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Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil, 60ml

It is 100% Camellia Japonica seed oil from Japan, It is the natural way to restore moisture and sheen to hair with just a few drops.

Key features

  • The Tsubaki or Camellia flower is packed with oleic acids that are extremely compatible with our own skin
  • Massage a few drops into damp clean hair ends to nourish dry hair, split ends and dull strands
  • It is 100% natural and imported from Japan

Honest reviews



I initially purchased this with intent to use it for my hair. Argan oil is much too heavy and biosilk contains alcohol which is drying. Therefore, I opted for this oil thinking it would be light and have a lovely smell. First off, it has absolutely no noticeable scent and most importantly, even with the tiniest amount used, it leaves my hair looking so greasy and dirty which I absolutely hate. It serves of no use for hair whatsoever in my opinion. Unless you want to look like you have greasy, very stringy hair. For the price, I didn’t want to just leave it sitting there occupying space, so I’ve been using it to moisturize my face and skin, especially after a shower and it does a very lovely job of that. But for $18…it’s a severely overpriced moisturizer.

Alyssa Baird, TX

Best hair oil for everyday use

I have used a lot of leave in hair oils, including Morroccanoil and Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime. Recently I decided to try to use more natural products and to avoid petroleum-based and other heavily chemical additives. This product is the same oil that is in Shu Eumura’s Essence Absolue without cyclopentasiloxane as the first ingredient.It is wonderful. I use a small amount on wet hair (it also works on dry hair) and it makes my hair outstandingly soft without weighing it down and killing my 2a/b waves. My hair is elbow length and fine but it has a lot of volume, and I only have to use a few drops for all my hair. Make sure to rub it around on your hands and move your hands around to apply, warming the oil and having it spread out ensures that you will not get oily patches.

Jaclyn Talent, OR

Wonderfully Surprised

I was very impressed with the performance of this oil. As an African American, I have naturally curly hair and have been trying new oils for the last 3 years. I’m always looking for that “special oil” to keep my hair especially moisturized and happy. Not surprised that it worked so well because I read the history and rave reviews of others. I was just pleasantly surprised that it worked so well on MY particular hairtype (3c/4a). It has a light fragrance, and a silky smooth application which makes my curls easy to manage, soft to touch and no reaction to my sensitive scalp. It’s winter in Virginia now and I plan to use this on my ends to keep them protected from the wind and cold. I highly recommend this oil to anyone, especially those with fragile hair like mine. Wasn’t happy with the bottle applicator at first but realized you only need a few drops and this rations out the oil perfectly. Since it’s so light, I normally add some Castor oil to it and apply to both my scalp and the length of my hair. Will definitely be purchasing this product again.

Dixie Solen, ND

An amazing oil!

This oil is absolutely amazing! I’ve used it the following ways with results as listed:Hair: I first tried it while my hair was still wet before blow drying (like using a serum or Moroccan Oil) – unfortunately it was too heavy for me – while my hair was shiny it felt waxy and did not look good the next day. I barely used a dime sized amount for waist length Asian hair.I next used it as a scalp treatment and on the ends of my hair before washing. My scalp loved it and so did my hair! It washed off without any heavy residue and made my hair look healthy, shiny and strong.Skin: I massaged a few drops onto my cuticles and heels at night and my skin absorbs it immediately without too much oiliness. It makes my skin incredibly soft and hydrated and I’ve been using shea butter for years, I think Camelia oil works better for my skin type. It has a very soothing effect on skin; for example, I had a cold and my nose was getting very chaffed and sore from all the rubbing, I kept putting the tsubaki oil on it – it absorbed immediately and I have no dry skin to show! I’m sure it’s fabulous for healing scars, etc. too.In summary, a truly remarkable oil. Fragrance free, I would suggest you experiment with ways which it could work for you, your hair and skin type.

