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Palty Hair Dye

Bitter, but cute brown called Caramel Brown. Colors your hair moist, shiny and beautiful. Fresh fruity floral scent. The hair color contains Camellia oil for shine, Silicon for smoothness, Votanical protein for protection from damage. Camellia oil hair essence conditions and moisturizes the color treated hair after coloring.

Key features

  • | IMPORTANT NOTICE | Made for Japan market and in a Japanese retail package. Manual(s) is in Japanese only.
  • This color kit comes in 4 parts: Color cream tube 40g Oxide cream bottle 80ml Comb nozzle applicator Hair Conditioner 10ml

Honest reviews


Leave in longer if you have black/dark brown hair

I love Palty dyes — they are the only dyes I trust on my asian hair. I originally have deep, dark brown hair (appears black indoors) but I dyed it medium brown using Palty’s Natural Brown bleach. I then re-dyed it with Palty’s deep black…so before using this product my hair was black with some brown hi-lights.With that being said, usually the dyes will lift dark hair color anywhere between 30 – 35min. I left it in for 35 min and there was uneven color distribution more noticeable around the midsection of my hair. Some parts were similar to the color on the box, but there were also dark sections. So to achieve the lighter brownish/reddish colors from the box — the dye should be kept in for a bit longer (probably 40-45 min) but make sure to use a conditioning mask after since most asian dyes contain a tiny bit of bleach.Also, if you have thick hair (shoulder length or longer) you will definitely need (2) boxes… but if you’re hair is already lighter in color (medium brown – blonde) (1) box should be fine; just remember to keep it in your hair for a longer period.

Camilla Hopedale, OH

I was shocked!!! It’s from another planet.

Ok so I have been dying my hair ever since I was 11 yrs I’m 22. My hair is dark ebony brown almost black. When dying my hair, I always had to think ahead of the inconveniences regarding the difference in hair shades, porosity texture and if I had a different root color or not. I must say that I have tried quite an amount of japanese cosmetic and beauty products, including hair products and I can say with all certainty that there is still yet to be a competition or contender against them. (I have also tried Korean products yet there’s just something about the japanese quality).I died my hair in a 3 dimensional shade of caramels and golden ash browns from Italian Salon only brand Alfaparf. My roots eventually grew and I was desperate to die them yet a bit scared to not be able to match the color.I was concerned about the parts of my hair that had already been dyed and the roots. I bought this on a whim seeing many reviews and videos and considering my past experiences with japanese products I bought it. I used it. I can’t believe the quality. I’m never going to a saloon again for coloring. Why? this hair die did something I have never seen:It turned my hair color exactly as it said in the box it would be, regardless of the color of my roots and previously dyed hair. It lightened my hair in 30 mins, exactly to the color that matches with what I had already had.I loved this product. It covered my ugly poking almost white hair-ish looking highlights, and evened out my overall color. It is easy to use, and the Tsubaki conditioner it has with it (not surprising) is extremely nourishing. I felt no coarseness in my hair or dryness… there is just something at a whole new league about Japanese hair products, I don’t know what it is but it works. I had to go to a saloon before, and have 3 shades of color mixed in and be charged like 200 or 400 $$. And with this It’s only one bottle, one color as exact as the box says and for only $13.Doesn’t dry hairdoesn’t unevenly dye hairextremely nourishing conditioner in kiteasy to useSeriously this product really works you just have to choose the right shade, and remember it lightens dark hair, so you should do a test with a streak, and see for yourself how effective it is. Hope this helps.

Deanne Junction City, CA

Palty Milk Tea Brown

The Palty is a good product but when buying online make sure it is actually the color you want. The milk tea brown turned out to be an ash and it turned my hair green and silver color mixed. I think instead of cute creative names for their colors.. i wish that they would actually put on the box the actual color names as well like for this it would be a light ash brown. Good product and won’t damage the hair as much American products will.

Lenora Shellman, GA

Good dye but get two boxes

If you have medium to long hair or a lot of hair like I do one box will not be enough. Otherwise, the color comes out nicely, but it does irritate the scalp a bit more than the other dye I usually use (L’oreal Excellence). I used it on my dyed medium brown hair and it came out to a slightly lighter brown.

