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Panasonic EW-DE92 Sonic Vibration Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, White

Sonic vibration rechargeable toothbrush.

Key features

  • Brush Timer to help establish and maintain the total, effective oral care routine recommended by oral care professionals, the toothbrush automatically pauses once every 30 seconds and twice after 2 minutes
  • Soft Start Function: Toothbrush powers on with gentle vibrations for 2 seconds in order to gradually bring the toothbrush motor up to optimum operating speed
  • 4 Brushing Modes: White Mode-optimum speed to power Triple-edge Ionic Stain Care Brush, Soft Mode- recommended when White Mode is too powerful, Sensitive Mode-recommended for sensitive teeth/mouths. Gum Care Mode-designed for the Ionic 2-way Silicone Brush
  • Two Additional Brush Heads Included; Ionic 2-way Silicone Brush For Everyday Gum Care and Point Brush cleans hard to reach areas
  • Additional Brush Tray holds and stores extra brush heads, perfect for the entire family

Honest reviews


Don’t buy this, you’ll probably return it once you see it

I started using the Braun Oral-B electric brushes in the early 90’s and switched to the Philips Sonicare line about 10 years ago. I love electric toothbrushes, and I prefer the “sonic” approach that Sonicare always used to the mechanical one that Oral-B used to use.When as a Vine reviewer I got a chance to try out the Panasonic I wanted to do so, though I couldn’t find replacement brushes and that’s a big part of the cost (and usefulness). I like the fact that you can find good prices on either Oral-B or Sonicare in the places you’d expect to.But this is junk and I’m shocked that Panasonic would put out something this bad at this price. As I write this, amazon is charging about $125 for this and for that you can get a very nice Oral-B or Sonicare. So what is so bad about this?1) The unit/handle itself is very very lightweight, uses cheap-feeling plastic, so the grip isn’t great, and the battery isn’t very long-lasting either. I know that most people put the brush back in the holder after each use but I like the fact that I can get almost 2 weeks from my sonicare without the charger – at least a solid week without worrying. There’s no way that this will do that.2) I once got some generic brushes for my Sonicare and they were junk, and these feel exactly the same way.3) While I haven’t found replacement brushes for this yet, it seems a safe bet that this brush won’t take off and thus the brushes will be hard to find and expensive.The one thing I can’t criticize it the base: It’s just like the minimal bases that the other brands use and I see no reason why it won’t hold up.If Panasonic were charging $60 bucks for this I still wouldn’t recommend it, but at least I would understand someone considering it. For anything over that, this is junk. I think the only people who might buy this and not return it are those who have never used an electric brush before and buy don’t have a point of comparison.

Lacy Goode, VA

Panasonic Model EW-DL82

Amazon sent me a different brush to review than the one pictured and described here. (The Vine Program automatically places the review on this page) My brush only has 1 button on it. Some of the other reviews I’ve seen mention settings and additional accessories that were not on the model I tested. I received the Panasonic Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Model #EW-DL82, which seems to be their basic model.This review is for Model #EW-DL82 that I tested for the Vine Program.The EW-DL82 model has two brushing modes, “white” and “soft,” which both have a brush timer. The unit comes with one brush head, a charger, and a plastic travel case. It operates up to 90 minutes after a complete charge, has automatic universal voltage, and a two-year limited warranty. It does not have the “ionic” cleaning feature mentioned in other reviews. I have used Sonicare toothbrushes for many years, and am very familiar with sonic vibration toothbrushes. In comparison to my current Sonicare, the Panasonic is smaller in size, and seems less powerful. Both hold their charge for a long time, eliminating the need to carry the charger if traveling for less than a week. My teeth feel cleaner after using the Sonicare as compared to the Panasonic. I think this is because the brush seems to be moving less vigorously on the Panasonic. I didn’t care for the feeling I got during the brushing process with the Panasonic. It seemed very mild compared to the Sonicare. As others mention, I see no need for the “soft” mode because it seems like a very low setting. The Panasonic seems like a fine product, and if you want something small for ease of travel, this might be a good choice. For daily home use, I prefer the Sonicare to this particular model.

