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Palmers Cocoa Butter with Vitamin-E 7.25 oz. Jar

Cocoa butter, enriched with vitamin E, in a soothing emollient base. Helps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars. Tones skin. An excellent all-over-the-body moisturizer and after tanning butter. Perfect formula. Extraordinary results. Palmer’s is against animal testing. Palmer’s does not manufacture store brands. Vitamin E has been responsible for the reduction of skin lesions and the appearance of softer, clearer, less dry skin. Genes vitamin E Swiss collagen complex creme, for dry and sensitive skin contains biologically compatible amounts of vitamin E, A and D plus panthenol and allantion. Vitamins A, D and E are found in healthy skin. All three play a very important role in the healthy maintenance of the skin. There is considerable scientific data to indicate that when used in the proper combination with other elements, vitamin E has been responsible for the reduction of skin lesions and the appearance of softer, clearer, less dry skin. It appears to revive and protect the skin’s freshness and vitality. 7.25 oz.

Key features

  • For dry and sensitive skin
  • Vitamin E has been responsible for the reduction of skin lesions
  • 7.25 oz jar
  • An advanced moisturizer
  • Enriched with natural cocoa butter
  • Restores vital moisture

Honest reviews


Wonderful for dry skin, smells fantastic.

Have used this for years. I use it in the sun and feel very moisturized after. It makes skin smell wonderful.

Willa Lake Delton, WI


I have used cocoa butter before and was never allergic to it, but this stuff gave me a horrible rash on my belly (using for stretch marks). It was so bad, my OB thought I may have PUPPP. But a week after I stopped using it, the rash is gone and no more itching, so more likely I am allergic to one of the chemicals in this lotion. Just beware this is not REAL cocoa butter, it has a lot of chemicals and nasty ingredients in it.

Leeann Brentwood, TN

I like it

I bought this product online rather than the store because it the container was bigger and for a better price than what you can find in the store.

Brooke Peterman, AL

I love this product!

This is a thick dense balm that melts into your skin. The main ingredient is coca butter (not mineral oil or water like other brands). It smells incredibly good and lasts a long time, keeping skin soft. I like to use it on my legs after shaving. I’ve used many cocoa butter formulas, but this one in my opinion is the best.

Darlene Ellis, ID

Perfect for massage, scars, etc.

My husband started using this on the recommendation of his physical therapist after carpel tunnel surgery. I used it after foot surgery. This stuff is great even for dry skin (especially on the feet). Everyone needs a container of this in their homes. Try it on the fingertips in the winter when the skin gets cracked.

Dolly New Hope, VA

Cocoa Butter

Love the smell! Am using the cocoa butter mainly on the arms, feet, and legs. Leaves them very soft especially the feet and elbows.

Kelly Opa Locka, FL


I can’t get past the chemical, artificial cocoa scent. Real cocoa butter smells much more pleasant and also works much better. I think this particular product is too greasy, and I don’t like that the second ingredient is mineral oil, a clogging ingredient.

Florine Nicholson, PA