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Orly Base Nail Coat, Bonder, 0.6 Ounce

Give yourself a fabulously fashionable mani or pedi with this bonder from Orly. Orly’s talented team of color experts delivers the brightest ideas, hottest colors, and boldest textures that you can absolutely fall in love with. Delve deeper into Orly products with their professional spa products.

Key features

  • Professional salon formula
  • Beautifully re-packaged
  • Spa collection

Honest reviews



It just feels like a regular Base coat to me. The Polish didn’t last any longer than regular Base coats but it had very little smell.

Young South Wales, NY

Love this base coat

Love this base coat. It helps my nail polish apply smoothly and has prevent my nails from being stained yellow. Much better than the Revlon Base Coat I had been using, which although was rubbery, didn’t help preventing staining.

Socorro Gainesville, MO

Wow this stuff is great!

I didn’t know why this product was such a big deal but I get it now!! This is way better than the clear coat I’ve been using that flakes away in a couple of days. My nail polish feels like it’s glued on, while my nails are being protected. Perfect! My manicure definitely feels like it’s going to be sticking around for a while 🙂

Lina Brice, OH

Good product

I find this base coat actually does prolong my manicures. The price makes it very affordable. The smell is not as offensive as other polishes.

Magdalena Dexter, ME


My nails were splitting and polish chipped off after a day. With this product polish stays on. Manicure last. Very happy with this product. Fast delivery.Will purchase again from this seller.

Rena Yaphank, NY

What a great product!! Wow!

I tried this product after reading a few articles online concerning strategies for getting better results from home manicures. This Orly Bonder is the most lightweight base coat I’ve ever used, so it dries quickly, and as advertised, it has a slight (and intentional) roughness to the finish. This allows the next coat of polish to adhere more thoroughly, extending the life of one’s manicure. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, either as a double-dose of clear base coating with no additional polish, or as a single base-coat underneath colored polishes. Indeed, it does seem that my manicures are lasting a day or two longer than previously. I will continue to use this on my nails.

Linda North Pitcher, NY

Not Everything I Hoped For

Dries quickly but I got chipping within 3 days even when using the entire Orly system, including "In a Snap" top coat and Orly Color.

Lee Coal Township, PA