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Orly Nail Lacquer, Passion Fruit, 0.6 Fluid Ounce

This bright neon hot pink will be stopping traffic. With this dazzling hot pink you will feel beautiful and stylish and your nails will really pop and stand out no matter where you are.

Key features

  • Natural pearl for shine and durability
  • It has a streak free coverage and is fast drying
  • UV inhibitors prevent fading

Honest reviews


A stunning, unique color.

Of the polishes I own (about 140), Space Cadet is definitely my favorite. It is a sheer teal base with a strong purple/olive green duochrome with a foil finish! Its freaking ace, bro. But it is sheer so you need three thin coats for full opacity. It dries quickly, and with a base and top coat can last over a week with minimal chipping. This color is POW in your face, you are sure to get compliments wearing it. I got my bottle for about $12, which I think is a good price. You might still find it at your local Ulta for $10 if you are lucky.

Carolina Loretto, KY

Another great Orly product!

I don’t know why the reviews for this product are not great because I love this product so much. This Is the most Gorgeous shade of Blue! I normally hate blue nail polish but for some reason when i saw this at Ulta i just had to buy it. It dries super quickly and lasts a super long time like Orly Products always do. I highly recommend that you try this because you will love it! You will NOT be disappointed if you buy this.

Maxine Lenoir City, TN

Awful! Goes on unevenly, takes 30+ min. to day.

This polish goes on with streaks, regardless of how long you shake it. And it takes 30 minutes to dry each coat. I decided to try Orly after becoming irritated with the increasing cost of OPI polish. After the first use I realized that Orly is cheaper, because it is inferior! I’m going back to OPI and will now happily pay for a better product.

Young Haskins, OH

I have a love hate relationship with Orly polishes

My Orly polishes either seem to be to thin or way to thick or the consistancey is fine but the color needs three coats. However; Orly still produces some very lovely and amazing colors so I continue to purchase them. I missed this collections original release, but found it online when I went through my matte polish obsession. Essie matte top coat is great, but I love purple so I had to have this color. Do not ask me why but the formula is amazing not to thick not to thin and honestly it may only need one coat but 2 coats makes it gorgeous. It lasts around 5 days without chipping, typically.Overall, I do recommend this polish (along with the blue, I don’t own the black yet). The picture makes it seem more red then it is, although it is a red tone purple not a blue toned.

Irene East Montpelier, VT

No opaque like the picture.

I love the effect this product has, but this nail polish is not opaque like the picture. It’s good as a pretty iridescent top coat, though, and the formula is as good as you expect from Orly.

Lorie Henley, MO

Liquid Vinyl- Poor consistancy and color

I purchased the liquid vinyl. I’m not a "nail art" kind of person, I just wanted something with rich color that would dry quickly. As far as my needs were concerned this wasn’t the nail polish for me. The consistency is thin and the color output is very poor. I would need to go over it a few times to make it actually be black.The nail polish takes too long to dry for me to want to waste time sitting there applying multiple coats and waiting for them to dry in between and after. As other reviewers have mentioned the polish also seems to chip rather quickly.As far as black nail polish goes, this is overpriced and disappointing and of course it went on sale after I wasted my money on it.Summary-Name: liquid vinyl (black)Pros: NoneCons: Thin consistency, poor color, slow to dry, chips quickly

Carolina East Mc Keesport, PA

Love this brand

always positive about this brand and their polish and colors. I have to get use to their magnets though, I have only been able to use one magnet that has actually been the design. not sure if it is the color, the magnet design or what, but these makers need to test them out on themselves 1st then mass market.

Ashlee Hampton, TN

My Favorite Bright Red!

If you are looking for the classic bright red nail polish, stop reading this and get the Haute Red by Orly!! My favorite part about this red is that it is practicably opaque in one coat!

Alana Coamo, PR


I love love love this color..,orly polishes are always awesome…no clumps, easily applied, lasts for a week or more…yay…going to do my nails now!

Yvonne Gause, TX

Excellent product

Love this product! It goes on easily and stays true to color. I alternate the pink with the orange on each of my fingers and toes. After that I put on french white nail tips only (the sticker kind) and the nail colors really pop! Many people have complimented my nails. I’ll definitely purchase more colors. Packaging was great and delivered on time.

Iris Tripp, SD

In The Navy – blue

Very pigmented color. Great coverage in one coat. It’s a very dark blue but doesn’t lose it’s blue-ness and become black, it’s a true blue color. One of the things I love about Orly is that their bottles are so big in comparison to some of the newer brands who have such small bottles and don’t last as long. Orly’s Bonder and Won’t Chip top coat are 2 more of my favorites, definitely helps your mani/pedi last a lot longer!

Alana Morristown, SD

Not really.

Not really what I was expecting. Perhaps I didn’t notice how extra glittery this was to be. Even then, I could have lived with the glitter. I cannot, however, live with the fact that it takes 100 coats of this stuff to finally get the rich blue. Such a disappointment.

