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Outre Quick Weave Synthetic Halfwig – Zahra – S4/30

Self Styled In 60 SecondsChoose from the selections of beautiful, trendy and popular styles. Close to 100 styles available and more to come …-Blends with your own hair for fullness without bulk. Change styles as often as you like in just a minute-Better than a wig. Blends with your own hair quickly-Better than a weave. Can be done anywhere, anytime by you, without help-Lets you be you. Use quick weave to allow your hair to recover from braiding, weaving, stocking caps and wigs.Instructions1. Part the hair from ear to ear and comb forward. Insert front comb2. Push cap down and insert back comb3. Comb hair over part and blend hair to desired look

Key features

  • Comb Location: Front & Back
  • Adjustable Strap: Yes
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25″ Ear To Ear: 13.5″ Front To Back 14.25″

Honest reviews


Very pretty!

I like this wig and I wear it as a ponytail and sometimes like the model in the picture. The hair is thick and does not shed. It is very believable. Try it and you will love it!

Bridget Rio Frio, TX


i enjoyed this wig i wear it for about a month loved the little dash of color i would buy again

Michael Otto, NY

love it

so natural looking and its not so bouncy that it looks fake its very voluptuous and the curls look full I really love it for a more casual look but if I still want to look put together this is the wig!

Janell Eighty Four, PA

Feel Sexy with the Outre Quick Weave – Zahra

For the price this is a beautiful and very sexy fall-piece by Outre Quick Weave – Zahra. The hair does not require a lot of work and is very easy to maintain. This is a beyond the shoulder length type of hair and has a thin-medium fullness to it; in short it’s not too thin/cheap looking nor too thick that it balloons out like an Afro. With a few days continual wear the more beautiful the Outre Quick Weave – Zahra becomes.Zahra (the Half Wig)The thing about these cheaper type falls is the beauty comes through when wearing after a couple of days when it starts to thicken up a bit to give a more natural look and feel; not so shiny and wiggy looking when it first come out of the box. A good way to combat some of the shine is to spray a little alcohol and work it through using your fingers. You should try as little as possible to use a brush or comb which will only destroy the hair’s natural curls/luster at a much rapid pace.When you first take the hair out of the package the first thing you want to do is re-size for fitted comfort for your head (width x texture of hair) using the adjustable straps which come in the back/insideflap of the hair. I was quite surprise to find on Outre Quick Weave – Zahra the sizing straps/ribbons were too small, which make it much more difficult to attach. Normally, this tend to have nice size straps which you simply attach and go; this cuts down half the time and fuss, and because it is built in the inside netting of the hair itself, it will never get exposed for the discreetness you want in any synthetic type hair.The next step is to shake the hair vigorously so the curls naturally loosen from being cramped-up in packaging; no telling how long this product has been sitting in some warehouse.You can wear the hair brushed straight back or you can apply mousse and once dry use a spike type technique with a wide tooth comb to have natural hair lifted up and off the synthetic hair. For a nice sexy look try pulling one side of the hair behind the ear; while bringing the other side towards the front of the face. Don’t forget to give this your own pizazz with a cute rhinestone clip or a colorful headband/silk scarf for a nice, fall, festive look.To wear a net stocking or not to wear a net stockingThe sole purpose of wearing your own net stocking is to help the hair to lay flat; a better alternative is to braid the hair first which will achieve a greater desired look and help to prevent hair from poof’n outwards. It is actually a personal preference but if you do choose to wear a stocking cap make sure to add pins to the sides for added support.ColorI bought this in the S1B/33 which I thought was going to be an off black/blended with brown highlights. Instead the color is more of a Medium/Dark brown mix with some brown highlights; the color isn’t the greatest as it come off as a ‘wiggy’ type of a fall instead of what I was trying to accomplish which was having the off black as the primary color and focus.Maintenance & CareIf you do not want to spend the money to buy a shampoo especially treated for wigs/synthetic type hair then your best option is to use a mild type shampoo with some form of conditioner built in. Make sure to brush the inside of the hair which gets matted due to sweat, and from the heat. You do not want to comb nor brush the hair when it is wet. Instead shake it after brushing, wash, and then hang in natural sun light to dry. You can pat or blotting techniques to dry with a traditonal bath towel; do not wipe the hair. Once dry, simply shake again; apply wig conditioning spray, and if you have to-use your fingers to comb throughout hair.The more you can withstand going without using modern tools (brush or comb) the longer Outre Quick Weave – Zahra will last. You don’t need to spray any additional shine or gloss as it already has a natural shine and most black hair tends to be a bit dull or off-black in color; so having one part of the hair shiny while having your own hair looking flat will not give you the natural look you are trying to achieve here.Outre Quick Weave – Zahra is safe enough to apply low-medium heat and is not intended for high heat; as you do not want to over process with heat, and remember, this is synthetic type hair. Outre Quick Weave – Zahra will last twice as long if you are able to keep it on a dummy head rather than to lay it lying around. Synthetic hair is meant to breath and keeping it hung will allow for the natural curls to maintain its beauty and luster.Outre Quick Weave – Zahra is sturdy to do any and all sort of activities (swim, hike; ride in roller coasters, or even bungee-jump; you simply need to add hair pins throughout the hair to give that extra firm hold. To remove wiggy smells simply add a little alcohol with a spray bottle; follow-up with a dash of hair gloss spray (it has a pleasant hair scent).How to sleep/maintain at nightThe best way to sleep with the Outre Quick Weave – Zahra is to pull the lengthy parts to one side; then twist hair with your hands; finally, in an upwards movement, twist hair up and then with a large to jumbo size hair clip-apply it to the roof of your own natural hair. You want to keep it high as possible; the higher up on the head, the better the results. It will be quite troublesome trying to sleep if the clip is towards the back/crown of the head; and will be problematic trying to get a good night’s rest/sleep.In a nutshellOutre Quick Weave – Zahra is a beautiful wig to wear for special occasions or for short-term/every day wear. It is very easy to sustain and can be maintained by applying low-medium heat. To achieve longer wear and care this hair is best if not brushed or combed on a regular basis, and for the price this is a must-have to any beauty essentials. I would definitely recommend this product, and looking forward to buying from this company again.This Review has been brought to you by ‘Awakened1’.** See all my reviews:;_by=MostRecentReview

