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Panasonic EH-SE60VP Heated Eyelash Curler with Rotating Comb

The sleek Panasonic EH-SE60VP Heated Eyelash Curler is the quick, easy way to style and beautify lashes at home or away. Using a gently heated, 360° rotating, reversible eyelash curler comb, this wand-style eyelash curler gently lengthens, lifts and curls even the straightest lashes from base to tips in seconds, without pinching, crimping or squeezing. Its contoured heated lash curler design fits naturally in the hand for total comfort and control. And with this heated eyelashes curler, you can comfortably curl and style with or without mascara. To clean the eyelash curler, simply hold the detachable heated lash curler comb under warm, running water to rinse away mascara. A handy brush is included for quick, on-the-spot maintenance. This slim, versatile electric eyelash curler is also designed for maximum portability, and both Panasonic eyelash curler and cap can be neatly slipped into a purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups at the office, gym or while travelling. The Panasonic EH-SE60VP Heated Eyelash Curler is powered by one AA-size battery (not included).

Key features

  • Panasonic electric eyelash curler comfortably and beautifully curls lashes in seconds with gentle, evenly applied heat along the entire length of the lash.
  • 360° rotating, reversible eyelash curler comb separates, curls and styles lashes from base to tip without pinching or crimping.
  • Sleek, contoured heated electric eyelash curler uses a wand-style design to fit naturally in either hand for maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • Versatile and convenient heated eyelash curler styles and beautifies with or without mascara for the results you want; Detachable comb washes easily.
  • Compact, portable heated lash curler design and cap fit neatly into purse, bag or makeup case for quick, easy touch-ups away from home; Powered with 1 AA-size battery (not included).

Honest reviews


You don’t need this

You don’t need this. It is an utter waste of time unless you are the kind of person who spends 2 hours doing her face – what’s another 20 minutes then?But then, if you are a make up diva of that level, then you are probably using false eyelashes, gluing them individually, so then you don’t need this product.I also agree with some of the others that repeated use or one-time carelessness can cause burns or injury, as you do have to get pretty close to the base of the lash.Future personal injury case subject, future recall product.

Libby Port Sanilac, MI

Lots to figure out: Eyelash Curler Virgin Not Impressed

I have fairly decent lashes so usually I just slap on mascara and call it good. (I’m also not doing red carpet photo shoots, so sue me) I used an old-fashioned eyelash curler once, and pinched myself so badly that I never used it again…..I saw this device and thought surely this would give me a pain-free curling experience? (insert bitter laugh)
• First of all, the manual is mostly useless. Just so you know: if it takes you ten minutes to figure out why the )(%(
• #% thing won’t rotate, it’s not just you. Two of us felt like total derps as we discovered how this device functions, and it’s sure not intuitive! Just to save you the trouble, you have to slide the SILVER button with the arrow toggle on it, UP, to make the device start heating. It will also only rotate when the button is in the UP position. When you read the manual, it reads as if it were not written by someone whose primary language is English.
• It heats up quickly, and IT GETS HOT ENOUGH TO BURN. I know this, because as I was struggling to keep the button depressed for rotation and keep it positioned for optimum curl, I roasted my eyelid inadvertently, and repeatedly. Keep soap handy for what comes out of your mouth when this happens. and, tip: try to jerk your hand away from your face when that happens, not towards your hairline, where you might accidentally burn something else in your shock and surprise.
• I have problems with my grip due to carpal tunnel syndrome, and it was just too tricky for me to do two things at once with this device (push button to turn rotation on, hold at correct angle) I just couldn’t do it.After using it on both eyes, with and without rotation, I could not get a decent curl to save my life. NOTHING happened in a positive-curling-way. I even went to Youtube to see if there were videos showing other people using this thing successfully in case I’m just an idiot. I learned that as of that day there were NO videos about THIS item, and that with other products apparently even men can curl their lashes with a heated curler. (Everyone but me) Maybe I am just a total loser makeup nerd but I could not find success at any level with this thing. I desperately wanted to love it, felt it would somehow fill my previously-unknown need for sexy curled lashes! Alas…PROS
• Nice packaging, very attractive
• Heats up quickly and substantially
• Works just as well with rechargeable battery as it does with regular (AA)
• This would probably be an ideal gift for the beauty-obsessed person in your life, who can perfectly and effortlessly look as though they have their own makeup artist (I’m positive that is what it takes to make this thing work)CONS
• I have longer, dense lashes and it was hard to position this thing to get to the base of them. It felt like it needed ‘more’ in the length of the plastic teeth
• This thing gets hotter than a MO FO!!! Do not underestimate just how hot a ‘little battery’ can make a Q-tip sized device that can sizzle your eyeballs
• I’m sorry but I just feel something like this would be impractical for most anyone who doesn’t spend all day doing their makeup.As much as I love pink, as much as I was desperate for this to work for me, it was not to be. I felt like the nerd who had a crush on the football player, only to find out that he farts and scratches himself and is completely not for her. What a letdown.

