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ORLY Bonder 0.6 oz

ORLY’s unique rubberized formula grips lacquer to the nail surface for lasting adhesion for up to two weeks. #1 Professional choice.

Key features

  • Grips and adheres nail polish to the nail
  • Helps nail polish stay longer on nails
  • Chip resistant formula
  • #1 choice by Nail Techs
  • Quick drying on nails

Honest reviews



I’m not sure what this is supposed to do? Bond the polish to your nail? The base coat itself bonded quite well with the polish, and then they decided to run off together without my nails in toe. I have perfect little nailshaped colored pieces now, so if I decide to craft in the future that could be helpful, I suppose….

Leola Blooming Grove, NY

Excellent basecoat

This works extremely well. Way better than I expected. I do my own nails and I used to be really good and chipping my nail polish within hours that I painted them. This gives me a good week with my nail polish.

Reba De Kalb Junction, NY

Not like the older orly

I’m disappointed with this new orly bonder basecoat.It does not stay on my nails after putting on the top coat.This peeled right off..I always use a nail brush before applying polish. There fore, the basecoat did not work as it should.When it peeled off in two days, it takes part of the nail with it , and damaged my nails, till that night I could takeit off with polish remover..

Claudette Montrose, CA

Don’t expect a miracle

I guess I was expecting too much from this base coat because of the wonderful reviews I’d read. The one really nice thing about this base coat is that it goes on nice and smooth and matte, almost like a primer. That being said, As far as I’ve seen it does nothing to extend the life of my manicures. In fact, they almost seem to chip faster with this.

Catherine Mount Horeb, WI

The worst stuff in existance….Seriously!

Pure crap! If you want a great bonding base coat go for the Sally Hansen Insta-Grip. This stuff makes my nails chip by the next day. I experimented with high end and drug store polish, and guess what? when I used this as a base coat, the polish chipped. When I used the same polish with a different base coat, it lasted. With the exception of Saturday’s I polish my nails at night, so I’m not going to do major damage to them at night (hence, they shouldn’t chip). Seriously one star is too many. Don’t waste your money on this. Shame on you Orly!…Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame.

Anna Fishersville, VA


Bought this basecoat to see if it would last longer than my current base which was OPI. I really like this one because it seems to make the polish stay on longer without chipping.

Tammie Spring, TX


I love this product more than all of my nail polishes put together! What I specifically love about this product is that it doesn’t get thick and gross like a lot of base coats and top coats do after a while. That means that I can actually use this until it’s all gone!

Guadalupe Burley, ID


Definitely makes a difference in the duration of my manicures. Easy to use and worth the money. Manicures have gone from 3 days to 5.

Graciela Umatilla, OR

Mixed Emotions

I’ve had this for a few days and I’m on the fence. I’ve used it with Essie polish and my manicure lasted less than 24 hours, which is very unusual for an Essie manicure and now I’ve got it on under OPI polish and it seems to be holding up a little better.Both my Essie and OPI came from Ulta so I know they are the real deal.This stuff is alright as far as in concerned. I don’t think I’d spend the money on it again though.

Samantha Weston, MO


I love this product!! It really does help my manicure to last longer. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!! 🙂

Amanda Morrison, TN

its okay

i tried this because polish chips within 24hrs on me… this basecoat kept it good about 2 days before it started to chip… so its okay…

Shirley Liberty Hill, TX

Great nail polish adhesion solution!

We’ve got 2 toddlers and I wash my hands constantly. Enough said! I like doing my nails on my own (I don’t trust enough the sanitation process of beauty salons, I use plenty of -HO & 2(HO) to run a clinic) and I’ve got all sorts of base coats, top coats, even “chip skip” and after 6 days, not a dent, a chip or a snag! APPLY ON AS IT READS ON LABEL.I even used a single base coat and 2 bonder coats.After removing the nail polish, I noticed my natural nail bed to be smooth and not dry. This is a plus for me. I just gave my nails enough of a 3 day break (because I’m sure that this particular product dehydrates the nail bed just enough to keep the nail polish from falling apart).My advise, 3 days of natural look, a single coat of nail strengthener, plus daily cuticle oil of your choice and back to the bonder.

