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Original C20®+Ferulic ony from NuFountain. Oil-Free Genuine 20% L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Hylaronic Acid Serum for a Youthful, Glowing Complextion. Made Fresh when Ordered

1 fluid ounce (30ml) of C20 plus ferulic Vitamin C serum in sealed light-blocking bottle with dropper for dispensing.

Key features

  • 20% topical L-Ascorbic Acid vitamin c serum with Ferulic Acid, antioxidants and skin-soothing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol, in a clean, absorption-enhancing base.
  • Daily application of Nufountain C20+Ferulic vitamin C antioxidant serum improves clarity, texture, fine lines and wrinkles and promotes a supple, resilient, youthful, lit-from-within complexion. For all skin types. Specially formulated for resilient & acne-prone skin types. Color & fragrance-free.
  • Serum has a silky-feel and a slight natural hazy color.
  • Made under strict, rigorous standards, with a high attention to detail.
  • Made in the U.S.A. Made Fresh When Ordered with “Date Made” written on bottle. Store unopened bottles in refrigerator.

Honest reviews


Going back to straight 20% vitamin C

I have purchased the regular 20% vitamin c serum without the Ferulic several times and I am very pleased with it. I decided to change it up and try this product…wish I hadn’t. I think it made me break out. In any case, I developed several pimples which I haven’t had in months. The consistency is thicker- I think in response to some reviewers complaint that the regular vitamin c serum felt like water, so they thought it wasn’t effective. When I applied it, I could FEEL it penetrating my sken, it was a tingly, slightly burning sensation. With this thicker stuff…nothing. I’m going back to the watery regular vitamin c. It works.

Lucinda Walnut Shade, MO

Im breaking out but hopefully not for long.

I broke out with this but I am thinking im using too much vitamin c…I take prenatal regulary and vitamin c and hair skin and nails and I use vitamin c face wash from avalon organics and this stuff but now only a few times a week. I started breaking out in small tiny pimples which isnt normal for me and all over my forehead and cheeks (which I never break out there) about two days after using this just in the morning about 15 mins before my makeup. My friend said it’s probably too much acid and my skin is reacting 🙁 hopefully this goes away and I don’t have to stop using this. I am hoping its working similar to retin a and making me break out first before it starts to really work…we will see.

Ollie Longdale, OK

Clear, simple, good price!

I put this on every other night and I love how this makes my skin feel smooth the next morning. It feels sticky after going on so I wouldn’t use it in the morning for fear that it would mess up my makeup application. It’s helped with some light, old acne scaring too. The serum arrive clear and I keep it in the fridge to avoid it spoiling and going yellow.

Carrie Cass Lake, MN

NuFountain Fresh C20+Ferulic

I alternate using NuFountain Cell Signal support and C20+Ferulic every other morning after my shower. I keep it in the refrigerator and don’t know if that helps, but it truly makes a difference. It only takes a squirt to cover my face after washing and it dries smoothly with just enough, but not too much moisture.

Kris Moline, MI

Great Vit C Serum at a Reasonable Price

I’ve been using Vit C serums for over 5 years now including some rather pricey “dr” labled brands. They have all worked for me and I am a strong believer in Vit C serums.However, after laying out some serious cash for various brands, I did a little research and discovered that the #1 ingredient in these serums, “L Ascorbic Acid” was NOT an expensive ingredient & neither were the remaining ingredients often found in these serums! So, I find no real justification for prices of $100+! By using NuFountain’s brand I now save 75% of what I was spending.Main Pros of NuFountain Brand [besides reasonable pricing]:All vitamin C serums are extremely vunerable to loss of potency by exposure to both light & air. I commend the people at NuFountain for providing a “made on” freshness date on their labels and for using the correct packaging to minimize Vit C exposure [dark glass pump bottle vs clear glass dropper bottle]. I also like the fact that NF offers Vit C serum with added Ferulic Acid which helps to stabilize the Vit C thus keeping it fresher longer.In closing, I highly recommend Vit C serums no matter which brand you chose to use. And although the “benefits” are not noticeable overnight [may take 2-3 months of daily use] you will eventually see improvement. One word of caution you may want to begin with a low % Vitamin C serum to see how your skin reacts and then work you way up to a 20% serum. And, be sure to take “note” of the serums “color”, as long as it is “clear” its still “good”…but if it turns yellow you no longer get the antioxident benefits from the serum & its time for a new bottle.Update: NF Customer Service: A few weeks ago I re-ordered my serum & after it failed to appear in 5 days I contacted NF. They immediately mailed a 2nd bottle which also failed to appear! Again I contacted NF and not only did they ship a 3rd bottle they gave me a full refund! Where the other 2 bottles ended up is any body’s guess, but I can say without a doubt that NF’s customer service is 5 Star!!!

Marina Smoketown, PA

Fresh, Excellent Quality Vitamin C

At, ugh…40…I’m in active pursuit of agelessness (or something to that effect) and use Vitamin C + Ferulic with a dermal roller religiously. I’ve tried several brands, including Skinceuticals, and Nufountain Fresh is as good, if not fresher and better than those twice or three times the price.My order arrived exceptionally well packaged and faster than expected.

Doretha Garland, NE

Love that it is made fresh.

Love that they make it fresh when you order it. The only downside is it does take a while to dry before you can use moisturizing cream or makeup. Wish it was a little stronger too.

Lynn Central City, CO

Bingo again!

I have reordered NuFountain products over & over again. They claim to mix fresh batches when you order which is niiiiice. I use these products "mixed" in with a carrier oil like argan or coconut. I like that they are generous with the vitamin C content, But it’s still affordable.

Joanna Center Point, IA