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Panasonic EH2331P Heated Eyelash Curler with Non-Stick Silicone Pads, Battery-Operated

Get long-lasting curled lashes in seconds with the best heated eyelash curler. The sleek, easy-to-use Panasonic EH2331P Heated Eyelash Curler creates curved, beautiful lashes in one single motion. Panasonic makes it easy with softly heated, non-stick silicone pads designed to gently lift and curl lashes from base to tip. With this eyelash curler heated smooth, curved silicone pads also cushion and protect lashes from breaking, cutting or other damage. And with this electric eyelash curler you can create durable, beautiful curls with or without mascara. This stylish, ergonomic heated eyelashes curler is powered by two AA-size batteries (not included) and it fits easily into bags and luggage for stylishly curled lashes away from home, too.

Key features

  • Heated eyelash curler, stylish, lightweight lash curler with gentle, double-action heat for long-lasting results.
  • Dual curved silicone heated eyelash curler pads lift and curl in a single motion to smoothly and completely curve eyelashes from base to tip.
  • Create a beautiful, long-lasting curl every time with or without mascara with this Panasonic electric eyelash curler.
  • Comfortably and safely protect and cushion lashes from damage or pulling with smooth, heated silicone pads.
  • Highly portable heated eyelashes curler is conveniently powered by 2 AA-size batteries (not included).

Honest reviews


One of, if not THE best, on the market

I was using another brand that I loved, but it died on me. I decided to give this one a try and was very very happy. It has the additional curler that comes up to curl the top of your lashes and does a very good job. For staying power, as soon as you are done curling, hit your lashes with the cool shot on your blow dryer. It sets the curl just like it does with your hair and stays all day long. I also use a lash primer, and I get questioned if they are false all the time!! Love this product. Gotta add that it’s better than the Artemis woman. Also, it has no on/off switch. You have to hold the button to get it hot, but this is good. Can’t tell how many I’ve burned out leaving them on!!

Cecelia Phippsburg, ME

absolutely awful !!! ZERO STARS EVEN!

I bought this hoping it would be better than my hot touch (as seen on tv)..oh gosh,this is so awful!! it doesnt curve wide enough over your eye and it grips a limited amount of hair (not all the way from the inner eye to the outer eye because of the limited curve over the eye) and it hardly heats up. I held it on my lashes for 2 minutes and my lashes hardly curled!!! It messed up my lashes, couldnt grab from inner eye to outer eye so it curls only the middle lashes and you cant even see if youve grabbed your lashes properly because something comes up to cover the hair it grabbed! Worst ever.. the Hot Touch as seen on tv is 1000% better! dont bother with this, if there was a rating of ZERO STARS, i’d give it that!!!

Effie Starkville, CO

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

This heated curler works really well. It heats up slightly and curls my eyelashes perfectly. I highly recommend this.

Anastasia Clever, MO


I order this and received it and or course excited about it, I tried it. It worked for literally 1 minute and I cannot get it to heat up again. I tried 2 different sets of batteries and made sure they were in correctly. I read the directions seveal times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I am not wasting my time with it anymore. I think I will try heating my manual eyelash curler with the hairdryer instead. I am returning this item. Again, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! I DON’T CARE WHAT THE OTHER REVIEWS ARE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! Can you tell I didn’t like it at all?!

Nita Coker, AL

A Super Star’s Secret

This must be a celebrity’s secret to great lashes! I’ve tried so many expensive mascaras and have found that this curler with just a cheap coat of any mascara outshines everything. People think that I’m wearing fake lashes, when I’m not. This lash curler heats up, but you cant feel any heat. The result is a wide opened-eye with healthy-looking curled lashes. Girls get this one! It’s better than a manual no-heat curler.

Ida Fairchild Air Force Base, WA


I bought this because I am always heating up my eyelash curler with the hair dryer. It works really well and I am very pleased with the curl it provides to the lashes. I gave it 4 stars because it would be nice if it heated without having to hold the button up continuously while trying to curl at the same time. That part is very awkward and could be improved.

Sheri Winside, NE

Just received-more info for buyers

I’ve not had a chance to use this yet as it has just arrived but I wanted to share some information from inside the package.Panasonic offers a 30-day quality satisfaction guarantee for USA and Puerto Rico buyers. If you are dissatisfied you can send it back within 30 days of purchasing for a full refund. Rather sweet.In addition, Panasonic has a 2 yr warranty on it.It uses two AAA batteries, and they are NOT included. It isn’t rechargeable.It heated up almost instantly. I am eager to try it. It is safe to use on eyelash extensions, which non-heated crimping curlers are not.I will revise my review as soon as I’ve had a chance to use it.

