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Palmer’s Protein Coconut Oil, 2.1 Ounce

An intensive conditioning treatment formulated with pure coconut milk.

Key features

  • Contains coconut milk
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Great for dry hair

Honest reviews


Fantastic product – my hair is gorgeous

My hair is thick and natural and generally healthy but my ends have been splitting recently. With the winter coming, I straighten my hair more often and along with the dropping temps, I was looking for something to protect my hair from the electric heat and cold weather. This stuff did the trick for me!!I used the entire pack and my hair smelled wonderful for two weeks; it had amazing body, felt great and looked super healthy. I got compliments from strangers in the street everywhere I went (which is especially surprising since I spend most of my time in New York City where people are not always very nice).Wish it came in a bottle or jar instead of only individual packs.

Angeline Champion, PA


This is a great deep conditioner. I love coconut and coconut oil and this works very well. I generally tend to use organic cocnout oil more often as a deep conitioner, though, because I can add other things to it-like peppermint oil and neem oil to stimulate the scalp to aid in hair growth. I know it works because my hair is growing crazy fast. I do this one to two times per week and leave it in overnight. If you do use the neem oil BE SURE to use another oil with it-such as peppermint oil, because the neem is very pungent and the smell is not pleasant, but, the peppermint covers it up.

Jami Avondale, AZ

I Love This Stuff! *^__^* <3

I buy this stuff every month as part of my hair care supplys. I use one about every week to deep condition my dry hair and I love it! It leaves my hair shiny, smooth and soft and it smells good too! One pack is also sufficient enough for every treatment for my medium thick hair.

Jody Dennis, MA

the best deep contditioner

my hair has abused because of constant bleaching and dyeing and is now really brittle, dry and tangles a lot. i tried this products in hopes that it might at least make my hair look presentable. it did not just made my hair look presentable. it made my hair looks as if i haven’t done any damaged to it. it was even better before i abused my hair.i also love the smell. definitely worth buying.

Betty Hampstead, MD

Strengthens & Moisturizes Damaged Hair [UPDATE]

I loved this protein-filled conditioner just for its ingredients and price (I bought this for under $1.50 at my local Wal-Mart).This product is excellent for porous hair like mines and includes noteworthy hair ingredients like keratin, hydrolyzed silk protein, vitamin E, coconut oil & milk, and castor oil.And it’s a multi-tasker as it strengthen hair follicles to protect new growth, repairs, and moisturizes damaged hair.[UPDATE] As of November 2013, I’ve started the miconozale nitrate (MN) challenge, (product here:Miconazole Nitrate 2 % Antifungal Cream – 1 Oz (Pack of 6)) which basically means I apply MN every third day to my scalp to encourage growth. I mixed the MN cream with this product and Neem Oil (4 Oz), Organic, Natural for Skin, Soap, Face, Hair, Insecticide, Etc. 100% Pure and Natural, Cold-pressed.,Bringraj (Bhringaraj) Hair Oil – 4 fl oz – Promotes hair growth quickly and naturally !,Life-Flo Organic Pure Grapeseed Oil, 16 Ouncethat resulted in a creamy, green goop. In 30 days, I’ll recap my results.(12/20): I’ve used my concoction for nearly two months and my hair is LOVELY. My hairline is no longer thinning. I have batches of new growth (that under normal circumstances would be an issue because of unruly naps but by the grace of this product they aren’t unruly at all).Results? My hair doesn’t have a dry, brittle feel.*I will say this though: I no longer use this product in my MN concoction, and transitioned to using it on a monthly basis as a mask.

Caryn Darrington, WA

Love this product

Great for moisture. I have a mixture of 3c/4a/4b hair and my hair loves this protein pack. The smell also is great too

Jenifer Jamestown, ND

A great find!

Love this product as a deep conditioner, but my other favorites are:
• Organix Argan Oil Deep Conditioner (you can buy the Macadamia Nut Oil and add to any deep conditioner)
• Creme Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment
• Macadamia Nut Oil Deep Conditioner
• Vidal Sassoon Protein Conditioner

Silvia Glendo, WY

I guess my hair does not like protein

I just did my big chop back in Oct. When I was transitioning my hair loved protein. But I used this stuff last night and my hair was not having it! My hair felt very dry, heavy and brittle. My curls were defined but I didn’t like the way my hair felt or looked. I guess no more protein for me

Lucinda Hot Springs, VA

Palmer’s Has Done It Again!

I have entrusted Palmer’s to care for my skin since I was teen; in my 40’s, I’m trusting them with my hair. I use the entire skin care line with the exception of the lip balm.This protein packet rocks!First great thing about it is the price, $1.80 in my area & available at ALL beauty supplies & big name stores in my area. Very available.Second great thing, the quality of the product, creamy but not oily, litely scented & easy to apply…there is enough in the packet for one application.Third great thing, the results. My hair retained its curl factor without the friz; very soft, shiny & moisturized. I have used this product for deep conditioning & instant conditioner.I recommend this product blended with your favorite oil (macadamia, argan, etc.) or alone.

Ines Waucoma, IA

I dye my hair multiple colors….

So I bleach my strands a LOT, to get the colors I want. Palmer’s protein along with their olive oil hair spray saves my hair every time. I just dyed my hair deep blue, and there was a lot of shedding, well after applying this mask the shedding stopped immediately and my roots are stronger as well. I give it five stars!

Twila Una, SC