Beverley Castro Valley, CA

Very nice for such a “Cheap” and Synthetic wig. Looks very good on

This piece looks very good considering it is synthetic, I have only worn it once and I fooled everyone, no one even asked me if it was a wig, but I did get lots and lots of compliments. I wore mine with a front bump to cover the line of the wig and it worked perfectly and gave no hint of a line showing at all. Well worth the money I paid for it.

Alisha Midway, WV

Very nice

This wig is very nice. i am the type of person who LOVES curly wigs. but i got tired of curly and wanted something different. i didn’t want straight because my head is too big for straight hair 😛 lol…anyway i like this hair because it’s more like wavy curly than curly curly, which is what im used to. It is very soft and nice. the only downfall is that once it is brushed (which i have a wig brush) it doesn’t really look as nice as it did before. but i would recommend that you buy it. it’s very nice hair 🙂

Pearlie Townshend, VT

love it…purchased multiple times

this is my favorite half-wig. it stays in good shape for a long while, especially if you take care of it properly. when it starts getting scraggily i give it a nice "salon" cut.

Sally Elmaton, TX


This hair is soooo gorgeous! I wear it almost every single day. I own a couple of them. The very first one that i bought doesn’t have curl in it anymore but the hair itself is in such great shape, that i wear it if I want to wear my hair straight or in a side braid. My newer one still has curl so I wear it when I feel that I want to be curly. Very good value for your money. Well definitly buy it again!

Lorena Richardton, ND