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Maybelline New York Ultra-Brow Brow Powder,Shade #20 / #404 Dark Brown, 0.1 Ounce

Brush on powder color defines brows softly and naturally.

Key features

  • Easy to apply with brush applicator
  • Defines brows
  • Natural look

Honest reviews


Love it!

This product was recommended on an makeup website for older women. Though I don’t consider myself old or older (37), I do have some gray hair. In any case, I LOVE this product. What really makes it great is the little brush that you can use to feather on the color. It has just the right stiffness and is the right size for applying the color. I’m so excited to find a great makeup product that’s CHEAP.

Sharlene Armstrong, TX

Costs too much no matter how good it is.

I have used this brow liner for quit a few years and have been very happy with it. It seems that now Maybelline had discontinued it, and now the price gouging starts. It really isn’t worth the price it is offered for here. I had been buying it at Walmart for 1/4 to 1/3 the price here. Time to look for a comparable product.

Benita Fair Haven, MI

Maybelline Brow Powder

This product is completely matte and blends in perfectly with the brows. You can use an angled liner brush to distribute the product on the brows but there is a brush included in this brow powder. The brush that is included works well.

Mavis Kennedyville, MD
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hairdo from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves 23″ Vibralite Synthetic Clip-In Extension, Wavy, Chestnut

This 23″ Wavy Clip-In Hair Extension kit from hairdo™ Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves allows you to add stunning long wavy length to short and mid-length hair. If you already have long hair, you can use this kit to add volume and texture to your existing hair. This HairDo Extension kit is made from 100% Kanekalon Vibralite modacrylic fiber, the finest quality synthetic fiber available. Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes. All HairDo Clip-in Extension Systems consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual wefts. hairdo Vibralite modacrylinc fiber clip-in extensions are available in sixteen multi-tonal shades that have been created to blend with just about anyone’s hair color.

Key features

  • Easily and affordably change the length and/or add volume to your hair
  • Virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes
  • Extensions consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates a fashionable style
  • Just pick your hair color from the Color Name drop-down menu
  • Note: This item cannot be returned to

Honest reviews


I really liked this product….

I have long long long hair…about 18 inches without the extensions. I first brought Paris Hilton extensions from Sally’s Beauty Supply in Dark Brown. The color match was perfect to my hair. However,it really didn’t make a different in my hair since my hair was already 18 inches long (extensions were 18inches long as well).I brought the Jessica Simpson extensions in Midnight Brown. They color matched my hair perfectly as well. However, the length was not what I expected. The hair is 23 inches long…but when curled, they were more like 17inches. They did not extend the length of my hair, but it did give it more volume. Since I have a lot of hair already, it looked way too big.The quality of the hair is great. When I put it in my hair, I can’t tell where my hair ends and where the fake hair starts. This piece is difficult to maintain though. It tangles easily and you can’t brush it or the curls will fall out (even though they say you can brush it). Plus, brushing it encourages the hair to fall out of the piece. The curls are pretty and match the ones I put in my hair. Don’t be fooled by the picture of Jessica, the curls don’t look like that. But, its still pretty.Overall, its a good buy. Remember this is fake hair so you can’t curl it. However, you can put something like Curlformers in it to enhance the curl. If you are looking for a fun piece every once in awhile, then this is a good buy. Otherwise, you should invest in human hair and curl it.

Mellisa Beaumont, TX

Really cool

I love this hair piece. It looks really real. It is a little shiny, so I just add a little of the shine spray to my natural hair and it matches very well. It is a really fun and easy way to make my hair very different for a day. It is easy to put in and came with clips to hold up my other hair to make it even easier. It is pretty comfortable, kind of reminds me of wearing a hat. I can tell it is warmer when I wear it, which is nice for these chilly fall days, but might be a little to warm in the summer..not sure yet. If you want something to change your hair quickly without the commitment of extensions, then I recommend this product.

Rachelle Mcalester, OK


It is easy to put on and looks nice. But so heavy and I have to end up taking it off.