Josefa Blain, PA

Great Toothbrush but Trying to Figure out Replacement Brush Heads

I’ve owned Sonicare toothbrushes for over ten years. I even own the latest and greatest DiamondCare toothbrush now. I buy these expensive toothbrushes because my teeth stain terribly and I get terrible tartar. Only these toothbrushes can spare my teeth most of the harm.I noted the following differences/similarities between the Sonicare and the Panasonic Sonic toothbrush:1. Both have long battery life so the toothbrushes don’t need to be recharged for days at a time.2. Both reduce tartar and stain much, much more than standard toothbrushes.3. Both have various settings on it–but honestly, I just use the regular setting each time.4. The Panasonic Sonic toothbrush feels lighter than the Sonicare but I haven’t weighed both separately to confirm this fact.5. The Panasonic Sonic costs approximately $60 less than the Sonicare DiamondCare.I gave the toothbrush 4 rather than 5 stars because I have yet to figure out how much it costs to replace the brush heads. I contacted Panasonic by phone and by email to find out details for the replacement brush heads. The Panasonic representative I spoke to didn’t have an answer and the email response I received was similarly unhelpful. Clearly, I’m hoping that the brush heads will cost less to replace than those of the Sonicare. I replace my brush heads at least monthly, so their expense figures in considerable to the cost of the toothbrush. I’ll update this post with information about the replacement brush heads once finally find information about them.Needless to say, I highly recommend this product. Feel free to ask questions.

Camilla Brook Park, MN

Excellent for travelling but different from Sonicare

I’ve used electric toothbrushes for over 20 years, from the original Interplak through the Braun rotary head models to the most recent Phillips Sonicare, of which I remain a big fan.I stopped using the Braun brushes because they just stopped developing the product. They continue to use Ni-Cad batteries, which limits their time between charges to about 8-10 days or so, which just isn’t long enough for two people to go on holiday without the charger. Also, the travel cases were either soft (allowing the on-off button to be pressed accidentally) or hard and bulky.This little Panasonic is great for traveling. It is a tiny, lightweight brush. The handle is about two-thirds the length and half the weight of most electric toothbrushes on the market. It has a lithium ion battery which gives it a claimed 90 minutes between charges. That’s 45 two-minute brushes, or THREE WEEKS between charges for one person. The included travel case is hard but not too bulky and the whole package is lightweight. Even the charger is quite light if you do have to take it along. As far as cleaning results go, my teeth feel clean and my mouth feels suitably tingly after using it. It also doesn’t bother my sensitive teeth in the way that my Sonicare can (even with the highly recommended "sensitive" bristles).Yet this brush will not be replacing my Sonicare anytime soon. Although I like many aspects of this, I find I cannot get the bristles all the way behind the back of my rearmost teeth, into the spaces left when my wisdom teeth were removed. Also, both the Braun and Sonicare move the brushhead so that you don’t have to do as much actual brushing. This Panasonic derives its long battery life / light weight compromise from the fact that the brushhead really doesn’t move, so the user has to do most of the actual brushing. For those two reasons, I prefer the Sonicare for daily use, but I think I’ll take this on my next trip.

Marcella Green Mountain, NC

Panasonic EW-DE92 combines the sonic and ionic technologies giving me the most clean mouth eve