Marta Woden, IA

No burns but no curl either

For me, it took less than 1 minute for the indicator to turn from purple to pink (ready mode). It’s recommended to apply mascara first, and it usually takes me 2 minutes or so to apply mascara so I didn’t have to wait for the curler to be ready. It operates on a single AA battery which is not included.How to use:1. The directions state to place the curler at the base of your eyelashes for 3 seconds to make the eyelashes stand at their base.2. Move the comb towards the tips of your eyelashes.3. Curl the tips by turning on the rotator.I have straight but dense Asian eyelashes. The most the curler did was make my eyelashes stand straight outward (instead of pointing down) but I never did get any sort of curl. Mascara does help some (vs. naked eyelashes), but I’ve gotten better results from a traditional curler (the kind that pulls and pinches unfortunately).Unlike others, I’ve not had a problem with burns whatsoever. It’s just a warm product that I’ve pressed directly on the rims of my eyelids. I never felt like it was ever too hot. I could press it against my face and not worry about getting singed. It feels as warm as a blow dryer on low/medium heat.

Leanna Crystal, ND

try it, you’ll like it!

This is one handy little gadget. I have long lashes and I’ve tried the manual curler many times, only the have the rubber seal stick to my lashes and pull them out. I hate that thing…:(Now here comes this handy little gadget. Your curl your lashes BEFORE you put on your mascara. It gets very warm as you apply it to the base of your lashes, it gets them to stand up and curl back toward the lid. Mission accomplised with no lashes lost….now I apply my mascara to my already curled lashes.This comes with a little booklet with DETAILED instructions on how to use this. I think this is really a great addition to my makeup routine….hope you love it like I do.

Claudia Merigold, MS

A Disappointment… And A Little Bit Dangerous

When I was offered this eyelash curler to review I was excited. I have very straight eyelashes and I have been using a metallic eyelash curler for years… even though it didn’t work very well. I read the instructions for this product and was confused. In one place it says to use it without mascara and then it says to apply mascara first. I used it without mascara. First, the curler gets very, very hot. If you have pets or small children in the room when you are using it be careful. If they bump into you the curler could burn your eye or surrounding skin. That was a big turnoff for me.I used the curler several times and it did nothing for my stick straight lashes. I didn’t even come away with the slightest curl. You may have better results using mascara but I don’t use mascara so I can’t vouch for that method.

Alta Wellington, UT

This is a joke right?

Somewhere in the upper echelons of Panasonic is a room full of suited up men, who are having a giant Larf at our expense. They are guffawing, and slapping their knees, and toasting with gold goblets filled with money-wine that they fooled thousands of women into buying this product.Its shiny, its pink, and it looks like its gonna curl the curlness right into your eyelashes. You BELIEVE in it, cause how could something so dazzling and with batteries fail you? I did everything the unintelligible directions told me. I spent an hour trying to decipher the hieroglyphs on them, and finally figured it out after realizing a 3 year old on a cookie high illustrated them. The device heats up, and rotates, you must press it to your eyelashes and maneuver the button and hold it down, to the left, press upwards, all while managing not to sear your eyeball like a grilled grape.After quite a few attempts, I returned the batteries back into my remote control and grabbed my handy dandyTweezerman Classic Eyelash Curlerand curled my lashes the old fashioned way, and within 2 seconds they were perfectly curled and ready for their close up , Mr. Demille.If anyone says this works, they are just experiencing buyers remorse and are wishing it to be so.