Shannon Centre, AL
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Mizani Butter Blend Medium Normal Rhelaxer 30 oz

Product Description Phase 2: The Butter Blend Relaxer has been developed with an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and honey to keep hair healthy during the relaxing process. This easy rinse sodium hydroxide base relaxer contains less chemical actives with cationic conditioners that optimize straightening and conditioning. It provides superior conditioning during relaxing with Polyquaterium-6 that adds lubricity, and a soft silky feel. An easy rinse sodium hydroxide relaxer formulated with an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, honey and an advanced conditioning agent -Polyquaterium-6 that provides superior conditioning during relaxing, adds lubricity and a soft silky feel. Available in: Fine/Color Treated, Medium/Normal, Coarse/Resistant

Key features

  • Moisturizing blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and honey.
  • Provides straightening, conditioning and scalp comfort.
  • Texture versatility with trusted, consistent results.

Honest reviews


I love Butter Blends!!

I have been using Mizani relaxers on and off for years and I am definitely staying put with this one. Mizani Butter Blends is definitely the best relaxer I have used!!Here are some hair stats: I have hair that is about below shoulder blade length, low porosity, fine, yet there is a lot of it. I think that my hair prefers this type of relaxer (not needing activator) over the calcium based relaxers.I relax my hair every 3-4 months and it gets my new growth pretty straight!! I am in love with how my hair feels afterwards!! It’s so bouncy, shiny and healthy!!I will say this … For those people who say that this relaxer “doesn’t last long,” I have a message. Relaxers do not wear off … They are permanent, so any curliness or otherwise that you are feeling is new growth (which is great!! Hooray!!) or hair that is underprocessed.Good luck to all!

Lourdes Quinault, WA

Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer

This product is excellent for individuals with sensitive scalp; I highly recommend that the users use the Mizani Butter Blend Balance Hair Bath Neutralizing Shampoo, as it seems to work best when used with Mizani products.I have used this product on my sister’s hair, and she loves it, as do I.

Candice Elk Mound, WI

Best relaxer

this is the best relaxer I have used. Very mild, gets my edges very straight but does not relax all of the texture out of my hair. My hair is much healthier since I have started using this system and I would not use anything else!

Darlene Indianola, IA
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Nexxus Volume Effexx, Large Round Brush

Dry, style or add lift with Nexxus volumizing small round brush. A fusion of the newest technologies, Tourmaline, negative ions, ceramics and nano silver are professionally engineered and customized into a brush that meets all your styling needs. Volume Effexx brushes were created to provide you with long lasting, frizz-free voluminous styles. Maximum hair control with even tensions to provide lift at hair roots while drying for added body. The large size evenly distributes heat to aid smoothing, straightening or waving during blow drying. Easily catch and hold hair for volume styling and setting curls or creating soft curls for evening looks. Soft cushion grip is comfortable to use.

Key features

  • Tourmaline eliminates frizz and seals the hair cuticle locking in moisture
  • Ions tighten the cuticle layer and seal in natural oils
  • Ceramics evenly distribute and hold heat longer so hair dries faster and damage is minimized
  • Nano silver helps eliminate hair pollutants helping keep hair from drying or frizzing
  • Ideal for blow-dry styling and creating volume or waves

Honest reviews


Best brush EVER

I bought this brush at CVS and LOVE it. I’ve had many different brushes over the years–including expensive boar bristle ones–and this is the best by far. It makes my hair super soft and shiny when drying (usually blow drying frizzes my hair out). Also, only about half an inch worth of brush sticks out from the metal/ceramic sleeve, so my long hair never gets tangled.It’s easy to roll hair up and down the brush for body, too. Way to go, Nexxus!

Katelyn Belden, NE

I have strong feelings for a brush

This tells you how much I love the brush: the price decreased an extra 15% since I purchased it last week and I don’t even care. I love this brush. My hair is mid-back length and wavy and my 1.5″ round brush was just not cutting it any more. I bought the jumbo size, and it is about 3″ in diameter. It is a perfect size for me and helps me get my hair straight. Each bristle has a longish plastic-tipped piece surrounded by a shorter clump of plastic bristles. This provides great grab. It feels sturdy and nice in the hand. I highly recommend this brush if you have long wavy hair!

