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Panasonic EH2511A Pore Cleanser with Micro-fine Mist

New! The Panasonic Pore Cleanser with Mist cleans deep below the surface for clear, beautiful skin. The latest innovation from Panasonic features a micro-fine mist that sprays as you clean. The mist allows for better suction and smoother use on the skin while cleansing your pores. Continuous micro-fine mist ensures that the suction cup stays on your skin tightly to remove oil and dirt from the pores. Without it, gaps of air form between the suction cup and the skin resulting in a loss of suction force. Now a continuous spray of fine mist seals the surface and enhances suction power for cleaner pores plus alleviates potential skin irritation resulting from pulling action on the skin. This Pore Cleanser can be used in a wet or dry environment and can be fully immersed in water. Using the Pore Cleanser during or after the shower allows your pores to open up and improves cleaning effectiveness.The reversible suction cup is great for targeting specific areas of the face. The ultra slim design allows the suction cup to focus in on hard-to-reach areas around the nose. Simply reverse the suction cup to cover larger areas of your skin. The Pore Cleanser with Mist from Panasonic cleanses away whiteheads and blackheads as well as refines the appearance of large pores. It provides a refreshing, clean sensation while keeping dirt and oil out of your pores. Once you begin using the Pore Cleanser regularly, you’ll be on your way to cleaner, clearer skin.

Key features

  • Micro-fine mist allows for smooth movement of suction cup over the skin
  • Cleans deep below the surface for clear, beautiful skin, Wet or Dry operation
  • Clinically effective for skin toning
  • Reversible Ultra Slim Suction cup for targeting specific areas, 11oz
  • AC Rechargeable of 20 minutes of usage

Honest reviews


Didn’t read instructions

The young lady that wrote the first review was incorrect. You can use it on your face and nose. In order to use it for your face, you have to turn the plastic suction piece around. It is reversible. Its an effective product.

Antonia Guadalupe, CA

It really does work

I used another pore cleanser brand for years until it broke, and I’ve been using this one for a few weeks now. I’ve read quite a few reviews and there are always some who insist pore vacuums don’t work. If they have one that has enough suction power (like this one) I’m convinced they are not using it properly. First off, this is not for those who only have a couple small blackheads on crevice on their nose. This will not get those out under one try, but I find they eventually become loosened. This is best for those who have a widespread problem across the cheeks, forehead, and chin. Those folks will see improvements much faster.Extractions are the best, but they cause swelling and irritation if I do them myself and I’m afraid of scarring. Salon visits for extractions would be wonderful, but a visit every 2-3 weeks is also out of the question. Pore strips rip away my skins moisture, cause irritation, and leave a lot of the product behind. That residue only causes more blackheads, leading you to buy more. That cost also adds up.If you use this right and give it a few weeks you will be a believer:Make sure you steam up your face really well. Forget the mister feature; it really isn’t needed. You do need your face to be wet, but you also need to use it either during the steaming or immediately after. So its best to just use this near the end of a hot shower. You need that steam to get the blackhead junk to slide out.When you use it on your face you should feel a slight tug. You need that suctioning effect. Slide the machine around the areas you need it with that tugging continuously going. If you lose the suction just hold it to your face until you get it again. I think a lot of people just move it around their face without the actual suctioning effect going and that’s just worthless.It also works must better if you reverse the tip piece. The box comes with the small tip ready for use. Just flip it around…the larger tip is what works, the smaller tip is a waste of time.I generally see results after the first 2-3 treatments. After long term use (several weeks) I begin to find it difficult to find a blackhead in a close up mirror.

Augusta Blacksburg, VA

Works very well for me. Worth buying!

I bought this in combination with the Steam Facial By Kaz (costs $27.75, see my review). I do suspect the mist feature of this Pore Cleanser is not effective, but using it with the great Steam Facial by Kaz, I have had great results! First I steam with the facial steamer for about 20 minutes, then I use the Pore Cleanser.The little vacuum does a terrific job sucking icky, waxy junk out of my pores. The evidence of what was removed is there to see after use, when cleaning up the device. I never had any results using Biore strips, nothing came out of my pores with those. I suspect that the key is to open pores and soften things up with the facial steamer. I would not expect as good results using either the Steamer or the Pore Cleaner alone. The Pore Cleaner is water resistant and may be used directly over steam without damage.In total, I spent about $70. and I am very happy with the results. My skin is clearer, the texture is much softer and finer, blackheads are disappearing, pores are growing smaller, and breakouts are far less.