Alba Manson, NC

debating on the rating

it was between a 3 or 4 i decided to go with 4…i love the conditioner because it smells really nice not only that but the dye is awesome! i just didnt like the fact that my hair color never turns out to b any of the colors they should on the box…but the dye is awesome because unlike american hair dyes were u wash ur after ur done dying ur hair and u try to go thro it but it’s impossible because everything gets tangled up together well the japanese hair dye isnt like that! u can glide ur hands thro ur hair easily!

Joanna Fontana, WI

Fleash Caramel Latte

This product is very true to color. But, if you have darker hair you will need to leave this product in for about 35-50 minutes instead of what it says in the instructions (20 minutes). Also, if you have shoulder length or longer hair, then you WILL need two boxes. I have shoulder length hair and I still needed two bottles. Good thing I bought two! This product left my hair feeling very soft and shiny in the end. Also, if you use color care shampoo (I use Nexus for color treated hair shampoo and conditioner) then the color should hang in there for a good 6 weeks-maybe even longer!

Eve Lucama, NC

Great for asian hair

I’m a japanese-chinese-filipina and this dye worked perfectly for my hair. The smell is kinda gross though and it kinda stings on ur scalp… but other than that the color is perfect!

Alyssa Wheeler, OR

Always love Palty

i love this hair dye. It’s hard to find equivalent shades in American brands. Will be repurchasing other shades to try in the future!

Margarita Atwood, IN

Lighten my hair

I thought this would have darkened my hair from the bleach blond that I had previously but instead it ended up the same intensity but a more champagne/cool blond color. Great part is that it matched my roots to the rest of my hair.

Autumn Kellerman, AL


I have used this many times and really like it. Its a pretty color. Looking forward to trying others. Would definetly recommend the product. Thanks!

Angelica Bethune, CO

Not that strong and dries the hair

I bought this palty hair color in milk tea brown,and it looks more like a reddish chesnut, my natural hair color is black, I won’t repurchase it.

Rowena Talisheek, LA

My new favorite hair dye!

I have asian hair and most of the hair dyes I buy at the store are never true to the color on the box. They always come out much much darker.I bought this dye in Milk Tea Brown and I LOVE the color it is now! The results were very close to the color on the box. Indoors, it looks medium brown and in the sun, it looks light brown. My hair at the roots were my natural dark brown/black, the ends were dyed at a salon a medium reddish brown, and the middle was dyed with Loreal preference a cool medium brown color.I followed the directions and after 25 minutes I washed out the dye and after it dried, I noticed that the color was uneven. It was difficult to spread the dye evenly with the applicator brush attachment. I would recommend getting someone to help you apply it. I was scared that I would get it on my scalp because I have sensitive skin. I’ve dyed my hair at the salon two times and it burned my scalp so I do it at home and don’t really trust other people to do it because they aren’t as careful. I must’ve gotten some dye on my scalp near my forehead because I had a three red dots there. They didn’t itch or burn. It was just red for a couple days and then faded away. Small amounts of dye probably touched my scalp but as far as I could see it looked fine elsewhere and more importantly, it felt fine.The smell was as bad as other dyes. It made me feel a little dizzy by the time I was done applying.The strong smell lasted in my hair about 5 washes then started to fade.The day after dying, I only used the conditioner that came with the dye and my hair remained as soft as it was before. It did not feel damaged in any way. After that I used my own deep treatment hair mask.The color has faded slightly since I dyed it two weeks ago but I absolutely love it! The color at my roots are the same as the color at the tips. I’m not sure how that happened but I am very happy with the results. My natural hair color has never been dyed this lightly from a store bought hair dye before.I’m excited to try other colors in the summer!

Frances Lawndale, IL

Palty Hair Color Dye – Macaroon Beige (2010 New Color)

This worked great on my hair. My hair turned out the color on the box. What I do when I use Palty hair dye is I do not use the comb I just pour the dye in my hand and apply it to my hair and I leave the dye in my hair for at least 1 hour sometimes 1hr 30min. My hair was already a light color when I dyed my hair with this dye. Also, I use 2 boxes, I have shoulder length hair and I am African American. I usually get that ugly orange color when I dye my hair a lighter color but with Palty hair dye I dont. I love it!!!

