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Own Products Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser

The Own Difference: To truly solve a problem, you need a new approach. In the fight against aging, the same companies, same formulas and ways of thinking have persisted. For years, we’ve seen products with impossible claims, read lists of unrecognizable toxic and harsh ingredients, and heard a false dichotomy between “natural” and “effective”. The Entrepreneurial people behind Own saw a need for a new way of thinking. They couldn’t find clinically proven, quality, good-for-you anti-aging treatments so they started Own and created the products that they wanted for themselves. Own is a San Francisco based skin-health company that believes in the holistic (complete) approach towards healthy skin. Own believes that there are too many chemicals that are in our everyday lives – in our food, in our environment, and even in our skincare products. Own’s foundation is in developing unique, innovative formulas that are effective in improving skin’s overall health, but without the need for harsh chemicals. Beyond products, Own advocates for lifestyle changes to make real improvements in their skin health. Using SF Bay Area technology, Own created the first-to-market aging analysis app that empowers people to see their current aging situation. Now armed with personalized information about wellness, nutrition and beauty, people can make wiser choices for their healthiest skin. Own is the NEW way of looking at OLD.

Key features

  • Light and creamy, non-foaming formula
  • Gently exfoliates and hydrates skin WITHOUT HARSH CHEMICALS
  • Maximize results when combined with Own’s Anti-Aging products
  • No Retinol, Parabens, Fragrances, or Sulfates
  • No Irritation or redness, perfect for GENTLE skin. Dermatologist-Tested

Honest reviews


Fragrance free

Fragrance free, if that is important to you.It has a nice texture and rinses off easily.Not sure about the age defying claims.At some point, I really don’t want to pay more than $7 or 8 dollars on refined soap.The company is based in San Francisco, and not in Los Angeles, if that matters to you. The product hence is a little bit off the beaten path. But the question is, do you care that much. I don’t. I just care that it doesn’t smell perfumy.

Rochelle Stonyford, CA

Worthless claims from a good cleanser

If they didn’t claim this was an “anti aging” product, this would be worthy for 4 stars, but since they market this as something with anti-aging properties, I have to judge it as such. But since there’s no way to prove their claims, there’s no way we can disprove them, too.Other than the worthless claims, this is a pretty good cleanser. I like the lack of any powerful fragrance, and I like that they avoided using many of the harsh chemical used by competitors.

Natalia Ogema, MN

Good unscented non-foaming facial cleanser is free of animal testing, parabens, retinol, fragrances, sulfates, GMO ingredients.