Angelita Charlotte Hall, MD

piece of crap

Do not buy this piece of garbage. It does NOT do what it claims to do. If you want to clean out your pores, you’re better off using your own fingers, biore pore strips, or the tweezerman face tool. The only thing this piece of crap will do is give your face hickeys, not clean your pores or anything beneficial. You’ve got to be an idiot to buy it.

Beatriz Herminie, PA

Works for me . . .

I have good skin and a couple of problem areas. This works great. I personally have not used the mist more than a couple of times, it seems to still work, but since I usually use it in the shower I don’t generally use the mist.It helps with my T-zone.

Flossie Tulsa, OK

When used correctly, it’s exactly what you hoped it would be!

Two quick things: I have been lazy for years(!) about cleansing my skin at night, so I will always have enlarged pores as a result (and if you were crappy about your skin care, you will, too!); and (2) the first, oh, half dozen times I used this thing I used it incorrectly and thought it was a piece of crud (and if you don’t love the thing, you probably will, too). Phew! Now that those things are out of the way…What this will do:1. If you’ve washed AND exfoliated your face, even if you use this incorrectly it will help, though you won’t see wonders.2. If you’ve done both of those things and are willing to spend time bending over your vanity and staring in the mirror you WILL see this work.3. It will NOT shrink your enlarged pores (which are enlarged due to your neglect) down to a newborn baby’s size. Nor the size of a teenager’s. In fact, the best you can hope for is that they won’t look scary. But, honestly, if you’re worried about huge pores then you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. What, you didn’t think all that bit about washing your face religiously was about you? Puh-leze.4. This WILL, if used correctly, both clean out the superficial junk (as in, you won’t be able to express — or “squeeze” — crud out of your pores) and keep your pores from doing the ice-pick, lake-sized thing.Now, here’s how to use it:(1) For those of you who want to use it OUT of the shower: wash your face using warm water and your favorite cleanser. Rinse at least a half-dozen times. Run a cheap, rough wash cloth under warm water. Hold it against your face until it cools. Now, lightly scrub your face with it. Fill the reservoir of the Panasonic with warm water and splash your face with warm water, too. Next, starting with the big end of the vacuum attachment AND on your largest pore areas move the Panasonic across your face. Do NOT slide it. Do NOT rub it. Do NOT think of this process as running it over your face. Move the dang thing slowly. A count of four is good. A count of ten will probably leave you looking blotchy. So, you know, pick something between that. Oooh, and if you’ve got good eyesight and can watch yourself in the mirror, YOU WILL SEE IT SUCKING THE SEBUM OUT OF YOUR PORES! Don’t get carried away. Just do it daily — at night, ideally — and eventually your skin will look better than it did before you started neglecting it.(2) For those of you who want to use it IN the shower: See above. But don’t bother filling the tank. Also, you probably don’t get to watch it suck the crud out of your skin. Pity. That’s kind of fun.So there’s the instructions. If it’s not working for you, then you didn’t follow them. That’s not this product’s fault, it’s yours. Then again, if you were good at following instructions you’d have followed your mother’s advice about “always wash your makeup off” and “let your skin breathe” and “you look better without makeup, darling”.

Henrietta Lincolndale, NY

helps a little – not really, actually

I read the reviews before ordering and have been using it for a few weeks. It does pull out sebum somehow, but it mostly collects on the edges of the suction device and it seems like the suction does help in a way, but I have not seen it actually suck out a plug and collect it on the inside screen. Would I pack it when traveling as a must? I don’t think I would. I’d probably bring some Biore strips along with me instead and one of those metal extractor thingies and just try my best with that and a mirror.A few weeks later, I have only used this a few times since I first reviewed because I bought the Clarisonic Mia and that has been awesome! My pores are smaller and I don’t have plugs nearly as big as before. I have tried to use the Panasonic pore cleanser after the clarisonic Mia here but it hardly does a thing – I have found that if I just take a hot shower and use an extracting tool by gently dragging along pores, I can extract a lot more sebum than this thing can. It really barely is picking up anything anymore. Maybe my whiteheads are too small or not formed enough. But anyways, it just hasn’t been working out enough. For example, if this device is extracting the equivalent of an eighth (more like a sixteenth) of a grain of rice of sebum, after a few weeks of using the Clarisonic Mia, hot shower, and basic metal extractor (or the thing that has the loop on the end) along face, I am getting out 2 grains of rice of sebum. Sorry if TMI! I’m going to see if I can return it.

