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OXY Clinical Advanced Face Wash, 5.1-Fluid Ounces

Clinical Results Without A Prescription

Key features

  • Our revolutionary, continuous-action formula battles breakouts even after you rinse
  • 25 times more acne medicine remains on the skin after rinsing
  • Patented AcneShield salicylic acid unclogs pores fast and fights flare-ups
  • Botanical extracts soothe irritation, leaving your complexion feeling replenished
  • Gentle enough to use everyday

Honest reviews


OXY Clinical Hydrating Therapy, 2- Ounces

I don’t think this product likes my skin, or vice versa. I’ve been using it for a month now and I seem to have more breakouts than before.

Sheryl Liberty, IN

The only thing that works for me

I’ve suffered from acne on my back for a few years and I’ve tried so many different products and I still had horrible acne on my back. I got a sample in the mail and I used it for 3 days. 70% of my acne is gone! I can only imagine how well it would work if I used it for a week or more. I’m very impressed and will buy this product ASAP. Highly recommend!

Tammie Fulton, AR

Oxy Hydrating Therapy

I bought this product for my 16 year old son. He uses the whole kit. He was using Proactiv but noticed that it wasn’t getting rid of his acne at all. His cousin recommended this product to him last year and he’s been using it ever since. Since he liked it so much he kept asking me to use it. I’ve been a proactive user for many years but I figured I might as well try it because I really didn’t want to have to pay for 2 different kinds of acne products. I tried it one day and realized after a week that the Oxy products were much better for my face. They made my face feel softer and smoother to the touch and I got rid of my acne quicker when I had a breakout. Also the Oxy products are so much cheaper than the Proactiv products. I would definitely recommend this product and the other Oxy products to anyone who has acne. Also, I want to thank the Amazon company for having the Oxy products under the “subscribe and save program.” I get the products automatically sent to my home when I need them and I can cancel a shipment if needed at anytime.

Gabriela Forestville, WI

Happy Customer ~~ OXY Clinical Clearing Treatment

I haven’t found anything that I like better for clearing up my mild acne, and I have tried MANY products in my life time.

Annie Marilla, NY

great treatment

This clinical treatment works for me. It clears up pimples by drying them out and prevents others from forming. I’ve bought this before and will continue to do so. It’s the best.

Ernestine Battlement Mesa, CO