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Panasonic ES2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler with Comb Design

The sleek Panasonic ES2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler for women is the best heated eyelash curler, and the quick, easy way to curl and style lashes. Using a gently heated, circular comb, this electric eyelash curler safely lifts and lengthens even the straightest lashes in seconds, without pinching or squeezing. A convenient lash curler indicator changes from purple to pink when the curler is heated and ready to use. The Panasonic eyelash curler’s contoured profile fits naturally in the hand for total comfort and control. And with this heated eyelashes curler you can comfortably curl and style with or without mascara. To clean, simply hold the lash curler comb head under warm, running water to rinse away mascara. A handy brush is included for quick, on-the-spot eyelash curler maintenance. This slim, versatile lash curler is also designed for maximum portability, and both eyelash curler and cap can be neatly slipped into a purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups at the office, gym or while travelling. The Panasonic ES2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler with Comb Design includes a protective cap and is powered by one AA-size battery (not included).

Key features

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  • Panasonic heated eyelash curler provides long-lasting curl in seconds with gentle, evenly applied heat along the entire length of the lash
  • Durable, circular lash curler comb separates, curls and styles lashes from base to tip without crimping or pinching.
  • Sleek, contoured heated eyelashes curler design fits naturally in either hand for maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • Stylish heated lash curler styles and beautifies with or without mascara for the results you desire; eyelash curler comb rinses clean under warm running water.
  • Compact, portable heated electric lash curler and cap slip neatly into purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups away from home; Powered with 1 AA-size battery (not included).

Honest reviews


excellent for long unruly lashes

I’m an avid user of an eyelash curlers. I just got this gadget a few days ago and this heated curler is excellent. I have long unruly lashes and this little gadget gets them into shape and into a very pretty curl. I also love panasonic’s eyebrow trimmer.To properly use the curler, allow it to heat up and use it as you would use a hot iron to curl hair, pausing for about 3 seconds for each section of the eye lashes.

Becky Cuba, NY

Works well, but has some issues

This heated lash curler will curl your lashes, but it does have some quirks. You may find that in order to get your lashes to hold the curl, you’ll need to apply a thin coat of primer or mascara before using it. Depending on the mascara/primer used, you could end up with a mess. You don’t want to use this over the wax mascaras that make little tubes on your lashes, unless you want to be digging it out of the tip. The only way to find out what works is trial and error. The other issue is battery life– there isn’t much of it. It’s good for a few uses and then you’re changing the battery again. I’ve found this to be the case with any heated device, though. The cap design is very good– when you put the cap on, it automatically slides the switch into the off position. Overall for the price and the results, this is a good product that performs well. I doubt if I’ll go back to regular lash curlers after this.

Dale Edgar Springs, MO

Hot to touch but doesn’t curl

Maybe because I have stick straight, short eyelashes as I am Asian American but still, this did absolutely nothing for my lashes. I tried it before mascara and then after mascara, but nothing! I’ll stick to my standard eyelash curler (shuemera).

Daisy Erwin, SD

Huh? How does this thing curl?

Simple…right? Wrong. It’s simple if it actually works. Sorry to disappoint, but the product did not curl or heat up just enough to add even a little bend. Enough said:(

Marsha Hunt, TX

Doesn’t Work Well

I wouldn’t recommend this. Perhaps my eyelashes are too thick, but it never curled them. It is a neat product in theory, and not expensive, but it never worked for me. I ended up buying a heated one that is very similar to the non heated ones that clamp your eyelashes, and it would perfectly. I’d recommend something like that. For me, this was a waste of money.

Mari Hosmer, SD


After maybe 30 minutes of using it I was able to get a very, very slight curvy in my eyelashes. I could’ve gotten better results by using an old metal eyelash curler in 3 minutes for only a few bucks! A total waste of money!

Reyna Leopold, MO

mine died already

I loved this for the first few weeks, but mine has aleady died and I have had it for about three months, and I didn’t use it on a daily basis either. will try again, and am hoping that it was just a problem with the one I had.

Gabrielle Chico, TX

This is so cool!

I don’t know what people mean when they say you need two different kinds of curlers. I love this one alone! You do need to put your mascara on first, then use it. That helps set the curl so that it even helps me deal with a few wonky lashes that would rather turn inward!

Jaime Bancroft, ID

Serves it’s purpose.

I previously owned a different panasonic eyelash curler, one that clamped onto my lashes. It was fine, but it would sometimes cause a sharp upward angle. This one is great, and gives me that long, gentle curve that I want in my eyelashes. It heats up quickly, but on the downside, it seems as though it also cools off fairly quickly. It comes with a cleaning brush, but I haven’t had to use it yet. The battery life seems to be pretty decent and the price is awesome. A great product, but could do with a mechanism to help it stay hot/warm until you turn it off.

