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Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

Clean sweep. Absorb oil, remove product build up and boost volume Oscar’s award-winning loose powder deeply cleanses, without water, for hair that looks and feels freshly shampooed. Nourishes scalp. Ideal for oily hair.

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Great for Fresher Smell & Volume

This is a great time saver that both takes away odor the day after you shampoo and volumizes your hair at the same time. Since my hair is oily at the top and dryer at the ends, it’s not good to shampoo every day. But somewhere into day 2, my scalp may take on the dreaded oily hair smell and my long layered style can go flat, esp. in the summer. Pronto solves both problems. I just sprinkle the size of a baby pea in my palm, rub hands together to distribute evenly to fingers, then bend at waist and massage into front (bangs) upside down. Use the same amount and in the same manner for top crown (toward back), then sideburn area and nape. For the top crown, I have to lift up my longer hair to put the powder near the roots.I rub my hands over the sink to prevent powder from getting on the bathroom floor which can be slippery. I like to use Pronto first, then wash face, do makeup, etc. to give it time to absorb into hair/scalp. If you don’t take the time to spread the powder into different sections, it may not work well for you. My daughter rushes through it and it doesn’t make a big difference on her as it does on me. It only takes me less than one minute to spread the powder. When I brush my hair upside down to style it, I can’t even notice any powder coming off. I have dark brown hair and the white powder absorbs so well I can’t even see any residue on my dark hair.A couple of times, I have even used Pronto on both the 2nd day and 3rd day after shampooing (if I can’t wash my hair as usual). At first, I thought it would be way too much product in my hair the second time around, but it worked just fine in a pinch (although I would much rather wash my hair). The smell is exactly that — lemon verbena — very fresh. You don’t need a lot. I bought the 3.5 oz. first and got the 1 oz (it’s so cute) for the kids. I’ve had them for over a year and it looks like I’ll have the same bottles for a long, long time — 4-5 more years.I have to add that I like my layers fluffed up on the crown and styled with hairspray. The volume that Pronto gives me at the crown is almost comparable to day 1 (but not on the bottom — hmmm, maybe I’ll rub some powder on the bottom). Without it, my hair would be flat on days 2 & 3 and cannot be styled in my normal manner. I never travel without it either.

Ester Forest City, IA

My Favorite

I’ve tried just about every dry shampoo out there. This is my favorite, I hop they don’t stop making it. It seems the aerosol is much more popular and many companies have stopped making the powder. I’m blond so the white doesn’t show, plus I tend to apply liberally at night and then I’m good to go in the morning with no "greasies".

Lakesha Lafayette Hill, PA

It’s alright.

This works OK, it is a little hard to get smoothly through your hair and sometimes keeps your hair a little white.

Tia Old Forge, PA

It works

I have looked for a dry shampoo that works well with brunette hair and have finally found it. It also smells really good!

Odessa Midland, MI

strong smelling powder.

It’s basically just really strong smelling powder. The smell isn’t a bad smell, but it’s not really a great smell either, but it is over powering. It’s good if your hair smells smokey but it’s still clean. If your hair is oily it will remove the shine as well.

Diane Moosic, PA

great stuff.

I’ve tried a handful of lower end spray dry shampoos. I haven’t gotten a chance to try the more expensive kind, but I don’t know if I want to when I have this powder. At first it wasn’t what I expected. A blonde friend recommended it to me and upon first use, I was convinced it wasn’t intended for dark hair. No, it’s great, but there’s a learning curve.I actually like the applicator. I never apply the applicator directly to my scalp, rather I put some into the palm of my hand and then sort of sprinkle it over areas of my scalp. Okay, yes this is messier than a spray, but imo, it allows for more precision and this powder has a lot less residue than any spray I know of. I think it’s a lot easier to control the amount when you apply with your hands. With the sprays.. spray for half a second too long and now your hair is gross and covered in too much dry shampoo. No good. I hardly have that issue with the powder.More tips on application: like straightening or curling, you need to apply a little bit to sections of your hair. So I’ll section off a part around my crown, sprinkle in the powder and really pat it around with my fingers. Do that with the next section. Sometimes I do get overzealous and put on too much. Either way, I use a brush at the end to better distribute the powder. Sometimes I do this so carefully and it takes enough time that I wonder why I didn’t just wash my hair.. but it’s still worth it. Oh and I cannot stress that this is minimal residue! That’s my favorite part about it.Other positive: while I haven’t used it consistently or on a weekly basis, my medium sized bottle has lasted over three years. A little truly does go a long way and you really get your money’s worth.This doesn’t get a five star rating because sometimes application can be messy. Don’t wear black while you’re doing this. I’m also looking for the perfect spray but as far as I know, it doesn’t exist.