Nell Burke, VA

I really did try!

I used the instructions to the T. I tried other methods. Mascara first. Mascara after. Curl more at the base and them to the tip. The middle first. the tip first. Bottom side first, top side first. There was no difference between this and my manual curler as far as amount of curl and length lasting. But this one too much more time to get to work. Just a lot of work to get great curl. I have medium-length lashes with some natural curl. If your manual curler isn’t work for you then this might make the difference.

Kate Cooperstown, ND

First curler used and seems to work fine

This was used by my middle school aged daughter as she Is into these things. Her view of it is that it does work and she likes it. I did notice today her eyelashes looked curled and she said she did use it. So it can be noticed. Her only thing she doesn’t like is that it takes a minute and a half to heat up. Since she is always running behind that can slow her down. Batteries seem to last long enough, she has used it for 2 months without changing them.

Celia Houstonia, MO

Hard to Use

I have tried several times over the past couple of years to use various versions of this type of eyelash curler and I just can’t get it to work. I followed the instructions but they don’t seem to curl my eyelashes at all. I have to use the standard clamp type. I will say however, if you can get this to work for you, I think the heat makes it more effective, as it does on the heated clamp version I use. I cannot say if the Panasonic works well since I think its the type of style I have not been able to get the hang of, but it sure is pretty, and more amenable to carrying out in a purse than the clamp type of eyelash curler, assuming it works for you.

Diane Glady, WV


This curler never gets hot enough to actually curl eyelashes. It’s working, the color indicator changes and if you take off the curling wand, the heating element is hot. But it just isn’t enough heat to make a difference through the plastic curling wand.Also, the instructions are contradictory. The box says for best results to use the curler after applying mascara, but the inside paper directions clearly state that for best results to use it before applying mascara. I suppose both can be “best” when neither works, but I don’t think that was what they were going for.

Kim Fort Scott, KS

A Waste of Time

I have long but straight eyelashes. So long, in fact, that if I don’t curl them they brush against my glasses. (I know, whoa is me, right?) For years I’ve used the old-fashioned squeeze and crimp eyelash curlers. At least once a week I accidentally get it too close and pinch my eyelid, and every so often I wind up pulling out an eyelash.In other words, I really, REALLY wanted to like this. But it did absolutely nothing to curl my lashes, with or without mascara. (The instructions say to use it after your mascara dries.) Unlike others, I didn’t suffer any burns but I didn’t get any curl, either. So I asked a friend who has shorter but thicker lashes to give it a try. She got a little curl out of it, but noticed that it pretty much took off half the mascara she’d applied. Reapplying the mascara made her lashes straighten immediately, so she wasn’t impressed, either.Since I didn’t want to throw the thing into the landfill, I did find an alternate use: it’s pretty good at straightening those baby hairs at my hairline, so now when I wear my bangs pulled back I run the wand through them to make sure everything looks nice.

Ashleigh North Branch, MN

Too hot to be around my eyes! I thought I would burn my eyeball!

Panasonic beauty line, EH-SE60VP heated eyelash curler broke after the first use. It also made me fear that I would burn my eyeball. It did not do a good job of curling my eyelashes. If I could give this device “no” stars, I would. I hated this thing. Please don’t bother with it. It is useless.

Callie Rutherford College, NC

Didn’t work for me

I like the design. I also like the case. The heat indicater was accurate. Mine only took seconds to get hot and cool. I blew on it to speed the cooling. I didn’t find that it got too hot. Just warm. You can touch it easily with your fingers without any burning. It was a bit awkward figuring out how to hold it properly, but after I got over my fear it ws okay. I have a lash on each eye that grows straight out and it only slightly changed the angle on them. I don’t have thick lashes either. My only problem is that it just didn’t work on my lashes.

