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Out Of Africa African Black Shea Butter Bar Soap, 4 Ounce Boxes

Out Of Africa African Black Shea Butter Bar Soap, 4 Ounce Boxes

Key features

  • Our Shea Butter soaps contain 20% Unrefined Shea Butter, with all the healing properties intact. Most others contain less than 2%.
  • Organic Unrefined shea butter.
  • Out Of Africa soaps last 50% longer
  • Great for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Helps restore & maintain skin elasticity and tone.

Honest reviews


Out of Africa Black Shea Butter Soap is too drying

I normally us an African Black Bar but I have found this one to be too drying. The one I use only has palm oil in it. So I just wanted to let people know.

Jenny Oxbow, NY

Very nice soap!

Highly recommend this soap. Great for sensitive skin. Its unscented but has a very nice freshly clean smell to it. Leaves no irritation on my skin what so ever. I also recommend checking out NaturOli and Kiss My Face products for all natural ingredients.

Noelle Kosciusko, MS

Its Ok…but this is no good for me

This product is ok but it has many flaws that will cause me not to buy this again even though I had high hopes for it.Pros: Fragrance free. The fact that this soap is fragrance free and full of shea butter is the main reason why I bought it. The soap lasts a long time. Its the size of a regular bar of soap.Cons: Doesnt add that much moisture to the skin. My skin didnt feel any better or different than using the Dove shea butter soap. In fact this soap doesnt lather well at well. You will get very little lather. Very little lather makes me wonder if its really cleaning my skin at all. My Dove shea butter soap lathers better and cleans better than this soap.

Emma Pierrepont Manor, NY

Nice for shampooing!

I’m making the move from liquid shampoo to soap/shampoo bars to cleanse my tighly coiled hair because it’s more enviromentally sound. I saw this bar at Sally’s Beauty Supply and I picked it up for the aformentioned purpose.When washing my hair, I lathered the soap in my hand and applied the lather to my scalp. My scalp and hair were cleansed nicely and not stripped of moisture. I like this bar and will buy it again.Ingredients: Shea Butter, Palm Kernel Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Olive Oil, Plantain Skins, Essential Oil, Water

Krystal Pray, MT

Great Soap!

I have tried several of the Out of Africa soaps. I love them all. They smell great and are perfect for dry skin.

Arline Samaria, MI

A Godsend

I have sensitive skin and folliculitis and this is the best soap I have found for use in the shower. It never irritates my skin or burns like most shower products, I feel clean after, and it reduces the inflammation of my folliculitis and seems to dry up the lesions. Whenever I have periods of time where I don’t have access to this soap and start to substitute something else my skin breaks out, and I realize how important this product is in my regimine.

Henrietta Vero Beach, FL