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Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume

Fun, fresh and fantastic, Pacifica Spray Perfume is made with natural, pure grain alcohol (corn-sourced and gluten-free) and Pacifica’s signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils. In tantalizing and delicious Tuscan Blood Orange, it’s sexy, easy to wear and lovely to layer!

Key features

  • Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free

Honest reviews



I bought this item at Borders. None of the bottles had lids–I’m assuming that’s just the way it’s packaged. I read the description and I love jasmine. I smelled it–smelled fine. Then I tried it when I left the store and it smelled like gardenia’s. Yuk! I returned it immeditately. Just stick with their candles.

Tammie Elmore, OH

Heavenly. Love the smell, so REAL. But the bottle is tiny!

Tiny bottle of the loveliest smelling lilac perfume. I didn’t realize I was ordering such a tiny bottle considering the price.

Beth Elizabethtown, NC

Love it – People frequently tell me I smell good when I wear this!

I’ve been wearing this scent for about a year and I absolutely love it! It does not have a flowery or artificial perfume smell which is great. Rather, it smells somewhat woody and citrusy (is citrusy a word?). I wear it because I personally love the smell, but it seems other folks really like it too as I frequently have random people comment that I smell good when I wear it. It’s not a heavy scent, so you’re not walking in a cloud of odor. Typically it is when someone is closer to me, say in a crowded elevator or line, that random people comment that it smells good. they pretty much need to be close to you, so you don’t have to worry that you’re overpowering others with scent.I had been buying mine at whole foods, but for some reason they’ve been out for over a month. I decided to check Amazon and found it here, in addition to a few other scents by Pacifica that I think I’ll give a try. I LOVE the scent of their Mexican cocoa candles, so I’ll likely give that one a try, too.

Jessica Saxis, VA


I hate to give away my secret but this Pacifica Cocoa is great for a light dusting as is…or..even better to mix with other scents since it’s not overly heavy. It IS however very pleasing and not at all "chocolate" scented which was my fear. The scent is a little dark but more bittersweet than sad or evil. It’s spicy but not in a hippie headshop too much kind of way. It’s sweet spicy- but not too sweet to be a dessert- smell. I found it very appealing.Ok. I’ll share. I use this scent with the "Halloween" OR "moon and stars" that makes for an incredibly wonderful unusual but pretty unique scent but I’m looking forward to layering it with others as well. There you have it. Exotic with a touch of whimsy or is it whimsical with a touch of exotica? Whatever.

Maryellen Halifax, MA

Not so sure about this one..

This scent is way more floral than it is cocoa. I expected more of a sweet, spicy, foody scent. It’s pleasant, but not at all what I was expecting.

Wilda Maysville, WV

Great Natural Perfume!

I bought this perfume because it is a natural perfume and way better for you than normal perfumes. I love it. I have read in many reviews on different websites about Pacifica perfumes not having any staying power but I think this perfume lasts great for a natural perfume. The reason why it does not stay as long as we are used to (because we are used to chemical filled perfumes) is because it is all natural and does not have harmful chemicals in it that make other perfumes stay on your skin longer. This particular scent is great for summer. It is fun and sexy. I think it is great for all ages. I also purchased the Island Vanilla and am very pleased with that one as well.

Milagros Fort Kent Mills, ME

OMG what smells so good?!? Oh, it’s me!

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange smells of juicy oranges (duh) with just a hint of sweet berries. I also detect the subtlest hint of vanilla bean; there’s a warmth to this scent for sure, especially when it starts to wear off. Which brings me to its (one and only) downfall: the staying power. Or I guess I should say the lack thereof. As others have noted, it does not last very long on the skin. But I personally don’t mind reapplying, particularly since this is my everyday summer fragrance of choice, and every time I reapply, it’s like a refreshing pick-me-up boost. If you’re somebody who gets annoyed at fleeting fragrances, then you will be annoyed w/this product. Like I said it doesn’t bother me; it’s a tradeoff I’m willing to accept given the amazing scent. If you do get this, be prepared for everyone and anyone who comes within a 3-foot radius of you to remark on how good you smell.

Rosalinda Zenda, WI

Pacifica Mediterranean Fig Perfume Smells Yummy But Doesn’t Last

I purchased this scent at Amazon and really enjoy its fragrance. The problem is it doesn’t last or hold up for any length of time so it’s kind of fun when you first apply but by the time you go anywhere the lovely scent is gone. I might reorder and just use more or maybe I will find something else that has a more long-lasting affect.

Isabella Marshall, TX


This perfume smells great, especially with the body butter. It lasts a little while but I spray it all over which uses up a lot, I wish they made a larger size. I love this scent so much it’s fantastic.

Blanche South Pekin, IL


I love all coconut scents, and this is a pretty good one. Pacifica is a wonderful, ethical brand that I trust.It isn’t very long lasting (which is fine because I like spraying a bunch on whenever I feel like it) and my mother says that it really does smell like Play-Doh. This will be a drawback only when I meet someone who does not like the scent of Play-Doh. It still smells like sweet mystical coconuts to me!

Lakeisha Poland, NY

smells like a winter retreat

spicy cinnamon scent with a hint of rich cocoa, great layered with the Pacifica Coconut Nectar for a decadent winter scent.

