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OXY Daily Defense Cleansing Pads 90 pads

2% Salicylic acid acne medication. Aggressively treats and helps prevent pimples. No. 1 pharmacist recommended brand. Oxy Maximum Pads have a patented formula, which aggressively penetrates deep into the pores where pimples start. They work continuously between washings to help prevent and eliminate blemishes. Experience immediate results as they instantly start to unclog pores by removing dirt and oil, providing long-lasting protection against pimples.

Key features

  • Penetrates deep into pores where pimpled start
  • Instantly starts unclogging pores
  • Removes dirt and oil
  • Use a patented formula which penetrates deep into the pores where blackheads start
  • Removes dirt, oil and bacteria without drying the skin
  • Active ingredient Salicylic Acid together with alcohol (46 % volume/volume)
  • Maximum effectiveness to fight existing blackheads and prevent new ones from forming
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


Great System to Fight Acne

Although marketed for teenage boys, I am a woman over 40 who loves using the Oxy products. Using the face wash, cleansing pads, and spot treatment has helped to keep my face clean and clear. And, my face knows when I have messed up the system! I also use the scrub to help keep my skin exfoliated. As always, I like to mention that these products should NOT be used by those with sensitive skin. But, if you have stubborn acne, Oxy could be just what you need. And, it is much cheaper than ProActiv while being more effective (at least for me). The packs offered at Amazon are a great bargain and good way to ensure that you don’t run out of product!

Gloria Wycombe, PA

good face cleaners

These face cleaners get the oil of my face, at the expense of making my face have some sort of chemical smell. But I don’t care, cause I just use them before I go to bed.

Marie Volborg, MT

Works well

My son has been using the Oxy Pads since he started having acne. Even though his acne has cleared up, he continues to use these to keep his face/pores clean. I like the fact I can order 3 in a package to save time and money.

Briana Brady, MT

Acne Weaponry

This is an essential weapon in my acne arsenal. Pro-Activ doesn’t work for me. Salicylic Acid does better for me than the Benzoyl Peroxide in Pro-Activ. After washing your face, use these pads to remove additional grime, unclog pores and leave acne fighting protection.This is a decent price but you can catch it on-sale at the big box stores for less. Me and my teenager BOTH use it so we need to have it on hand.

Lessie Beedeville, AR


I started trying the Oxy Daily Defense cleansing pads with the Oxy Maximum Strength Cleanser and wow. My skin has steadily getting better and better! I am not going to say this is a magic cure because in my quest to defeat acne I have found that isn’t the case. BUT this stuff works wonderfully and my skin and getting so much clearer. I have noticed a bit of dryness from this combo but I also will use my St Ives Anti aging moisturizer and the dryness is not as bad. I think these pads are also great if you don’t have a lot of time and just want to get a quick treatment. I really love Oxy products now. I am 23 with combination skin and this stuff has really made me feel beautiful!

Peggy Lucerne, IN

Good for acne

Honestly nothing stops acne completely. But these offer deep cleaning and do a good job without breaking the bank. I had acne bad and my oldest already has it so these are a must as part of the treatment. Ultimately you just have to mostly outgrow it but keeping your face clean helps the pores to stay more open.

Arlene Newtown, VA


I was very skeptical about buying this because of how strong they are. However, at this point I’m willing to try absolutely ANYTHING to help with my oily skin. My skin has become 100times better since I started using these pads. I don’t recommend them if you have dry skin because then it’ll just dry your skin out even more. but if you have oily skin like i DID then this will be great for you.Caution!! Don’t travel with them because the container leaks. only bad part about it

Magdalena Concord, PA

this stuff is AMAZING

i have been using this for 3 years now. The first few times i used it, my face cleared up. I have even seen scars from breakouts turn lighter and my complexion to become more even-tone.the pads are gentle and have the same texture on both sides. i used the NOXZEMA this time just to switch it up but i am going back to this!

Brianna Ash Grove, MO