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Pantene Pro-V Curl Perfection Conditioner 12 fl oz

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Key features

  • Regulates the natural moisture balance of dry curly hair to Protect against damage
  • Moisturizing conditioner Provides lasting curl definition and frizz control
  • Gentle enough for color-treated or permed hair

Honest reviews


My disappointment was a surprise

I am a long time user and obvious fan of Pantene products. I have naturally curly hair and it is a necessity to have a conditioner that actually works. If not, then I am left with a tangled, dry mess. My usual shampoo and conditioner choices are;Pantene Pro-V Shampoo, Hydrating CurlsandPantene Pro-V Conditioner, Hydrating Curls, so I was excited to try out their new line aimed at curly hair.As it is I only shampoo my hair every other day, any more and it dries my hair out beyond help. Which makes my conditioner a bigger part of my daily routine. I will note that I went ahead and purchased thePantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Dry to Moisturized Shampooto use along with the conditioner. Quite often when a company makes their products they suggest they work better in combination with each other. This may just be a way to get you to buy more of their products or it might have some truth, but I usually don’t see any difference?As for my actual results, they were less than what I had anticipated which actually surprised me. I’ve been using the conditioner for 5 days now and my hair is noticeably drier than when I started. With the shampoo, my hair feels clean after rinsing which is good, but with the conditioner I am not left with the soft feeling I am used to, but more like if I had shampooed twice. Once out of the shower trying to brush out my hair has been a challenge and several times I’ve had to resort to a spray on conditioner to finish.While I think it’s great that Pantene is continuously trying to improve their products, sometimes what they already have is as good as it’s going to get. While I’ll probably finish off the shampoo I purchased, I’ve retired the conditioner and will go back to preferred Pantene tomorrow.

Rhonda Troy, ID

I received shampoo but it’s still an awesome product

The product I received from VINE was for shampoo, not conditioner. The product smells great. It left my hair soft. Not coated or stripped. It decreased the frizz-which is saying quite a bit during the current Michigan high humidiity levels. I am looking forward to using this again and would buy it. I love the smell and the way my hair feels.I am getting negative helpful votes for this review. I am expected to review every free product I get through Amazon Vine. I did not get the correct product. I was honest. This should not be counted against me.

Monica Ada, OH

Unfortunate use of silicone

True, hardcore curlies know to never use silicone on their curls. It can be drying and creates buildup, requiring harsh detergents to remove (namely sulfates), setting up a vicious cycle. It’s disappointing that so many grocery store brands cheat and use silicones to smooth frizz but not surprising. This one has it as its second ingredient, not counting water. So, while it smells good, is a good detangler and may cut down on your frizzies, it’s not a good choice for curly hair because of ingredients that will backfire on you!

Renee Upsala, MN

Not bad, not that great either.

I used Pantene regularly when I was a teenager (about 15 years ago) mostly because I bought into their marketing campaign. I have since cycled through many different brands and discovered that the conditioner alone doesn’t really make that much difference to how your hair looks. But I never had anything against Pantene so I couldn’t pass up this Vine freebie. Those of use with long curly hair go through a lot of conditioner. Dispite the new packaging, it’s pretty much what I remember. Yes, my hair is soft, but there’s nothing that really sets this apart from any other conditioner. The scent is mild though, which is generally a plus.

Rhea Kossuth, PA

it is good and detangles my hair

I can comb my hair easily when using this but I do use a good amount, about the size of a large dollar coin, my hair is long and naturally wavy. I want my hair conditioned because it does get dry but I don’t want it weighted down either so that the natural waves and curl will be there. This does a good job of allowing the curls and it doesn’t seem to weigh my hair down but I still think that the Hydrating Curls line that pantene has is better than this product. I think it works better with my hair and I use less at each washing than this curly hair series.So while this is a good product the hydrating curls is better for me.

Emily Atlanta, IL

Good shampoo overall, price is too high

It’s a nice product, but I do think the price is too high. It might work better for someone is super curly hair, but my frizzy hair didn’t change much with this product. The scent is nice and light and it works well, but again I didn’t notice any difference from normal moisturizing shampoo.

Susie Pinehurst, TX

Keeps my hair from being frizzy.

I have thick curly hair, so I am very picky about the shampoo and conditioner that I use on my hair. I like the Pantene conditioner for curly hair because it makes my hair soft, doesn’t weigh it down, and keeps it from being frizzy. My hair feels good and looks good when I use it. I like to switch off which product I use, and this one is definitely in my rotation!

