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Original Sprout 12 oz Miracle Detangler

Original Sprout’s number one selling Professional Miracle Detangler is essential. Tangles release immediately making combing effortless.

Key features

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Free of Hormone Disrupters
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • E.U. & Japan Cosmetic Compliant

Honest reviews


expensive but worth it

my son has long curly hair and this is the only thing that helps me comb out the tangles. the smell is ok, and i like the bottle because i can lock it so my son can’t spray it when he sneaks it. i mix it with water to make it less strong – if i spray too much it leaves his hair greasy

Rebecca Randolph, VT

Not for everyone

It does a decent job at detangling my children’s hair, but it leaves the dry hair so greasy, weighted down and stringy that you have to re wash the hair twice to get it back to normal.

Francisca Selah, WA

srout miracle detangler

I am with the other reviewer on this one. You need loads of this before it even works and it makes your hair really dull!

Clarissa Bloomingdale, IN

Amazing for fine hair/ and curly

I have bought this brand several times for myself, my grand daughter, my daughter in law, my step daughters..and we all have a different hair texture or thickness. It’s a versatile product and does not weigh your hair down like some of them. There is also no wax buildup like panteen products leave behind.

Bettie Azalia, MI


I love this product .. it was recommended by my daughter’s hair dresser and I usually don’t buy, but I had to try it. Especially when she used it to prep her hair for cut. My daughter was TONS of hair and it is wavy and easy to tangle. I have tried so many other products and either they don’t work or they leave my daughter’s hair looking dirty. Not this product. It is thicker, but a little went a long way and he hair was clear of tangles right away and I didn’t get a scream or a complaint. I also enjoyed the smell. The hair dresser said that one of the natural ingredients is a good repellent for lice, which would be a nightmare for her .. and there had been an outbreak last year at her school). I have bought this over .. and over .. and over. I keep a travel bottle in my bag for those last minute fixes. I also buy other products from them for my son who has super curly hair. I highly recommend it.

Liz Bucksport, ME

20 stars without hesitation!

We used to have screaming fits in our home when it came to combing the girls’ hair. We even had to cut pieces out of their hair sometimes when we couldn’t get the knots out. This combined with a wet brush and taken it all away. This works amazingly well. A couple of sprays and the snarls seem to come right out. This would be on my list of top products that I would never be without in the home.

Flossie Cantrall, IL

Detangles very easily.

If you use too much of this your hair gets a little greasy. Less is more with this product, but I love the fact it is natural. Plus, if you use just the right amount (3 sprays top/3 sprays bottom) it detangles your hair in seconds. The smell is also not a good thing when you use too much, but when you use just the right amount the smell is actually pleasant. Again less is more, but the benefits make it worth purchasing.

Ester Mount Vision, NY

best detangler in the world

*:SUPER .:**:.HAPPY CUSTOMER**:**A+++LOVE IT, EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED GOOD PRODUCT.:**:I bought this item based solely on reviews and I was delightfully surprised. I was looking for an excellent detangler because all others had failed. I had tried chi, pantene, everything at sally’s etc. My hair is fine and gets into terrible knots (I don’t know how!), but this works wonderfully and never feels greasy or heavy. Love it!

Dianne Yorkville, TN

awesome detangler!

My daughters have thick and curly hair. This is a great detangler. I have tried many and this one works. Highly recommended!

Lakesha Richmond, IL

On The Fence

I am a so-so on this one. It didn’t really detangle my hair. Water worked better than this spray. The smell was pretty awful. I probably would not purchase this product again.

Shelly Marlow, OK

Great detangler

I have tried several over the counter detanglers and like this better than any I have purchased at my local drug store. I have found that some of the drugstore detanglers leave a sticky residue the next day after use, and the next day make the hair more difficult to comb. I found that this detangler does not leave a sticky residue and seems more like a light conditioner. However, there is no magic bullet when it comes to detanglers. While they make the combing easier, if your child’s hair tangles easily, combing will still be difficult. Wetting a child’s hair thoroughly is the best detangler.

Jillian Niles, MI

Works Great

I ordered this for my twelve year old daughter that has long thick hair that tangles realy bad. i think we have tried everything . This product works better than anything else we have used on her hair. It makes the tangles come out fairley easy and it does not leave her hair greasey. i have to say that the seller i bought this from was great the bottle i received was not packed very good and the bottle had leaked out in the package. i wrote and told them what had happened and they sent me another bottle.

Tasha Rochester, VT

good detangler

I purchased this because it was purported to be such a great detangler. I am AA, AI and W…my hair is mid back length, growing the perm out of my hair. I have been using Biolage leave in conditioner, which is a detangler and wanted to try something more natural. It is actually about the same as the Biolage. I will use it up, but I will not purchase again. It may work bettter for other ethnicities or other hair types.

Sylvia Alger, MI


This stuff is AMAZING! Works so well on my daughter’s very fine and very curly hair. No screaming with this stuff when it’s time to do her hair.

Shelby Mc Connelsville, OH