Ashleigh Cedar City, MO

Ingenue is the perfect color

I bought this product in Ingenue and I love the color. It is a rose color (not pink) with gold micro-glitter in it. Depending on the light, it shows up as light rose, shimmery gold, or a bluish lavender. I used two coats, but one coat provided enough coverage to be sufficient. I used the Seche Vite top coat and have not had any problems with chipping or peeling. The color reminds me of M.A.C. color pigments in Rose – almost the same exact shade. Definitely one of my new favorite shades of polish. Would recommend.

Roxanne Coal Center, PA

Long-lasting polish

Orly Liquid Vinyl nail polish is very long lasting. I didn’t experience a chip for the 2 weeks I had it on. If you like black nail polish and different textures to your nail polish, I definitely recommend this. You will be as delighted as I am.

Elaine Green Pond, SC

Color is gorgeous, but chips easily!

The color is vibrant and happy. Sadly, I have found Orly to not be worth the price as for some reason, the finish cracks and chips within hours of applying!

Myrna Helena, GA

Beautiful color

I love shimmers, and this is a beautiful pale reddish-toned pink. Very "lady" like. Beautiful color for summer, or all year for someone who shies away from darker colors.

Sonja Littlefield, TX

Nice color

Orly Nite owl is a nice champange color with some glitter to it. I was very pleased when i got this color. I will be using it as an accent nail color! Although, you can use it on the whole hand!

Ernestine Viola, AR

nothing lke it

I drooled over this for ages, ended up getting 3 of them total, probably way more than I need but I just love it

Dale Kaibito, AZ

The color is amazing!

The color is amazing however I thought it would be rose gold but it’s more of a silver. And I think it needs a top coat.Also, you can’t beat the price!

Bernadette Omaha, TX

Not a happy camper

The brush is horrible—it stricks and smudges and is just impossible to use.The color is nice, but you have to have at least 3 coasts for it to look even, and then it takes for ever to dry.I don’t like it!

Clara Jefferson City, TN

Glowstick happiness

PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT! Everything about this product exceeded my expectations! The shipping process went way faster than I expected but that is never a bad thing! 🙂

Adeline Gunter, TX

Ok, not better than others as I hoped

There are times I don’t feel like putting a colored lacquer on my nails as I know I have things to do that will chip it – I have natural nails. I’ve used drugstore brands and feel they chip off too easily so wanted to pay for a higher quality brand clear polish in hopes it would not chip as easily. This is good but not any better than the other brands. It took a long time arrive so that was annoying. Not really worth the extra $ or the extra wait time to get it.

Earlene North Pitcher, NY

Basket Case

This was my first Orly polish. I am normally an Opi and China Glaze fan, but had read many good reviews so I decided why not? The color itself was pretty and went on quite well. I do like the brush handle, as others have noted it is more grip friendly. This is a pretty color on my toes and will definitely purchase some other colors soon.

Flora Washburn, WI

Pretty sparkles, hard to get on the nail

I love the sparkles in this polish, it has specs of silver, gold, red and more. It is a perfect top layer to jazz up matte nails. That said, I found it quite difficult to get a sufficient number of sparkles onto the nail – maybe the fluid is too liquidy? I don’t know, I’ll have to try it again a few times to get the hang of it.

Jewell Patoka, IN

Amazing, Beautiful

Oh, my goodness. Where to begin. This girl is just stunning. Lots of color shift – from gold to green to bronze to magenta. I’ve even seen flashes of blue every now and then with the right angle. Formula just couldn’t be better. Went on smooth and covered well in two coats but I did a third, just because. I have a holographic top coat and after a couple of days I decided to see what it looked like holo-fied and boy, was that an unexpected surprise. The top coat picked up on the latent blue and just brought it out even more. I still had all the other colors shifts but after the top coat, the base of bronze became a lovely blurple. Glad I bought this one.

Jenna Cedar Hill, TN

Great color

Very pretty nail color. Color stays long, only problem is that it is hard to remove the blue stain it leaves. I usually remove polish and take shower to remove stain.

Selma Tyrone, GA

Awesome color….

This is a really awesome matte gunmetal shade and dries super fast. But…. it chips literally within hours. Using a topcoat would ruin the finish so not sure what would help. I will still use it for certain occasions just I expect to be picking it off by the next day.

Eugenia Laceys Spring, AL

I <3 Orly!

Orly is by far one of my favorite polishes. I like the grippy handles and the size of the bottles. The colors are usually always opaque in 1-2 coats and this one did not disappoint. It’s a nice reddish-brown. It’s beautiful against my medium skin. It’s a perfect color.

Kristina Bath, SC

Very pretty

I love this color. For some reason I love purples and blues with a turquoise iridescence. It stays on really well because of the glitter. It is a dark color if you put on two good coats but if you put on two light coats or one coat it can be a medium tone burgundy color as well. Very versatile. Happy with purchase. Would purchase again.

Tamika Nelsonville, OH

Orly rocks

LOVE this color polish. It’s great for summer toes. It stays on and is very noticeable. I would recommend this to someone who likes bright toes or finger nails!

Eula Ozawkie, KS