Doris Rixford, PA

Not as unique as claimed

Many successful curly-heads maintain their tresses by never washing their hair, and just adding “product” periodically, something which I can’t imagine doing, since I expect to have a clean head of hair. This Pantene conditioner seemed worth trying. It does prevent tangles and adds moisture, but I do find it hard to rinse out. As others have commented, frequent washing is often the culprit in drying out curly hair and making it unmanageable, so this may be the trade-off with any curly hair maintenance regime. Hair looks nice and maintains volume, but almost-daily washing is required because it apparently works by leaving residue on the hair.

Leta Taylor, MI

Straight Talk

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t have curly hair. Well, maybe for a year or two in high school, but that’s another story. I know that the Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair Conditioner is not intended for my kind of mane. But I figured, “What the heck, conditioner is conditioner”. I realize that isn’t entirely true, but I certainly didn’t think it could hurt.What I right? Yes! In fact, I have to say that the Pro-v Curly Hair Conditioner is one of the better after shampoo products I’ve used. At around five bucks a pop, it isn’t a bargain brand, but is less then many of the middle to high-end conditioners. I confess that I don’t often use a conditioner unless it is a 2-in-1 version combined with a shampoo, but I do use my wife’s from time to time. This Pantene Pro-v has all but the top-tier stuff beat.Granted, I don’t have curly locks so I can’t comment on how it works for the intended hair type, but for my short to medium straight hair, it’s just dandy. My hair varies from one to six inches in length and after using the Pro-v conditioner; it was noticeably soft and manageable. No frizz to speak of. My wife’s longer tresses like it too. She has wavy hair and her use of it produced similar results — very soft, lots of body, no frizz. She was pleased. We’d both recommend it for any hair type.If I had to change one thing, it would be to tone down the scent. It is not unpleasant and I enjoy smelling it on my wife’s hair, but it isn’t very masculine. I realize however I don’t quite fit the target market for this product, so I can live with it. It certainly won’t keep me from finishing the bottle!

Karen Waterloo, SC

Too much perfume but satisfied with it’s performance

Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair Series Conditioner works as advertised. It’s a nice thick conditioner which controls the frizz and helps to detangle your hair in the shower.My hair type is thick and coarse and naturally wavy and tends to frizz. I usually use a leave in glossing cream after I wash my hair to detangle my hair without breakage and to keep my hair from becoming a frizzy mess.I live in Texas and right now the summer is coming on and it’s hot and humid so it’s the perfect recipe for my hair to frizz.The first time I used this conditioner was after swimming and there was no way I could run a comb through my hair without help. After shampooing with my normal shampoo I was able to detangle my hair using the Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair Series Conditioner in the shower with no breakage. The conditioner is thick so it coats my hair well while in the shower but it doesn’t feel as if the conditioner rinses completely out of the hair.However after stepping out of the shower and toweling off the conditioning results weren’t there and I still felt as I needed something to help comb my wet hair.I believe the reason for this is, is because of one of the ingredients used in this conditioner called “Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone”. Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone is a silicone which is used to coat the hair and is not water soluable so it creates the ‘conditioning’ feel you feel when in the shower while the water is pouring over your head but once you step out of the shower it doesn’t feel the same because it leaves a film behind which doesn’t allow the hair to slide easily between each other.On the other hand the “film” Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone leaves behind is suppose to help control frizz which so far it has done well for me.I have used other Pantene daily conditioners before in the past and unless it was a treatment conditioner such as Pantene’s “Deep Fortifying” conditioners then Pantene’s daily conditioners are usually rather thin and never worked very well .If you have used Pantene’s treatment conditioners then you have a general idea of the consistency and results of the Pro-v Curly Hair Series Conditioner.The one thing I really did not like is the smell of this conditioner. The perfume is much stronger with this product than with Pantene’s other products. It’s not over whelming but noticeable stronger than another of Pantene’s product I currently own.I am sensitive to scents so what I feel is too much isn’t always the case for someone else. If you are someone who doesn’t like a lot of perfume you may want to give this product a whiff the next time you are at a grocery store before you purchase it here from Amazon.I do not know if I will continue using this product. This is my third wash using this conditioner and so far I am happy with the results but I’m sensitive to products which contain sulfates and with anything that leaves a film behind a strong cleaner is definitely needed to help remove build up between uses. If I notice that my non-sulfate shampoos are sufficient in cleaning between conditioning with this than I’ll probably stick to using this otherwise I’ll probably return to my normal routine.In conclusion I give it a 4 stars because I believe that Pantene’s Pro-v Curly Hair Series Conditioner works well for those battling frizzy hair and after my hair dried it was extremely soft but I don’t care for the perfume because I feel it’s too strong.I like to give a Pro and Con breakdown for each of my reviews so here is the list for this one.Pros1. Controls Frizz2. Thick conditioner which helps it stay put where neededCon1. I don’t care for the heavy perfume smell

