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Oshimatsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil, 60ml

100% camellia japonica seed oil from japan is the natural way to restore moisture and sheen to hair with just a few drops. Product size: net volume: 60ml, or about 2.0 us fluid ounces.

Key features

  • The tsubaki, or camellia flower, is packed with oleic acids that are extremely compatible with our own skin
  • Japanese men and women commonly use camellia oil to moisturize their skin, face and hair
  • Massage a few drops into damp clean hair ends to nourish dry hair, split ends, and dull strands
  • Generous 2 oz. bottle is an excellent value from Japan’s leading maker of tsubaki oil
  • 100% natural, imported from Japan

Honest reviews


Great for Skin and Hair but too Expensive.

I’ve used this on my skin and hair and it works great. This is not 100% pure as it contains some sort of light fragrance. I found a 100% pure bottle of Camellia oil much much cheaper […]

Nanette Ellaville, GA

Super shiny Hair!! Great for Latinas!

This Oshima Tsubaki camellia hair oil is fantastic!!! I am in Love with it, I am a latina with 3a-3b hair, and have a lot of hair! My biggest problem has always been that my hair is dry, no matter all the treatments I made to it. I also bought lots of “high-end” serums, like redken, and paul mitchell to relieve my dry hair and make it shinny but I always had to reapply often since my hair sucked them up in a minute, and then after a day or two I had a really greasy mess! No Way, no more serums I said! And I started trying natural oils to see if they made what I was looking for..after using a couple, like coconut, macadamia I really liked them, but wanted something lighter and less greasy that would give me high shine and moisture, until I found this! Camellia Oil!! Yes, Just what I was looking for!!!Camellia oil is very popular in japan, thanks to it’s nourishing properties and great quality. This Oil is lighter than coconut and macadamia, but gives a lot more shine and softness without the greasiness you can get with these others!! This specific product is 100% pure japan camellia oil, which is great because the best camellia oil is the one from the seeds of camellia flowers in japan , not the camellia from china. This product is odorless, and a tip I would like to share is to mix it with your favorite essential oil, like lavender or rose,(just a few drops) to have a great smelling hair oil completely natural and safe!!! I use this Oil after my hair is blow dried ( I don’t belive it should be used before, I’ve learned oil with heat means fried hair! so whatch out! if you blow dry with oil use low heat, if you flat iron your hair, use the oil after not before) Or when I wont use any heat on my hair, and wear my hair naturally, I will wash my hair, and after the shower put some drops of camellia oil on my damp hair, and let it air dry naturally. All of these ways work wonders for dry hair, just dont mix oil with high heat, and your hair will be safe. Also, my hair has grown longer since using this camellia oil, (because my ends dont split like they used to, they are coated and protected in this healthy oil, and because of this, I can grow it longer without having to cut it every 3 months like I used to, Now I am 6 months till I have my first trim, and my ends are a lot more healty than before) I Highly recomend this Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Seed Oil, for any women with dry coarse hair, that lacks moisture and shine! Just use it as I said above, and you’ll see the amazing results!!! p.s. I’ve also started using Aubrey Organics “White Camellia Oil shampoo and conditioner” and they are great too! 😉

Twila Reliance, WY

I’m tied of writing reviews.

Ok. I love this product. I’ve tired this and the Mei brand. Love them both. Both work great. This oil is amazing and quickly went to the top in my pick of oils. My full review is on the Mei brand a competitor but yes I do recommend this and my mom loves it too.

Eloise East Mc Keesport, PA

Love it

I love this product not just for my hair but my skin as well! I put a couple drops on the end of my hair after a shower which makes my drier ends feel healthy and moisturized and gives a nice shine. I also work 2 drops into my face after toner and before moisturizer at night (like a serum). It gives my skin a lovely, healthy glow without feeling greasy (even though I have oily skin), and I’ve noticed that small blemishes seem to shrink and fade a little quicker for me without being emphasized by flakiness I’m tempted to over-exfoliate. This may not work on everyone’s skin though…I know some people just cannot deal with oil on their face, but for my skin type (which is rather oily but only breaks out if I don’t give it enough moisture) it’s been great. Have been using this every night for a few weeks and have not had a breakout from it. As with any oil though, use sparingly throughout hair concentrating on the ends so it doesn’t look greasy. I have very thick hair and just work 2-3 drops into my ends and lightly pass my hands over the rest of my hair afterwards…Highly recommend this product for anyone looking for some great natural moisture that is light, easily absorbed and not too greasy. People sensitive to fragrance will also appreciate that this has no smell. 🙂

