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OROFLUIDO – Beauty Elixir 3.38oz

Orofluido Elixir is formulated with argan, cyprus and linseed oil to give hair shine without residue. 3.38 oz

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  • Brand: **OROFLUIDO**
  • MPN: 3.38 OZ

Honest reviews


Blown away

I have naturally straight fine hair that can get oily at the roots. I get a little body and wave to it if I’m lucky. When I received a sample of this in my birchbox, I scoffed at the thought of giving a hair oil to someone like me. I’m the last person in the world who would have tried this on my own. But I did, just so it wouldn’t go to waste. First I tried on my dry hair before I went to bed – sort of as an overnight treatment. Didn’t really do anything as I wash my hair the next morning. Then I tried it on my wet hair in the morning and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It soaks in and you can’t even tell I’ve used anything on my hair (especially not an OIL on OILY thin hair). Its soft, wavy and not at all weighed down or dull. Amazing. This easily beats other hair styling products I’ve tried including milks, creams, serums, mousses and gels. I’m a scent person and this smells great to me (subtle vanilla which fades quickly).

Jo Phlox, WI

Licensed Cosmetologist and Product Experts review

Hallelujah, Glamazons! Finally, a serum that actually penetrates the hair instead of just sitting on it giving you a temporary fix. We all know how I feel about the brand sold in salons that has been the hype for a few years now (you’ll have to read my review on it, i can’t mention it by name in this review) but this blows it out of the water. Smells like amber and vanilla and is considered the Rolls Royce of hair serums by professionals throughout the industry. This is very exclusive, I’m surprised its being sold on here, I just hope its the real deal. You should buy it through a licensed professional because you’ll have the company’s guarantee. I would not hesitate to buy this. Love their spray version and their mask too!Orofluido Mask 250mlOrofluido Shine Spray

Desiree Yeoman, IN

Hair Crack

This is soooo great. Smells wonderful and should you pour a little to much no worries like other “oils” this will not leave your hair looking like you just worked out for 4 days without a shower!

Renae Indian Wells, CA

Love, love, love this one

Excellent and the best product that I have found to bring the shine and a gorgeous smell to my long and thick hair. I also love the bottle since it looks nice on the counter-top. Ideally it would come with a pump but hey, I rather it does what it says and looks pretty.

Sherrie Bonnerdale, AR

Super softening but drying

Sorry to rain on the parade but I wasn’t crazy about it. It made my hair look great for the first hour or so, but then made it way too dry. I think it had something to do with it affecting my hair’s porosity… it made all the moisture dry right out of my hair, when normally my hair doesn’t do that. This product made my very coarse, thick hair so incredibly soft… it was like it literally changed the texture. That part was wonderful. However, I had to use a lot to get these results. The smell is just ok, it’s a nice amber but I was expecting something better the way everyone raved about it. Honestly, it smells kind of artificial and the more I use it the more cloying it is :\ I have much better results with *pure* Argan oil or Kukui Nut oil.

Katharine Shamrock, TX

Not sure what the liquid in this bottle is

I am really dissapointed in Amazon, I love this product, but I have no idea what is in this bottle. It had very little smell and made my hair feel heavy and oily..I am going to order it from another vendor in hopes that I get the original product.

Gussie Saint Peter, IL

It’s ok, but not fabulous.

This smells nice and doesn’t make your hair greasy if you use a small amount. It has silicone in the ingredients, so if you’re alergic to silicone don’t purchase. This bottle will go a long way! Doesn’t seem to have any lasting affect as far as correcting dry hair.

Chasity Hillsboro, TX

Great reviews

I just bought this on Amazon & I’m eagerly waiting to try it. It was given the top rating among hair care products in a British hair style magazine at my hair salon and highly reviewed elsewhere.After reading the comments about silicone, I researched that and found this article in SELF that convinced me the ingredients in this product are good ones […]Once I’ve had a chance to try Orofluido for myself, I’ll report back. For now, I’m giving it 5 stars based on what I’ve read and researched.

