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Palmer’s Sunless Tanner & Instant Bronzer SPF 15 5.25oz

For a healthy looking tan. This ultra-moisturizing sunless tanner and instant bronzer with sunscreen contains pure Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.  The instant bronzer provides immediate color and uniform application.  The inclusion of SPF means no need to apply an additional sunscreen before going out into the sun.  This quick-drying, non-streaking formula leaves your skin with a natural-looking, golden tan.  Pleasantly Scented. Questions or Comments? Call 1-800-378-6123 Made in USA

Key features

  • Ultra-moisturizing Sunless Tanner and Instant Bronzer.
  • Contains Pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.
  • Provides Immediate Color and Uniform Application.
  • Quick-drying, Non-streaking Formula gives you a Healthy-looking Tan.
  • Pleasantly scented as well.

Honest reviews


Amazing at any price!! The BEST self tanner in 20 years.

Palmer’s Sunless Tanner should have a huge following.I am MADLY IN LOVE with this product. It is the best self tanner I have found at any price! No kidding. Here is why…1. Amazing natural color2. Absolutely no smell!! (This is a first for me. Everything else I have tried goes bad on my skin.)3. No streaking. As will all self tanners, I am careful to blend around knees & elbows.4. Fast subtle color that is easy to build on.5. Color lasts! People don’t know why, but say I look rested & happy with this color.6. Cheap! A little goes a long way.7. Good for everything from face, around eyes, to legs. I use it on my face over my daily moisturizer & still get color.8. Has SPF!9. Nice light moisurizer.10. Don’t let the “Instant bronzer” feature scare you. It is SO subtle that it simply helps avoid streaks when blending.I will be crushed if this is ever discontinued. I have used self tanners since the beginning of time. As a strawberry blonde, tanning is not an intelligent option. TRY IT! It’s so cheap that you have very little to lose….

Sally Stony Point, NC

It Does Streak but the Colors Nice

The reviews written for this product were rave: “best color”, “no streaks”, “no smell”…The color is alright. The first day I applied it it looked almost orange but the next day it darkened and it doesn’t look too bad. I’m probably not going to wear it again. In just the first application it darkened so much… I’m worried I’ll look like a burnt orange when the bottle is gone.It does streak. I mixed it 1 part Palmers 1 part moisturizer lotion (that makes the self tanner less potent) however even then the Palmers is so thick that it’s almost impossible for it not to streak. When it dried it looked blotchy. Also I washed my hands thoroughly but it still absorbed into my cuticles on my nails so my fingernails look orange.It does smell like self tanner… and chocolate. It smelled like I was rubbing chocolate syrup on me. Then when it dried the self tanner smell was very strong.

Maribel Crossett, AR

It is okay

This stuff is okay. I mix it with my daily lotion when I used it so it doesn’t go on too heavily. It didn’t streak too much and the smell was kind of chocolatey. It was okay, but I probably won’t buy it again because it wasn’t great.

Tamika Mountainhome, PA

VERY nice color

I really liked the results of this tanner. As a pale white girl (I’m usually the 2nd or 3rd lightest shade when it comes to makeup foundations), I don’t like to look transparent when it’s summer time. This tanner gave me a noticeable, but natural and subtle, tan. The formula is very smooth and goes on very well. I didn’t have any streaks. It’s a little more greasy than other brands, but I didn’t think there was an abnormally long drying time. I was able to put on my pjs within five minutes and I woke up with a nice color. The bronzer rinsed off in the shower, leaving just the tan. My friends said “Angela, you look tan!” But they had no idea it was fake until I told them =)

Marietta Norton, VT


I love this stuff and I never thought I would say that about a self-tanner. I admit this sat in my cabinet for several weeks after I received because I was afraid to use it, but I now I wish I hadn’t waited so long. It actually smells pretty good and does not have that horrible self-tanner smell (hallelujah). It feels good once it is absorbed (and it has SPF, big bonus) and it doesn’t take long at all. Obviously, it will get on your clothes if you try to put clothes on right after applying. It is a very pretty light milk chocolate color but it doesn’t go on obvious at all. You have to keep applying to build the coverage so even if you do make some goofs they won’t be that noticeable. I am extremely pale and it has not turned me orange or ridiculously dark. I just look like I have some actual color, but I don’t use it every day. I’m thrilled to have found a self-tanner that is natural looking, easy to use, and doesn’t smell bad.

Esther Swartz, LA