Geraldine Helmetta, NJ


This type of product is very hard to rate. There are so many variables for each customer that results can be all over the place. So let me start by noting that I have slightly curly hair that I have colored and usually blow dry. It has become frizzy over the years. Yuck.Upon reading the blurb on this bottle, I fell under the spell of its promises of de-frizzing my hair and making my curls behave. I’ve heard these promises before so I was a little cautious but at this price, I figured it was worth a try.Please note that this conditioner states it works best in conjunction with its shampoo and only on curly hair. I did not use it with the same brand of shampoo and my hair is not the thick curls type. I am quite happy with my current shampoo but I’m always on the look out for another good conditioner. My current favorites areBumble and Bumble Seaweed Conditioner 8 oz. (Case of 6)and Alterna Hemp Hydrate Conditioner 8.5 oz. A cheaper alternative that promises shiny curls would really work for me.After using this product every day for a couple of weeks, I can report that it did make my hair less frizzy (as long as it wasn’t humid outside) which is great and it worked well as a detangler. I did not notice any more shine to my curls but perhaps continued use would change this for the better. My current conditioners have a more immediate effect. I will keep this on my shelf as back-up if I run out of my favorite brands.This product does a better then average job as a conditioner. If you don’t want to pay the high cost of salon conditioners, this one will do at more then half the price.

Simone Decatur, IN

Rich and creamy!

When you flip open the cap of this Pantene Pro-V Curly hair series conditioner you are greeted with that really pretty, yet still clean, pantene scent. Then when you squeeze the conditioner into your awaiting palm you’ll note that it’s truly rich and thick. Once you apply into your hair you’ll be pleased to realized that your tangles are amazingly untangling… and your hair is rinsing itself into a soft, touchable, less frizzy mane.I tried this without my usual use of an after smoothing product, (I’m a fan of the glossing cream), and while my hair was a little ‘poofier’ than normal, it was super shiny, super soft, and not frizzy or rough.For the price I will happily make this my usual go to conditioner!

Crystal Mount Carmel, IL

My wife loves this…

My wife has very curly hair and was always trying to find products to help control the frizz and tangles. I ordered this product for her to see if it would help. She really liked this product and said that there was a noticeable improvement with her hair. She found it a lot easier to brush and style, and she was pleased that it wasn’t overly perfume-y like other hair care products. She said she will definitely keep using this product.

Karla Harlingen, TX

Great shine and smell!!

I have moderately curly hair-if I brush it straight while it dries, it only kinks back up a little bit, if I let it air dry it’s frizzy and has loose curls. I thought this would work well for me. It does give you the signature Pantene shine and smells great, but as far as helping manage, moisturize, and enhance my curls, it really didn’t help much. It still left my hair frizzy while drying (Even with product). It did make it slightly easier to brush straight while my hair was wet, but other than that it didn’t offer much difference than the original Pantene products I use.

Liliana Oostburg, WI

Tames Gray Hair Frizzy

I have straight hair but as I have gotten older I have started to get gray hairs that stand up on top of my head and make my previously silky & straight hair look dry & frizzy. I decided to give this a try and love the results! The gray hairs are easier to smooth down and look less kinky and more like regular hair. My hair feels great to the touch, very silky. The fragrance is very nice and the conditioner is very thick. It is definitely 5 stars for the price and ease of being able to pick it up at the drug store.

Tia Peach Springs, AZ

Great product

I have very curly hair that I straighten with Japanese straightening products. Areas of my hair are coarse and other areas are very smooth. With the straightener that I use, my main need is for a moisture rich conditioner that also detangles, and this fits the bill.Pantene products have a fresh scent, and they do the job. I have used Matrix Biolage (LOVE the smell, hate the price,) Jason all natural products, Nature’s Gate all natural products, and a variety of other professional and drug store quality products. Many of these products are good, some don’t really do much of anything once they’re rinsed from my hair. Pantene has always worked well for me, and my hair feels drenched in moisture after using this. It never feels greasy, only healthy, and detangled. I would say it’s one of the top drugstore brands and I could interchange it with any professional product that I’ve used that has worked well. I even use it as a leave-in conditioner, and it rivals Moroccan Oil Cream.