Lacy Venturia, ND

Buildup due to silicone

This products contains a lot of silicone. I never had this issue before but since I’m using this “elixir” my hair has become dull and are breaking very easily. I have straight, very thin/fine hair. At first the oil makes your hair feel soft, but after a few weeks buildup started to show.

Ingrid Wrightsville Beach, NC


I never run out of this stuff… goes in quick after I towel dry my hair and I throw it in a pony tail and think nothing of it. I hate anything in my hair like gels or mouse or hairspray but this is my cant live without it serum

Audra Ranger, GA

Scent is amazing

I love the smell of this whole line of products, but outside of the scent they are not life changing. If you are just looking for a way to make your hair smell amazing – this is the stuff!

Rosalinda Emmett, MI

Smells Wonderful, Great for Wavy Hair

I’ve always been a fan of using some sort of oil in hair as treatment. I used to work in a salon so I’ve had access to many different types of hair oils. I used to like Moroccan oil, but I didn’t feel like it lived up to the hype and thought that it wasn’t doing anything magnificent for my hair. I have wavy/curly hair that tends to straighten out and lose volume after I don’t shampoo for a day or two. As anyone with curly hair knows, I can’t be washing my hair every day either because it will dry the crap out of my hair and make it look like a cotton ball. I’ve tried organic oils from Whole Foods to encourage curls and all sorts of stuff.A couple years ago, I got a sample of Orofluido in a Birchbox and loved it. I had waist length hair at the time and wanted to purchase it, but then I decided to chop all my hair off and was using different products to texture my hair – oil wasn’t a need when my hair was so short. Fast forward, and now my hair is below shoulder length again and I was unhappy with the hair oil I was using. It was greasy, smelled bad, and was forcing me to wear my hair in a bun all the time. Then I remembered Orofluido. So I went ahead and purchased, got it, and quickly remembered how much I loved that exotic smell. For my hair, I use a quarter sized amount and start working it through from the ends. It’s spectacular! It’s softening, I think it helps hair dry quicker whether I decide to use a diffuser or air dry. The smell does linger slightly after drying but it obviously isn’t as strong as when you first apply.The most important thing for me is that it hydrates the ends of my hair which tend to frizz out without something to lock in moisture. Although other products are greasy, they never managed to do the same. The great thing about this is if you use the right amount, you don’t grease yourself up and it will hydrate your hair. I think one bottle will last me 3-4 months and am planning on purchasing more.My only issue is the packaging: its in a heavy glass bottle that looks pretty, but becomes slick if you touch it after applying oil. It also doesn’t have any pump or rubber attachment to slow down product flow so if you aren’t careful, you’ll get a deluge of oil into your hand.

Lou Browning, MO


A nice dry oil that keeps my hair in check without coating it in silicone and other fillers and chemicals. The smell is also really nice.

Justina Conewango Valley, NY

nothing beats this

Not only does it smell like heaven, but it works just as well if not better than Moroccan Oil IMHO. Plus, it’s more affordable, too. I’ve given samples of these to friends and they’ve since purchased the full size of this too. I love running my hands through my hair now, it’s so silky and fluid.

Gussie Vesuvius, VA

Very good hair oil.

I really like this hair oil and it gives my hair shine and body. I use it after towel drying my hair and for some reason it speeds up the blow drying process. It would be much better if the oil was not in a glass bottle, as it is heavy and too much oil comes out quite often. My hair looks much better after using this oil, as it is shinier and has more body. There are a lot of hair oils out there and some are better than others. This one is a good one, although everyone’s hair reacts differently to different products so it pays to experiment with different oils to see which one you like best. This oil is reasonably priced and worth trying if you are looking for healthier looking hair.

Kay Coulters, PA

Love, love love this!

I got a free sample of this product, used it once and was hooked. It really helps to tame my fizzy hair, leaves it nice & shiny, and smells good, too!

Freida Olive Branch, IL