Juliana Prescott, WA

Takes too much time for too little results

NOTE: This uses a double A battery (AA), not a triple A (AAA) as the description says.I hate dissing a Panasonic product as everything else I own by this company has been super. I’ve been blessed with long lashes, about 1/3″ long, thick but STRAIGHT. I rarely use mascara. For years I’ve been heating myShu Uemura Eyelash Curler – -with my hair dryer while blow drying my hair, holding the curler on my lashes for 20 or so seconds, and I’m done with it. The curl lasts around 6 hours before they’re stick-straight again.So I was excited to try this Panasonic heated curler. You need to supply the AA battery yourself. Insert the battery in the compartment + side up, twist it shut, then flip the silver area with the arrows UP. You need to wait 1 to 2 minutes for the purple dot to turn pink, then you are ready to curl. It was closer to 2 minutes for me.Then you push the arrow either left or right depending on which way you want the end to rotate. I followed the directions in the manual and spent at least 3 minutes on each of my top lashes. It’s kind of awkward to hold as you have to keep the left/right arrows pressed while you’re holding the curler on the section you want to curl.After spending 6 minutes on my top lashes, and the 2 minutes it took to heat this up, my lashes were just as straight as when I started. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have this kind of time to waste in the morning when I’m getting ready for work. Plus, I could feel the heat when I got it near the rims of my eyes, and when I’m in a hurry, or haven’t had my morning coffee yet, I can see this item getting a little too close where I may burn that delicate rim area.This may be better for those with shorter lashes; I think I’ll stick to my tried-and-true method.

Nadine White Heath, IL

Easy on the eyes

To be honest, I really got this for my wife to use, but in the interest of reviewing I figured I could spend a day with curly lashes.The “Panasonic Beauty Line Ladies Heated Eyelash Curler” is easy to use. Just pop a battery in it, and you are ready to go. It warms up pretty quickly–emphasis on “warms” up. It never gets as hot as a curling iron, which is a good thing for something you are putting near your eye. With my unskilled hands, I actually tapped my eyeballs a few times trying it out with no ill effects. Once you get it ready to go, you just flick the switch and the curler curls away. You can change which way it rotates, which is a necessary feature for switching from the right to the left eye.I didn’t personally notice much curl to my eyelashes. Maybe you have to hold it on longer, or use some technique I haven’t mastered. But at least I can confirm that you aren’t going to put your eyes out using this heated curler.My wife tried it out, and she was happy with it as well. She said that the curl didn’t stay all that well on natural eyelashes, but when she put on mascara first then used the curler it had a much better effect. She was especially happy that it didn’t pull out any of her eyelashes. She said that with the manual curler, she always yanks out at least a few. But no problems here.So two thumbs up from the guy and girl of this household. About the only complaint I have is that battery operated items can be annoying, with the need to keep a fresh supply of batteries on hand. I would much rather have something that can be re-charged from a wall socket.

Natalia Arena, WI

Way, way more work than it’s worth

To be fair, I tried this about two or three times only. However, I found it so massively tedious and ineffective that I never was really motivated to give it another whirl. It never got hotter than lukewarm, and sitting there for half an hour trying to make a little wand go around (the button to make it spin didn’t work well on mine) isn’t the best use of my time.

Michaela Claude, TX

Cute and effective

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a heated eyelash curler. This is a very neat product. Easy to use and effective. The only fault I could find is that the battery only lasts for 42 minutes. That means you’ll be replacing the battery about once a month. Is it worth it to you?

Heidi Lothair, MT

Didn’t work for me

Maybe you need longer eyelashes than I have but this just did not work for me. The manual wasn’t much help and I found the curler hard to manage. It does heat quickly but seemed a bit dangerous to have around eyes. I suppose if you’re obsessed with your eyes looking perfect and have long lashes alreay, this might be just the ticket. But for me, it’s a bust.