Ada Guthrie, TX

Product is ok.

It is a good concept but in reality the results are just ok. The curler definitely takes a while to warm up and my entire lash fits into the opening. The curler gets warm but has not burned my eyelid. There just isn’t much curl when I use it before applying mascara. If I use it afterwards my eyelashes clump together.

Charlotte Duenweg, MO

Didn’t work for me

This product just didn’t work for me. I really didn’t see any difference in the appearance of my lashes, no matter how long I held my lashes in the curler.

Carole Adams Run, SC

Liked it so much I picked up a second one for my daughter

I love this eyelash curler! It heats up just enough to give great, lasting curled lashes. I find I hold it down longer than instructed to pre-heat it enough and pre-heat for each eye. I probably hold it at least 30 seconds before using it. My lashes actually stay curled even after I remove my mascara. My daughter has hard to curl lashes and she loves this and her lashes definitely look better than with a traditional lash curler. Great item.

Elba Chester, NH

Me likey :).

I’m always a big fan of heated lash curlers. I have owned several Brands in years. I am Asian with poker straight hard to curl lashes. Heated lash curler works best for my lashes. Paired with waterproof mascara to hold the curl all day. I like the design of this curler it has 2 silicon pads. And the protective cover is very nice. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to hold the ON switch for it to warm up. With the Talika & Forever Free heated curlers, it locks the power button in place when its heating & I apply the rest of my makeup while it’s heating up. Fresh batteries works great. I normally replace every 2 weeks. Anything the emits heat uses more elect. I normally stock up on AAA batteries that I buy in bulk from Sam’s Club just for this purpose.

April Kite, GA

she loved it

I gave this as a gift and my friend loves it! She used to heat a traditional curler with her blow dryer and now she doesn’t have to.

Susanna Lorimor, IA

Heating problem

Good idea but it needs inprovement. It takes 1minute plus to heat were you can even feel heat with your fingers. At least 2 minutes to get mildly hot. I tried curling my lashes before applying mascara it did almost nothing.The only curling I got was after applying mascara

Denise Tucker, AR

Works perfectly!

I had a similar heated eyelash curler years ago and loved it. When it stopped working, I looked and looked for a replacement but couldn’t find one. Most of the models out there do not have a clamp mechanism to actually curl the eyelash. They are shaped like mascara wands and you are supposed to keep brushing them upwards to “encourage” the eyelashes to curl a bit. I found those useless. Like most clamp eyelash curlers, you need to try it a few times to know where to apply it based on your individual eye shape. The heating element makes the curl last much longer than a non-heated one.

Nelda Bells, TN

Not for me….

I usually use a regular manual eyelash curler but thought this might be of better quality. Was hard to close the curler without pinching my eye lash area. Lashes didn’t stay curled. Would not recommend it for purchase regardless of the rave reviews printed previously before.

Lilly Hillsboro, OH

Hassle to warm up

This product works well once it warms up…. but the warming up part can take good 5 minutes and you have to hold the darn switch up the whole time. I found a way to put a little piece of rubber band around the switch so that I can set it down while it warms up and don’t have to hold the curler in my hand the whole time.

Linda Herndon, KY

not worth the money

It will not stay together it keeps coming apart. Cheaper heated eye lashcurler. Does a much better job. I thought i was getting something better a piece of junk

Genevieve Millbrae, CA

Straight out

My lashes are a decent length but they are very straight. Honestly heating my MAC eyelash curler with my blow dryer or car vent in the heat option gives better results. This works well.

Courtney Glendale, OR


I had my doubts about this ‘heated’ eyelash curler. I was concerned about how hot it would get and didn’t want it to dry out my lashes. The heat is warm not hot, and you are in control of the heat. I curl my lashes in the a.m. after I have cleansed my face. It works great and is so comfortable to use. It does not pull at all. I like it far better than the hand-pressured ones. It is much more gentle and you can get so close to the eyelash base.

Maude Kendall, KS

Takes too long to heat up

Does not curl lashes as wellgoes through batteries too quicklyNot too impress on holding it down to heat curler.

Virgie Arcola, IL