Tameka Hamburg, AR


I love how it makes my hair look after I blow dry it. It has body and shine and seems to be made of a sturdy material. Has not broken yet on the handle like other cheap brushes that I have purchased. Thank you Nexxus. I will buy more just to have a spare!!!!

Jacquelyn New Waverly, TX
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100% Pure Super Fruits Concentrated Serum, 1 Ounce

SUPER FRUITS COLLECTION is a blend of the most powerfully anti-aging fruits from around the world with the highest ORAC value of antioxidants for aggressive age corrective treatment for your skin. This highly nourishing facial oil contains an exorbitant amount of vitamins, antioxidants and skin beneficial nutrients to aggressively reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and to make skin more healthy and glowing. Truly 100% Pure – naver any harsh detergents, chemical preservatives, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or any other toxins.

Key features

  • Super fruits collection is a blend of the most powerfully anti-aging fruits from around the world with the highest ORAC value of antioxidants for aggressive age corrective treatment for your skin
  • This highly nourishing facial oil contains an exorbitant amount of vitamins, antioxidants and skin beneficial nutrients to aggressively reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Truly 100% pure, never any harsh detergents, chemical preservatives, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or any other toxins

Honest reviews


A great find!

This has become my new favorite…due to my sensitive skin…and the use of other products that were initially great…the changes that my skin has gone through…makes me have to stop using one product and search for another…I am hoping this is my final product!

Corina Taylorstown, PA

Quality without robbing a bank.

The ingredients speak for themselves. Quickly absorbs, non greasy. I use a small spray bottle filled with water, a latex glove for the application. The water helps hydrate and the glove eliminates the product from being absorbed in my hand. You won’t be disappointed.

Jo Luckey, OH

Another keeper 🙂

I use a squirt of this and a squirt of their resveratrol serum, mix them together on the palms of my hands and apply. Again, brilliant products for people with dry, dehydrated,wrinkly skin. Plus, no junk in their products!

Chandra Aultman, PA
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Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer, Fair to Medium Skin Tones 7.5 Ounces

Moisturize into a firming glow.  Jergens natural glow firming daily moisturizer gradually creates fabulous natural looking color with a subtle skin darkening complex and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The collagen & elastin formula firms skin, so in as little as seven days of daily use you’ll experience tighter, firmer skin with less noticeable cellulite and improved elasticity.

Key features

  • JERGENS Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer gradually creates fabulous natural-looking color with a subtle skin-darkening complex. In as little as 7 days you’ll experience visibly firmer skin with less noticeable cellulite and improved elasticity
  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite in as little as 7 days
  • No sunless tanner odor
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and achieve natural-looking color

Honest reviews


Unbearble scent.

I recently purchased Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer firming lotion to even my unfair skin tones. I couldn’t bearly put this lotion long enough to get some advantage out of it due to its nasty scent. It almost reminds me of puke that I had to wipe them off.

Beatrice Pilot Grove, MO

Fast and effective! Does NOT have a terrible smell.

I was shocked at how quickly I saw results from this lotion! There are three things that this claims to do, but I can really only speak for two of them:1- Moisturizer: I used this after shaving expecting it would be more irritating than other lotions, but if anything it left my legs far less irritated than usual. I’d say this is definitely effective at its most basic, moisturizing purpose.2- “Natural Glow”: I am a pale person, but I’m generally okay with that. I don’t have big dreams of being tan, I just wanted something to make me not glow-in-the-light when I wear shorts in sunny weather–so I was only using this on my legs. They were noticeably darker in just three days and I was very pleased with the color they turned (not too orange.) I was so pleased with the results that I stopped there–I don’t want my legs to get a lot darker than the rest of me. I expect I’ll probably use this once or twice a week to try to maintain this shade, which is nice because this bottle should last me a lot longer than I had expected.Because I’m only using it sporadically, I can’t really speak for the “firming” part.I do want to mention though that considering all this lotion does I was expecting a terrible smell, and thought it was unreasonable that so many other reviewers were surprised it had one. I don’t know if they changed the formula or something, but I was amazed to find that it actually smelled kind of pleasant. And I can’t imagine that anyone would be irritated by it as it’s not very strong. It lingers a bit long, but it is not a strong or bad smell at all.Overall, I definitely recommend this product for anyone just wanting to get a little bit darker.