Gabrielle Erie, ND


I was surprised to see so many negative reviews for this device.Granted, the misting option does not work very well and is useless. There is reduced suction when using the narrower side of the nozzle. For these reasons, I give the pore cleaner four stars, instead of five.When I use the pore cleaner I use it dry, right after I’ve either washed or steamed my face. I always use the wider side of the nozzle, and run the device in slow, gentle strokes across my face.To leave it in one place for too long could cause some of the problems (hickeys, etc.) that I’ve read about in previous reviews. In fact, the instructions that I received with the cleaner discourage leaving the nozzle in a specific area for a lengthy time.Another thing one has to remember is to rinse the device often. If you remove the nozzle, you will see a very small, fine screen not unlike what you see in faucet nozzles. Because the area is so small, any sebum or dead skin that is sucked in there can cause the suction to be reduced, clogging it.Anyway, enough of explaining how to use it.I have very delicate, sensitive skin with very small pores… but I can get oily and develop small blackheads in my “T-zone.” So far, I have had this pore cleaner for a few years and it has worked wonderfully for me… better than the pore strips that leave red welts on my face for hours (I think I’m allergic to the adhesive).It is well-built and I have had no problems with it functioning so far.

Johnnie Pe Ell, WA

It seems to work

I seems to work. I use it on my wet face per reviewers instructions. I think the larger side works better for me, but you should try both sides. I bought this for my blackheads and I do notice residue in the cup after I am finished. When I use the pore cleanser my face looks better and I can tell the difference when I don’t use it. I gave it three stars because it doesn’t remove everything right away. You need to use it daily. Other than that I don’t have a problem with it. The suction is good and it works more or less as advertised.

Roberta Vass, NC

Works just like it says it will

I was extremely hesitant when buying this product, thinking it was probably a waste of money, I am 29 and have dealt with acne since I was 12 or 13. Blackheads have always been a problem for me, no matter what scrub, soap, blah blah I use it hasn’t cleared up the blackheads. This product is amazing!! Best to use either in the shower or right when you get out so your pores are nice and open, and after you are done don’t forget to use a toner or ice cube to close your pores back. I have also learned to go over the area a few times and then leave it alone for a day or two, and then try again. If you use it too much for too long your face gets irritated, which is to be expected, however, just a hint

Lynn Tuscola, TX

Spotted Nose no more. Love This Product.

I owned a Panasonic Pore Cleanser for years. I used my first one all the time and because of that I never really had a problem with blackheads. Pimples from time to time, but hey, natures beauty marks, right?! Anyways, My cleansers battery died out after years of use and I figured my skin was fairly good and I didn’t need it anymore. Wrong!My nose and cheeks are problem areas. I wear sunglasses a lot and the plastic frames in Southern temps can make a girl sweat. Combine that with makeup and southern temps and your pores get clogged. After a couple years I started to see little black dots on my nose and sometimes on my chin. Sure everyone gets blemishes from time to time, but I was shocked at how no matter what refiners and scrubs I used they just didn’t go away. I’ve used Biore Pore strips and while they take away some of the impurities, I find what they are best at is pulling the micro hairs that grow on you. You look at the strip think “WOW” but really it’s not doing much at all. So I decided to hunt down another Pore Cleanser and found this System. After using it a couple times my nose is almost spotless. I can barely see anything left behind. My cheeks look clearer, and so does my chin. Some have said that the Mist setting is useless, but I like it.The trick to this cleanser is use a hot compress on your face for a few minutes, I use the water as warm as I can personally stand it, and I do it a few times before using the cleanser. Then I start passing it over my trouble areas. I go slow never leaving it on a spot very long. As my skin starts to dry I turn on the mist. What the mist does best, to me, is as your skin starts to dry, it adds enough moisture to keep gliding the wand over your face without making it skip or having to stop and do another compress. Of course The more you use it over time the more of a difference you will start to see but after just a few times, I vow to not go without another Pore Cleanser again as long as I can help it.I recently added TheOlay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, 0.68-Fluid OunceOlay to my regimen of weekly skin care and together my skin has never been softer or look more fresh and dewy. Must Have For Me.

Nanette Mount Sterling, WI

buy at any cost!!

