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Pangea Organics Balancing Oil- Himalayan Geranium & Pomegranate – Moisturizing Anti-Oxidant for Dry Skin & Anti-Aging – Natural and Organic Skin Care

This truly unique combination of beneficial oils derived from organic vegetables, seeds and nuts nourishes, protects your skin and promotes timeless beauty. Rich in antioxidants, EFAs and vitamins, this potent, self-loving treatment is beneficial for all skin types and is especially healing for dry and mature complexions. The key to being at our best is having balance in our lives. Same holds true for our skin. In this spirit that weÕve created Balancing Oil, a truly unique combination of beneficial oils derived from whole, organic, cold-pressed vegetables, seeds and nuts. Rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins, it nourishes, protects and combats the signs of aging. Beneficial for all skin types and an absolute MUST for dry to mature skin, this treatment absorbs intrinsic moisture and brings your skin into sweet harmony. FEATURED: GERANIUM OIL GeraniumÕs action on the nervous system is pronounced; itÕs a sedative with uplifting characteristics. Described as minty-fruity, floral and rosy, geranium oil is an important perfume ingredient. It has many properties for skin including: redness reducing, reducing puffiness, rejuvenating, sebum balancing, strengthening, toning, cell regenerating and circulation improving. FEATURED: POMEGRANATE OIL Pomegranate has properties that prevent collagen destruction in skin cells, thus maintaining skin structure and slowing wrinkle formation. OUR PHILOSOPHY At Pangea, we believe that plants are powerful. And we produce natural skin care products made from them. Pangea utilizes the latest scientific methods to extract all of the powerful actives that plants have to offer. We search the world over for ingredients that deliver results above and beyond your expectations. We do not compromise on ingredients or packaging; both are ecologically sound and protect the integrity of the product. Simply the best the world has to offer in organic skin care.

Key features

  • DEEPLY PENETRATING OILS make it a key moisturizer for dry skin; truly the ultimate dry skin treatment
  • THIS VITAMIN-RICH HIGHLY ANTIOXIDANT OIL is a must have in your regimen of anti-aging products
  • EACH BOTTLE CONTAINS whole plant oils and essential oils for aromatherapy, such as geranium oil
  • ORGANIC SKIN CARE made from the highest quality nutrients and botanicals that nature has to offer
  • NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS designed to protect, balance, nourish and hydrate your glowing skin

Honest reviews



My skin just seems to be really stubborn because a lot of products just don’t work for me. I have super oily skin and I was hoping that this balancing oil would balance it out a bit. I know it appears counter intuitive to apply oil onto oil prone skin. HOwever, I have done a ton of research that points out that it is actually beneficial to apply oil to oily skin because if your skin receives enough moisture through this means, it wouldn’t try to overcompensate dry skin by producing so much oil. Anyway, since this is a balancing oil, I just thought it would be the perfect oil to use. For me, it was just an overall suckish product that didn’t work for me in anyway whatsoever, and unfortunately all my comments on this products are cons rather than pros: not the most pleasant smell, didn’t absorb well into my skin (the oil would just sit on my skin forever till I dabbed it off unless I used like the tiniest nonexistent bit of oil; which is a whole other problem because then I couldn’t apply to my whole face in one try since I have a big head/face), but most importantly did not control or BALANCE my skin and my skin’s oiliness.Anyway, obviously this product works for some people so do not be discouraged by my review if you really want to try this, I am just stating the results I had as an individual.It just didn’t work for me.

Sadie Keno, OR

Couldn’t even keep it on my face for 5min, it smells so horrible

I can’t comment on the results of this product as I could not keep it on my face. I got a small sachet of it in a birchbox that I received. I didn’t even use all the product in the single use sachet and could not stand the smell of this product. Literally gag worthy. I do have a bit of a sensitive nose but this is one of the worst smelling products I’ve ever had the displeasure of trying.Kind of sad since it looks like it has many wonderful reviews.Definitely sample this before you think of purchasing!

Jasmine Estcourt Station, ME

My favorite face serum.

I started using this oil about six months ago. I can’t believe how much better it works than traditional moisturizer, even Pangea Organics moisturizer. You’d think it would feel heavy when you put it on your face, but it is extremely light. It also adds a bit of sheen (not in a greasy way) to my face after I apply it. I’ve found my make-up goes on better after I use it, and the skin on my nose (which has always looked kind of red and sensitive from too much sun as a kid) looks way more healthy and balanced now. Besides Pangea’s toner, I would say this face product has helped my skin the most of any product I have tried within the past few years. It’s pricey, but it lasts forever, and it is definitely worth it.

Leeann Girdwood, AK

Highly moisturizing but annoying dispenser

This helped moisturize my face and I believe it may have helped old scars to fade away. However, it did not “sink in” very readily to my skin, and hence looks very oily. It’s best used at night, I would suppose. Also, I highly recommend to keep it in the fridge because it may have gone rancid after a few months and then I started to get deep pimples. Not sure if this was hormonal, but I believe it may have been linked. I already have a quite oily T-zone so wearing this during the day made my face look very oily. It’s something I could only really use at night. Also, the dispenser was very annoying. It would literally squirt out the oil in unpredictable directions, with too much force– it was hard to control the amount dispensed. This was true for 2 bottles that I purchased.

Shauna Elkland, PA

Contains anti-aging oils as well – very reasonable for what can do with just this oil

Like other reviewers mentioned, it is oily texture and feeling at first then soaked into skin. I do have a combination skin T-zone is really oily and always look for better results in skincare products. How I did was, used (2 pumps for me) at night then woke up with very soft smooth skin. Over 8 hours or longer, my T-zone area gets little shiny, though. Since just oils, no harmful chemical included at all. You can use as it is or mix with other oils (more anti-aging oils together)/serum/moisturizer. If you carefully take a look at all the ingredients, some of them are also anti-aging properties. For the price, you get "Anti-aging" & "Balancing oil" – gotta have it!

Lilian Indian River, MI

I really wanted this to work for me 🙁

It made my skin break out. I do not think it was other products. Every time I’d go back to this, I would break out. I’m disappointed because it is expensive. Maybe it will help my mom 🙂

Heather Muleshoe, TX