbal Essence.The scent is light enough not to give a head ache like say with Suave for Curls.I am used to more of the floral or fruit scents and to me this is more like a lotion scent.Might be the way the line is though I am not very familiar with the Pantene line.It lathers up really well. The first couple times I used it really brought out my curlsThen like any shampoo I have to change after a few weeks since my hair is super finetends to get a build up and will be ok to use it again after i stop for a while.Did leave my curls soft and not overly frizzy.Not sure the price is really worth it though since i get similar results from other shampoos i have used.Was hoping for better results based on product description but for me just did not live up to the expectations.

Kay Edward, NC

I love my hair again

My very curly shoulder-length hair hasn’t looked this good in years. For a long time, I’ve considered cutting it short because I was so sick of the way it just hung there, limp and blah. After using this shampoo and its accompanying conditioner (which I purchased separately), I’m delighted with the change. My curls are bouncy and shiny with great definition and body and no longer look tired and worn out. I’ve actually developed an annoying habit of shaking my head just to feel my curls move around.I liked this product from the very beginning. The fragrance is clean, pleasant and mildly reminiscent of berries, without being heavy or overwhelming. Of course, it’s a big plus that Pantene says it can be safely used on color-treated hair.After a few uses, I’m sold on this shampoo and would suggest that anyone who has curly hair should give it a try.

Bobbi North Waltham, MA

simply great shampoo

I love the Pantene line, I get better results than the salon products I’ve tried. They smell wonderful, clean in one application and make hair soft and easy to style, even on humid days. I don’t know how they do it, but I’ve never found a better brand. I like this version very much, it keeps my hair from looking ragged and dry. And the price makes it a terrific find. I recommend it highly!

Catherine Abbeville, SC

Calms the frizzies

My husband has curly hair and after using this shampoo, it really calms those frizzies of his. On really humid days he still needs to use an additional product, but overall this shampoo works.

Maggie Falkville, AL

Nice scent, makes my hair manageable

I have very curly hair. Annoyingly curly. On humid days it looks like I have a perm. I’m constantly on the hunt for any product that helps me tame that mop. I’ve got to say, this shampoo really helps. Reduces curls and friz, leaves my hair looking great all day. I don’t find the scent feminine – it’s pretty neutral.The bottle must have been designed by a structural engineer. It’s heavy duty, stands on the bottom or cap, plus the cap has a very positive lock – I’d feel safe traveling with this bottle.

Katrina Hillsborough, NC

Soft but Still Frizzy

My Hair: Long (just past shoulders), very curly and extremely frizzy, brown, thickPantene Curly Hair smells good. A little perfumey but light. My hair is really soft after using it. I tried it alone and with several different conditioners. No matter what conditioner I used, my hair was still frizzy. I examined my dry ends after using it and they were a little better but still dry.This shampoo is nice, but wish I could find one that really would eliminate frizz.

Alisha Rodney, MI

Dry and Frizz your hair with this shampoo

Horrible, horrible product that will dry out your curls and increase the frizz! DO NOT use this. Look at Kinky Curly products, or DevaCare products, or JessiCurl.

Stacy Delevan, NY

Always great, still great… but maybe not quite as great as before

I’m a longtime user of Pro-V Curly Hair shampoo (and conditioner) and was glad I’d gotten a bottle before I saw the shelves cleared at my local retailer. Then I kind of panicked. What would I do without my go-to shampoo for my wash it & forget it days? I was thrilled to be able to try a new bottle via Amazon Vine and I had a new bottle of the conditioner.I’ve tried both of the revamped Curly shampoo and the Curly conditioner and I can say that the conditioner still exceeds expectations. The shampoo does give me curlier hair but in my experience it’s not as curly as before. I also tried the shampoo on my daughter, whose hair is longer but finer and not chemically treated. Her hair sprung up into ringlets using just the shampoo with her regular children’s conditioner. So it may be me, it may be my hair but the new version of Curly isn’t as amazing as the old formula on my hair. That said, it does do exactly what it says and it does it very well.The old version was five stars clear and away. The new version, for me, is a four star (although for my daughter’s hair, it remains a five). If you liked the old version, I recommend sticking with it. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll be impressed. I also like the Expressions series, if you’re iffy on the Curly.

Rosa Trimble, OH

My hairdresser knows

I really loved this product the first couple weeks I used. I could wash my hair on Monday, and on Friday, it still looked good to go. Never got greasy. Still fluffy and…dry. Except, is that such a good thing? A product that keeps your hair nice and dried out all week?I asked my stylist about this product. She reminded me that any hair product that has a lot of wax in it coats the strands of your hair. So your hair will appear “clean”, not oily. But your hair produces oil naturally. That wax coating over your hair strands will make your hair appear clean by not letting your body’s oils coat your hair, but your hair needs those oils for maintenance.So maybe I don’t love this product so much. But it suds up beautifully.

Mia Pacific Grove, CA

Super Sudsy and Moist!

As a guy with short, straight hair I might not be the target user for this shampoo, but nonetheless I’m going to rave about it because frankly it feels good.The first thing I love about it is the instant blast of bubbles you get when you put just a small drop onto your hair. It feels like it’s rinsing and cleaning every strand of hair, all with a crisp and clean fragrance that you just gotta inhale. Then there’s the moisture part. A lot of sudsy, bubbly shampoos and super-drying and make your hair feel positively dead if you don’t add a thick conditioner. I tried this Pantene product both with and without my regular condition and in both cases my hair still felt well hydrated and alive.Overall I think it’s priced competitively and in many ways goes above and beyond the competition. 5 stars, easily.

Terra Rogersville, PA

Decent shampoo for the price…

I’ve tried the shampoo and conditioner of this series and it helps my hair feel very moisturized. I also use a salon shampoo and the main difference between the two is that the salon shampoo causes less fly aways. But even with the flyways, it is a good shampoo for the price. I would recommend it to people who don’t want to pay $20 and up for a shampoo.

Katheryn Bellport, NY