If this product did not work for you, I am truely sorry! But, for me, this is a miracle!! I highly recommend it based on the following and what type of skin I have.My skin is oily, and breaks out occasionally but no matter what I do I have blackheads. I steam and clean it every day. I don’t wear makeup most days yet the blackhead s are there.I popped this gadget out of the box ascsoon as I got it, just taking it for a test run. My expectations were not high based on reviews.I was in shock when I turned it on, and after using a few minutes noticed the cap filling with a white/gray goo from my pores. My blackheads were being sucked out. I checked the mirror, it seemed so. Just to be sure I rinsed the cap out then tried again. Same result. Maybe its because I steam my face often or my skin is so oily that it worked. But it did! Some things to note, the water tank is tricky to fill. Use only filtered water for it to prolong its life. It sprayed me right in the eye first go. It has one suction setting which is more than adequate but is funneled by using the smaller end. The mist definitely helped it stick to my face. In some places it did not stick as well, like my chin, but it worked. You need to move it up or down or in circles to get full effect. I would buy again and if you don’t like it return it. Also there are knock offs so make sure its panasonic american. I would not buy tge japanese one as it may not fit American outlets and has not been u.l. tested.

April Polebridge, MT

Great fast results

I purchased this for my 12 year old daughter who is battling with the issues of clear skin while transforming into adulthood. First we triedClean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Kitand that only seemed to irritate her skin and make her nose look red and raw from using the buffer pad. She has been overall pleased with the results after using thePanasonic EH2511A Pore Cleanser with Micro-fine Mist. Like other reviews have mentioned before, you get better results if you use it in the shower after washing your face with warm water to open your pores. The misting option really does not have much of a benefit except the col mist does feel good on a hot summer day. Make sure you keep constant motion because it will cause a red/purple mark on your face if you leave the suction nozzle still in one place for longer than 5 or more seconds. The instructions state do not hold the application on each spot for more than 10 seconds, but I thought that number was a little high. Everyone’s skin tones and blemishes are different, so I guess it depends on the user.Has a one year limited warranty. Easy to clean and maintain. First initial charge is 12 hours but after that it hold the charge for quite a while. Completely waterproof and best if used in the shower.

Kimberley Hockingport, OH

Not strong suction

My husband has a lot of sebum in the pores of his nose. He was looking for a good way to get it out, besides squeezing. This thing doesn’t suck hard enough to get it all out.

Tamera Gaines, PA

Not sure if it was worth the money…

I used this product a lot at first, hoping for results. I didn’t really see anything noticeable so it found a place in the cabinet under the sink. My pores aren’t "large," but I can tell when they’re clogged. This product might make more noticeable differences if you have large, noticeable pores. It did make my face feel cleaner, but I’m not sure if that was just a placebo effect!

Pearl Glen Head, NY

good product, stopped working QUICKLY

within 2 weeks of my purchase this item stopped working. contacted customer service and was SOL since i had disposed of the box already

Becky Niles, IL

My life saver!

I use it once a week as my basic skin care after steaming my face or while steaming my face. The rechargable buttery is still good after 2 years. The suction head is 2 way. I can you smaller side or bigger side. I don’t use the mist because I always use facial steamer whenever I use this.

Rose Grand Tower, IL

Works, but takes some time to get used to

This product does what it says it will do and the battery in it lasts a VERY long time. I like the ability to adjust the size. However, it takes some getting used to suction wise. But once you get the hang of it, it works great on acne and pores, especially for the nose and chin areas. Good price too.

Georgia La Habra, CA

not sure what it does

not sure what it does… feels kind of cool though. the mist is refreshing. only used it for about a week and now it just sits there.

Christy Kingston, MO

um. .. .

used it just as directed, but didnt appear to do anything. i know i have little pores, but nothing??? first time using a product like this, wont be wasting any more money. . .. .

Darcy New England, ND

doesn’t work!

honestly, I have a lot of blackheads on my nose.. its starting to really bother me therefore, I purchased this pore cleanser. OK, this product doesn’t take out my blackheads. It does open up my pore and make it easier for me to use a stainless steel blackhead remover to scrub off my blackheads but this suction doesn’t remove the blackheads. That is why I think its a total waste of money. Let me suggest you all to take a facial steam for 5-10 minutes and then use a metal (professional blackhead remover) and start to scrub off the blackheads. That works much better.

Laverne Norwalk, WI

Excellent product!

After reading the other reviews of this product, I ordered it reluctantly, wondering if I had just wasted my money. The first time I used it, I followed instructions from another reviewer-making sure the skin was wet, not using the mister, using the small nose cup, etc. I didn’t really feel anything, and got out of the shower thinking that I had indeed wasted my money. I was quite surprised when I looked in the mirror and saw that it had worked! I now use it every other day and definately recommend it.

