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Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

Clean sweep. Absorb oil, remove product build up and boost volume Oscar’s award-winning loose powder deeply cleanses, without water, for hair that looks and feels freshly shampooed. Nourishes scalp. Ideal for oily hair.

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Wake up too late to wash your hair?

If you have long hair and don’t want to wash it everyday but don’t like that dull dirty looking hair, this does the trick. It is essentially a power but does a good job at absorbing the oils to allow you to go at least one more day without washing your hair. Be sure to rub it in well so your don’t have patches of light powdered looking hair. The smell is like baby powder and I wonder if it’s just baby powder in a different container, hmmmm…

Deann Imperial, NE

my favorite dry shampoo

I’ve tried Klorane and others. I definitely prefer the powders vs the aerosol. This one has the best formula, texture and smell! It’s subtle, but fresh (not grassy though) and bright, not floral or cutesy smelling.

Silvia Locust Grove, GA


Yes, finally a dry shampoo that works and doesn’t leave a residue and is not super-expensive. I would like to thank other amazon reviewers for writing about how to use this product. Do not apply from the bottle directly to your head. Instead pour a bit out and apply with your fingers. It seems too little powder to do anything but it works! Very light scent and does not irritate. Powder is white but I have black hair and no residue. This small size is great for travel. Will repurchase.

Socorro Perry, MO

Great light powder

I love this stuff. My hair gets a little greasy after 24 hours, and I don’t want to wash my hair every day or my fine, blond hair gets damaged. This stuff is great, it is not heavy and sticky like some of the dry shampoos. It is light and does not creat the pouffy look that some of the spray dry shampoos seem to try and create, it just seems to take away the greasies and leave your hair clean and smelling fresh. The only problem is the only place I can find it is Sephora. I wish they carried this product at more beauty supplies stores.

Arline Wausau, FL


Other reviewers complained about the smell, but I never noticed it. I actually prefer the look of my hair after it hasn’t been washed that day and I’ve popped a bit of this in there and roughed it up. Not only does it absorb oil and reduce shine, but it actually volumizes a bit as well, which was an unexpected perk for me. This is my all time favorite dry shampoo.

Ana Durham, CA

Dry – powder like product

There is a powder smell to this but not unpleasant — but some people who are sensitive to smell may be bothered. If you wash your hands right after rubbing it in, you can’t smell your hair any longer. I first tried putting a little on my finger tip and then up to my scalp, but that was dumb. Tap the nozzle right on your scalp under a clear line of hair, do this in a few spots, then use all your fingers to rub it in and fluff up your hair. I also use Oribe dry shampoo spray, which is exceptional, but it is not only way more expensive, but it’s almost like hairspray — so you can’t get your fingers through your hair to kind of fluff some more or in certain spots. This is worth purchasing if you like these products and are looking for something. I am in my 40’s, so my scalp isn’t oily any longer, but I can easily get an extra day out of my hair washing when I use this. Would also be great if you will be traveling and have limited access or accommodations for hair washing/drying.

Magdalena Cedarville, CA

not such good smell

I guess smell is particular to each person. I got this product because many people seemed to like it. I want to throw up when I smell it. It is lemony with a strong smell of talc and something else that arouses noxiousness in me. Product seems to work, but I couldn’t figure out how to use it without leaving white streaks on my scalp.

Jodie Kittredge, CO

My daughter loves this product!

My daughter was complaining about the dry shampoo she had been using, so I decidedto look online to find her a product. I ordered this one because of its rating and mydaughter just loves it!

Carmen Masterson, TX

4 stars due to smell

I have super greasy hair, so by the time I come home from work its noticeably oily. I did try it as a next day shampoo, but the smell bothers me and I didn’t feel clean. However, it is great when I have somewhere to be right after work and I don’t have time to shower. I will pour some on my hands and work it all in my hair. it picks up most of the oil from my thin hair.

Melva Alto, NM


Others mentioned the smell was bothersome- I don’t mind it at all. Actually I think it’s pretty subtle and clean smelling.As far as doing the job- it’s ok. It takes quite a few shakes on my hair to look like it’s working (aka lessening the not-so-fresh look). Although, I have black hair, so I’m sure it would work easier on lighter colors.

Ester Montclair, NJ

The only dry shampoo I’ve ever tried that works

For years I’ve been hearing about all these women who supposedly only wash their hair once per week, and how lush and thick their locks become from all the natural oils. I have a lot of smooth, fine hair, and as my grandmother always used to say, it’s ‘straight as a poker’. If I skip one day of washing my hair, my hair starts to hang in wet-looking strings of grease.I’ve tried some aerosol dry shampoos in the past includingBig Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo Sexy Hair 1.1 oz Shampoo For UnisexandOjon Full Detox(tm) Rub-Out(tm) Dry Cleansing Spray 1.8 ozand ended up with white clumps from spraying too close for too long, grease streaks, and white probably toxic powder all over my bedroom. My scalp also FELT dirty because there was so much powdery residue on it. It almost felt worse than not using anything.Enter Pronto! The squeeze tube, for me at least, seems to give better control in terms of application, and the results are amazing! My hair looks full and clean, and it even feels clean! I also really like the smell. It’s a pleasant but not too strong perfumed scent.As per the review mentioning toxicity, I checked the Environmental working group’s site and this product is actually a ‘4’ on the 1-10 scale. That’s not great, but it’s not super toxic either. I will look for an alternative product that is on the very low end of the scale, but I’m hoping that light use of this product won’t have any negative health effects relative to things like sunscreen, which almost always seems to fall in the 4 toxicity range with just a few exceptions. This is a powder, though, and we probably breathe some in when applying, so it is something to consider.

Lavonne Eureka, KS

Freshens your hair, but hard to get out

I was never a believer of dry shampoo until I tried this. I just put a bit on my fingers, flip my head upside down, run it through my hair, flip back, et voila, my hair looks fresh again. It won’t make the I-feel-gross feeling go away, but it will help exponentially.My only problem is that the tip doesn’t come completely with a completely clear hole, so it’s a little hard getting the powder out – even in small amounts. That’s worked out alright because the bottle is so small it would suck to accidentally dump it all out at once, but be prepared for vigorous shaking.

Terry Hannacroix, NY