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PacificCoast NutriLabs 5000 IU Vitamin D3 Supplement,

Soak It up. Let vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, be your shining light to a healthier life. Let’s face it, we’ve heard about the benefits of taking vitamin D for ages. And, for good reason. Yet, shockingly, 75% of American adults are clinically deficient. Here’s the scoop: there are actually two forms of vitamin D. And, it’s absolutely critical that you take the right type. Vitamin D2 is commonly found in drugstores, but current research suggests that D2 is not nearly as effective as natural sun-derived Vitamin D. Make sure you’re getting Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which precisely mimics the natural Vitamin D your skin makes from direct sun.

Key features

  • PURE MAXIMUM POTENCY FORMULA: Vitamin D3 5000 IU Supplement, the “sunshine” vitamin. Take just 1 pill daily to satisfy vitamin D deficiency ailments and get maximum health and wellness benefits. Don’t settle for less potent 1,000 or 2,000 IU softgels, our maximum potency 5,000 IU vegatable capsules offer greater value and effectiveness.
  • CLINICAL PROVEN RESULTS: PacificCoast NutriLabs PLATINUM Series Vitamin D3 tablets not only meet, but exceed Dr. Oz’s and the Institute of Medicine’s daily recommended dosage. With clinically proven benefits, it’s no surprise that Vitamin D3 pills have seen a surge in interest among health professionals. Vitamin D D3 has been proven to support calcium deficiency, depression, acne, diet, skin, hair loss and breastfeeding.
  • BEST-VALUE 6-MONTH SUPPLY: 180 Natural High Dose Vegetable Capsules (Full 6-Month Supply!) of 5000 IU Vitamin D3 softgel pills. Small tablet size also makes them great for kids.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK, BEST HEALTH GUARANTEE: Top brand with the ONLY pure, maximum potency best Vitamin D3 supplement backed by our “Best Health” 100% Money Back Guarantee. Feel the PLATINUM difference today!
  • SPECIAL OFFER ALERT: Don’t Forget Friends and Family – Get EXTRA 10% Off When You Order 2 Bottles! And, Get EXTRA 15% Off and FREE Shipping When You Order 4 Or More Bottles!

Honest reviews


Want to feel great?

I have been taking this for two weeks. I purchased it to help it stress. I take it with breakfast and I can tell a big difference. I have much more clarity and feel less stressful. Which is amazing. I love this product and will continue to take. The price is awesome and it last for 6 months. You cant go wrong with this product. It has been great for me.Amazing!!!!

Abby Elgin, SC

Good quality, good value

I started taking vitamin D3 for hair loss. I take biotin and D3 and have had wonderful results. I could actually ‘see’ that it was working. Since my hair problem has been resolved I continue to take this product to insure good health. This D3 is a good value with the high dose that I can take just once a day which I like. I do take a quite few supplements and am on the lookout for the best value and quality and have found that with this product. PacificCoast Nutralabs offers a money back guarantee which is something I always look for as well. It’s important that the company stands behind their product. ‘Pacific Coast Nutralabs’ is a company I have come to trust for quality products with quality processing.

Bridgette Spicewood, TX

D3 is for ME!

Having Mutiple Sclerosis it is very important to keep my immune system in optimal shape.This supplement is highly recommended for it’s ease of use,no after taste and the benefits it provides.This came very well packaged and delivered in very quick fashion. Would order again from PacificCoast Nutrilabs.

Francisca Cato, NY

The best product who live in state without sunshine.

I live in Oregon and need more vitamin D.This is the right amount of IU’s, which are hard to find.The price is very good also.My wife is also taking this same supplement and we have both noticed improvement.These are easy to swallow & I really like this particular brand & doseage of D3.I do seem to notice a difference in my mood & overall health when taking this supplement.It does not upset my stomach at all.

Antonia Blue River, OR

Best buy for the money

After researching other vitamin D3 products online at at the local drug store this 180 soft gels this seemed to be the best vitamin D3 value. Because they are 5000 IU I dont have to take 5 of them. The capsules are small and easy to swallow.

Tanya Berlin, MA

This is a wonderful Vitamin D3

My doctor has always told me to take a good vitamin D pill. This seems to be one of the best I have found. It is 5000 IU and is a soft gel tablet. Since the dosage is 5000IU ,I only need to take one daily. It is good for the skin, hair and helps with overall health. I really like this product and recommend you try it.

Susie Saint John, WA

great product

I have been taking vitamin D3 for about a year now and I have noticed that the pain in my hip is gone. This is 5000 IU and I take two a day. Living in Minnesota I do not get enough sun to get it naturally. This is a great supplement for any one living in the northern areas. Love that it is a higher dose I don’t have to take so many. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Adela Clinton, MS

My second order. I started taking this after reading …

My second order. I started taking this after reading about Vitamin D and the low levels i had been receiving from my PCP.

Lee Summit, AR