Claudine Skagway, AK

Good tool, but battery burner

I like this a lot, but it burns through batteries so quickly! Other than that, it’s a great tool to give lashes long-lasting curl.

Ann Archibald, LA

Gets hot!

I have been a fan of heated lash curlers for years now, but the one I usually use is hard to come by and a bit pricier so I was eager to try this one out. It does curl the lashes well which is great, but it does get pretty warm. It’s fairly hot to the touch with your hands so when you do accidentally make contact with your eye lid it gives quite the jolt of heat!Other than that- curls well!

Gilda Haiku, HI

Works really well, but burns through batteries

I love this thing! If you use it as directed (which is by putting a little mascara on your lashes before curling to help your lashes stay in place), it can make a HUGE difference. I should note that I have fairly long lashes, so I’m not sure how this would work for someone with short lashes. The downside is it burns through batteries. When the battery is fresh it only takes a minute to warm up, but as the battery drains it takes longer and longer. This curler is good, but you may also need a huge pack of batteries from Costco to keep it from burning a hole in your wallet.

Arline Liverpool, TX

I like this one better than others I have used

This is my 3rd heated lash curler. I was a little skeptical of the design but decided to try it anyway. I’m glad I did. I like that you don’t have to hold the power to heat the unit, and it has an indicator to let you know when it is ready. As long as you put the lid on it when you are done, there is no need to remember to turn it off (to save the batteries). The battery lasted longer than I expected as well.My favorite part is that the curl looks natural. No “crimp” in the lashes like with other versions. A secret I learned early on with heated curlers was to put a light coat of mascara on first, curl, and then finish putting on your mascara. The curl will last all day.I’m not sure why, maybe it has something to do with the design but, I do not seem to need to clean the lash part of this one as much as others I have had. When you do the mascara first trick, usually you have to clean each time. Not so much with this model. If I wear this one out I will be ordering another. I use it every day.

Pam Clifton, SC

Favorite eyelash curler for false lashes

I love false strip and individual lashes, but taking them off every night takes a toll on my sensitive skin. I tried the permanent individual lashes, single and cluster styles and found that sleep on my side can lead to crimped eyelashes the next day. Natural lashes don’t seem to do this so my false lashes looked so fake. I tried this heated curler, running the comb side through the lashes against the side of my pinkie as a guide and WOW!! It un-crimps the ends and recurls them to their original glory. Doesn’t get too hot to place against my finger but definitely gets hot–not just warm. Also tried this against my natural lashes with mixed results. Followed the advice of other members and used an old fashioned curler first, then the heated curler but didn’t get very curly lashes. It seems to help if you run the heated curler against something like and orange stick or a finger, placed along your top lash where your eyeliner would be. That presses the lashes into the heat element and provides the best curl I’ve been able to achieve. I would gladly buy again and recommend this to others!

Lavonne Palm Desert, CA

Works great!

This is the best heated eyelash curler I’ve ever used! I was having a problem with traditional eyelash curlers – they were just bending my lashes. With this heated lash curler, my eyes look so much more open and my lashes look so much longer. I use it before applying mascara and then again after I apply mascara and my lashes hold a curl all day long. Really makes a big difference in how much longer my lashes look.

Mabel Waco, TX


I knew from the other reviews that this would eat up AA batteries quickly so that wasn’t a complaint, but I just got it in November and now it doesn’t work. Of course, I’m unable to return to Amazon. I used this about twice a week and never left it on for long periods. It just got slower and slower during the warm up phase (to turn the indicator pink) and now won’t heat up at all. I’ve tried replacing with several different batteries and even bought a new package last night to make sure. Nothing. I’m mad that it died so quickly, but it really works beautifully, so I’ll give in and buy another. Maybe somewhere else so I can return if it happens again.

Mamie Morganfield, KY

not great, but not worthless either

i was hoping to do away with my old school lash curler with this but that is not going to happen. I does, however work in conjunction with it. Using the two together makes the end result much better than either alone. So, if you are looking for a stand alone product, I don’t think this is what you want. If you are looking for something to help your oldschool curler this might be just what youwant.

Natalie Ely, IA

Great Alternative to Mascara

I have extremely dark eyelashes and I was never a big fan of the look mascara gave to my eyelashes but my eyelashes stick straight out with zero curl to them. I also have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes which would give me the worst dark circles under my eyes. I was trying to decide between one of these curlers and the old fashion kind thats heated. I decided to go with this one because the idea of clapping my eyelashes with a piece of hot metal didnt seem like a smart idea. It took me a couple tries to get a technique down. I usually use this without any mascara but I do like that you can use this curler after mascara unlike the other type. Since it uses a tiny brush it makes my lashes look a lot fuller. I actually didnt realize mine were as long as they are.