இ Fuzzy Wuzzy’s Summary:ѾѾѾѾ Recommended with warm fuzzies.փ Positives:փ This cleanser has an interesting, and complex, blend of cleansers with moisturizers and skin conditioning agents.փ This skin care product is free of animal testing, parabens, retinol, fragrances, sulfates, and GMO ingredients.փ This cleanser is vegan, which means that its ingredients are not derived from animal sources.ჯ Negatives:ჯ Perhaps due to its complex blend of oils and fatty acids, this cleanser does not rinse off as easily as most skin cleansers.ჯ This product contains phenoxyethanol, which can have worse side effects than the use of parabens.ჯ On a per-fluid-ounce basis, this is far more expensive than most facial/skin cleansers.This non-foaming gel cleanser has a buttery smooth creamy consistency that feels very nice on the skin. Even though foaming does not improve a cleanser’s cleaning effectiveness, some people prefer more of a foaming lathering action in their cleansers. This product spreads out more like a lotion than a soap or shampoo. While everyone’s skin chemistry can differ, I felt no irritation, rash, or redness after using this cleanser on my face for the past few weeks. Except for maybe some really simple old-fashioned soaps made out of lard, lye, and water, all modern cosmetics and skin/hair care products can cause side effects in different people. So the proverbial “your mileage may vary” disclaimer applies here.It is natural to compare this Own cleanser to Cetaphil since Cetaphil has been on the market far longer. This Own cleanser consists of 24 ingredients, which is three times more than Cetaphil’s 8 ingredients. Cetaphil’s eight ingredients are: water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben. Three of Cetaphil’s ingredients are parabens. Parabens can cause dermatitis and rosacea in people who are sensitive or allergic to these compounds. If skin that is coated with methylparaben is exposed to ultraviolet light (e.g. UVB from sunlight), the methylparaben can react with UV rays to increase the rate of cellular death, DNA damage, skin aging, and overall skin damage. Methylparaben is used as a preservative in many cosmetics. The sodium lauryl sulfate in Cetaphil has a cleansing action in removing the oils from your skin. Sodium lauryl sulfate is excellent at dissolving oils, so it is also frequently used in laundry detergents along with uses in various industrial cleansers, and it is used as a degreaser on car engines. However, its degreasing effectiveness can also make it too harsh for sensitive skin.Here is a brief description of each of the 24 ingredients in this Own facial cleanser:₪ Water: The main fluid in which all 23 other ingredients are mixed with.₪ Cetearyl Alcohol: A blend of Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol, this emulsifies and adds creaminess to the blend, and since it improves moisture retention, it is often used in hair conditioners. Cetaphil labels this as two separate ingredients of Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol.₪ Glycerin: Frequently added to moisturizer products, and like the propylene glycol used in Cetaphil, it acts as a humectant to help absorb and retain moisture.₪ Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: Like Cetearyl Alcohol, this is also derived from coconut oil. It is considered an excellent emollient and skin-repairing ingredient in cosmetics due to its mix of fatty acids that skin can utilize to repair its surface and resist moisture loss.₪ Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil: Safflower oil is commonly used in foods and cooking, and it has excellent nutritional value due to its high content of linoleic acid. When used on skin, it acts as a lubricant.₪ Cetearyl Olivate / Sorbitan Olivate: Both Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate are derived from olive oil, and they help to moisturize the skin.₪ Glyceryl Stearate: An emulsifier derived from vegetable oils, it helps to soften and moisturize skin.₪ Lauryl Glucoside / Cetearyl Glucoside / Decyl Glucoside: All three of these glucosides are mild surfactants derived from plants that function as cleansers in this blend. A “surfactant” is a compound that is often used in soaps and detergents because it can help dissolve and separate oil, dirt, and proteins.₪ Stearic Acid: A powerful surfactant with a strong cleansing action, it also acts as an emulsifier to keep everything blended in this mix of ingredients. Stearic acid sources can come from either natural oils like palm, coconut, and butters, or it can come from animal fat, such as the fat from cows, sheep, pigs, and euthanized dogs and cats. Since this Own product says that it is both vegan and not tested on animals, I assume that the stearic acid used in this product is derived from plant sources and not from animals.₪ Glycolic Acid: Acting as a mild exfoliant, glycolic acid works by breaking down substances that bond dead skin cells beneath the top layer of skin. Dead skin cells, which contribute to clogged pores and dull skin, can then be rinsed away.₪ Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil: Jojoba oil is extracted from seeds of a desert shrub that is native to California. It is a waxy oil that is easily absorbed into the skin to help soften skin.₪ Tocopherol: A form of vitamin E, this is sometimes included in skin moisturizers and sunscreens. However, it is debatable as to how useful tocopherol is when applied to the skin since it can be destroyed by exposure to the UV rays of sunlight. When used as a facial cleanser, some tocopherol may be absorbed into your sebaceous glands before they are later released into your skin as part of your skin oil secretions.₪ Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate: This interesting compound can be absorbed into your skin where it is converted into vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid). When used in skin care products, MAP is actually more effective than straight vitamin C in functions of UV protection and repair, collagen production, skin lightening and brightening, and as an anti-inflammatory.₪ Hydroxyethylcellulose: Derived from cellulose, this is added to give the cleanser a thicker gel consistency.₪ Allantoin: Allantoin can be derived from either botanical extracts of the comfrey plant or the urine of most mammals. Since this cleanser is “vegan”, I presume that the allantoin used here comes from the comfrey plant 🙂 It has good moisturizing and skin-conditioning abilities.₪ Sodium PCA: An amino acid derivative, sodium PCA is very hygroscopic, attracting moisture from the air. It imparts a moist feeling to skin.₪ Sodium Hydroxide: Also known as lye, it is used in its concentrated form to make soap and dissolve through clogged drains. But since sodium hydroxide is extremely alkaline, I suspect that it is added to this cleanser to adjust the pH.₪ Panthenol: A derivative of vitamin B5, it has humectant, emollient, and moisturizer properties. It is often used in hair shampoos and conditioners because it quickly coats the entire hair shaft and seals the hair. In this facial cleanser, it functions to improve the skin’s hydration.₪ Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter): A fat that is extracted from the African shea tree, it has multiple uses in skin care products, acting as an emollient and moisturizer to protect and repair skin, and to improve the elasticity and suppleness of skin.₪ Ethylhexylglycerin: Derived from glycerin, this is often used as an alternative to parabens. Its surfactant properties allow it function as both a skin cleanser and conditioner. It can be a skin irritant for some people.₪ Phenoxyethanol: Although this is sometimes used as a preservative in skin care products as a supposedly safer alternative to parabens, this phenoxyethanol is, by far, the most suspect and controversial ingredient used in this facial cleanser. Phenoxyethanol has been proven to be a skin irritant that can cause contact dermatitis and worsen eczema in humans. Previous research has also shown that phenoxyethanol can cause various problems in the nervous, endocrine, and reproductive systems of animals. In 2008, the FDA issued a product recall alert about a “Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Cream” that contained phenoxyethanol and the FDA warned that the phenoxyethanol “can depress the central nervous system and may cause vomiting and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration in infants.”Many skin care products contain fragrances that can be either too strong or prone to causing allergic reactions. Like Cetaphil, this cleanser is fragrance-free. This cleanser lotion is gluten-free. Even though gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin, the use of gluten or wheat products in cosmetics or skin care products can present a problem for people who have who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance if the product is swallowed. And since this is a facial cleanser, there is tiny possibility that you could be too vigorous in massaging the cleanser on your face so that some enters inside your mouth.This cleanser is advertised to “gently exfoliate”, but the exfoliating effects of its glycolic acid ingredient are really subtle. If you want to gently strip off more dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, there are various brands of microdermabrasion kits that combine a battery-operated brush scrubber with a gritty cream to perform gentle exfoliation on your face where the result may be more noticeable. Stronger over-the-counter glycolic acid exfoliation treatments may contain a higher 10% concentration of glycolic acid. Clinics offer chemical peels using 30%, 50%, or 70% concentrations of glycolic acid, along with other stronger chemical peels. This Own cleanser likely uses a very mild glycolic acid concentration. If you want to maximize the exfoliation results using this Own cleanser, you should leave it on your skin for one or two minutes before washing it all off.௫ Fuzzy Wuzzy’s Conclusion:Overall, this is a good facial cleanser. I would have really preferred that this cleanser did not contain phenoxyethanol, which can cause various adverse skin reactions in humans and can potentially have more toxic side effects. I rate it 4 stars instead of 5 mainly because it does not seem to totally rinse off as cleanly as Cetaphil and many other skin cleansers. To me, a skin cleanser should be like a hair shampoo in that they should both rinse off without leaving a residue, whereas a skin moisturizer is like a hair conditioner in that they both leave a residue or coating to serve their purpose. Because this cleanser does not rinse off as easily, it is probably easier to rinse off in the shower instead of standing over the sink. I tried taking a clean washcloth into the shower and using the wet washcloth to wipe my face more, and that helped to expedite the rinsing and cleaning. But perhaps this Own cleanser uses such a complex mixture of cleansers combined with moisturizers and oils, it is like washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner at the same time: your hair does not wash and rinse as cleanly when shampoo and conditioner are combined together. This Own cleanser is also currently four times more expensive than Cetaphil, currently priced at $2.40 per fluid ounce compared to 60 to 65 cents per fluid ounce for Cetaphil.

