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Orly Nail Lacquer, Terracotta, 0.6 Fluid Ounce

Terracotta is a rich neon dark pink that is perfect for those spring and summer months while making your nails look just as amazing as the flowers out in your flower bed. Relax and enjoy your spring and summer days with this awesome pink color.

Key features

  • Natural pearl for shine and durability
  • It has a streak free coverage and is fast drying
  • UV inhibitors prevent fading

Honest reviews



All of these nail polishes in this line make your nails look incredibly tacky. And not to mention the texture is not good, very strange feeling, and not a good one at that.

Kimberlee Hardwick, GA

Feel the vibe -glowstick

Feel the vibe is very bright ! I originally purchased it for Halloween but as soon as it came in I had to try it out. I subtracted a star due to the amount of coats it took to reach my level of brightness. It was also very streaky so I would recommend a shiny top coat ( I used CULT wicked fast on top of my manicure ) such as CND or Cult Nails to smooth out the streaks

Muriel Wacissa, FL

not happy

This fingernails polish arrived in a timely manner and in good order. The color is very pretty but it doesn’t go on well and doesn’t smooth out. No matter what I did I had globby brush strokes. My last attempt to salvage the product was to use polish thinner but this didn’t work either. I ended up thtowing it out. I don’t recommend this product.

Carla Eunice, NM

Great color

This is a good color for all year long. I have been using as a neutral color because I am so fair.

Alma Bumpass, VA


I’m 35 and I love sparkle and I was worried this would be cheesy and figured I’ll use for my 4 year old if it didn’t work out but I luv it put it on my toes over a light pink so u won’t have to layer it I put one layer n it’s great we all know sparkle polish is hard to remove it must have a high pigment anyways it’s very pretty for spring summer try it and it’s orly I think the price was fair n fast fast shipping

Alma Hall Summit, LA

Pretty, dries fast, nice finish

Last season I found this at a beauty supply store and loved the color – at the time I didn’t know it was a matte finish (non-glossy) polish. I put it on and was befuddled by the flat unshiny appearance until I realized it was one of those newer matte polishes I’d heard of.This dries to a deeper color than pictured- I have it on now and think it is very close to a rich raisin color with a lot of purple in it. Three coats worked for me – you might get by with two, but on two finger tips I could see some white shining through so I went with one more coat.If your nails are nicely shaped, this color will look terrific. Without the high gloss you’re used to in polishes, there’s no shiny distractions, the focus falls right on the nail. I have slightly ridge-y nails and the ridges are more pronounced with a matte polish.In an effort to smooth the ridges and get the color to last, I used a clear coat after each layer of purple. It did lessen the ridge-y appearance. That was Saturday night. It’s Tuesday morning now and the ends of each tip are beginning to wear so the life of this polish isn’t very long, even with some protection. I’ll touch it up, but it’s funny – without the gloss, somehow the tip wear is less visible.I love that this dries fast and looks very neat, an edgy color that’s not loud. If you don’t mind keeping up with it a little, this will be a nice addition to your collection.

Selma Broadbent, OR

deep, sultry red

I love this color, Grave Mistake. It is a deep, cranberry, marron red. It stays on fairly well also. I highly reccommend!

Courtney Winchester, KS

Beautiful Polish

I’ve been looking for this polish for a while and fund it on here. It came fast and I have tried it already. I also own CG Fairy Dust and Orly Shine on Crazy Diamonds and this one is a great addition to my topper collection bc it is different. I would definitely order it again.

Irene Dagus Mines, PA

Never Been a fan of this color but i love it now!!!!!

I got this at Ulta and it is gorgeous. I have recently have become a fan of Coral and other shades of Orange. This nail polish is a Orange with a pink tone to it, Like peaches kinda. It is very happy and bright color perfect for summer and spring. It lasts a very long time and doesn’t chip easily. I want to buy more so badly!

May Nocona, TX

The best

I bought this as a gift for a friend and she loved it!! It’s her go-to color for the summer. I also like it so much I bought a bottle for myself and she ended up getting one for her mom! Great product.

Aisha Paradise Valley, NV

Love Orly

I bought this for a friend in france. I cant really judge the color its not something I would wear. But Im sure she will love it.

Alissa Floyd, NM

Amazing color

This and Orly’s Halleys Comet are by far my two favorite nail polishes I have EVER tried. This polish goes on easily & only needed one generous coat or 2 thin coats. When I had this on my nails I got so many compliments.

Amparo Hockessin, DE

Great for Base Coat or the Beverly Hills Manicure

This is a great sheer color, intensifying the color of my own natural nail bed without changing the color of the tip of my nail. I use it as a base coat or if I don’t have time to do any sort of extensive work on my nails.I use this in conjuction with the Sheer White Tip Beverly Hills Manicure polish to give myself the more subtle manicure look without having to worry about making sure that the opaque white and pink sections of the traditional French Manicure are crisply defined with consistent straight lines.I have to say that when I use this product with the Sheer White Tip polish to do the Beverly Hills Manicure, whether my nails are longer or very short, I always get compliments on how my nails look. Taking the time to do a little something always pays off in the end, and because the Sheer White Tip is a forgiving color doing the manicure free hand, without stencils or strips to keep the line crisp, is a breeze after a little bit of practice.I love the fact that one coat of this color on my nails gives me a nice look when I’m running out the door.

