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ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo, 12.5 Fluid Ounce

Aloe Vera and Olive Oil are two of nature’s most nourishing ingredients for healthy hair. ORS™ Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo moisturizes and neutralizes the hair leaving it tangle free and soft after every shampoo. This unique shampoo which includes Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Panthenol, and Lecithin, provides the hair with maximum moisture. Olive Oil’s natural Vitamin E imparts sheen as it helps protect the hair and scalp during shampooing. Aloe Vera helps to soothe the hair and scalp while Panthenol, which contains Pro Vitamin B-5, penetrates the hair shaft and provides the hair maximum moisture.

Key features

  • Removes calcium build-up
  • Rinses easily
  • Aids in storing moisture to the hair
  • Aids in removing all traces of relaxer from the hair and scalp
  • Excellent cleanser for the hair
  • Adds natural shine to the hair

Honest reviews


Buyer Beware: Not Organic

The name shouts the word “organic” doesn’t mean that the product is truly organic. The shampoo contains paraben, which is carcinogenic, and SLS, which is a skin irritant and a probable carcinogen. Due to lack of regulation on organic or green commercial products, it’s quite easy for manufacturers to greenwash their products and mislead consumers. We’ll just have to watch out for ourselves!

Esther Saint George Island, AK

Nasty stuff

I can not say much more about this stuff that has not already been said. It stinks. It has bad ingredients… This company seeks to trick people by using the name “organic” instead of actually being organic. I will not be supporting them in their trickery. “Off to the trash”

Sadie Coralville, IA



Miriam Blackwell, TX

Really Bad

The worst shampoo ever. I used this and afterward my hair was extremely tangled, actually matted, it left my hair a matted mess – so then I used the conditioner and it was worse – my hair felt hard,dry and the tangles were beyond tangled I had to use my deva condtioner then shampoo it twice and use the conditioner again with about 5x as much as I normally would just to get the tangles out and my hair still felt rough. I put in extra leave in conditioner. I hate this stuff, I threw the new bottle away.

Betsy Bolton, MA


I am typically not a product line user, but this would make the 3rd product I’ve used by ORS and I love it! I bought the pack though to ensure I would like it, but once the pack runs out I will invest in the actual bottle. I had a lot of product build up on my hair and it cleaned everything away! It left my hair feeling soft and I used the deep conditioner right after. My hair feels like silk!

Fay Cisco, IL

Works for me

I was hesitant to try this shampoo for a long time.I washed with it after taking a set of twists down. I needed a good clarifying treatment to strip my hair of all the oil and grime for a fresh slate to work with. This stuff was great; it clarified my hair well without causing it to tangle horribly (washed in sections!), and my hair wasn’t as dried out as it could of been. The hair definitely needed a deep conditioning afterwards.

Lou Proctorville, OH

Great shampoo, but not great for my scalp

This was a great shampoo with the proper lather, wonderful smell and really moisturized my hair. It left my hair soft and healthy looking. Unfortunately my scalp didn’t do so well. I’ve only been able to use Head and Shoulders to prevent my scalp from breaking out and every once in a while I try something else to see if it will work. This didn’t do it, but if you don’t have that problem, this shampoo would be great. This came highly recommended on transitioning sites, as I’m trying to transition from relaxed to natural african american hair.

Rosemarie Talco, TX

Extremely Drying!!!!

The reason I gave one star is because the zero option is not available. This thing stripped my hair so much, I couldn’t wait to put conditioner in my hair! I have natural, black hair.

Meredith Bailey, MS

Jumping on the olive oil bandwagon

Lately I have become a fan of all products that incorporate olive oil. Recent research suggests a compound in olive oil, oleocanthal, is a non-selective inhibitor of cyclooxygenase(COX), which would give oleocanthal anti-inflammatory properties. The downside is that you would have to ingest 500 grams of olive oil to get the same effect as one Advil. This translates into 4,500 calories of olive oil or twice the average daily intake.That being said, this is nice shampoo at a modest price. It would be a suitable choice even without concerns about inflammation. I am hopeful more research will become available to enable informed decisions on purchasing such products.