This is a Vine Customer Review of free product Panasonic EW-DE92There is some mix-ups in reviews being posted on the right model; so please double-check when reading the reviews on the Panasonic EW-DL82-W and EW-DE92 especially. The EW-DL82-W doesn’t have all the same features as the EW-DE92 so it is more affordable. My review is of the Panasonic EW-DE92 – the fancier model with ionic as well as sonic technology.Studies show the clinically most effective in removing plaque and improving the gingival conditions are sonic and ionic technologies with ionic being the more affordable of the two and sonic being slightly more effective. Each gives me a different kind of clean feeling in my mouth so my daily routine has been to use both Dr Tung’s or Soladey’s ionic manual toothbrush as well as Sonicare electric toothbrush of which I have had many models over the years.Panasonic did a genius thing and was the first one to make one toothbrush that combines both the sonic technology with the ionic technology. After brushing with it alone, my mouth feels cleaner than when I use both the ionic manual and my Sonicare toothbrush. I think this is one of those cases where 1 + 1 = more than 2.I really like that there is an ionic indicator lamp to let you know it is working. Also it is easier to get it to work than it is with the manual ionic toothbrushes which require you to wet your hand where it will be in contact with the ionic part of the toothbrush while Panasonic does not require that. Also the part of the ionic manual brush you need to grasp for the ionic feature to work is small but Panasonic made an ionic panel that covers the entire length of the handle and about 25% of the circumference making it easy to have contact and initiate the ionic cleaning.I like to have a clean tongue and use a variety of instruments including metal scrapers, brushes, tongue cleaners, etc and this Panasonic Sonic Vibration Rechargeable Toothbrush again made my tongue feel cleaner.In the past, there have been problems with icky buildup on the base of rechargeable toothbrushes, but this base comes apart for easy cleaning. Thanks, Panasonic!I also prefer this Panasonic sonic brush to my Phillips Sonicare brush in that the indicator lights are bright enough to easily see but not so bright that you have to wonder how to darken it so you can sleep at night if it is in the bathroom nearest your bed.The proper usage of sonic toothbrushes, whether by Panasonic or Phillips Sonicare or whoever, involves the gentle placement of the brush next to your teeth and moving it slowly. If you want to press hard or vigorously, you defeat the whole purpose of sonic vibration, wear out the head, and would be better off with a manual toothbrush until you learn to brush more correctly. The Panasonic actually has a built-in safeguard where it will stall if you press too hard saying “hey, wake up and pay attention! you are pressing too hard and not using me correctly!” The whole point of the sonic vibration is defeated with hard pressure; think about it! The bristles are bent and you are not using the bristle tips to clean your mouth. Gentle pressure is the proper usage for sonic vibration toothbrushes according to the manufacturers of the sonic vibration toothbrushes, dentists, and dental hygienists. Vigorous brushing with hard pressure with any kind of toothbrush can actually injure your gums and teeth; please don’t do this! Take care of your body! When visiting your dentist and hygienist ask not only about the right dental equipment for you to use at home but how to use it correctly!!! It is common that some want to brush too hard and need to be more careful and less vigorous. I am so disappointed in the times in my life where I thought I was helping myself but instead was harming myself from either ignorance or having been given information that was not right for me.The only drawback I see is that the replacement brushes for EW-DE92 don’t seem to be available anywhere – not on Amazon, not from Panasonic, not online, not in local brick and mortar. Let’s hope that is just because they are new and soon the replacement heads will be available. The manual says to replace every 3 months or sooner if bent with Part Number WEW0908 for ionic stain care brush, WEW0906 for ionic 2-way silicone brush (gum care), WEW0940 for point brush (for hard to reach places), and WEW0929 for stain care brush. I tried contacting Panasonic customer care but they were closed. This comes with just one ionic stain care brush, gum care brush, and point brush. Panasonic wants me to call back tomorrow and ask for their parts department in order to purchase more replacement heads.Gone are the days when quality materials meant metals that were heavy to pick up; now most current technology means smaller, lighter, and more durable.This Panasonic Sonic Vibration Rechargeable Toothbrush may be my favorite gift to purchase and give out this year as it is such a wonderful bargain where you get ionic and sonic technology in one attractive affordable rechargeable toothbrush as long as replacements are available and affordable.UPDATE: The Staincare brushhead is sold by Panasonic Parts 800-833-9626 for $4.77each + state sales tax + shipping. Shipping for 1 is $6.95 and shipping for 3 is $7.95. These replacement parts are also available through their main distributor Encompass Parts 800-638-3328 (website by that name). So they are definitely affordable from the manufacturer and I hope will become widely available locally and online. Panasonic Parts said they are on back order so maybe they are just too new to be out available everywhere yet but hopefully will be before the 3 month advised replacement timeframe.Thanks Panasonic and Vine. I would have thought I was doing the best care for my teeth available if you would not have sent me this to review. I have switched over to this because it is superior and gives me better results and is even more affordable than what I was doing. So the switch is a no brainer! Better results while costing me less!

Joann Mount Zion, WV

Made a believer out of me

Please Note: This review is for model EW-DL82-W and not the one shown on this page. The model I tested is less expensive, and does not have the ionic technology. It also has only 2 speeds.I’ve used a Braun/Oral B toothbrush for the past 15 years or more. I thought it was the best on the market and upgraded my model every few years. The Braun uses a rotating brush whereas the Panasonic uses sonic vibrations. Which one is better? Sorry, my trusty Braun, but the Panasonic wins hands down. I really didn’t know what to expect with this new model. It is smaller than the Braun by about half an inch. It has two speeds, although one is sufficient. It also features a 15 second reminder, like the Braun, to signal you to brush another area of your teeth. The toothbrush has a special set of bristles that are supposed to whiten and polish your teeth.Brushing with this sonic brush is quite a bit different than any other method. The quiet hum is all you hear, and you feel very little happening to your teeth. In fact, I didn’t think it was doing anything to my teeth. Just the opposite. My teeth felt very clean afterwards, especially along the gum line. I also didn’t think it would clean between the teeth very well, since the bristles are very soft. Wrong again. This brush gets your teeth almost as clean as the hygienist.This unit comes with only one brush, and a travel case that holds the brush handle and just one brush. So, this is a personal brush, and not meant to be shared with the family, unless you have a special holder for other brushes. The brush also has a tongue brush built into it, which is very convenient. The unit is made in Japan, while the charger is made in China. The charger doesn’t fit the handle snugly, which seems strange since the handle is very compact and well-made. It is easy to hold and clean.I think the unit is a bit expensive. It would be nice if it included some spare brushes. If you don’t use an electric toothbrush, this would be an excellent one to to start with.

Theresa Valhermoso Springs, AL