Jannie Kailua, HI

Love it, but pricey

For starters, I have VERY sensitive skin. I’m in my mid-20s and still deal with the occasional breakout if I alter my skin routine in just the smallest way. So I was nervous when I decided to test Own for a week, but it was all for naught. I experienced no breakouts, and really love the way this makes my skin feel. It’s very gentle, but still leaves you feeling very clean. There’s a grainy texture to the scrub, but it’s not nearly so harsh as a typical exfoliant. I’m not sure about the anti-aging factors, and I do dock it one star for the rather pricey cost (comparatively speaking), but I would still recommend this cleanser.

Marsha Portola Valley, CA

Not my favorite…

I didn’t find this cleanser to be anything I was excited about. It’s non-foaming, is scent-free, but is just ok at cleaning. I don’t feel very clean after using it… and with other cleansers I have used, I could tell my face was clean and all the makeup / oil / etc. gone… this one just doesn’t give me that feeling after I use it. I have really sensitive skin, so I will say a plus is that it doesn’t seem to break a rash out on my skin like some cleansers have – and I would probably give the credit to the fact that this cleanser doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. The description of this product says “Maximize results when combined with Own’s Anti-Aging products” and I am only using the cleanser, but I just can’t see myself buying the whole line if the cleanser doesn’t even meet my expectations of what a good cleanser should do. It claims to exfoliate, but I could not feel a difference in my dry skin areas – I had to follow up with a different exfoliating product.