Jannie Holder, FL

Mom mostly loved this

Purchased for my mother who has more course (grey hair) and dry hair she loved that this left her hair feeling moisturized and her ends smelling great HOWEVER, by no means is this a clarifying or deep cleaning shampoo. In order to really get your scalp clean you have to use quite a bit of product (mom washes hair every other day, not an oily scalp) so buy at your own discretion.

Cristina Merced, CA

Nice Shampoo

this shampoo may not be truly organic but it does leave my hair clean and silky soft. I would recommend it.

Leigh Bakers Summit, PA

love love this stuff

I had decided to try the olive oil perm kit 2 weeks ago for the first time and when I discovered this wonderful olive oil shampoo that comes in the kit, oh my god never knew this stuff was that good it is so moisturizing has a real nice slip from any other shampoo I have tried.

Casandra Reva, VA

Stops hair loss due to dry scaly scalp

I sufffer from seriously dry scaly scalp. Big time. Actually, I wish these folks made a bath product because all of me is dry and scaly, not just the scalp.This shampoo and its matching conditioner are the ONLY products I have found that really truly keep my hair on my head and not in my comb, brush, or bathroom drain. It was recommended to me originally by a lady I met at a local pharmacy. She said her mother swears by it. Now, so do it. It totally works as long as the problem is dry scaly scalp and not something else.I am NOT talking about regular dandruff. The condition I’m talking about doesn’tusually leave flakes on your shoulders. That’s the problem. The scales stay on your head and block the hair follicles. The result is hair loss. This stuff stops the carnage.It does (when used with the matching conditioner) leave your hair a bit lank and feeling over conditioned. It looks fine, if a bit flat but I can live with that a lot better than with having my hair falling out in clumps. This stuff — AND the condition — stop the fall out instantly, on the first shampoo and condition. To keep it from recurring, I need to wash and condition my hair about every third day. If I wait longer, my scalp dries out and starts to fall out again. This stuff is not expensive and you may be able to find it locally if you live in an ethnically-diverse area. If the store has it, you will find it in the ‘ethnic hair products’ section of any reasonably large drug store.If dry, scaling scalp is your problem, this (+ the conditioner — really important to use BOTH) is the answer. I have tried all kinds of expensive products. This one works.

Debbie Eleele, HI

This is great!

I love this shampoo! It has such a great smell and leaves my hair soft and shiny. I will keep this shampoo around. 🙂

Katheryn Junior, WV

does what its supposed to

this shampoo smells really good and left my scalp feeling very clean. for a neutralizing/clarifying shampoo, it didn’t leave my hair stripped. i will only use this product once a month to remove build up

Maureen Karval, CO

Hair is so soft in hands

This is great and healthy for my hair. I love it and it makes my curls feel really really soft.

Angelina Olustee, OK

Finally – I can throw everything else away

The "natural" state of my hair is coarse and dry – and perming for the past 25 years or so has made my hair drier and harder to manage. I’ve used a variety of perming products as well as a variety of shampoos and conditioners – in fact at this very moment I have five or six different shampoos and probably even more conditioner brands that I used interchangeably – which is a bad idea because using that many different products is only making things worse. About two months ago I started using Organic Olive Oil products – starting with the perm which works better than anything I’ve used before – my hair is straighter, more moisturized, there’s a light pleasant scent instead of a chemical smell and the results last longer (I won’t name the products because different people get different results). I started gradually buying other Organic Olive Oil products – with the shampoo my hair is soft, clean and definitely more flake-free than anything else I’ve used before – ditto for the conditioner that makes my hair softer, less tangled and easier to comb after shampooing – plus less tangles makes it easier to style and I lose less hair. I’ve used the moisturing products a few months now too and for me it resulted in noticeable hair growth (I wasn’t exactly looking for it but I’ll take it lol). Overall, I’ve found Organic Olive Oil products to give the best results for my coarse, dry and hard to manage hair because the proof is "in the pudding" – clean, healthy and shining easily managed hair that looks and feels great!

Rochelle Bronx, NY