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Original C20®+Lightening from NuFountain. 20% L-Ascorbic Acid,, Niacinamide and Alpha Arbutin Serum for a Youthful, Glowing Complextion. Made Fresh When Ordered

1 fluid ounce (30ml) of C20 plus lightening Vitamin C serum in sealed light-blocking bottle with dropper for dispensing.

Key features

  • 20% topical L-Ascorbic Acid vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin & Niacinamide serum in a clean, weightless and powerful oil-free base
  • Enhanced with ingredients that encourage an even tone. Daily application of Nufountain C20+Lightening vitamin C serum improves clarity, texture, fine lines and wrinkles and promotes a supple, resilient, youthful, lit-from-within complexion. For all skin types. Specially formulated for resilient & acne-prone skin types. Color & Fragrance-free.
  • Serum has a water-like feel and a slight natural yellow cast.
  • Made under strict, rigorous standards, with a high attention to detail.
  • Made in the U.S.A. Made Fresh When Ordered with “Date Made” written on bottle. Store unopened bottles in refrigerator.

Honest reviews


Nothing special

This will give you the illusion/superficial that something is in the product. It will affect mostly the top layer. All the ingredients in this product are good, except some of the ingredients can not be mixed with other ingredients. These ingredients are nothing you can’t buy over the counter yourself and make. Also, there really is no penetration enhancer for these ingredients to sink down into your skin to promote collagen as which the L-ascorbic acids purpose is for.Niacinamide has a ph of 5.0 to 7.0, it should never go lower than that. L-ascorbic acid to be effective the ph should be 3.5 or lower. You can’t mix niacinamide and L-ascorbic acid, the niacinamide has been rendered ineffective in this product.Magnesium sulfate is nothing more than you guessed it Epsom Salt, it contains sulfur and is great for acne. Epsom Salt goes by many names. It can be used as a Anhydrous(water)as a drying agent, in its hydrated form, the pH is 6.0 (5.5 to 6.5.) You know those salt baths people take this is the main ingredient, just mixed with water. It also, exfoliates skin to give the illusion it has lightened dark spots. It’s contained in mineral water and many other ingredients.I’m not going to waste my time any further on giving any more info, just research the ingredients, and you’ll realize there is nothing here, that you can’t make up in your kitchen for a couple of bucks, just a mediocre product. For those who don’t care, purchase it. I would say don’t waste your money on this kitchen garbage that only gives superficial affects.

Jody Longmont, CO

Amazing Skin Care Product

I began using the C20+ Lightening Vitamin C Serum almost a month ago and it has already proven to be a great skin care product. I have always struggled with my skin. My skin is oily and I break out ever so often. Since using this product, my skin has cleared up, the redness in my skin has lessened, and spots due to sun damage have lightened. I use this product morning and night. I honestly cannot recommend it enough.*Important note: For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to change my skincare regimen. I began using a glycolic acid product in the morning and the C20+ Lightening serum at night. Big mistake! I broke out and my skin just looked awful. I switched back to using the serum morning and night and my skin looks great again.

Roseann Tipton, MO

Noticable effects

I was a little hesitant about this product, especially when I saw a review (on Amazon) saying that the lightening agent is rendered ineffective in the serum due to the pH. But, looking at the price (and comparing to far more expensive products), I decided to give NuFountain a chance. I’m glad I did.First of all, any reviewer who said that this product is smelly, sticky, etc should have read the enclosed information more closely. If the serum is discolored, has a bad smell, or has a weird texture, that mean it is no longer viable. Rather than rubbing it all over your face, call up the incredibly nice folks at NuFountain, and they will do right by you. Luckily, I didn’t have any problems, but my post office is notoriously slow, so I kept in close contact with the company to ensure that I knew exactly when shipped. Which, by the way, was incredibly promptly.The biggest hassle with this product is that it needs to be kept in a cool, dark place. They recommend a wine-bottle cooler, because apparently that’s a thing people own. (I’m lucky if my wine makes it into the fridge!) So I just kept the serum in the fridge, and it’s been fine and dandy for almost a month now. It’s just annoying bcs my beauty routine now involves a trip to the kitchen.As for the efficacy of the product, I’m impressed. I use it twice a day–about 8 or 9 drops each time. It tingles like crazy. Like, almost unbearable pricklies. But then the tingling subsides, and my skin feels tight (not unpleasantly so) and super smooth. After a month, I can say that my face looks bright and dewy and fresh.But what about the lightening capacity, which someone had said would be all but ineffective in this product? Well, something happened last night that actually inspired me to write this interview. My boyfriend, who doesn’t know a thing about “girlie” stuff like this, happened to tell me that my freckles were looking a lot lighter. He said that he had been meaning to say something, but didn’t want to sound weird for noticing something like that. This is one of those classic, “hey-you-look-different” when you’ve gotten a haircut kind of guys, so for him to notice my skin blew my mind. When I’m done with this batch, I will be ordering another bottle of NuFountain. It’s been a great experience.

Briana Annandale, NJ

Very very liquidy

Spills all over the place. The consistency of this item is not good at all. They should work on making it less watery. Personally wont buy again. Price was good but product going to waste cuz it spills out of ur hand since its soooo liquidy.

Anna Hubbardston, MI

Burns my sensitive skin

This review is for people with SENSITIVE SKIN (FYI: I have acne prone, large pores, oily t-zone, dry cheeks, atopic dermatitis along the hairline and on my cheeks). I really wanted this serum to work for me. I only used it 3 times and it burned my skin horribly. My skin had red patches that swelled and was painful to touch. I would think twice before using this serum if you have sensitive skin like me. I give 2 stars because it’s made "fresh" and with No unnecessary chemicals and preservatives.

