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Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean 2in1 Shampoo + Conditioner 25.4 Fl Oz

View larger Collections Ready to take the dare to get your healthiest hair ever? Since 1945, Pantene’s passion has been healthy, lustrous hair – giving you everything you need to let your hair shine. Pantene has the answer to all your hair questions, offering a range of solutions to meet your hair needs and achieve healthy, flawless, oh-so-shiny strands. Find the Pantene that works for you, and experience for yourself why Pantene is the world’s number one hair care brand. Gold Standard of Hair Pantene: Dare to give your hair the Gold Standard. This Season, The HOTTEST hair news is coming from Pantene! One of the most-loved haircare brands in history. Innovative Ingredients, Stylers & Treatments Check out our amazing hair health infusions & luscious treatments. View larger The World’s No1* Discover for yourself why Pantene is the No1 Haircare Brand in the World* *based on 2012 volume sales data worldwide View larger Volume Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Root Lifting Spray Gel Dare to go big for 24 hours. Volume Collection: Turn flat hair into thick, full 24-hour volume* with a plumping effect inspired by collagen. *3-step system of volume shampoo, conditioner, and root lifting spray gel View larger Smooth Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Shine Serum Dare to go 72 hour smooth.* Smooth System: Stay smooth all summer. Moroccan Argan Oil in a Pro-V system helps lock out humidity and keeps frizz from forming. *Smooth shampoo and conditioner system View larger Daily Moisture Renewal Collection: Shampoo, Conditioner & Silky Moisture Whip Dare to erase the damage of 100 blow-drys.* Daily Moisture Renewal: The Pro-V System Nourishes to help lock in moisture and fight blow-dry damage. *Damage to smoothness and shine View larger Color Preserve Shine Collection: Shampoo & Conditioner Dare to fight fade wash after wash. Pantene Color Preserve Shine gives color treated hair a new protective outer layer and leaves hair vibrant. View larger Pro-V Stylers: Your Hair Style Essentials Dare to do the Style, Not the Damage. Pantene Pro-V Stylers: Try Pantene’s complete line of styling products. A full range of Pro-V formulas to smooth, add volume, protect, or hold your hair healthy style all day.

Key features

  • Get silky, smooth hair that shines in just 1 use
  • Pro-V antioxidant formula removes styling build-up for a clean, healthy shine
  • Gentle cleansing and precise conditioning leave hair manageable and strong against damage from root to tip
  • Cleanse and nourish in one, simple step

Honest reviews


Horrible for your hair, a waste of money!

I have recently switched over all my hair and skin care products to Organic ones.This is one of the best things ive done for myself!I used to use Pantene Pro-V because it was a popular Shampoo/Conditioner brand.It was what people used, and was thought to be a more “premium brand”.Well, its garbage. And it will leave your hair weighed down. After a few days of using it, your hair will have a waxy residue on it that is supposed to “imitate” healthy, soft, and silky hair.The smartest thing you can do right now is pitch all commercial brands like Pantene, Aussie, Herbal Essences, etc and go Organic! Awesome Organic brands are as follows: Desert Essence Organics, Jason, Natures Gate, and Burts Bees.

Jenna Jal, NM

It’s cheap for a reason…

Sorry, but I do not like Pantene in the least bit. Yes, its a very affordable price, but the quality sucks. First, if you have colored hair, it drains the color. Second, it eventually dries out your hair. Third, I just don’t like it. I have thick, coarse, colored hair. So pantene does not cut it, plus it has sulfate and all those good chemicals in it.Also, “2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner” isn’t the best idea. Instead of taking the short cut, actually use both. When you use the 2 in 1, your hair doesn’t fully get the conditioning it needs because of the shampoo part of it.Instead of using Pantene, I use Loreal Sulfate-free instense nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Its a tad bit more, but not expensive. It loads your hair with good nutrients and takes care of your color without the expense. For expensive shampoos, I like Matrix and Bed Head products. Anyways, I like to stay away from Pantene.

Jenny Glen Ellyn, IL

Light Conditioning and Neutral pH

I like Pantene shampoo. One of the reasons is that it’s strong enough to really clean your hair but not so harsh that it dries your scalp. In the past I’ve had highlights and I’ve used this shampoo without any detrimental effects. Granted, if I colored my hair again I would use a shampoo made especially for treated hair (probably Pantene, since I’m a creature of habit).As far as conditioning I have to say that it is very light. For my daughter, for example, who has fine, straight, but remarkably easy-to-tangle hair, we still have to use a detangler. So it’s a lighter conditioning effect than if you used a separate conditioner. Personally I like this because it doesn’t ‘weigh’ down my hair, just controls the humidity frizzes.OVERALL, a gentle, thorough cleanser with gentle conditioning that makes combing after shampooing easier.Pam T~mom-blogger

Mari Saint Vrain, NM

The Best Shampoo!

This is our favorite shampoo. Cleans your hair, doesn’t leave it feeling dry or greasy. If you buy it here you can subscribe and save which helps. A good value. The entire family can use it, smells good but doesn’t attract insects. Love it!

Dorthy Innis, LA


It washes my hair. So its good. I do not know why do I have to write a review about it. Its good and I recommend every one to get this.

Jacklyn Little Orleans, MD

Great product….Great price!

The men in my family love Pantene 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner!! It washes their hair well with out any oil or residue left behind and the touch of conditioner keeps their thick hair soft and manageable. We added this to subscribe and save and get an even better price.

Brigitte El Toro, CA

Great every day shampoo

I’ve tried several other brands of shampoo, including more expensive so-called premium brands and have not found something better than this Pantene shampoo for the price. Most of the other ones dried out my hair (or at least made my hair feel more dry).The thing I like about this Pantene is that it has a conditioner built in so I only use a separate conditioner a couple times a week and that works out well.

Carmella Des Lacs, ND

One of my favorites

I really did like this shampoo and conditioner combo. I never felt like my hair was stripped with this product.

Violet Brookfield, IL


I like to use a shampoo/conditioner together, so this works and the smell is pleasant. Can not find in the stores, so must order online—will always order the largest bottle so as not to have to reorder too often.

Dawn Marks, MS

Convenient Shampoo + Conditioner in One Application

This is a great 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner for when you are in a hurry and don’t want to take the time to shampoo, rinse, condition and rinse again. It’s easier to just apply this, rinse and go. It cleans without drying out your hair and has a pleasant scent. Have never been disappointed with a Pantene hair product and like trying different selections. This one is great to have on hand as a multi-purpose shampoo and conditioner. It’s great for other family members and guests, too.

Yvonne Morristown, MN

Strips hair

This 2 in 1 shampoo left my hair like straw even with conditioner. Like most Pantene shampoo it strips my hair.

Maryann S Coffeyville, OK

So Clean and so Fresh

Pantene has been a great shampoo for years now. I really like it and now that I have this I am totally stocked up for awhile.

Nanette Flinthill, MO

bath and body

My daughter asked for this for Christmas. She loves this and couldn’t find it to purchase in her area. It made her Happy!

Leanne Center, NE