Caryn Springdale, WA

Difficult and Dirty

I bought this product to help clean my hair in between washings. I have dark hair and had an ombre tint on the bottom and was hoping to extend the life of my color. My hair tends to be naturally thick and oily. The dry shampoo was extremely difficult to apply myself. You are supposed to apply it to the roots of your hair, but even using a mirror it was hard to see just how much product was coming out and where. Ultimately, I was left with a ton of powder on my scalp, but it was hard to work through the rest of my hair. It made my hair look dusty on top and still dirty and oily on the bottom. It also has a very strong smell – like lemon mixed with bleach – which was not very refreshing. As others have noted, it smelled more like cleaning product than cleansing beauty product. Definitely would not recommend.

Ola Eagle River, AK

Pain to apply

This product is a pain to apply. It is difficult to apply directly to hair so I put it on my hands and then rubbed it in along my roots. I think it helped a little in between showering but not as much as other dry shampoos. My husband complains that this product smells like windex and while I disagree I do think this product has a smell reminiscent of cleaning products and not beauty products. For the price I will finish up the bottle but I will not be purchasing again.

Shawn Eminence, KY

good product, but spray is better

this is great at de-oilifing my hair on days when i don’t have time to wash it. but it does leave my roots looking a little lighter in color because it’s a white powder. i’m blond, so it’s not really a problem, but women with darker hair may notice it more. it’s not as good as using a spray dry shampoo in terms of giving your hair lift and volume, but it’s great in a pinch or for traveling when you can’t bring the spray onboard.

Alyson Lake In The Hills, IL

Not bad

Hides any grease and shine from my hair and smells very fresh, only bad thing is I noticed I get tons of dandruff after using it.

Tabatha Bladensburg, OH

Solid pickup

I got this for my sister for Christmas, and it’s really great stuff–does exactly what you hope it will do and more!

Leila Baskin, LA

Really good product if the correct technique is used

After a few years, here’s what I find works best: 1) Dust a small amount into your freshly-washed and dried hands (you want clean hands so that you’re not depositing any unwanted oils into your hair). 2) Using your fingertips, quickly and lightly massage the powder into your roots at the crown and part. Divide your hair into sections using a rattail comb and use more powder as necessary at the roots. 4) THE IMPORTANT STEP: Let it sit on your hair for at least 5" (or more if you are really oily) before you try to style your hair. DO NOT TOUCH your hair – let the powder soak up the oils. When time’s up, brush your hair lightly to distribute the powder and don’t try to overstyle.You will be using the right amount of powder if it looks like there’s a light dusting on your hair at the end of step 3. If you’ve got globs of white powder, you’ve overdone it.This method works with the spray-on dry shampoo, too. I use both of the products – the spray-on is easier but the powder is good for controlling the amount of product in your hair.

Valarie Denver, NY

good dry shampoo

this is a avery good dry shampoo. It has a really nice lemon smell. It works wonders if your hair is oily and you don’t have time to shower!

Viola Price, UT


There are pros and cons to everything, and the same is true of the dry shampoo. Yes, the powder can feel thick once you’ve spread it on, and yes, it sometimes lightens/grays my hair color, but the oily look is gone, and there’s such amazing volume for 2nd and even 3rd day hair!I FAR prefer this dry shampoo to any of the spray dry shampoos, cause then the powder dries out your hair with the alcohol, and definitely leaves a dusty residue look. This dry shampoo is very easy to apply right where you need it, and just as much as you actually need, so that’s very effective and nice. And seriously, the volume it gives my limp day-old hair is awesome. It’s quick and easy, and it doesn’t add static to my hair, which my other favorite non-spray dry shampoo unfortunately definitely does.blow Pro Faux Dry Shampoo with Pure Protein Blend, 1.7 OunceI’m definitely keeping this is rotation, and really, the only reason it isn’t my perfect utmost favorite is because I can definitely feel the powder on my head, and it’s a little bit of an itchy feeling in the spots where too much powder was applied. But it looks great, and you know we ladies will suffer quite a bit for beauty, so, yeah, I deal with those bummers since it’s such a time-saver.

Claudine Glen Gardner, NJ