Maritza Kearny, AZ

Loved the results!

The product I received from the Amazon Vine program was for the shampoo, not the conditioner. However, the review link forwards me to this page.I live in Florida and have curly dry hair. The humidity is always a problem. My hair frizzes and becomes very dry. I’ve used the shampoo several times and liked the results. It left my curls soft and shiny. The frizz control was great. My husband, keeps touching my hair. He loves how soft it feels and loves the smell. I hope I continue to get the same results as the Summer months come in. I will definitely continue to use this product.

Bertha Chatham, NJ

Smells nice, makes my hair softer

As a guy, I don’t really want my hair to smell like kiwi-strawberry or rainbow-kisses or whatever it is women are putting on their heads these days. In that respect, this Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair conditioner is a winner. It has a pleasant, sweet smell that could conceivably trick people into believing it is my natural aroma, rather than the all-too-typical artificial odor of pears and alcohol (which is likely to make people think I drank too much and got into the stash of pears).In terms of functionality, this conditioner did a great job taming my somewhat frizzy hair, although it was no match for the occasionally intense humidity of DC summers. On those days, my hair doesn’t care what kind of conditioner I put in it.Overall, I recommend this conditioner, especially if you are a guy who does not want to smell like peaches and sunshine.

Tanisha Hobart, WA

Not what it was – Check the names to be sure what you’re getting

Pantene’s products tend to be color-coded, and red is for curly hair. When I saw my old red-accented bottles for both shampoo and conditioner, though there seemed to be a name change, it was easy to assume it was the same product renamed.Wrong. Sometime around 2010-11 Pantene did a formula change. You may have bought (and liked, as I did) the old “Dry to Moisturized” or “Hydrating Curls”. For my hair, these were both very good and curl defining, and kept my hair in good shape despite its being fine and permed.Then came “Moisture Renewal”. For me, the shine is gone, the curls are gone, no definition… and there’s an annoying slime left on the tub, so I can only imagine what it’s doing to my hair.I’m only catching the formula change now, as I tend to stock up on shampoo and conditioner on sale and I sure do miss the old stuff. A call to Pantene today confirmed my perception of this change… and their rep didn’t even try to recommend something more suitable, or offer a coupon or anything in the way of an apology. Visited Panetene’s site as well, only to find others posting there as unhappy as me.So, just a heads up that “red” doesn’t mean what you’re used to. I was thinking I’d just gotten a bad perm… then I dug out one of the old “Hydrating Curls” bottles I had, and in 2 days I knew what the issue was.Pantene… you need to bring back your old formula.

Lizzie Harmony, PA

Great, even for Pantene! No frizz!

I like Pantene already, but this type is even better, especially if you have porous, easy to frizz hair!Works quickly, great when using a hair iron too. No fly-aways or re-frizz in humidity later in the day.Awesome conditioner for those of us who need that extra deep conditioning! I’ll be switching to this type of Pantene in the future. Better than the salon deep conditioner I use! Awesome!

Helene Karnak, IL

Not just new packaging

The problem my wife has always had with more mainstream conditioners like the Pantene range is poor results compared with salon quality products.This time however they seem to have improved their formula considerably.Specifically talking about permed hair, and not naturally curly hair, the results thus far are promising.The conditioner is very rich and creamy, with a nice fragrance, and works well when “left in” under a turby towel for 5-10 minutes before rinsing even better.Still not as good asMatrix Curl Life Conditioner(33.8 oz)which may just be a personal preference, but at the price it’s a very good product, and improvement on the previous Pantene range. 4 stars.

Kari Brinsmade, ND

Good detangler, but didn’t control curls

I tried this conditioner on my 3 year-old daughter with mixed results. Her hair varies from wavy to loosely curly, depending on how long it is and how it’s been washed and dried. The long parts tangle very easily, and the short parts curl and spring every which way, so I was hoping this conditioner would help eliminate the tangling while defining and controlling her curls a bit better.This conditioner did do a great job of detangling and smoothing my daughter’s hair. I was able to comb it easily wet right out of the bath, and, better yet, the tangles stayed away and it remained easy to brush even after she’d slept on it. The short, springy bits of her hair, however, haven’t been any better under control with this conditioner. If anything, they seem harder to style into submission. So, though this was worth a try, we will probably be sticking with our leave-in Garnier Sleek & Shine smoothing milk to keep those bits restrained.