Ila Saltese, MT

Streaky Orange Legs

I purchased this product based on a friend’s recommendation, as well as the beautiful results she received from it. Unfortunately, no matter how closely I followed the directions, my own legs were streaky and orange within days — on all THREE of the separate occasions I tried this product. In hindsight, I should’ve asked my friend to borrow her tube of Jergens Natural Glow before I bought my own.Unlike some other reviewers, however, I didn’t have any problems with the product’s smell.

Elsa Cheraw, SC
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Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Conditioner, 14 Ounce

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Conditioner, 14 Ounce. Therapy Hair Care. Strong, healthy hair comes from simple, healing ingredients found in nature. Thickening Conditioner with Biotin B-Complex. A carefully balanced blend of biotin, saw palmetto, quinoa protein and vitamin E works in harmony to: help build body in fine, thinning hair; stimulate the scalp to encourage hair growth; cleanse and nourish hair from follicle through entire shaft; strengthen hair strands. The result: hair that feels thicker and softer with added volume. Avalon Organics is grounded in the knowledge that all beauty begins within the Earth. Guided by the wisdom of nature, each product is thoughtfully crafted for optimal effectiveness while meeting a strict organic standard. Formulas contain carefully selected botanicals that are nurtured by the elements then tenderly harvested to nourish the body from the outside in. Deep rooted beauty is at the heart of the Avalon Organics Guiding Principles – ensuring that every product reflects a deep reverence for the planet and all it provides and contributes in its own small way to a holistic lifestyle of health, wellness and sustainability.

Key features

  • For an energized scalp & thicker, fuller hair
  • Natural therapeutic solution treats thinning hair with organic botanicals & essential oils
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • No GMOs, vegan & biodegradable
  • No parabens, harsh sulfates or preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates or animal testing
  • Helps build body in fine or thinning hair as well as strengthen hair strands
  • Thickening conditioner formulated with biotin, saw palmetto, plant protein & vitamin E
  • NSF/ANSI 305 certified, contains natural & organic ingredients
  • 100% vegetarian formula, no animal testing
  • NO: parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrance, phthalates or harmful sulfates

Honest reviews


it’s alright.

This stuff makes your hair feel thicker after using it and overall is a good product. I have been using it for about 6 months and have not seen any hair-loss prevention or any hair growth what so ever. It is very reasonably priced and does leave my hair feeling thicker and better looking than other shampoos i’ve tried. I do think it promotes your hair to produce more oils though, it is pretty potent. After about 12-14 hours my forehead and scalp seem more oily than in the past since using this product, but nothing terrible or alarming.The smell could be better. It doesn’t necessarily smell bad, but it kinda smells like lemony dish soap or like dial hand soap–like some commercial bathroom product–But you gotta hand it to them, it smells pretty damn good for a product having Saw Palmetto berries in it–in case you were unaware, saw palmetto extract and berries smell like pure vomit and death…lol! Don’t worry you can’t smell the saw palmetto at all. It is not strong scented, you’ll just have a light fragrance of some industrial lemon-like handsoap while washing your hair.For the price, it’s definitely worth it to at least try.
Dorothy Brandon, WI

Not impressed

We were pretty disappointed with this shampoo and conditioner. Had high hopes for it, and it did not deliver.The smell was okay.It was harsh and stripping on the hair follicles.Left our hair with that squeaky clean feeling, but not in a good way, more in a removed all the oil from your hair kinda away.Even in using the conditioner, my hair still looked frizzy. And I do not have frizzy hair! Mine is fine, thin, and straight. If anything I usually border on having my hair be too silky and need things to volumize it.Just cannot recommend this product.
Allene Elmore, OH

Didn’t see results

I washed and conditioned 1 a week but didn’t see much difference. No thickening. May work for thinning but I have actual loss of hair.
Ethel Midway City, CA
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DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow, Lavender Velvet

Discover the inner peace that resides within you. DreamTime’s Inner Peace Eye Pillow is a sensory relaxation tool used for easing stress and tension, while allowing you to rest and recharge, sleep or meditate deeply. Filled with our signature blend of flax, lavender, chamomile and orange granules, the Inner Peace Eye Pillow applies gentle acupressure to tired eyes and facial muscles, while the aromatherapy induces an aura of comfort and calm. The luxurious fabric is cool to the touch, allowing the Eye Pillow to drape and conform to the contours of your face, providing welcome relief for headaches, sleeping difficulties, stress or eye puffiness.

