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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick, 0.5 Ounce

For marks, blemishes and rough, dry skin. Soothes chapped lips. It mositurises dry chapped lips and made using ingredients which is rich in vitamin E.

Key features

  • Moisturizes dry chapped lips
  • With vitamin E
  • Handy for purse travel or office

Honest reviews


Cocoa butter for blemishes

This is a very nice product that I am using on some rough patches on my face and arms. It does well at softening these spots. I’m hoping it also lightens some dark spots on my face as the product claims. I haven’t used it long enough to verify that yet. I heard about this product through the Dr. Oz show when they reviewed inexpensive remedies for the problems I’m experiencing.

Muriel Wahkiacus, WA


I soo love this things I keep one everywhere. I use as chap sticks and in the winter around my eyes. It as also helped me grow my eyelashes and eyebrows. Its a must have!

Gertrude Antioch, CA

Where has this been all my life

Seriously never use anything else ever again.. This stuff hydrates my lips pleasantly without the weird waxy aftereffects of most chapsticks. Better than Carmex imo, since that stuff smells mega weird to me and tastes nasty if you accidentally get any in your mouth. Coco butter has always had the most pleasant smell, hydrates amazingly without any greasy feel, and doesn’t taste weird. I’m a life convert.

Ruby Porter, TX

I have been using this for years

as a lip balm and you can’t go wrong. It’s much better than the “actual” lip balms they sell out there, it softens, protects, isn’t sticky or have a bad smell/taste. I love using this on my lips. . this and Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm Tube are the only two lip balms in my makeup bag. As a long time user,I definitely recommend!

Adrienne Fenton, LA

Good Deal

I purchased the 3 pack, which is a great deal. The tubes are large. the smell is nice without a funky taste. I also use one tube for my cuticles it keeps them soft without the greasiness like oil.Well worth the money. Lasts forever.

Michaela Edmeston, NY

Awesome lip balm

This product has been an absolute life saver! My daughter started using Accutane last fall and the biggest side effect is chapped lips. We had been using EOS lip balm but we both noticed that after wearing it for a little while it dried our lips out. I happened to find this product in a store and purchased a bunch of it on Amazon. It is AMAZING! Keeps lips moisturized, especially my daughter who has had such a tough time with Accutane. Worth a try (even comes in a version with sunscreen)

Carissa Merryville, LA

Palmer’s delivers.

When used as a lip balm it actually moisturizes so lips are softer even after it wears off, rather than just making them feel soft when applied like most other balms and glosses. Achieving that long lasting moisture Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion is famous for on your lips? Win!

Esther Bay Shore, NY


I absolutely love this stuff! I was a little unsure about the stick form, but it fits perfectly in my purse for carrying along with me. It works wonders on dry spots on hands, elbows, knees, and wherever else you may need it.

Cortney American Falls, ID

Must Buy and very inexpensive

Great chap stick for dry, sore, cracked lips. It is probably the cheapest one out there for those on a budget and goes above getting the job done. No more bloody, dry, cracked, painful lips for me. This stuff does the trick.

Corrine Williamsport, PA

Works better than most

This works great for very chapped, cut bleeding lips. Apply it at night go to sleep and wake up with your lips repaired. Don’t be fooled by the new lip balm with SPF IT IS NOT the same formula and it burned my lips. Stick with this and you can’t go wrong. I just wish they would make it in a smaller tube. The scent is a little strong but somewhat comforting because it smells chocaltey.

Ilene Humphrey, NE

Will not repurchase.

Never saw results with this product. The only thing that has worked for my dry, cracked lips in Ohio’s winter is Vaseline!

Beryl Cumbola, PA


This is a great product. My 2-year-old daughter has eczema and I have found that Palmers is one of the few things that her skin accepts without irritation and soothes the eczema. However, rubbing lotion all over her while she squirms around and tries to eat it (yes, she eats it if she gets the chance. in her defense, it does smell good) is not my favorite task. So, when I saw these I ordered them right away.These are great. I can just rub them on the areas that she needs it. Also, she has a scar on her lip from cleft lip surgery as an infant. I had read or seen somewhere that it helps to fade scars. This is really easy to apply to her scar, which is virtually invisible at this point. I don’t know if it the cocoa butter has contributed to that, but it couldn’t hurt. I would not be without this product now.

Elva Natrona Heights, PA

This stuff is my obsession

I love this stuff both as a lip gloss and a quick dry-spot remedy while I’m out and about. This is a jumbo stick which makes it look pretty silly while applying it to your lips in public. Think of it as being the girth and length of two C-batteries stacked on top of one another. That said- I like the size of it because it lasts forever.

Kirsten Kasigluk, AK


Love, love this product. I use it all the time. I think it does a fantastic job keeping my lips moist. Would highly recommend this product.

Aileen Round Lake, IL

AMAZING cure for winter lips!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It has helped me cure and prevent the chapped, cracking lips I end up with every winter. I also saw a version with SPF 30 that I am VERY excited about for the summer.

Graciela Vernon, CO