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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil with Vitamin E — 8.5 fl oz

Palmer’s cocoa butter formula moisturizing body oil is a light oil specially formulated with pure cocoa butter and vitamin E to help soften and soothe rough, dry skin. It is light scented and fast absorbing.

Key features

  • Lightly scented
  • Fast absorbing
  • For shower and bath

Honest reviews


Using it for years

I am Indian and convinced my genes have left me with dry skin. Living in the northeast makes it no better. I have been using this oil for years throughout the winter. Got my dad hooked on it too. Bought 5 bottles at once to make sure I don’t run out !

Rosa Salem, MI

Great stuff!

I’ve been wanting to purchase a body oil ever since I received one as a sample. I went to Target one day & unexpectedly found this with the rest of the Palmer’s stuff. I didn’t even know they had a body oil! I saw the price & quickly put it in my basket. This stuff works so well! Ever since using this after every shower my boyfriend now says all the time how soft my skin is ( he doesn’t even know I use body oil!). 4 reasons you should purchase this: Palmer’s doesn’t test on animals, low price, smells so good, & it works!

Penny Hensel, ND

I smell like chocolate

Keeps my skin smooth and hydrated out of the shower and my husband loves the smell- I win this round.UPDATE- After using the product a few more times, I realized that I Do NOT love this item. If you don’t really rub this oil around, it kid of gobs up on the skin- my towels needed to be washed right away and I don’t know, it kind of trapped my body heat in- I didn’t like the way it made me feel.

Rhoda Imlay, NV

Best body oil with Vitamin E

I have very dry skin in the winter, I have tried all kinds of oil when I get out of the shower. So far this is the best one I have tried. It smells great, goes on smoothly and blends in easily. I live that is also has Vitamin E. I would highly recommend this oil. I also use the Palmers cocoa butter lotion which is also very good.

John Normantown, WV

Great product!

This product is perfect after shaving, it leaves the skin very soft and hydrated all day long. I really enjoy it.

Melanie Gwinn, MI

Great for a bath during pregnancy

Product arrived damaged. Other than that, a good item to add to my bathwater during my pregnancy to provide some moisture during a long soak. Not really effective as a standalone moisturizer, though. Light fragrance and non-greasy feel. Would purchase again, exclusively for use in bath or shower.

Odessa Hughes, AK

Love this product

Does a great job of moisturizing my dry skin. I use it every day. Has a great scent, too. Highly recommend it.

Eliza Londonderry, VT

Good Purchase

I bought this oil to make bath bombs. It is a good oil to use as there is no smell or greasiness to it. It was reasonably priced. I got it quickly thru Amazon. I would buy again.

Leslie Tolar, TX

Really good for dry skin

I like this a lot. I always use this right before I get out of the shower and put lotion afterwards. It will make your skin feeling soft and smooth and it last really long.

Teresa Murrells Inlet, SC


I’m a fan of a lot of Palmers’ products and was looking for a good body oil so I really thought I would like this. Having used baby oil in the past, I was shocked at how quickly this was used up. The baby oil would last easily through the winter and beyond, but this barely lasted a month. The consistency was quite thin and runny, so a lot of it was lost in the process of trying to apply. Then – possibly because of thinness? – I felt like I needed more. I have used sweet almond oil in the past and it has a similar consistency. On the bright side, it smelled good and felt good, but because of the above issues I won’t be buying again.

Jerry Olivehill, TN

Great Oil

This oil moisturized great and was really silky going on and made my skin feel very silky as well and moisturized especially after showerin while skin is still damp. It smells like all cocoa butter products a chocolatey smell and it was a decent size bottle to last for a while. I love this oil

Dale Stockville, NE

PCBF moisturing body oil

My skin is feeling and looking so much better after using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula moisturizing body oil; it really does softens and has a very light scent.

Meagan Quakertown, NJ

My skin is super soft

I love this stuff! I put it on after the shower and before I put on cocoa butter and my skin is soft! Smells nice but does not linger.

Merle Red Oak, NC


My favorite oil ever. For some reason they don’t sell it in stores anymore? I don’t know why. THis is the only oil I’ll use on my skin!

Rena Cataldo, ID

What can I say

I use this in my bath and I love how soft it makes my skin and it has helped fade the scar and marks I do have so I am always pleased with this

Natasha Waddy, KY

great, perfect, fantastic, holy grail

I love this oil. Its like crack. I use it in the tub when I take baths and when I get out. I have very dry skin and this keeps me moisterized

Tessa Sumterville, FL