Key features

  • Pure and natural aromatherapy herbs relieve tension and stress
  • Flax seed filling provides gentle acupressure
  • Use cold to reduce swelling and relieve headache pain
  • Side zipper allows washing and re-filling
  • Soft natural fabrics are comfortable durable and washable

Honest reviews


Really does help me relax!

I had an eye pillow made by a different manufacturer for about 10 years before it finally tore open. Unable to see how I could live without it, I repaired it with duct tape (hey, I’m a guy, what do you expect), but I figured it was time to get a new one. I was pleased to see on Amazon that many eye pillows, such as the DreamTime eye pillow on this page, come with zippers so the contents can be removed and the material hand-washed. I got a different color than the one on this page (I got the “DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow, Sage Velvet,” also sold here at Amazon). The eye pillow that tore open on me was unscented and I was hesitant about getting a scented eye pillow; I was afraid it would be too perfumy. But the scent of the DreamTime eye pillow is quite pleasant and to my liking and I don’t find it perfumy at all. It has a mild chamomile smell, and when I use it, it is easy for me to imagine that I am reclining in a field of wild chamomile. Having an eye pillow means not having to put my arm or arms over my eyes (or a folded up t-shirt or a towel or whatever is handy) when I want total darkness. The eye pillow gives me total darkness–100% absolute blackness. It also imparts the pleasant sensation that I get when I gently press my palms to my eyes. The scent is relaxing, the sensation of having the pillow over my eyes is relaxing, the absolute darkness is relaxing, and I highly recommend this inexpensive product (especially at the sale price) to anyone who is looking for a natural way to get some deep relaxation. DreamTimes’s eye pillow comes in a sturdy reusable cardboard box (with a ribbon carrying handle). DreamTime eye pillows are obviously marketed to women and that’s too bad for guys who might not consider trying them because of how they’re marketed. Maybe if they make some with a camo design (just kidding). Highly recommended for anyone who wants a natural aid to deep relaxation.
Nanette Butternut, WI

Very pleased

Years ago someone gave me one of this type eye pillow and I have loved it. The fragrance was very soothing and really aided my relief from migraines. The company that manufactured it has since been sold and I was looking for a replacement. DreamTime is the perfect replacement. It has the exact aroma and is well made as was the first one. I also have ordered one for my daughter and she enjoys hers as well. I recommend to these to everyone I know who has migraines.
Paige Azalea, OR

it is just ok

After reading all reviews here i was expecting something much better. First, the smell is so intense that it makes the eyes itchy after a few minutes. Second it does not get cold enough. The only pro is that is very soft. I bet you can get something better and cheaper than this one. just my opinion.
Elena Orland, ME
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Maybelline New York Expert Eyes 100% Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, 2.3 Fl. Oz.

This 100% oil free formula gently and effectively removes washable mascara and eye makeup without oily residue. Fragrance free. Hypoallergenic. dermatologist tested.

Key features

  • Effectively removes washable eye makeup
  • 100% oil free
  • Fragrance free

Honest reviews



This is only for washable makeup not waterproof makeup learned thr hard way still not a good buy it seems like im just using soapy water ill stick to my almond oil removes makeup faster and is gentle on skin
Bobbi Kooskia, ID

Have used it for years

This is probably the 6th bottle I’ve ordered over the years. Gets the yucky black remnants of the mascara off from the lids and under the lower lid.
Juliet New Caney, TX

The best!

Might as well review one of my long-standing, best beauty products. I buy several of these at a time because I seriously NEVER want to run out. No oiliness after, gets all mascara and eye shadow off easily. Love this!
Regina Laupahoehoe, HI
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