Elda Butte, ND

Love love LOVE this eyelash curler

I’ve used this heated eyelash curler for 4 years, & recently lost the brush on it & was delighted to find a new one available on! After decades of using the old “pinch style” eyelash curlers – I found the Panasonic Heated Curler and was amazed at what a huge difference it made in the health & appearance of my lashes. They grew longer, and thicker (could this be due to the gentle heat?). And the Panasonic never “yanks them out” like the old fashioned curler. I just hope that Amazon continues to have the Panasonic Heated curler available for the next tine I lose mine!!

Alexandria Newberry, MI


This is a great eyelash curler. It heats up pretty quickly and it is very easy to use. curls just as well as a regular eyelash curler

Brandi Archbald, PA

Not what I thought it would Do

I was losing eye lashes because of the eye lash curler so I thought this would do the same thing, Curl my eye lashes. Bascially it did nothing for me. I used it for about 15 minutes and tried to curl my lashes. Really did not work like your basic curler. I will keep it only because it is a pain to return.

Rhoda Low Moor, IA

I can recommend; works good and no problems.

Now this is a heated curler I can recommend. It works really well and doesn’t get too hot. It doesn’t burn through the batteries either. I’ve tried two other ones and this one is the one to buy and use.

Gloria La Jolla, CA


I have had several electric eyelash curlers and this one is the bomb! The wide head really curls well. It heats up fast but not too hot.

Maricela Easton, KS

Best heat curler

Easy to use and lasts at least a couple of years. This is my second one and I use it all the time. Easy to handle too.

Beatrice Pomfret Center, CT

I have to use a manual curler afterwards..

I’ve tried this with mascara and without. You should definitely use this without mascara and then apply afterwards. If you use mascara before using this eyelash curler, it just melts away the mascara so you have to reapply anyway.It also gets quite hot. I’ve burned my eye lids a couple times and it hurts! So be extra careful!I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody I know. After I use this I always have to use my manual curler but I use this only because I bought it and it feels like I wasted my money if I don’t use it once in a while. I think the idea is great but they should make the wand curved like a U instead of being flat. It’s not that good the way it is now.It does curl my lashes but not as well as my manual curler.

Iva Eastport, MI

Not for straight asian lashes. 2 stars for performance but 4 stars for it being well made.

I wouldn’t say this is a BAD product. It’s well made, and like I said it gets very hot. Hot enough to curl other lashes I’m sure. It also isn’t that bulky so it’s easier to carry around than the awkwardly shaped metal eyelash curler. It’s also easy to clean since the top piece is removable. Fits well in my hand, doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. Also the top of the curler is shaped well enough to reach the corners of my lashes.Performance wise: this tool lifts the lashes but does not curl them (for me). I am half asian and have straight eyelashes that curl easily with metal eyelash curlers. I purchased this product for more natural and permanent curl without using waterproof mascara. I find that it ends up taking off all of my mascara (waterproof or washable) and looks worse than if I were to curl my lashes without mascara using a traditional eyelash curler. It gets really hot and it can burn if you’re not careful (not a visible burn, just feel burning hot – it’s a little startling but nothing major). This product only works (slightly for me) with mascara on, not on naked natural lashes.

Nelda Pennsville, NJ


I got it based on a YouTube review by a beauty guru. Her lashes were amazing and long; almost fake-looking. I have long lashes myself; and was looking forward tot he noticeable progression of length. It didn’t occur. Don’t misunderstand, the product was working. The purple turns to pink when it heats up and blah-blah-blah. It just didn’t produce a difference. I was better off spending the money I bought this with on some new mascara.Hope this helps. ^.^

Robbie Roosevelt, WA

Great product

I have tried one or two others that I purchased at local stores, then gave away. I thought that it was just my lashes, but this one worked. I love it!

Ophelia Vandalia, IL

Does the job, but be careful.

This thing has been working nicely so far. Just be warned: you must take the battery out after each time you use it unless you’d like to replace the battery every other time you turn it on. Even when it’s off it seems to be draining the battery. That being said, it does what it says it does. It curls your lashes nicely. I only use it one one eye because I had LASIK and my lashes fell out and grew back in stick straight and pointing down. This helps my eyelashes on that eye match the other one a lot better. Be careful, though, as it might singe your lashes if you leave it on them too long. I do about 5 seconds and then curl my lashes with a regular curler. It seems to work.

Jody Mcdonough, GA

Not worth it.

It is honestly not worth the money. After one use, I would rather stick with my regular manual eyelash curler.

Elvia West Decatur, PA