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Orly Top 2 Bottom Basecoat – 0.6 oz

Orly Top 2 Bottom Basecoat — 0.6 oz. Orly Top 2 Bottom Basecoat and Topcoat All-in-One grips and protects nail lacquer for long-lasting manicures and pedicures with a high-shine finish.

Key features

  • top coat & base coat in one
  • provides the convenience of a topcoat and basecoat in one bottle
  • protects nail polish
  • Dries quickly to a high-shine finish
  • orly top 2 bottom top coat

Honest reviews



I was overall disappointed with how well this product maintained my manicure. I agree the rubberized top is great! The formula is easy to work with and it does leave a nice glassy finish, but my polish started to chip within 2 days. I tried reapplying daily which got me to about 5 days before I had to redo my nails. I don’t spend a lot of time in water, or working hard with my hands, I was also using it with salon quality color polish so I expected it to last longer. I won’t be purchasing again and will go back to OPI start to finish.

Jessica Bergheim, TX

I Think I’m in Love

I received this polish as a set. After using it, I know that this is a fantastic top coat. I realize that it is supposed to be used as a bottom AND top coat but I am very loyal to Orly’s Nailtrition as a bottom coat.This dries so fast. I stamp my nails with Konad products and have found that as top coat does not smudge or smear the clean lines that the stamp makes.For the last two years, I have been making a hobby of nails. I wish I would have found this polish sooner!

Beatrice Michigan, ND

Nice product.

Tried this after the supermarket brands failed miserably. Works good and doesn’t gunk up while using it. Happy with it.

Sierra Houlton, WI

Good for those staining nail polishes

This was awesome because i put it on first as a bottom coat and when my nail polish started chipping it didnt stain my nails and came off clean. Helped me save some of my cheaper polishes whose color I loved.

Maryanne Vernon, TX

Great as base coat not so much top coat

It really makes your manicure last longer. I don’t really like it as a top coat because it doesn’t really make your nails very shiny. Also it takes way too long to dry. I would use it as a top coat & then put seche vite or another top coat for that high shine that I like.

Arline Verbank, NY

Dries fairly fast

Can’t beat the price! It’s a great clean polish, super shiny! Seems to dry pretty fast for a "non-fast drying" polish!

Staci Eagle, CO