Octavia Barker, TX

A Review of OWN Facial Cleanser

The Own Products Facial cleaner is an effective way to deep clean your face. My wife has used it for several nights and while she likes it – it is not quite her favorite facial cleaner. After nightly washing her face feels healthy, clean, but not dry. The only issue that she has is that it is difficult to get completely rinsed off her face – it takes multiple rinses before it is completely rinsed off.Notes- Non-irritating or non-dryng- No aroma or fragrance- Deep cleansing removes all make-up and oil from your face- Takes several rinses to wash off – probably the biggest drawback is that it does take awhile to completely rinseFinal verdict – The Own Products Facial Cleaner is an effective nightly face wash. It is not my wife’s favorite night time wash, but it is an effective night time facial cleanser.4 Stars

Christina Stoutsville, OH

It’s vegan 🙂

I like this cleanser first and foremost because it is vegan, and thus, cruelty free. That is very important to me. Secondly, it actually works, so you can’t go wrong 🙂 It’s a rich, creamy cleanser and it is scent free. My only complaint is that even as a scent free cleanser, it has a smell that I don’t really care for, faint though it may be. Perhaps I am just too used to sented products.I have acne prone skin and this cleanser is mild enough not to exacerbate that problem, but strong enough to clean my face without drying it.I recommend this product. It’s vegan and it works. Can’t ask for more than that.

Brittany Woodville, MA

Refreshing feeling after

I liked this prodcut very much. I have never heard of the OWN products before this so this was a pleasant suprise. Nice creamy feeling on your face-not greasy or oily like so many of them. Some of these products are rough on my skin like they are cleaning something with a brill pad but this one was nice and refreshing.Will look at some of the other OWN products in the future!

Maggie Painted Post, NY

Superior cleanser!

I am a huge OWN fan. Their products do exactly what they advertise and then some. As for the cleanser, it has a creamy consistency peppered with tiny granules. All you need is a small amount. The product does not lather or foam. It rinses away completely. After using the product, my face feels firmer, not tight or dried out. I think it looks better as well. I was a regular user of Philosophy products. Since I have switched to OWN, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend this cleanser.

Dessie Pawnee, OK

Pleasant, effective, leaves skin feeling moist and clean

It may seem like I am damning this product with faint praise by calling it “pleasant”, but I actually like that sort of experience when I am cleansing my face.For anyone used to cleansers that foam/have soap-related ingredients, this will be a switch and might take some getting used to. It almost feels like you are cleaning your face with a moisturizer/lotion – but that also means that your skin doesn’t feel dried out immediately after. Importantly, my face nonetheless felt clean – not as if some residue had been left behind.

Florine Martelle, IA

A bit like Cetaphil

I am always on the search for a better facial cleanser, especially since I have sensitive skin that dries out fairly quickly in certain spots. I was intrigued to try this cleanser out. I have been using a sephora cleanser that works very well in cleaning without drying out my skin (or making it worse).This product really has no scent – think of the non-smell of cetaphil, and you know what the “smell” reminded me of. It’s very creamy, and reminds me of lotion. It reminds me so much of cetaphil, to be honest. It feels strange washing with it, but feels like it rinses clean with no lotion feeling left behind.I tried this out for a three days before I started noticing whiteheads all over my forehead. I had changed nothing else about my skincare routine, and so I know it was this cleanser that was causing the problems. I have had this happen with products containing retinol before, though I don’t know that this has retinol in it, I suspect it does because of the “anti-aging” claims. If you’ve had problems with retinol irritating your skin, then I would recommend against buying this. If you don’t like the feel of lotion-y cleansers that do not soap up, I would recommend against this.

Sophia Wyckoff, NJ

No big deal.

I used it several days. It didn’t do me any hard but I couldn’t really feel or see any change in my skin. It’s not bad but it’s not great. May work better for others but I really didn’t notice anything.