Gayla Adrian, MI

colored evenly

This was the first time I’ve tried Palty and it’s amazing. My color came out as I thought it would. It’s in between the 1st and 2nd result. I have color treated my hair before and always red tones. This killed 90% of the red, probably cause it has an ashy tone to it. I have shoulder length thick american indian hair. I suggest having someone help you apply it (luckily my sister was visiting). We used the bowl and brush method and had just enough – none was left over. I have read reviews and have seen YouTube videos where the girls didn’t have enough product for the same length of hair as me and they suggested 2 bottles. I would only recommend two if you don’t have anyone to help you, or if your hair is longer then shoulder length.The color is even. As the box/instructions say adjust the curing time to the color of your hair and what you want to achieve. I left it on 40 minutes. The subaki after conditioner smells light and makes your hair feel great.Another plus. I didn’t have a reaction to this product. I have had reactions to some revlon (cheaper dye ~$3). I don’t use nutriesse because I am allergic to avacados so the first thing I always look for is ingredients. This runs along the grade of Feria and the higher end L’oreal hair dyes but didn’t have a chemical smell at all.I think Palty is my new hair dye 😀

Erna Chula, MO

check youtube reviews on palty first.

I figured since they barely do anything on dark hair that it would jsut change the tone of my hair.yeah, it dyed my hair gray.and stinks just as bad as any other box dye.

Joanne Oriskany, VA

My hair is still black after leaving it on for 35 minutes…

I’m in my 30’s and have undyed asian hair (straight, black, thick hair) so I wanted a color that is conservative, but gives me a slight lift. So I picked bitter cappuccino since it’s the darkest Palty shade that I could find. I left it on for 35 minutes and washed it off, and I noticed that my hair was SLIGHTLY shinier in the sun but it was still pretty much black.I tried the Jewelry Ash a few months later and left it on for 60 minutes (60 minutes on the bottom, and 50 minutes on the roots) and my hair is a beautiful, DARK, chocolaty shade of brown. It’s almost exactly the shade on the bitter cappuccino box! It looks completely natural, but lifted my hair just enough to give it that “shine” and brighten up my complexion. The burgundy or the silver didn’t show up in my hair at all – this showed up as a dark, chocolaty beige (no orange!) exactly like model on the Bitter Cappuccino box. My roots turned out slightly brighter than the bottom, and the roots are just a TOUCH darker than bitter cappuccino. If I were to do this again, I’d probably blow dry the tips with the dye to activate the dye and then apply the rest to the roots so the tips can match the roots.

Lillie East Grand Forks, MN

Easy to use – pretty color – no harsh smells

This is my first time using a Palty product – I think it does pretty well on my dark, thick Asian hair. You definitely need two bottles of this product if you have hair longer than shoulder length. It works just like any other hair dye: mix the two together, apply to hair, wait and rinse. I let the dye sit in my hair for an hour and the color came out pretty good. My only complaint is that you have to apply the dye uniformly EVERYWHERE, otherwise you’ll end up with super light roots like mine. I would definitely buy again and try the other colors!

Noelle Tennent, NJ

Awesome for hard to color black/asian hair!

I have black Asian hair that doesn’t take in color no matter what you do to it. When I used 2 boxes of this ( my hair is ribcage length), the process was super easy, the application wasn’t a hassle, and my roots looked amazing! after I put the stuff in, ( it didn’t smell bad like garnier) I put a plastic bag over my hair to seal in the heat and let the coloring go on. There are English instruction in it, so no worries. It came with conditioner that was kind of weird, but it made my hair soft. I reaped in tons of compliments the next day, and it looks awesome in natural light. Highly recommend. it’s a great color to start off with if you’re a firstie at dying hair and are nervous. the redness fades to a nice brownish amber color that doesn’t get brassy. It did turn my amber highlights from before blondish though.

Mina Wilson Creek, WA