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Original Sprout 4 oz Miracle Detangler

For babies & up, Original Sprout’s number one selling professional Miracle Detangler is priceless for families & stylists. Enjoy immediate results for effortless pain-free combing.

Key features

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Free of Hormone Disrupters
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • E.U. & Japan Cosmetic Compliant

Honest reviews


Wonderful for the whole family

First, I want to mention that this is a small bottle. The information in this listing does not give you the specifics on that. It is a 4oz. spray bottle. Despite that, I am immensely happy with this purchase.I read the reviews, information and even checked the product website about this item. I love that it is environmentally friendly and chemical free. Everything I read about it was glowing and wonderful, so I decided to buy it to use on my 4-year-old.My daughter has fine, wavy hair that is prone to flyaways and has a lot of snarls every morning. I use this liberally on her every morning. Yes, you still have to comb through the snarls (they don’t just disappear like magic), but this product helps as soon as it starts to get combed in. Also, despite the quantity I use on her hair, there is no sticky, stiff residue like most of the brands you can buy at the store. The smell is light and almost nondescript (which I prefer because of sensitivity to strong perfume or colognes). Later in the day, when the product has been well absorbed and my daughter has been through her normal crazy play routines, her hair is soft, tame and frizz-free.I have also used this item on my hair as has my teenager. It’s amazing how great it stands up to my thick, curly hair’s urge to frizz and my daughter’s relentless, damaging heat-styling. It is an amazing product and well-worth the price. I think that this size, with the thickness of the solution in the bottle, will easily last as long, if not longer than 2 bottles of the stuff I could buy at the store. That said, it really isn’t that much more expensive than the other brands.If you are looking for something that is more substance than smell and will last all day while not putting chemicals on your (or your baby’s) head, this is for you.

Monica Glen Burnie, MD

The only miracle is that they suckered me into paying this kind of money for it!

SOOOO dissapointed. This is super thick – like conditioner or lotion. It’s feels gross in my girls thin hair. It doesn’t work any better than anything else I have used…but at least for those I wasn’t out $30! (I bought the bigger bottle…plus shipping).

Kristy Wimbledon, ND

Great natural alternative

I started using set angler (again as a adult) and was looking for a more natural product. I love this! Smells ok and works good. I have recommended to those who have kids too! My only complaint is the changes in vendors & prices on Amazon.. Not consistent

Tracy Moscow Mills, MO

works pretty good and smells nice

but tends to leave a bit of a heavy feel if too much is used. plus its a small bottle, goes quick. i think that my fine curly hair is too picky for this mild product, but its still a good product for different hair, like baby hair or the like.

Marissa Etta, MS

Works miracles without toxic ingredients

This product really is a miracle. My daughter has fine hair and always wakes up with knots. This works fantastic to soften the knots and helps avoid those tears in the morning. It also has a lovely, fresh scent. Even more important is that it is free of parabens and petroleum. I like knowing this is safe for a young child.

Phyllis Moscow, MI

Amazing Stuff!

I know this might sound a little dramatic, but this stuff has transformed my hair. I first heard about it on youtube from a girl who was promoting it to use with long hair. I purchased it for my daughter and she loves it. I ended it up using it on myself too and I cannot say enough good things about this product. It smells amazing for starters. It also really and truly detangles, which is great because I am growing my hair out and do not want to break any of it. Since I’ve started using it every day, I have received several compliments on how soft, healthy and shiny my hair looks. I use it liberally and it never makes my hair look greasy or filmy like some other leave-ins do. I have a hairdresser who is very loyal to Moroccan Oil products. He always wants me to use them, but I don’t totally like what it does in my hair. Last time I saw him, he said my hair looked great and to keep using whatever I was using because it was doing really good things. I am hooked on this stuff and I hope it’s around forever!

Angelita Crawford, MS

Best Detangler Ever!

*:SUPER .:**:.HAPPY CUSTOMER**:**A+++LOVE IT, EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED GOOD PRODUCT.:**:I bought this item based solely on reviews and I was delightfully surprised. I was looking for an excellent detangler because all others had failed. I had tried chi, pantene, everything at sally’s etc. My hair is fine and gets into terrible knots (I don’t know how!), but this works wonderfully and never feels greasy or heavy. Love it!

Dawn Hill City, MN

no thanks

I dont understand where all these rave reviews are coming from. I tried this on my daughters waist length wavy/curly hair and its sticky and does not do what it claims not to mention the smell-gross. It leaves a heavy coating on her hair and I cant get a brush through it. It smells like the eighties. Thats the only way I can describe it, like scents that were used in relaxer products in the 80’s.

Laurie Longton, KS

Great product

This worked great and smells wonderful. I wish the price wasn’t as high but I realize that sadly you have to pay more for safer products. I ran out and ended up buying a chemical heavy one for cheap from the grocery store and I am wishing I had just spent the money and bought this again. Once pay day comes I am going to reorder this and throw out the cheap one.

Ronda Lewis, WI

Give me more!

Will use this stuff for my whole life. Will use it on my kids’ hair, my hair, basically anything with hair. It’s organic, contains nothing bad for you and smells SO good that it’s ridiculous.

Aurora Milton, ND

Spray hard as glue

The spray is ok…. At least for the first two days. After that the nozzle was completely stuck. The spray is hard as glue. Could not even open it up with a knife. So if you are looking for glueing or cementing something, this is your product. If you want an easy product that detangles, then think twice. I am returning the product.

Jeannine Tasley, VA

Wish I’d never bought it

The description says it is for adults too, but it certainly did not work for me. I have long, thick, straight hair. I needed a detangler, but this stuff was completely useless on my hair. In fact, my hair tangled worse when I dried it, which tells me that the stuff I was already using works way better than this crap. Made my hair feel sticky. Also, the sprayer doesn’t spray and it leaks all over the place. (yes, i unlocked the sprayer. it still didn’t work) Live and learn, I guess.

Alissa Jellico, TN

Super stuff

This product does what it claims. I am an adult with "dry-clean" only hair. Most leave in detanglers don’t help much and leave my fine hair weighted down. I will continue using!

Felicia Shubuta, MS

Doesn’t detangle

You have to use a TON of this to detangle hair and its pricey. i wouldnt mind if it did what it says. when it drys you have crunchy hair that you can’t comb through.

Frankie Albertville, AL

Works well

You only need to use a tiny bit, which makes it less expensive than you might initially think. Spray is a little hard to control – the sprayer on mine is different from that pictured. It looks more fancy-poo but in my opinion does not work as well as the plain kind pictured.Edited to add that the spray mechanism (which looks like the mechanism on this sizeOriginal Sprout 12 oz Miracle Detangler) is pretty clogged after just a few uses – spits and dribbles. Guess I’ll have to take it off and rinse it out.I wasn’t too crazy about it even before it clogged – *way* too wide a spray pattern, overshoots my head like crazy. I’d like a plain old finger pump as pictured, please.

Therese Austin, NV