Camille Patricksburg, IN

My favorite hair oil

I’ve used this particular brand of camellia oil for about two years now, and since I need to order another bottle, I thought I’d do a review beforehand.Camellia is my favorite hair oil, and I’ve used many (and still do) at various times–coconut, olive, jojoba, argan, and castor. My hair is past waist length and really loves oil, so it’s something I use frequently. I like camellia because it’s light and absorbs well, but leaves my hair very silky and easy to detangle. When I use it in a mister bottle, I usually mix it 3/4 camellia oil with 1/4 casto oil (I teaspoon of oil per 2 oz. of water). Don’t be put off by the cost, because this is a high quality oil and it does last a long time. If I’m doing a deep treatment pre-wash, I generally use coconut oil because it’s cheaper and works well for that. Also keep in mind that the cheaper camellia oil (chinensis vs. japonica) is not as high quality as this one, and you do get what you pay for.

Adrienne Berrien Center, MI

liked it but expensive

I have tried many oils (argan, almond, caster, etc.) for my hair. I like this esp. pre-shampoo treatment. However, I found it pricy for a little bottle, it wont last you long esp. if you have long hair like me. if you have really dry hair, i would recommend trying argon oil.

Margery Chicken, AK

Lives up to it’s rating!

I was on the search for a great hair oil a couple years ago but found that every commercial product I tried contained silicones. I tied Moroccan Oil, Neil George Indian Gooseberry oil, and Organix Coconut hair serum (all have silicone), and lately I have been using HerStyler hair serum which is awesome, but again, pretty much pure silicone. Silicone is effective at smoothing, but it doesn’t do anything to actually nourish your hair which was what I really wanted. Then, I stumbled across this product while searching amazon for another product and decided to give it a try…I am so glad I did. It made my hair just as soft and smooth, but without weighing it down like silicone serums do. My hair just felt better…light and soft and silky, not just temporary smoothness. It’s an added benefit that you can also use it on your skin (I love multitasking products, especially when I travel). Love it!

Deann Hico, WV

Love it! A great help for my dry and damaged hair. Even a styler

It works great to smooth out my dry and damaged hair, especially the ends. It can also be used as a hair styler. And a tiny tiny drop works well for every use.

Rocio Beetown, WI

okay product

I know that this is one of the most popular camellia oil brands, but it was alright. Compared to other camellia oil brands, it seems a bit greasy. Maybe I had a bad batch?

Natasha Akeley, MN

good, natural, clean

it’s heavy though, you have to be careful how you apply it! also there is no smell! which i like.

Fran Creswell, NC

Skin & Hair uses

Wild crafted Tsubaki from Ohshima which is southern part of JP islands, you can’t go any higher quality than this when it comes to "Japanese Camellia" oil. People complain there isn’t much smell is because this is "light" (thinner) although it is 100%. I go for the practicality than just the smell on this (I would add some other EO if I want the smell anyway).Skin & Hair use #1:Use as massage oil : Since this texture is thinner than some other oils, you can us this AS IT IS or AS a Carrier.Adequate amount to spread over your face/scalp. Massage for some minutes.If scalp is massaged, then shampoo/rinse as usual.If face is massaged after you washed your face, wipe off the excess that’s it.or use as "Cleansing oil" then wipe off with Steamed towel / wash /rinse, then do the rest of skincare as usual.Skin & Hair use #2:Use it on scalp and hair overnight, covered/wrapped with towel so that it won’t soak into your pillow!Then shampoo/rinse as usual.Use it on face then covered with a steamed towel for minutes, then leave it as it is if moistened enough or add more face oil (other oils etc) as needed.Skin & Hair use # 3:For hair, just use oil on tip of your hair before blow dry.For face, mix with any other oils of your favorite to have your own "Face oil".I make the mixture based on seasonal needs (add more moistened oils together in Winter, but make balancing oil in Summer for example).When it comes to oils, I go crazy on buying /trying out different face oils from different companies at the same time I keep experimenting to mix on my own.This Japanese Camellia oil is a must have in my skincare regimen.I highly recommended.

Erin French Village, MO

Lovely glass bottle and great Camilla oil

I use this in my homemade concoctions of various oils for face-moisturizer and hair after shampoo. Light and just lovely.

Kristin Sunset, TX

Makes me feel like a queen!

I love this oil! It makes me feel like royalty. I use this for my hair, and it is so far the best. I have straight, bleached hair to the bra strap. I’ve also tried argan, coconut, and olive before. This one spreads very easily across the hair strands, and seems absord well without leaving any crunchy feeling behind. I use it as overnight oiling before shower, and as a leave in.

Laura Waller, TX