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Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil, 1.69 oz.

This lightweight hair serum fights frizz, imparts lasting shine and definition and adds lightweight reflection to dull hair. It’s easy to carry in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day and can serve as a light perfume for your hair.

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Good product, but it didn’t worked for me

I was really excited about this product, but unfortunately, it did not worked for me. Don’t get me wrong, it leaves may curly hair shiny and soft, but it did nothing to control the frizz. That was my major problem, so I’ll have to keep looking for the right product.The texture of this oil is good, easy to apply. Its smell is not overpowering or unpleasant. I really wish it had met my expectations.

Leta Dahlgren, IL

Aromatic & Lustrous Locks

Gorgeous,authentic Jasmine fragrance. Use a tiny amount and add more sparingly if needed. Controls frizz and fly-aways. Your hair will have a mirror like gloss and shine to it. Also, great for smoothing the look of dry, split ends. The bottle seems to last forever since you only need to use small amounts of this concentrated serum. I always get comments on how beautiful I smell when I have this in my hair! The bottle itself is also very attractive and travels well.

Lesley Novi, MI

Wish there was more in a container

I loved this product and the smell of it was amazing. Would buy again. Made my hair feel soft and put the perfect amount of shine in it without making it look over gressy.

Stacie Pheba, MS


I have bought several of these bottles. It is quite pricey for the small amount, but some things in life are worth it. You put this on freshly washed hair and it smells so yummy. Think Hawaiin vacation, Jasmine scented evenings, romance.It is basically like any serum/silicone hair product. Nothing special except the beautiful smell.I prefer on fresh, damp hair as it is a bit thick and heavy. Use a small amount, rub in palms until it thins out then apply. Can be a bit oily so prefer to use away from roots.Did I mention I love the smell!

Shanna Chula, GA

Love This Product!

Smells wonderful, tames my sometimes frizzy fly away hair. Helps to naturally style my naturally curly hair into uniform curls that are very flattering. Highly recomend

Renee Saint Ann, MO

Jasmine Oil

I love the way this smells in My hair. So wonderful. It never leaves My hair greasy, just shiny and aromatic

Louise Cloverdale, MI

Smells good but no better than any other serum.

I didn’t find a difference between this and the Aveda a Brilliant Gloss or Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, other than smell. The smell is not worth the price. I had to use several drops (and my hair was not greasy) in my pixie cut to see any shine.I’ll probably just add some ylang ylang oil to the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.

Paula Mapleton, UT