Tabatha Nichols, SC

Gentle enough for sensitive skin

I’m a skin care junkie, and love trying out new products, so I was looking forward to trying this cleanser out. I’ve never heard of the Own brand before, but like the idea that this is paraben-, fragrance- and sulfate-free.My skin is very sensitive, and new products can cause redness and bumps. This wash is really gentle, and doesn’t aggravate my skin at all or cause it to feel tight after I use it.The texture is really interesting; it has small granules in it, but they are so small that it doesn’t feel like a traditional scrub. The gel also has a “cushiony” feel to it, which feels nice on the skin.The flip-top cap on mine works just fine, and it tightly seals the tube after each use.I’m not sure if any cleansers can truly help with anti-aging since, from everything I’ve read, they don’t stay on the skin long enough to do much good, but if you’re looking for a gentle wash that helps remove the day’s makeup and dirt, this is a good product to try. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of their products in the future.

Elva Cornelia, GA

Cleans Well, Soft Smooth Feel

This isn’t a facial scrub or oil removing formula. It is very smooth and slightly oily in feel when applied to the face. It has a chalky scent, almost a clay smell. I usually don’t like these types of cleansers because I have oily skin and these don’t usually leave my face feeling cleaner. However this is an anti-aging formula and I can understand why it is a non-drying formula. I have been using it for a little while now and have grown to like it. There are no overpowering perfumes, it is easy to rinse off, and it does cleanse well after all. It also leaves my skin still moist and I think that is actually helping my T-Zone of oily skin, and I’m not getting any younger either.

Justine Newcomerstown, OH

Super Creamy

I LOVE how gentle this facewash feels. It’s super luxurious. It smells pleasant,but natural. My only complaint is that I’m not always 100% sure I got all the residue off b/c of how creamy it is.

Morgan Tarlton, OH


My favorite facial cleanser is White Knight, and Own’s facial cleanser has some nice similarities for a lower price. As with White Knight, it is targeted at people with sensitive skin and has no harsh chemicals. It may even be too gentle for a lot of people, and might lead to more acne in some skin types. However, after using Accutane, my skin is very dry, so a gentle cleanser is ideal and there aren’t many that are this good.The fragrance is one area where White Knight easily wins, though I don’t see this as critical. Rejuvinating Facial Cleanser smells kind of like glue. It is surprisingly strong in use, but doesn’t linger or hurt my eyes.Overall, Own facial cleanser is a great product for sensitive skin that I look forward to using more of in the future.

Rose Wakefield, LA

Gentle and non-drying

This facial cleanser is notable partly for what it is not: not greasy, not drying, not perfumed, not overpriced. Unlike many milky or cream cleansers, it rinses off effectively with water, yet unlike most water-rinse cleansers, it is very gentle to my dry skin. I use it mostly in the morning, but when I tried it at night to remove makeup, it was effective. I don’t wear much makeup, and I use a separate eye makeup remover for mascara.It has no “anti-aging” or exfoliating properties that I can detect. That is okay with me, but I think the manufacturer could build more customer trust without making those claims. My skin is super-sensitive to chemical exfoliation (acids vs. scrubs), and this product causes zero irritation or peeling for me. It contains glycolic acid, but the cleanser is not meant to stay on skin for any length of time. A separate treatment product is probably the way to go if that is important to you.The flip-top lid and the stand-on-the-lid design are great for storage and for those half-asleep early morning showers. Given the size of the container and the small amount needed for each use, this cleanser is a pretty good value.Having outlined the good points of this cleanser, I have to say that I would not buy it. Non-alcohol toners are equally effective for me and more pleasant to use. I don’t like the scent of this product. It does not contain added fragrance, but it does have a scent, and that scent does not smell clean to me. That’s a personal preference, though, and for many people, this cleanser might be just right.

Morgan Stanton, IA

Worth trying

My old skin looks even older than it is, due to many years of unprotected exposure to the California sun. Hence my interest.The blurb talks of other products with “lists of unrecognizable toxic and harsh ingredients” yet this product has a longer ingredients list than most. Like many such products, it contains glycolic acid which, due to its ability to penetrate skin, acts as a defoliant, and that is really the key to what it does in terms of ‘anti-aging’.A distinguishing feature of this product is that it leaves the skin less dry. With other products, you need to apply a lot of moisturizer immediately after use. I have to say I still did apply some, but not so much.How your skin reacts to it is entirely an individual matter. For some people, this – and similar products – will produce a quite painful burning reaction. Other people will have no such reaction. So don’t base your buying decision on what reviewers say about their skin’s reaction – you don’t know how you’ll react until you try it. Note also that your skin might well get used to it after a few uses, so don’t let a mildly adverse reaction put you off too soon.I haven’t used this long enough to give a definitive judgment of how good an exfoliate it is, but I can say it is an effective cleanser. Try it if you prefer a lotion to an oil or foam, and if you like the idea of it incorporating moisturizers.