Sheena Diaz, AR

Works great on my wife’s lashes, so it should work for anyone.

My wife is Japanese, so her hair, including her lashes, is very stubborn when it comes to curling. But this item did the job just fine. We also tried it on my eyelashes, which are naturally long and curly, and it did a rather good job there too.Panasonic sells the same model in Japan, where it is very popular. According to our own trial of this product, the reputation is well earned.

Dessie Sachse, TX

Better than Expected

I wasn’t sure I’d like the Panasonic Beauty Line Ladies Heated Eyelash Curler but I wanted to give it a shot to see if there was a better alternative to my old Revlon manual curler. For the record, I have incredibly long lashes (thanks, Dad!) and only curl them occasionally because I don’t think it’s good for them. I know of several instances of users pulling out their lashes and even if used carefully, one has to be very careful. Regardless, I’ve always found it impossible to catch the lashes at either corner, so I thought I’d see what an electric curler was like.One thing I was happy to find was that the Beauty Line doesn’t get very hot at all–it’s comfortably warm. I should mention that the instructions state to curl after applying mascara but this is something I didn’t do with a manual curler and wouldn’t do with a heated one either; the thought of baking mascara into my lashes (even at a comfortably low temperature) just doesn’t hit me right. However, like-minded potential users will be pleased to learn that the Beauty Line works really well prior to applying mascara: just follow the instructions and Voila!–nice curl and eyes that appear more open. And the best part is that I can curl the outer edges, too, and with no pinching and/or fear of pulling them out (which, let’s face it, can’t be healthful for lashes).The only things I found annoying about the Beauty Line were its lack of an enclosed AA battery and its list price (extreme for what it is and where it’s manufactured). The kind of cheese-paring business mentality that can’t be bothered to include a single AA battery is especially galling to find in a company that happens to manufacture batteries. For that and its price, it loses a star; I think buyers deserve to be able to use one-battery devices right out of the box. Other than that, I’m happy with the Beauty Line. It’s nice-looking, very portable (more so, I think, than my manual), and does what it’s supposed to do (think stocking stuffer come the holidays, especially if it’s on sale). Who knows, maybe I’ll start to curl my lashes every time I apply mascara (which I also avoid when possible).

Susanne Picture Rocks, PA

Barely Gets Warm – Possibly Defective

Unlike other reviewers, who claim that their heated eyelash curler burned them, or the heat damaged their eyelashes, my Panasonic heated curler barely got over room temperature. I tried replacing the batteries several times. Even bought new cells from the store and tried them. I always got the same results; the powered brush would rotate, but the brush would barely get warm at all. I have tried leaving it on for several minutes before use with no change in temperature. I did attempt to contact Panasonic by phone, but after excessive hold times and transfers, I finally gave up. This device isn’t worth to waste that much of my time. If I had bought it from Amazon or a local, I would have returned it for exchange or refund. However, as I received it as part of the Amazon Vine Program, what I got is what I got, and it looks like what I got is quite possibly defective.My wife did test the Panasonic curler, even without the brush heating properly. She was a little scared to try it at first. She didn’t like the rotating action of the brush, and worried that eyelashes could snag and be ripped out by the brush. She eventually built up the nerve to try it anyway, and although relieved that it didn’t rip out her precious lashes, she was extremely disappointed overall. It may be due to the lack of heat, but she found that this product didn’t curl her eyelashes a noticeable amount at all. She felt that the product is geared toward teen-age girls, and says it just seems gimmicky. She feels that a heated, rotating brush near one’s eye seems rather dangerous. Now that is only her personal opinion, so please take it with a grain of salt. But the fact remains, the Panasonic heated curler that I received is not heating up properly, and just isn’t effective as an eyelash curler as it is. Trying to get Panasonic product support to replace or repair it appears to require quite a bit of one’s time, and I am not even sure they would do much for me since I received the product for free. Given the somewhat low cost of the product, I personally don’t feel it is worth the wasted time to try and work through all of the red tape at Panasonic, to get my test device replaced.I am giving the product two stars, as I am a gadget person, and think this is a great concept product. However, my product is either defective or just isn’t effective at all, and Panasonic support is too tedious to bother with. I wish Panasonic the best of luck with this product, and thank Amazon for the opportunity to test and review this item.