Rosalind Maxwell, IA

Great Base Coat

One coat of this primes my nails for color. It makes it last remarkably longer, but also creates a layer between your nail and the polish, so when you take it off, there are no stains or discoloration. Great product.

Hollie Paulding, MS

Makes manis last so much longer!

Have had no need for a ridge filler with this. Even helped my full acrylics stay on longer. Won’t be without it!

Phoebe Rentz, GA

Will never use another base coat

This is the best base coat I have ever used. Not only does it keep my color from chipping, but it actually improved my weak thin splitting nails. I don’t know how it works, but the results are amazing!

Krista South Bend, IN

Product – Great. Company – Eh.

When I received this bottle, it wasn’t in the original box like I had expected. The lid to it was rough like it had been chewed on a little, and it was dirty. There wasn’t any product missing out of the bottle itself, I just think maybe the company sent me one out of the bottom of the barrel or something. Somewhat disappointing, and definitely baffling. The polish itself is amazing, and I’ll definitely buy it again, probably not from this particular seller.

Selma Bagdad, AZ


This nail polish base works better than anything I’ve used before. If any friends come over and use this product, they all want it. It is literally sticky, so it grabs on to your polish. It doesn’t look like a clear coat like some other bases…This needs a nail polish on top of it, so don’t wear it alone. (Sticky)

Theresa West Bloomfield, NY

nail bff

Really does help nailpolish stick alot longer.. I dont do my manicure without this. I love it buy it its worth it

Mona Centenary, SC

Best basecoat ever!!

Forget anything else you see on Pinterest… use this as your basecoat and you won’t go wrong! Top it off with Seche Vite top coat for a beautiful shine! 😉

Aurora Keansburg, NJ

loooovveeee it

love it never thought i would find a base coat that could keep my nail polish from chipping for couple more days wow great product! its sticky when applied doesnt dry but works best that way . been using it for few weeks and noticed it stained my nails yellow but not too much so not a problem for me i always keep my nails polished.

Lelia Winneconne, WI


Doesn’t make my manicure last any longer than before. Very disappointed because I was looking for something to make my polish stay on longer.

Gwendolyn Burbank, SD

Best I have ever used

I have only used this once and it looks like I will never want to buy another brand/type of base coat again. I used this last week (on March 10th, it is now March19th) and my nails have not chipped once. Normally my nails chip within 3 days (I normally use China Glaze base coat). I love it, I recommend this, and if this keeps happening I will probably never buy another brand of base coat again.

Miranda Martin, SC

BEST basecoat there is!

This is the best basecoat I have found for natural nails. I have been using it for about 9 years now. I do my nails every 10 days to 2 weeks and the cuticles grow out and get ugly before the polish chips. Even if my nails bend and the polish cracks, it does not chip off usually. If you do not get these decent results, you are probably using crappy colored polish with it. If my nails are rough, I use 2 coats of Bonder and it gives a very smooth final finish.

Latisha North Bend, PA

Liking it so far

So far so good. This base coat doesnt stain my nails like Sally does. I’m not sure if it makes my nail color last longer though.

Tamra Angelica, NY

Great base coat

This base coat really works! It helps my nail polish stay on a lot longer than if i had not applied a bottom coat. Love it!!

Shana Greenwood, TX

Good product

It really makes my mani last longer. This purchase was my second time, I want to make sure I don’t run out. I need this for my manicures and pedicures.

Debra Barnegat, NJ

Great product!

This is like magic for your nails! I used this bonder 3 days ago and my color is still holding strong, normally I’d have several chips in my nails by now, love it!

Amalia Darien, GA

Salon Quality

Great product! Dries fast and helps dry first color coat too! Polish last longer using Orly bonder , highly recommend this product !

Brandie Winters, CA

Great base coat

Be sure to cover the whole nail, cause if you do not, the mani will chip faster, but if you cover the whole nail – it helps to keep your mani nice for a pretty long time

Hope Landingville, PA

Love it

I really like this. It is sort of sticky so the nailpolish you use stays on a bit better. I’ve had really good luck with keeping pedicures looking good for a week or so, which for me is amazing.

Belinda Cloquet, MN