Jennie Heilwood, PA

Non drying cleanser

I have been using this cleanser for 3 weeks and found it to be non drying. It effectively removes all of my make up, including my eye make up. My skin feels clean, fresh and no overly dry, which can be a problem for me as I have needed to use acne products lately. I’d purchase this again and recommend it to others with combination skin.

Mindy Renfro Valley, KY

Fabulous for sensitive, dry skin

This product is everything I want and nothing I don’t……I need a face cleanser that is not abrasive or harsh and has no added fragrance. This cleanser is exactly that. A small amount is just enough to remove make up and clean the face without stripping it. I have reactive skin and was pleased that I ended up with no rashes or redness from this product.The container sits on its end cap and is sturdy enough to not get knocked over in my busy bathroom. I also like the design as it ensures that you get a gravity assist to get every bit of product over its lifetime. It is a good quantity container and I estimate I’ll get a couple months of use from one tube.I’d higly recommed this product to those who are looking for a daily face wash that is gentle, fragrance free and thorough.

Amie Scribner, NE

I prefer other options

First, the good stuff:1) the product is vegan so that alleviates a personal concern with most beauty products2) The product lacks microbeads, which are actually tiny pieces of plastic and incredibly harmful to the environment.3) The product is easy to dispense.4) The product lacks a fragrance.What I do not like:1) The packaging is not very recyclable in many communities. In many places, a #1 or #2 plastic is the most readily recyclable.2) It doesn’t clean very well. I have to really scrub my face to remove makeup when I use this cleanser.3) It takes a bit of time to remove all the product from one’s face, and even when it is removed there is usually makeup left behind.All in all, it is a fine product. I likely would not opt for this though if given the choice between it and something like Cetaphil, which cleans better and comes in a recyclable container.

Dora Voorhees, NJ

Own Cleanser

This is a nice cleanser. Before I even tried it, I appreciated the fact that it’s non-gmo, gluten-free and not tested on animals. The cleanser is also paraben and sulfate free.It’s been working well, it’s creamy, and non-foaming and cleans my face very gently. I have sensitive skin and have had no reactions. It’s also fragrance free, and has no scent at all, that I could detect. My skin feels really clean after using it.Most of my other natural cleaners have some essential oil scent (orange, lavender) and I do prefer having a natural scent, but if you are sensitive to fragrance, this will be perfect. This is a nice, natural cleanser. It works well and is recommended.

Billie Swedeborg, MO

A clear, honest review of the product I am using

I read most of the reviews and find them unusually contradictory and confusing. I’ll be specific in an attempt to resolve the contradictions, do away with the confusion, and give others a clearer picture.GRANULES? A couple of reviews state that the cleanser has granules. I checked mine closely and found no granules. So, do the formulations vary? or what? The cleanser I received has a lotion-like, lightly creamy, and very smooth texture.IRRITATING? Some other reviews suggested that those with sensitive skin should avoid this cleanser. I have sensitive skin and had no problem with it at all. In an attempt to test whether my thin, white, very dry, aging skin could be irritated by this cleanser, I spread it on dry skin and allowed it to sit for a minute or more before I washed my face and rinsed. No irritation. Of course, someone else may have a very different experience, but please note that some of the ingredients are anti-irritants and the rest of the ingredients are high quality so that irritation may be avoided.ANTI-AGING? Other reviewers are troubled by the anti-aging claims. But the fact is that the ingredients in this cleanser DO have anti-aging properties. Excellent, skin-improving forms of several vitamins/antioxidants are included: retinyl palmitate (vit A), panthenol (vit B), magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (vit C), tocopherol acetate (vit E). Other excellent skin-care ingredients like allantoin and sodium PCA are also included. The magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is an especially stable form of vitamin C with proven skin-improvement properties. Whether the cleanser is left on the skin long enough for any of these to have much effect is another question. But they are excellent skin care ingredients with anti-aging properties, so I believe the anti-aging claims are supported.OVERALL? This cleanser is mild, with almost no fragrance, a lotion-like but rich texture that goes on easily over already wet skin (as per directions). The cleanser does not foam. It removes all makeup quickly and easily, including waterproof mascara. This cleanser left my skin feeling smooth and clean without feeling tight and dry. The tube packaging is excellent for keeping the ingredients stable and helpful to the skin. The dispenser top is solidly-made so that just the right amount can be readily dispensed and the tube may be closed securely.AN EXCELLENT FACIAL CLEANSER FOR SO MANY REASONS! 5 STARS!!!!!