Chasity Saint Peters, PA



Adela Canutillo, TX

Torn with product

The Panasonic Beauty Line Ladies Heated Eyelash Curler in vivid pink is tiny and easy to use. It heats up quickly and basically does EXACTLY what it says it will do. My eyelashes actually stayed curled for more than a day; I bathed in the morning and when it was time to bath again in the evening, my lashes were still very curly and full.I felt that my mascara covered my lashes better after using this product.Now to the bad part. This heated eyelash curler gets HOT. Hotter than I expected. So hot that I burned a section of my lashes and the lash broke off. It’s a pretty big downside I think. I simply left it on my lashes longer than necessary. Now, when I barely curled the lashes, they didn’t burn. Just be aware that your lashes can break using this product.Natalie S. for Amazon Vine

Amparo Goodwine, IL

Seems to work

This heated eyelash curler seems to work. It is gentle, and not quite as effective on my lashes as a conventional eyelash curler but results in a more natural curl. One thing to be alert to: It is easy to forget to turn it off, and it does not have automatic shut-off.Update: This gizmo was just not worth the trouble. A non-heated lash curler works just as well for the occasional times I want to curl my lashes, and I don’t have to wait for that to heat up or remember to turn it off.

Merle Blachly, OR

Broken right out of the box.

I had high hopes of this helping my sad little eyelashes, but NOTHING on it worked on the first try. The button didn’t move in any direction. I guess I got a dud. Since it was a test product, I can’t exchange it. Bummer.I guess my eyelashes will have to be disappointed.

Kristi Dawson, AL

Frivolous Fun

This product was used by two of us in our house and we’ll share both opinions. The teenager in the house loves this item. She thought it did a great job and made her lashes curly as promised. We both thought it heated up quickly and found it was safe and easy to use. The adult in the house wasn’t as excited about it. She doesn’t wear mascara and the directions do instruct the user to apply mascara before curling and again after curling. She used it on naked lashes and didn’t think it was effective. Maybe the mascara helps the lashes to curl. In any case, one of us loved it and the other was indifferent. It is a bit of a frivolous item, but could be a fun stocking stuffer.

Clara Toccoa, GA

For the woman who has everything

Considering the number of times I have burned myself with a curling or flat iron, I was somewhat leary of trying this. Good news, while it does get very warm I still have both my eyes and no burns! I have very pale lashes, I have to really coat them with mascara to look like I have lashes, and they are straight. I don’t much care for regular eyelash curlers as they always manage to pinch and pull a few lashes out. This one is used after mascara is applied, and it did curl the lashes nicely. I even looked like I had lush lashes! I had no idea anything like this existed, but am so glad I found it. It certainly isn’t a must have item, but it is a nice bonus item (would be great as a stocking stuffer too).

Erica Warrenton, MO

Works great, curls stay for over 24 hours!

I have to say I like this more than I thought I would at first. It was sort of awkward using it in the beginning with the rotating brushes and the heat, but now that I have gotten used to it, I absolutely love it. It was also an adjustment putting my mascara on first before curling, I always did the opposite with the “pinch” type of curlers. I have gotten in the rhythm of flipping the on switch for it to heat when I start putting my makeup on so that when I get to the curling part, it is ready to go. I would say it take about a minute to heat up. You can definitely feel the heat from it on your eyelid but that it isn’t so hot that it makes me uncomfortable. The process is easy, I just start the brush rotating and the slowly follow it up from the base to tip of my lashes. Easy and immediate results! I love that the next day when I get to curl my eyelashes again that they are still mostly curled from the day before, that certainly never happened with my prior eyelash curler. I have been using it for 3 weeks and the battery is still going strong, so I am a happy girl!

Mable Wellington, AL