Tanya Scobey, MS

My hair is soft and manageable without buildup

I read an article that said to stop using conditioner. That is wasn’t necessary. So I did. Disaster! My hair was dry and unmanageable. So when I started using this product, my hair was ready for it and I immediately noticed a difference: My hair looks and feels healthy again!I flat iron my hair regularly. With the Pantene Pro-v Series Conditioner, my hair still looks shiny and feels soft even after I add products and run it through the flat iron. It also has a nice, delicate scent that isn’t overwhelming. After two weeks with the product, I haven’t noticed any buildup (which was one of the reason I had stopped using conditioner in the first place). I highly recommend this conditioner.

Vivian Cromwell, IN

Great for dry, difficult curly hair of any length

I’ve always had course, curly hair. Pantene conditioners for curly hair are exactly what I need. Pantene has helped me cope with my difficult hair. I think that this moisturizing conditioner would be helpful for people with long curly hair, or short curly hair. I have short curly hair, and this was very helpful for me. And this conditioner is very well priced. A great buy overall.

Marietta Starford, PA

Soft Touch

This conditioner is for curly dry hair, I don’t have natural curls, but I curl my hair often. Being over-processed recently, it’s gotten very dry and damaged.This conditioner that smells so clean and fresh has put some life back in to my damaged hair. It has regained it’s softness and some shine too.Just smoothing it on after shampooing takes away the tangles dry hair tends to get and gives it more smoothnessConditioners have come a long way in the past twenty years and this product is certainly up to par on the results of new and improved conditioners.It didn’t mend my split ends, a trim worked for that.If your hair is dry,damaged and snarly, this product really should help.I recommend it through my use of it and the good results I’ve gotten from it.

Marci Verbena, AL

love this product

I have naturally long, curly, fine hair that gets looking frizzy quite easily. Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair Conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft and silky without weighing it down, and helps maintain my curl without frizzies. I really love this product. Another benefit is that a little of it goes a long way. I frequently find myself having to use nearly twice the recommended amount of product to treat my abundance of hair. The Pantene Pro-v conditioner covers all my hair, and I only have to use about 2 tablespoons. It is a wonderful detangler, and helps my hair feel moisturized but not heavy or oily. The fragrance is pronounced but doesn’t linger too long on the hair. Some might find it a little too strong though. Overall it is a great product and I recommend it.

Sarah Olathe, CO

Liked the Old Formula Better

I have used Pantene products for years and I think that in general they are good for the price. Pantene recently changed their formulas and I don’t like the new conditioners quite as well as the old ones. I have naturally curly hair and I like the Curly Hair Series for my curls, but the new formula doesn’t feel like it conditions my hair quite as well as the old formula did. But, overall, I still like this product quite a bit and will continue using it.

Tabatha Sugar Grove, IL

Pantene makes a very good product

My hair is naturally curly and we live in a seaside community where there is a lot of moisture in the air and this sometimes causes my hair to become frizzy.When the weather allows, I prefer to let my hair air dry and after using the Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair Conditioner, I found that my hair curled lightly and the texture was very soft and nice. My hair is color treated and and the Pro-v is safe for color treated hair.I have used numerous products in the past and, in fact, usually add a gel after washing my hair to keep the curls tamed, but I did not find it necessary after using the Pro-v. The conditioner also has a very light and lovely fragrance. I would recommend this item.

Barbara Rockton, PA

Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair Series Dry To Moisturized Conditioner, 12.6-ounce

There is much to like about Pantene Pro-v Curly Hair Series Dry To Moisturized Conditioner, 12.6-ounce. The stand-up bottle is convenient for use in the shower. The consistency and scent of the conditioner were just right. And the conditioner didn’t leave any sticky residue and was easy to rinse clean, leaving just the right amount of moisture. Overall, I would recommend this conditioner.

Rosemarie North Sioux City, SD

Works well on fine, curly hair

This conditioner is working very well for my pre-teen daughter’s long, fine, corkscrew-curly hair. She requires a fairly “slippery” conditioner to help her get the tangles out, and it must have substantial moisturizing capability to avoid the frizzies. This conditioner does both well.But we have used other Pantene conditioners for dry hair in the past, and they have also worked pretty well. To tell the truth, I don’t see much difference if she uses the “Curly” conditioner vs a regular Pantene moisturizing conditioner. I would definately buy this product again, since it does work well for her, but only if the price is comparable to other Pantene conditioners. I wouldn’t pay extra for the “curly” on the label.

Luella Schoolcraft, MI