Sylvia Winfield, AL

effectiveness depends on steaming the face

This works, but not great. The mister is useless. I basically have to stand inside the shower for half an hour until my pores open to use this. Then I have to make multiple circular passes to get something out of my face. It seems to work the best on the forehead and around the mouth, since there is a hard surface behind the skin there. Doing the nose is extremely difficult and it really doesn’t work because of the shape of your nose. Sadly, there isn’t much better you can do with an at-home tool than this. It takes way too much time for the entire process of opening your pores and making passes with the tool to do this every day. Maybe once a week.

Randi Madison, AR

Useful purchase

For the price, this is a great little tool to have at hand. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I have to say I really see the results as far as smoother complexion and a lot less small bumps and blackheads. It’s especially great to use in the summer after sweaty days when you feel your pores are clogged from sweat, sunscreen, etc.I have NOT used the fine mister, b/c frankly it just seemed like too much to deal with. The reservoir is tiny and looks like a pain to fill and keep the level up. Also, it came with a tiny little wand to clean out the spray nozzle and that seems annoying to keep on top with.I just use this with my face wet, or I use it in the shower. It works fine with your face wet, the mister just seems like an unnecessary add-on. Also, regarding the other reviewers comment about the mister being to close your pores- maybe she has another brand or model? I read every word of my manual and it mentioned nothing about the mister being to close pores. My instructions stated pretty clearly that the mister was used to aid in the wetting of the face to maintain strong suction during use.I like the little charger stand that comes with it. It’s easy to plug in and slide the tool into to charge when not in use. The cord is also nice and long, or can be wrapped short.Take care to listen to the instructions not to use it on sensitive areas of the face or areas where there are currently blemishes. I accidentally made that mistake once and OWWWW!My only hope is that the battery lasts awhile b/c there is no way to replace the rechargable battery once it dies. The product becomes useless at that point.

Katrina Osborn, MO

Don’t waste your money

I purchased a facial steamer along with this to help keep my pores open and face wet while using this product. I used this several times, and with the steamer got my skin hot and wet, but this product does absolutely nothing. As far as other users saying it needs good grip to get the right amount of suction, I had this thing pulling my skin up into the small opening, but nothing cleaned out of my pores. Get a good cleaner, a soft facial brush, and the mud masks (that you mix from a powder) to get your pores clean. I did keep my steamer because I loved the way it softens your skin and helps with absorbing lotions. This is garbage.

Joni Wayne, NY

Doesn’t do anything

This doesn’t really work. It might succeed in drawing some oil out, as evidence by how slick it becomes in between rinsing, but it doesn’t really get the gunk out of my pores. This unit has been sitting under my sink doing nothing for the past year. I love Panasonic, but try to avoid this product.

Ebony Lake Elsinore, CA

Pore Vacuum

This is fantastic. I love it. It works great. You must take your time and do it correctly but it works really good. I live out in the country and we get pretty dirty out here and this is a great way to get those pores cleaned out. Your skin feels great afterword and you can see the difference it makes.

Chris Springfield, ID

Works ok for me

Unfortunately for me this product is not quite worth the price. I have small but easily clogged pores- this product has a hard time removing/cleaning that. If you have larger pores I’m sure this product is fine. I’m probably going to pass this on to my husband for the pores around his nose.

Rosario Tucker, AR

won’t unclog everything but it’s pretty good when you know how and when to use it

This product is best to use after you’ve had a skin peel or microdermabration. You have to wait until all the skin on your face has peeled and then you can use it. It’s incredible how much junk it sucked from my pores after a skin peel.If you don’t have the money or time to have a skin peel or microdermabration you can scrub you face in the shower and then use it while your face is still wet. It won’t unclog as many pores but it’s still fairly good. Then I just use a metal pore extractor for any clogged pores it left behind since I don’t want to use the metal pore extractor for all of my face.There are three rules I always follow when using this product: 1) always use after a shower 2) always keep my face wet 3) always after I’ve expoliated my faceBy expoliating, there’s less blocking the suction.If I don’t do these three things this product is pretty much useless. Oh, and I don’t advice using the big suction cup. The small one is better.

Kelsey Gunter, TX

Didn’t work for me

Very disappointed in this product. Didn’t work for me at all. The suction was not very powerful.

Abby Edgemont, PA