Lou Hidden Valley, PA

Tsubaki Oil Recommended as discussed on the

Usage: 2 weeks during the cooling start of a season in CaliforniaThis product contains instructions that are in Japanese. This reseller has been kind enough to offer a couple of instructions in English on how you can use the Camellia Oil. I used this product on dry and wet hair. This product is lightweight you may have to reapply before you go to bed to avoid super dry hair. The product is made in a container which does a good job controlling the amount of oil that you will put into your hands. The fragrance is neutral. It is worth a try.Made in Japan

Hollie Wright City, MO

Great Oil

This is a good oil I just got it yesterday and used it as a pre poo and left it in overnight. I also put some in my cleansing cream (hair rules) this morning. This left my hair very suble and it dried softer. I also put a few drops on my face and I saw the difference in just a few minutes. This is great oil.

Morgan Chimney Rock, CO

Excellent Conditioner for Damaged, Dry Hair

As a “”leave-in” conditioner, a little goes a long way.Just don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll have a sticky mess.I prefer applying after shampoo and letting it sit for 20 min. w/ heat cap, then RINSE THOROUGHLY.

Celina Wallingford, VT

My New Holy Grail

I almost hate to type this because I don’t want he secret to get out, but this is my new HG hair product. I bought this in ’11 and am just trying it now. I used to Google and YouTube this oil, but found that not too many curlies were using this – so I pushed it aside. The other day I cowashed and decided to use this to seal and …wow…wow…wow.1. detangling was amazing2. curl/wave definition for days3. lots of hang and minimal shrinkage4. my product absorbed faster or appeared to5. shineI have to admit I was a bit heavy handed. I applied multiple drops of this to my hair in sections and despite that…it all absorbed. I can touch my hair and nothing greasy comes off on my hand. Days later I still have softness, sheen, shine, and hang.I am curious as to how this would do with the maxiglide or caruso.

Ida Warriormine, WV

Will buy again.

I have dry course curly hair. I mix this with a styling cream and blow dry my hair out and this leaves it shinny and smooth. It does not give you that slip in wet hair when blow drying but results are great! Have used on my skin and face does not cause breakouts absorbs easily!

Bobbi Slaton, TX

Helps stop dandruff on scalp

One of the better camellia oils.The smell isnt too strong and it will help the hair after a while of use.This oil got rid of my boyfriends dandruff immediately after applying and also made his hair shiny*Helps seal my ends for protection

Luann Sumner, MO

Hair Care Oil

This Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil is great. It gives shine to your hair, makes it look healthier and if you curl your hair, the curlholds longer. This is a good product to have!

Jamie Bigfoot, TX

Top quality hairnoil

I’m almost done with my first bottle of this oil, which has lasted about two years. I love this oil–it’s light and works better for my hair than any other oil besides argan (sometimes I mix those two together). I find that I can use quite a bit of it without it making my hair feel overly greasy, and it has great shine and detangling properties. If other oils (coconut, olive, sweet almond, etc.) haven’t done the job for you, camellia oil might be just right.

Aisha Troy, OH

Wonderful for fine hair!

I have fine 2C waves, and have tried out a lot of hair oils and products in the past that have ended up being too heavy and that have weighed down my hair. I decided to try this camellia oil since I had read such great things about it, and am so happy I did! I’ve been using it for about five weeks now, and love it.Unlike other oils, this one really is so nice and light — and yet using it leaves my hair so soft and helps cut down on frizz. I use it two ways: I either apply it to my ends when my hair is wet from the shower or I apply it to the ends and over frizzy bits when my hair is dry.The dispenser only lets you dispense a few drops at a time, but that’s really all you need.I knew that this was fragrance-free and usually buy products with light fragrances since I’m a smell junkie, but I’m still super pleased with this formulation of camellia oil, and the lack of fragrance means that it plays nicely with perfume.Great, great product!

Louella Port Huron, MI