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Palladio Liquid Eyeliner, Black, 0.13 Ounce

Palladio liquid eyeliner is smear-proof and long lasting, with easy to use point tip applicator that glides smoothly to create fine lines. Water resistant formula that lasts the whole day. Palladio liquid eyeliner is available in nine shades.

Key features

  • Water-resistant
  • Smear and smudgeproof
  • Anti-irritant

Honest reviews


Decent for the price.

Much smaller than expected, but that’s okay. It lasts most of the day. It isn’t budge proof but it generally isn’t going anywhere unless you deliberately rub or wet your eyes. The firm nib is great for beginners. Or, if you prefer a brush you can use that with it too. Sometimes takes to layers to be opaque, but still not bad. I would buy again for the price.

Rosanna Mendenhall, PA

not worth it

I tried this brand thinking it would be great, but wow the eyeliner was all over my eyes within 20 minutes, Huge disappointment. so know I have this eyeliner that I will never use again, waste of money for me. If I use a eyeliner, and take the time to get it right, I want it to stay until I am ready to take it off, I will be staying with my wet n wild H20 eyeliner, it STAYS

Loretta Elmo, MO


Esta es mi tercera botella de este delineador. No he podido encontrar otro delineador que me permita hacer la linea delgada como lo hace este. Se lo recomiendo a cualquier persona que quiera tener una apariencia natural sin que se vea que tiene muco maquillaje en los ojos.

Susanne Decatur, TX

Great if you have a steady hand

This is a really nice opaque black, and it goes on smoothly. If your hand shakes, though, you can really tell with a liquid liner, so be careful and rest your pinky finger/edge of your hand on your face as you work.

Margo Chatham, IL


Just restocking, I love Palladio. It’s great because it has a stiff tip, so if you know what you’re doing, that’s a tremendous help. It doesn’t clump or flake, great liner 🙂

Shari Huttig, AR

Liquid Eyeliner

This product is awesome……stays on all day……after u put it on let it dry and then I work over the eyeliner with a black eyeshadow …looks great

Ila Pottsville, PA


I mean, if you get anything in your eyes it hurts, but I can NOT get this into my eyes at all it’ll burn a little. I just got a bit into my eyes on accident for the first time and I hurt so badly couldn’t open them at all until I flushed them water for a couple minutes.The felt tip brush is also ultra stiff so it’s not even easy to put on compared to some of the other felt tips I’ve used. I’m pretty done even trying to make this work. Should have tossed it a while ago but I was determined to make it work.

Dona Bristol, IN

High School Crush

I bought one back in high school and i loved it however, upon purchasing this again now that im 21,ehhhh…not so much. Yea, it goes on dark but that’s after a couple swatches. It dries quickly which can be good for the top eyelid but bad if u make mistakes easily. I would recommend just because it stays on well and looks pretty precise.UPDATE: I remember why i didnt buy it again. It gives almost a stinging sensation on my eyelids. Also you need several applications in order to make this very dark. I would buy again though, because i like liquid eyeliners. MAybe i should find a better one though before i do.

Valarie La Moille, IL