Octavia Buhl, AL

! ! ! ! ! !

Beautiful Color. Perfect for fall. Got it for 3 bucks at sally’s and had to leave a review. Its almost a royal blue but no quiet. Not summary so can be worn during the fall or winter. LOVE IT!

Vanessa Red Jacket, WV

Just like Coffee!

Beautiful color, just like coffee! High quality polish, no streaking. very satisfied. Similar quality to other professional polishes like OPI, China Glaze and Zoya!

Lidia Butler, NJ

~Beautiful Polish!~

This polish is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!…It’s great that it can be worn two ways…Matte straight out of the bottle..Or Shiney when you add a top coat!…I Love Love Orly Matte Couture Purple Velvet Polish!

Olivia Chuuk, FM

Surprisingly 3D at times

This decorative top coat is gold roundish and bar glitters with some colorful sparkle to them. On some occassions, I’ve seen this one look surprisingly 3D – so I’m enjoying experimenting with it.

Laura West Camp, NY

Perfect color for fair skinned people

Read a review of this product in a magazine. It was recommended for fair skinned people, and now that it’s here, I can see why. It’s my new go-to color for fingernails and toes.

Dorothea Senath, MO


This is one of my favorite neon polishes because it is literally so bright it reflects other things onto your nails when your wear it. It does take a lot of really thin coats to make it pop, or you can simplify your manicure by first layering a white base. It arrived on time, and I am so glad I bought this, it is perfect for summer!!

Della Richwood, OH

Beautiful Polish!!

Super quick shipping and packaged very well 🙂 Polish is exactly what I was hoping it would be 🙂 Don’t debate about needing this, cause you do!Was a pleasure purchasing from you. Will definitely buy again in the future, Thank You!!

Dena Martinsdale, MT

Plays well with Others as well as Alone

I bought this color on sale at a local beauty sale and it is worth every penny!At first, I only used the color alone, applying two coats for amazing results. But layering this over ANY color allows this polish to take on a whole new attitude.I wore this color for 6 days with no chips using Orly Top 2 Bottom as the top coat.

Ursula Portland, OR

Delicate and pretty

Love this color. It’s perfect for the summer and sandals or flip flops. Definitely need 2-3 coats for the shade to look as it appears in the bottle

Rebecca Crawfordsville, AR

A True Opaque Pale Pink

Yes, this streaks. Yes, the manicure doesn’t last as long as it would with OPI or Essie. Yes, the brush is too small and causes the polish to go on streaky. Yes, these are not good attributes, but WOW is the color amazing. Not a single photo on Amazon can relay what a pretty soft pink this is, and the fact that it is NOT sheer makes me love it despite all these negatives.This is a pale, seashell pink. Two or even three coats are required for streak-free coverage, but the extra time is worth the wait. Use a good thick topcoat like Seche Vite and this will be a beautiful manicure or pedicure.It does have a tendency to chip or peel but that is after about 4-5 days with the right topcoat. Without a topcoat you can be sure that your nails will be scuffed and missing paint.If you want a beautiful SOLID pale pink, I would definitely recommend this color.

Mia Viewtown, VA


Love this brand and this color. If your getting this to do the marble style it is hard to use. becasue of the shimmer. The color looks great if you don’t.

Nellie Harvey, IA

I am in love with this color!!!

I get more compliments on this polish than any other! It is amazing!!! It is completely different depending on light and angle. sometimes its purple, sometimes copper, somtimes almost grey/green. Really amazing effect!

Tania Salem, MA


One of the most beautiful nail colors around! Just stunning! Not just a winter color, either. It’s a shimmery transparent white that goes with everything. Perfect wedding color.

Karen Gaston, NC

Iridescent White

This reminds me of fairy dust for some reason. There is no texture but the color is really pretty. Nice and subtle for a wedding or fancy event. You can also wear it with just jeans and your nails look good.

Bridgette Kenton, DE

Beautiful Color!

This color is just amazing! It has a rainbow of different colors, goes on really smooth, stays on long (with the help of a good top coat, of course.)

Candace Westmoreland City, PA

So Beautiful

I love love love this nail polish. I had fell in love with it when I saw a Youtube video on it. The color and sparkle of the polish is beautiful. The only problem is that the picture is completely different from what it looks like in real person. In the bottle and on the nails it looks fuchsia almost a hot pink. I don’t mind because it is an amazing color. I had to apply three coats but that’s typical of any glitter polish. I am sure it’s going to be a pain taking off but that is why I put on three coats of Seche Vite top coat so that I can just peel the polish off instead scrub it off with polish remove. I recommend to anyone.I will add a picture of the polish on my nails.

Miranda Nine Mile Falls, WA

Nail Polish Addict

Saw some youtube videos with the women talking about this color and raving so I just had to get it and see for myself! I was not disappointed! Love it!!!

Penny Milton, WV