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Ott-lite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror, White/Chrome

Illuminate your natural beauty! bring the accuracy and beauty of ottlite natural lighting indoors to help you apply makeup flawlessly for a confident look with no surprises once you go outside. the secret to the ottlite makeup mirror is the precise blend of light wavelengths – ottlite 508 illumination. colors are true and vibrant. details are incredibly clear – for a fresh, beautiful look every time. includes two 13 watt ottlite bulbs.

Key features

  • Dual sided mirror features 5x/1x magnification. perfect for up-close tweezing and nail polish application
  • Blend foundation, eye shadows, blush and more with mistake proof lighting – see true makeup shades, skin tones and much more!
  • Match clothing and accessories perfectly – even colors like black, brown and blue
  • Gentle on the eyes – no harsh shadows, reduces glare
  • Includes two ottlite 13 watt type e bulbs

Honest reviews


Lighting’s great but the mirror portion is most likely haunted.

After doing an exhaustive analysis of the various lighted mirror options available on Amazon and reading about a brazillion reviews, I decided on this mid-range model based on all the pluses and minuses I read.PROS:-Size is good-Lighting is great-Mirror view both regular and magnified are mirror-y and work as mirrors shouldCONS:-Mirror appears to be haunted** and slowly tilts in a different direction as I apply make-up making make-up application difficult and causing me to have to tilt the mirror back into place several times during a make-up application session irritating me probably more than something like that ought to irritate a person.**The reason I have come to the conclusion that it is haunted is based on the scientific process of elimination.First, gravity in my house is standard earth gravity and should not cause the repeated tilting of mirrors.Second, the table on which I place my Ott-lite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror is a standard flat, not sloped, surface and should not cause mirror motion.Third, while not super-model quality, I’m pretty sure my visage isn’t horrid enough to cause a mirror to attempt to escape when forced to mirror my face even without make-up.In conclusion, having ruled out all other scientific causes of spontaneous mirror movement, I am left to come to the solid conclusion that it is simply haunted and hence not as usable as I’d like a mirror I paid about $60.00 for to be.Who am I kidding?I’d be upset with a haunted $10.00 mirror too.

Elisha Bremen, KS


I use to have a light a long time ago for applying make-up. I always loved it. It is a great thing to have one that has different light settings. I am so happy I have purchased this make-up lighted mirror. It really helps, Particularly since I have reached an age that requires more light and a specific mirror for applying make-up.

Roberta Corydon, KY

Great mirror!

I’ve used a regular Ott Lite for about eight or nine years for my jewelry/beading-making desk and have loved in for the bright, true light it creates, but had no idea that Ott Lite also made a make-up mirror until recently. I actually ordered it in the pink color since my bathroom vanity has pink accessories, and I just love it!In the past, I’ve had several different make-up mirrors from Conair and Revlon, but this out-does them all. The light is incredibly bright and true, so you can leave the house and know that your makeup isn’t going to look odd. Also, the magnifying mirror on the back is nice for things like brow tweezing; I can’t use it to apply makeup since it’s too close-up for me. The mirror itself tilts, as does the surrounding area, so you can really position it all sorts of ways.In all the time that I’ve had my other Ott Lite, I’d never had to change the bulb, and I’m hoping that this makeup mirror is equally as well-made.The only negative thing I have to say about this mirror is that it sure makes my wrinkles and pores more noticeable, but, hey, that’s not the mirror’s fault, right?! ;- Overall, this is a great purchase! I love it so much that I’m going to be buying one for one of my best friends for her birthday.

Sonia Patterson, IA

Would buy it again

This is probably my most sound makeup purchase. The light enables me to apply makeup perfectly. I’ve always had trouble with blush, either wearing too much or too little. Now I don’t have to worry about looking like a clown when I leave the house.I’ve had no trouble with the swivel moving on its own.

Terrie Brightwaters, NY

So Far So Good

While I thought this mirror a little pricey, I’m glad I bought it. I’ve been searching and searching for a quality makeup mirror and this does the job. The light is bright and natural looking, the mirror well lit. One side of the mirror is magnified should one need it. The down side, as others have mentioned, is the mirror does not stay in place. The entire unit can be tilted forwards or backwards, while the mirror itself spins in the middle so to speak. If you want to flip the mirror over, you turn it in a north/south direction. Once you turn the mirror to the side you want, it won’t stay in place, as the mirror will gradually start to "flip". To remedy this, I just insert a Q-Tip into one side of the mirror to prevent it from moving and this works quite well. The mirror stays in place.

Adele Freedom, WI

Best mirror ever.

I love this mirror. I had a con air round mirror and it didn’t really put out enough light. This is fantastic. I really wanted a professional makeup mirror and station, but they are pretty pricey and this works great for me. If you magnify it, you see every pore and blemish. At first I thought I would leave my house and look like a clown, but once you get in the natural light, makeup looks fantastic.

Lolita Tiltonsville, OH

The mirror won’t stay in place

I have a very dark room that I have to put make up on in, so I needed something that boasts for great lighting. The lighting is pretty good, I can’t complain. It’s not near as yellow as most make-up lamp mirrors. The materials are cheap, and the mirror won’t stay in place. It just falls backward until I can’t see myself anymore. I guess I could tape it, but I shouldn’t have to. If you’re desperate, it’ll do for the price. It came well packaged, and arrived fairly fast.

Leticia Bruington, VA