Kristy Lake Elmore, VT


I have sensitive skin and needed a good cleanser. I was hooked on Terralina but they must have had too many orders from using Groupon-like sites too frequently.This is a great product, removes all makeup, including mascara, and leaves my skin soft and not at all greasy. It is not at all irritating and has a slight, clean fragrance. Will definitely purchase again.

Marguerite Bluffton, OH

Removes makeup & dirt, not greasy & doesn’t dry skin

I wanted a facial cleanser that doesn’t foam. I’m not sure why. So when I had the opportunity to try this, I decided to take the leap. I have used regular cold cream before, and I think this cleanser is much better. I don’t feel greasy 20 minutes after I wash my face, or in the morning. My skin just feels clean and comfortable. There is no irritating scent. It does have a smell to it, but it’s kind of like crayons or something. I know you might not believe this review, because I’m telling you everything they say about every cleanser in commercials. Rinses clean, no residue, doesn’t dry your skin, leaves you clean and comfortable, not greasy. I’m telling you, it’s all true. It was my destiny to try this cleanser. It is your destiny to buy it.

Gwendolyn Lewisville, MN

So Far So Good.

It seems to be cleansing without causing dryness, which is a plus since that’s a problem I experience often. And it actually removes make-up well with just one wash. I tested this by applying a face pad afterwards, which showed very little color/remnants overall. And I wear heavy foundation too, so that’s saying something (hand soaps don’t even remove the base from my fingers in a couple of rinses). Also I haven’t had any new breakouts so far, which sometimes happens to me with new products since I have such sensitive skin.

Dorthy Low Moor, VA

Not Really Anti-Aging

As far as a facial cleanser, it works as advertised. I have somewhat sensitive skin, but I had absolutely no problems using this product.As for the anti-aging gimic, other than exfoliating (which does make my skin look better), I don’t think anyone should expect to see dramatic age-reducing results any time soon.This cleanser kind of reminds me of Noxema cream, but without the smell, which is nice.

Jillian Carthage, NY

Gentle enough for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin that reacts to almost anything that has anti-aging ingredients. This cleanser doesn’t have harsh ingredients and it’s paraben and sulfate free, so I thought this might work for me. It did.This didn’t cause my skin to become red and irritated. It feels very moisturizing and creamy, but doesn’t leave my skin feeling like there is film on it after I rinse it off. And because a little goes a long way, this bottle should last awhile and therefore is well worth the price.

Catherine Bingham, ME

Great for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin, so my first concern when trying a facial cleanser is whether it will irritate my skin. Happily, this Own cleanser does not. It has a non-foaming, gel-like texture (and at first it’s easy to slather on too much). I don’t object to foam and don’t understand why not having foam is a benefit, but the lack of foam is not a drawback. This cleanser effectively removes dirt and leaves my skin feeling slightly tight, but all cleansers do that to me unless they’re the oily kind that give me little pimples. I’d rather have the tight feeling. I am sure cleansing the skin regularly makes it more youthful than if it were left dirty, but I doubt this cleanser does more than any other brand.

Janell York, ND

Decent Facial Cleanser

I have really oily skin, so when I saw the word “hydrating” on the bottle, I didn’t have high hopes. It’s also non-foaming. I tend to not like those. I use a cold cream to remove my makeup. My cleanser is for removing built up oil in my morning shower and oil and sweat after a workout. Creamy cleansers generally don’t leave my skin feeling clean, and have lead to breakouts in the past.I was pleasantly surprised with this product, though. It isn’t thick or heavy or gritty. It hasn’t caused me to break out (yet – I haven’t tried replacing my PanOxyl with it, and I tend to use it in the evenings only). I did use it a couple of times to remove my makeup, instead of my regular cold cream. The “toner test” showed no makeup left behind – a definite plus!It doesn’t have any kind of fragrance, though. A disappointment to me, but probably a major plus to others.I’m looking forward to perhaps trying some of their other products, as well.

Jewell Manning, SC