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Oscar Blandi Pronto Styling Pin-Brown-1 ct.

Bobby pins, be gone. Oscar Blandi Pronto Styling Pin firmly holds any updo-from a twist to a bun-in one simple step. The custom designed 3-prong pin instantly secures your style while its curved shape naturally contours the head for comfortable, long lasting hold.

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Not that I’m a hair wiz or anything

But this was too tough for me. If i put enough styling texturizer in to hold it in place, i couldn’t get it to turn without pulling my hair out. If I didn;t use enough, it just fell out. I have straight hair, maybe it’s better for curls?

Christy Nalcrest, FL

Not so great for fine hair

I use hair clips & I went through a lot of them because they have to be snug for me fine hair. I tried this one & I like the look but it falls down after a while because of my fine hair. I’m sure it would be great for thicker hair.

Lara Villard, MN

Why did I not buy this sooner?!

I’ve been growing out my hair for the last three years, and it’s now to my mid-back. During that time, I’ve picked up all sorts of hair toys, but held off on purchasing this since I usually like toys that are pretty. I finally got this when I ordered a new diffuser — and just love it!Unlike other hair forks or sticks, this has a really nice curved shape, so it conforms to your head, and is super comfortable! I’ve found that it’s most comfortable when you put it in horizontally; it lays along your scalp so comfortably that you can’t even tell that it’s in. It doesn’t pull on your hair the way that other forks do, and holds the weight of your hair up and in place.At night, while watching TV, I’m always messing with my hair and have tried various toys that are comfortable to use while having my head back on a pillow. This is the first thing I’ve found that doesn’t dig in to my head.The three prongs also make it strong enough that it holds up my mid-back, fine, wavy hair, with no need for additional bobby pins.It also comes with a little booklet that has four super cute styles in it. All four are easy to do, and I especially love the “retry ponytail” look.The brown color also blends right in to my reddish brown hair.I might pick up a second one of these since I’m worried about it being discontinued. It’s wonderful!

Michael Stone, KY

Hate it

I can’t get it to work without hurting my head. If you don’t have that much hair, it might be easier.

Leona Carlos, MN

not for me

I have very long hair that’s stick straight but thick and plentiful and this was just too much material for my hair to hide. I also like to wear my hair in a low chignon and this would either poke out the top or stab my neck

Adeline Milroy, PA