Isabella Panama, NE

It’s V-C

This product does what one expects from a quality Vit C serum. The refrigeration does seem to be a hassle. At first thought it doesn’t seem like it would be an issue but when you forget it and have to head downstairs and through the house, it’s a bit irratating. I did re-order the product after the first bottle but haven’t since. I wanted to order another product from the company. They advertise it but when I tried to order they said they don’t produce it right now. Had a couple of issues when I first ordered this product and wasn’t getting a response. Finally got an email saying they were on vacation. My sense of the customer service is that they feel it’s a privilege for the customer to be doing business with them. I did ask some specific questions about other products and asked for some guidance, what I got back was a link to their website. I wasn’t impressed with their customer service.

Geri Springport, MI


This is a great serum- sans the lightening claims. It didn’t really lighten my hyperpigmentation, however, I am a sienna-toned African American woman so that would probably be better achieved using hydroquinone, (which I was trying to avoid in the first place). It is truly non-comedogenic and not drying but also leaves my oily skin matte so I don’t even require the use of a primer or another moisturizer when applying makeup over this. I tried to limit my use to nightly applications so exposing the newly-applied serum to UV light wouldn’t be an issue.This is perfect for use after a chemical peel and was shipped fast with zero obstacles. Oxidation occurred slowly since I was careful to keep it in a cool dark place and instantly recap the bottle after use, and I got to the very end of the bottle when it began to change from clear to amber. I am thinking of buying an oxidation blocking spray and transferring 2 bottles to a serum pump to reduce the amount of air exposure. I will probably buy it again- next time in multiples!

Maureen Bronson, TX

Great Hydrator

My order arrived a couple of days ago and I couldn’t wait to try it.That night I used it at bedtime. Skin flushed (no pain) & I think that was due to the niacin. Product was applied to freshly cleansed skin. I used 5 drops and product took about a 1/2 hr to soak completely in. The next evening I applied a 65% lactic acid peel that has Kojic acid in it. Neutralized and applied this serum. It took about 20 min to soak in. I was up late so I was able to check on my skin. I am happy! Normally my skin really looks dehydrated after a peel but this serum helped with that. This a.m. washed face with vit c serum, lactic acid toner and applied serum. Still took about 20 minutes to soak in. However my skin does not look dry! My skin does not itch like crazy as the skin heals from the peel. Aaahhhh. I will purchase again just because of the hydration. I will be applying this to my chest and neck as well. With summer coming will wear clothing that shows more skin.Pricing is awesome. Instructional video on their web site is very helpful. Can’t go wrong.

Corinne Drew, MS

Good serum, goes bad too quickly

While I like the idea that NuFountain makes fresh serums for their customers, I also know how sensitive Vit C serums can be to heat and oxidation. One time, in the summer, this product arrived to my mailbox and it was very hot (you could tell it had been on the UPS truck a while). Unless you are prepared to go to your fridge every night, and retrieve your Vitamin C serum (because that’s what you really need to do with this product to keep it fresh), I’d recommend a more stable brand of Vit C. I’ve had a couple of bottles of this stuff and it always oxidizes/ smells bad before I get to the bottom of the bottle which equals a waste of money.

Ana Blythedale, MO

NuFountain Lightening Serum

I have been using this product for several months and I do notice subtle lightening. Fresh smell, easy to use. I am worried that it will spoil before I can get my money’s worth but I have no complaints.

Wendi Idlewild, TN

It is lightening my face

I have been using this product for 2 weeks and am rewriting the review I did the week before… This product actually lightened my face and my skin looks really fresh and young.. I have been using the serum in the morning and evening.. slightly tingling effect when applied….it goes after sometime… Anyway I use Mena cream at night before bed… It actaully lightened my skin to several tone.. I am going to buy more… Love this products.. Thank you…

Adele Del Rio, TX

Great product

I was uncertain at first but this does work, older acne scars are now fading. I will purchase again. Sensitive skin type may want to buffer their skin with grape seed or olive oil to prevent stinging.

Brandy Powers Lake, WI

The Best Vitamin C Serum

NuFountain has the best serums in my opinion and I have tried them all. This beauty wonder was delivered quick and fresh. A little goes a long way and I am really loving the lightening effect. Makes my skin very even toned. Great products!!!

Tamra Bartow, GA

Good for brightening your skin

Totally love this product. Peps up and brightens your skin after two weeks of daily use. Did notice that my skin is slightly more sensitive to sun exposure than before.

Tommie Kimmswick, MO



Althea Bethany, LA

Great Company/ Product

I only used this product for a couple months and then I stopped because I was using a Retin-A product prescribed by my dermatologist. I have discontinued use of these types of products because for one I have uneven skin tone and scarring but don’t get acne anymore and two I just don’t like what is does to your skin (makes it super thin and ultra sensitive) But I am going to purchase this product again and use it for the requiered time because it, unlike most vitamin c products,actually has L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) and not a vitamin c derivitive. You can also tell for how long the product stays potent because the liquid is clear andwhen it loses its potency it becomes a murky yellow. (most companies make their vit c products yellow already so you can’t tell when it goes bad.)

Socorro Monmouth, IA

A+ So Far

I am loving this serum! It’s been approximately 2 1/2 wks since I’ve started using it, and I must say initially I wasn’t so sure that it would make a difference, BUT boy was I wrong! Not only has it brightened my face and given me a glow, but my skin is SO smooth and soft! It has also cut back on the oil production on my face. My pores are smaller and my skin is tighter. The little bit of hyperpigmentation that I have is fading slowly. I’m half way through my bottle and will be ordering another asap! Don’t want to run out of this as I am pleased with the addition of this to my daily regimen. Overall I am pleased!

Abbie Lamartine, PA