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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, Cream Soap Bar with Vitamin E, 3.5 oz – 1 ea

1 Bar, 100g/3.5 oz A creamy cocoa butter soap for marks and blemishes, softens rough, dry skin. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is a rich-lathering soap that softens and moisturizes.  Enriched with pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E, it is specially formulated to cleanse, without leaving a dry, tight feeling.  Use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Cream Soap daily for a smooth, clear, radiant complexion.  Excellent for use on face, hands and body. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

  • Enriched with Pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.
  • Rich-lathering Soap that Softens and Moisturizes.
  • Specially formulated to Cleanse, without leaving a dry, tight feeling.
  • Use it daily for a Smooth, Clear, Radiant Complexion.
  • Excellent for Use of Face, Hands and Body.

Honest reviews


palmer coca butter formula

i love it, would not use any other soap again .i even use it on my face and my face feels smooth

Selma Menan, ID

Not as good as other Palmer’s Products

I wanted to try this soap out because I really like the cocoa butter lotions and creams Palmer’s makes. This soap was just okay. The scent was not very strong and it was a bit drying. It was better than most commercial soaps, but I am used to Dove so maybe that is why this felt dry.

Myrna Hurst, TX

Nice Soap

It’s a Palmer’s product and I like basically everything they offer. This bar of soap is no different. I like the way my skin feels after using it in the shower. Would recommend this product.

Georgia Fulton, MO

A good smooth soap

I have been using this as a body soap for years ( never on my face) and that’s a keeper, it keeps my skin smooth even when I do not use body lotion after. I notice it also gives my skin a glow that I do not get when I use other body washes. However , I don’t know about clearing scars, clearing anything for that matter. For me this is just a good smooth soap, nothing more.

Margarita Union Grove, WI

Nice soap

I’m loving this soap. I’ve been using it exclusively on my face for the past couple of months and it’s performing beautifully. I have combination skin and this works well with it. It is non-drying, lathers well (rich, creamy lather), and I find the scent to be light and non-offensive. After use, my skin is super clean but it doesn’t make my skin feel tight at all.

Isabel Trenton, NJ

another palmer’s winner

This soap is super as are all of Palmer’s products. It really smells delicious, is creamy and makes your skin feel pampered. Because of his job, my husband showers twice and day and he loves this soap. We live in the southwest and the climate is harsh on skin. This soap keeps it with a more "normal skin" texture instead of dry and flaky.

Corinne Thorp, WA

Great product

I love Palmer’s products. They keep your skin so soft and smell GREAT! They got this to me super quick. I use it all the time.

Christina Montgomery Village, MD

Smells great

use this one your face on your body ….. leaves your face and body smelling good and your face is clean and cocoa buttered up

Lorraine Eielson Afb, AK

oh wow`

I love Palmers Cocoa butter anything/ it smells so rich and feels super silky. I wish I could fill a tub with their cocoa butter moisturizer. it will make you smell like chocolate.

Josephine Tuppers Plains, OH


I love the smell of cocoa butter, so was looking forward to bathing with it. However, this bar soap doesn’t smell anything like cocoa butter. Worse, it doesn’t seem to moisturize my skin either. I won’t repurchase.

Gale Wausaukee, WI