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Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Light Conditioning Hair Detangler 8.5 Fl Oz

Pantene Curly Hair Series Light Conditioning Detangler’s micro-conditioners help smooth and separate strands to help Protect hair against breakage. Curls are conditioned and can flow freely with a healthy bounce and shine.

Key features

  • Pack of three, 8.5-fluid ounce Bottles (Total of 25.5-Fluid Ounces)
  • Micro-conditioners help you untangle, smooth and separate curls
  • Lightweight detangler protects against damage and breakage
  • Gentle enough for color-treated or permed hair
  • Long lasting results. Guaranteed.* (*Satisfaction guaranteed or 2x your money back

Honest reviews


Works great and has a pleasing smell

I had stopped trying to find products in my price range to detangle my hair after shampooing as nothing I found seemed to work the way I needed it to. This product does exactly what it says and it smells great. I simply towel dry my hair and spray it with this product, scrunch it and massage it throughout my hair from top; to bottom and run a comb through it. I am not losing half the hair I do with other products that promise the same results. I am finally able to grow my hair very long without the problem of having it get so tangled that I need to cut it shorter to be able to comb it. Even if I wash my hair before bed and spray it a bit in the morning, still very easy to detangle. I recommend this to anyone who has problems with tangling hair. I even gave a bottle to my Daughter in law for her to use for herself as well as her two young daughters. They love it.

Deana Talbot, IN

big miss

Reading all the great reviews I was excited to try this. Each time it my hair with an odd feeling. Almost like this was a texture adding product. Now I have 3 bottles and I can’t seem to give this stuff away.On the plus side it does have that typical Pantene clean scent.

Ester Charles City, IA

Best detangler I’ve ever used & such a great price!

I have color treated hair, and due to some damage from past bleaching my hair can become very matted when wet. Although I don’t have curly hair (more wavy than truly curley) this detangler works better for me than others I’ve tried, including the other varieties of Pantene detanglers. I also like that this leaves my hair nicely conditioned without making it greasy or weighed down. It’s hard to find it in stores, so I’ve ordered this item in 3 packs through Amazon many times. The price on this is also extremely reasonable (especially when a coupon is available), and I’ve purchased this for around $2/bottle with Amazon coupon offers. I wouldn’t be without this as it leaves my hair so much more manageable, and I’ve yet to find a better detangler at any price point.

Tasha Bradley, ME

Good product

Very light and makes my curly hair manageable . It leaves hair soft and shiny and I can actually run my fingers through my hair.

Kerry Smoaks, SC

Great for extra fine naturally wavy hair.

I used to use the Tresemme Heat Tamer spray but this stuff works so much better on my long extra fine wavy hair. I just let my hair dry naturally and with this spray, my curls are softer and my hair stay shiny all day. Less breakage on my hair too.

Rose Gotha, FL

detangler dream

My curly hair series dies detangle which makes styling easier the extra conditioning protects my locks from heat damage and knots. The scent is light and clean. I like using this product on wet, damp and dry stages.

Jennie Fort Bridger, WY

good product

this is a very good hair detangler, doesnt have a strong smell, which is nice and it does the work!

Camille Westfield, ME