Callie Ozone Park, NY

Smells just like rain kissed fresh jasmine

Such a beautiful scent! It smells exactly like the night blooming jasmine that grows all over southern california, and on warm nights fragrants the air all over! This perfume even has a hint of the greenery.I love it, and have also used it at bedtime because jasmine scent is known to help sleep. It works! I sleep all night after spraying this on me and / or pillowMy only issue which does not detract the stars, is it does not last. I am sure I will need to get the cream and soap too, which is next on my list, along with many of Pacifica’s other scents.If you like jasmine, you will love this

Caryn Worth, IL

Love this soft scent

This isn’t the most long-lasting perfume I’ve ever worn, but it’s scent is lovely and delicate. It’s the perfect white floral scent– not too complex, and actually smells like a flower, instead of an overly perfumey imitation of flowers.

Ollie Middleburg, OH

i think ill definately purchase this one again. love !

This smells so good !spicy cocoa smell! I wanted something different from the fruity sweet candylike smells I usually get and this one is awesome. I sprayed it one time maybe an hour ago and I still smell it , I love that its different than anything I’ve ever smelled in a perfume ,and I can definitely smell the cocoa in it, as one review said they couldn’t smell anything chocolate about it its definitely there. But, perfumes smell different on everyone 😊

Dollie Indianola, NE

Too Sweet

I love Pacifica perfumes, however this particular one is a bit too sweet for my taste. If you like a more subtle fragrance, Pacifica Sandalwood is great!

Adrian Candia, NH

glad to find it here

I bought this an a boutique in Seattle. Love the smell. Reminds me of Hawaii. Glad to have found it here.

Kelli Boalsburg, PA


I have bought this particular perfume 2x now. It smells a little like toasted coconut — it’s not quite sunscreen smell, but it’s close. I really like it because most people who have smelled it on me have called it "yummy" — which I like. It’s playful and light. Probably good for a younger person. I recommend it though, the scent lasts all day 😀

Jaclyn Milton, KY

Very Happy except!

Very happy to find a Perfume that is not full of Bad Chemicals! AND….I Love Gardenia’s….I gave it 5 stars…BUT it does not have a LID/Top to protect it from spraying….I ordered 6 of these.

Pat Flagtown, NJ


Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. I wish there was an accompanying body wash. Gonna tuck this one away until next Spring. Better in spring and summer.

Ina Smiths Grove, KY

Fresh citrus

This is a wonderful smell, it’s like I cut open an orange and was engulfed by that orange mist they spray out! The scent stays on for about 3 hours with only 2 sprays, so it could use a bit more staying power.A must have for orange lovers because it doesn’t smell like cleaning product, and the price is great for such a good smelling perfume.

Samantha East Fultonham, OH


I love this and will never use anything else… As long as the price doesn’t go up too much!

Bethany Rock Valley, IA

A very nice perfume for the money that has become my favorite.

This is a surprisingly "delicious" smelling perfume and I have lots of compliments every time I wear it. Most perfumes are much more expensive and I can’t wear many of them anyway because I’m usually allergic to some of the ingredients. So this is a a very good, relatively inexpensive alternative for me. I first got it at Target which only had one promotion set up, and then they stopped carrying it. I’m on my third bottle and buy it from a vendor on Amazon and have been very pleased.

Ebony Talpa, TX

This only smells okay

Lilac is really a hard flower to reproduce in perfume. I don’t think I’ve ever smelt anything that comes close (Diorissimo does the whole Spring flower thing the best that I know of). This fragrance is only mediocre for me at the best. It wasn’t very expensive, and that seems obvious. But, I’ve smelt worse.

Rene Arcade, NY

Light scent

The best thing I can say is, "This does not smell like perfume!" It does not have that old lady in the elevator smell. More like woodsy outdoor. Very nice. Does not overpower, but doesn’t last long. I will reorder this.

Shauna Benton, WI

Mexican Cocoa

I purchased the Mexican Cocoa scent. It has a light chocolate under tone, but top notes are slightly flowery. I’m not sure if I love this, hate this or what. It’s a pretty scent, but it didn’t last very long. After a few hours it seemed to have just disappeared.I’m really on the fence with this, I expected a warm cocoa scent & this wasn’t what I was looking for.

Ora Omaha, GA

smells more like fly spray

I don’t like this at all, I have lots of lilacs in my yard and I know how they smell, this smells more like fly spray to me.

Roxie Rosepine, LA


This smells so lovely. Found this at Whole Foods, but less expensive on here. All natural, no harmful stuff on your liver!

Naomi Stephentown, NY

what a find !!

Blood oranges in season around holiday time – they are so luscious and this was a gift for someone who loves the oranges, I never knew there was a perfume but makes good sense since it has such a natural bright scent;

Brenda Stambaugh, KY

I bought Sandalwood

The smell is nice. It doesn’t last and I doubt it is noticeable to anyone else but myself. So, I think I paid a bit too much since it doesn’t last and isn’t strong. But it’s okay and I will use it until it is gone.

Rachael Rosedale, WV

very good Smell

I love the smell of this, it is very sensual and light and lasts for a long time. Not overpowering at all, I usually get headaches from perfumes but not this one.

Wilma Wolfeboro Falls, NH